vaccinated people gave him muscle twitches

vaccinated people gave him muscle twitches


My eye fell out of its socket and then my leg fell off. That was just from seeing a report about vaccines on TV! I also had a mate that lost his car keys, told him not to get the jab!


Tell them to check their arm for the keys, they just been attracting them like magnets!


No! If he goes outside he'll attract cars with his magnetism to run him over! /s


You /s, but there was a literal FB post on here blaming another parents daughters road death on the fact that the other car was attracted to her and it was their fault for vaccinating. People are fucking cruel…


Cruel and stupid is a default setting for our species, unfortunately. It can be easily overcome nowadays, but some won’t put in the slightest amount of effort.


or the start of a meningitis, at any case he should seek a doctor


Or a stroke or heart attack maybe a small brain bleed fuck even super small chance of undiagnosed MS. But I am gonna go with neurological deterioration from vaccine proximity secondary to limited cognitive function.


Broke my foot from just seeing my buddy in a cast tough times


My mate got the vaccine and two months later bam! herpes. I have no words.


I'm definitely getting my kids vaccinated. That way I'll always know where they're at and they can boost the 5G signal in my house.


we still don't have a 5G signal and nothing sticks to us at all, I think we got the placebo


I must've, I never felt sick. I also haven't gotten covid since my vaccination, so far all signs point to covid not existing and the vaccine being a scam. Things have been sticking to me, but I've always had magnetic powers so I don't think they injected me with ferrous metals, probably used lithium or something. /s just in case


Reduce game lag and increase download speed with this one trick!


“Sweats hate this one simple trick!!!”


I got vaccinated. I later farted twice. Cuz of the vax I know it.


Oh come on. That second fart was just you showing off.


Get out of my head!


Did you fart on the food?


No why? /s


User name checks out. IAlso makes me glad I don't dine out regularly)


Maybe it was a spiritual fart? https://www.thinkinghumanity.com/2021/03/pastor-criticised-for-allegedly-farting-on-peoples-heads-to-deliver-holy-spirit.html


Dafuq? Something tells me if your pastor wears pants like that and wants to fart on your head, it's time for a new church. Unless you want Holy Pinkeye.


Holy pinkeye from the holy brown eye.


Better than farting on my food


Oh I see. You prefer the more direct approach.


I wonder if he's tried farting onto the mic to heal everyone at once 🤔


This one knows too much. Get the van.


What the fuck. Dude literally just has a fart fetish and is taking advantage of the rubes.


You have the Fart Disease now. I'm sorry.


That ship has sailed.


Thanks to farting disease, you have the wind to push those sails


Due to poor diet and clogged farteries, fart disease is a leading cause of death among human beings that are still alive.


FACT: 100% of people who fart die. Coincidence?


So holding it in is the path to eternal life?


Maybe you can float to heaven that way?


Time to build a new cult based solely on this premise.


The Flatulata.


Dead people have gas too! I guess the fart disease stays alive after you die!


When I got home from my second dose, my garage door broke. I'm suing Moderna.


I don't think you understand. This isn't even close to the crazy here. You got vaccinated. I did not. I was in the same house as you for a bit. I farted. It's the vax's fault. This is like turbo-idiocy.


I got vaccinated and now any time I sit outside for too long my skin goes all red and sore


Fess up. You sharted.


I'll never tell.


I have the strangest Boner right now


Most underrated comment of all time right there.


I love how these people consider an *actually infectious virus* to be a hoax and of no concern; but they're all panicked about catching teh muskel twitchin em-awr-en-ay magnetism.


>em-awr-en-ay Took me far too long to figure out this wasn't a word they'd badly spelled.


I still can’t figure it out. What does it mean?


I’m assuming it’s mRNA ?


That's the one. I was all like "em-awe-any"? What's that? Morn? Mourning? Tourney? Just completely going through my vocabulary before settling on that.


Next month's arc is going to be the anti-vaxxers taking up masks to protect themselves from the vaxxed. I hate being in one of god's little plays.


And using keys that they stick to themselves to prove it. Keys don’t stick to magnets. This country is chock full of morons who fancy themselves to be scientific geniuses.


Um, someone should tell her about the symptoms of meningitis?


I had meningitis as a baby. Damn vaccine travelled back in time and infected me!


5G goes both ways


Like a bisexual.


Why did nobody tell me we could time travel?


I'll tell you in 5 years!


Nah. Let it play out


Breaking News: Anti Vaxxer Says Covid Vaccine Caused Meningitis


Also about psychosomatic manifestations


Or any kind of spine or neck injury to be honest. This sounds like what I did a few months ago when I got diagnosed with arthritis. Which ironically also happened shortly after I got the shot. But I'm smart enough to know I'm genetically predisposed, biological predisposed, and had a serious case of whiplash a few years back, and that the vaccine doesn't cause arthritis.


that’s what i thought, too...


The twitches are just the side effects of connecting to a 5G network. It'll pass


Just try going somewhere with better coverage and that should resolve the connection issues.


Good idea fellow human. Usually I try to reset my ipv4 but it doesn't always work. I shall execute your command next time this happens.


I have them when the signal gets spotty, I just switch to wifi to level it out


One time I drank a glass of water, and later that day I got into a car accident. Water kills.


Can confirm my grandmas last day alive after being diagnosed with sepsis she drank water. Stop putting water in yourself and your children


> Water kill.s [Welcome to the resistance friend!](https://www.dhmo.org/facts.html)


100% of the people who drink it end up dying.


You're dead now? I think you have a social media addiction.


I will forever be perplexed on why they’re so afraid of the vaccine and not the thing that killed 3.8 million +


In minds of most of them, they see “a bigger problem” vaccinating, some think it kills more, or it killed their family, and vaccines are the reason the virus continually spreads (because when they were in kindergarten, they were told vaccines were injections with a weaker virus in the shot; because oversimplified examples suited for a 5 years old is valid scientific and applicable fact in reality). The other ones just think that vaccines are enforced and that is violating their freedom; although I would say worst part is some just think enforced vaccination is because they (government or someone authorative and “evil”) will put trackable chips in you. I know some countries are really extreme with violating privacy of their individuals but this is, to be honest, the least logical sounding conclusion. I’m guessing they combine the logic from chipped animals into nanotechnology or something, somehow.


The other part to remember also is how many of these posts are coming from foreign sources that want to increase destabilization in the US by constantly preying on people's fears and anxieties. Getting half the population to distrust science, basic virus containment protocols, masks, vaccines, the CDC, etc during a pandemic and get them to be fearful of those that do seems like a pretty good strategy for weakening a country from within. >Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke "Afro-American racists". Russia should "introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics".[9] There's literally a guide on how all this is playing out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foundations_of_Geopolitics


Great points. It’s still way too much fear about the thing that “might be” versus the thing that actually is.


Because Moron “President” and Fascist TV told them BAD!!!! so they relinquished their critical thinking ability in exchange for a MAGA beer koozie.


I’m 73 and lived through the polio epidemic. I remember how incredibly relieved everyone was after the vaccine was discovered. And how we all revered Jonas Salk as a kind of saint. It horrifies me to realize that if these anti-vaxxers had their way back then, millions more would have gotten polio. These idiots aren’t against vaccines; they are 100% pro-plague.


Sounds less like a pseudo-reaction and more like this person needs to see my chiropractor/PT. They’re either having neck problems or conversion syndrome.


could simply be low potassium from a bad diet or medications, it can cause headaches and muscle spasms/twitchings


I forgot about that one, thank you! Could also be dehydration or heat stress considering it is summer in the northern hemisphere


Vitamin D / calcium / B12 too


I have low potassium naturally, no matter medication or diet so it might not be lifestyle (although them refusing vaccines says they don't make great choices around health). Some people are just more at risk to low potassium. To keep mine in a normal level I'd have to eat ≈3 bananas daily or just take my supplement. But yeah basic blood tests can reveal easily if it's a deficiency or not.


I feel like it's far more likely that this person is just flat out lying to try to scare people and "prove" to people that the vaccine is dangerous and they shouldn't get it.


Most likely, but how I wish I had this affect on anti vaxxer’s just by being near them.


suddenly The Crucible and people pointing to the rafters and claiming the demon was there doesn't seem so impossible any more


They’re likely batshit crazy


I’m feeling it


It's because he's clenched with fear and hatred all the time, of course he has headaches


Chiropractor. If you want to keep going back.




Our car got a nail in the tire and needed a patch after all 4 of us got vaccinated. Damn vaccines. Edited for spelling


$100 says this guy who claims to have a reaction simply by being around a vaccinated individual also says he doesn't need the vaccine because "MuH iMmUnE sYsTeM iS sTrOnG." It's the anti-vax immunity paradox. They have an immune system strong enough that vaccines are unnecessary, but simultaneously so weak that even being around a healthy vaccinated person makes them ill.


What sub is this? Looks pretty entertaining




That sub is an echo chamber in all the worst ways


Thank you


Anti-Vaxxers: I don't need vaccines, I have an immune system to protect me from disease exposures. Also Anti-Vaxxers: Oh god, I got exposed to someone who was exposed to a weakened version of a disease. Am I going to die? If only my body had some way to defend itself.




They think we’re shedding spiked proteins even though most of the vaccines have no virus in them at all.




Did you see their leaked schematic for the tracking chips in vaccines. It’s the exact same schematic for the Boss Metal zone guitar pedal.. one of the best selling guitar pedals. They couldn’t even find an obscure pedal to use. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.guitarworld.com/amp/news/conspiracy-theorists-share-schematic-for-5g-chip-they-claim-is-implanted-in-covid-19-vaccines-only-its-actually-for-the-boss-metal-zone


I'm stuck to my fridge send help


But all good things are put on the fridge : )


I relate, aunt was diagnosed with brain tumor after coming in contact with so many vaccinated people working in a hospital. Never vaccinate, you’re putting everyone in danger!


I had a mate who had a conversation about vaccinations and the next day he got food poisoning. Vaccines are properly dangerous.


My husband ended up sterile after his vaccines! (Also could've been the vasectomy 1 month after the second shot) Unfortunately I am still fertile. Dammit.


My muscles twitch too, I just chalk it up to my body being it’s weird self


You may need more iron. Especially if you specifically get eye twitches.


Yeah it is called withdrawal. Did this fool forget to drink booze, inject, or otherwise fail to bow down to the addiction?


Actually, I’ve seen this many many times and it’s quite common. She’s suffering from a strong case of morbid stupidity.


Sounds like someone that’s so anxious that they’re giving themselves stress headaches tensing up so bad. As someone that’s dealt with severe anxiety at points of my life I’m almost 100% sure this person is either making shit up or creating their own issues by being extremely anxious. Either way it’s 100% not because of being around vaccinated people


He actually could have real symptoms, it would be a Nocebo effect. It’s when you think something is happening to you or something does things on you and they start happening. Like, if I think that I have a cat allergie, I might start coughing around cats.


Its just sad to me these people live in echo chambers that will never tell them theyre full of shit


I'll never understand this. I had genuine side effects from the vaccine: my arm swelled up, I lost balance and my brain went foggy, and my whole arm was in immense pain for a few days. And I still fully plan to get my second shot. I reported the side effects with my lot # on the NHS yellow card website, took painkillers, drank fluids and everything has been fine. It feels good to be doing my part for the greater good.


I feel for these people, I really do. To be THAT ignorant must make life very difficult.


I don't. Willful ignorance with the sole intent of division is shameful.


Those people must be really loud and annoying


I feel sorry for the Dad. I cant imagine the disappointment he feels when his son greets him at the door with more "Youtube facts".


So what you’re saying is since I got the vaccine, I now have powers?


Dad is a rational human being. You are an idiot. Idiots get headaches around rational people.


Imagine how disappointed his parents must be


If only they had such a strong sense of contagion when it comes to viruses.


You know Chuck McGill from better call Saul? These people are like him. They genuinely believe they have symptoms from those, yet there’s no symptoms. It’s literally all in their head the same way Chuck thought he couldn’t handle electricity


I remember when I went to get my first dose. The nurse asked some screening questions and then she swabbed my arm with alcohol. She gave me the vaccine. Before I left, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t owe anything at that time, so I asked her about it. She said, “I need about tree fiddy.” It was at that time I noticed that the nurse was 8 stories tall and smelled so bad. It was that damn Loch Ness monsta!


What subreddit it that?


No….because I’m not dumb.


Think of the average person you know. And now understand that 50% of people are dumber than that.


I get a headache every time I visit my vaccinated parents. I also drink more when I’m around them.


I think the shit from his brains is leaking into his blood stream!


Amazing, my eye twitches when I am around unvaccinated people.


I got the vaccine and it turned me into a Newt! ... ...I got better.


I would encourage the unvaxxed to stay at least 6 feet away from vaccinated people and try to find some way to protect you from breathing the air that we exhale.


I bet people get headache around this person a lot too


I got the vaccine and my muscles twitch uncontrollably, but on the other hand I woke up speaking 5 languages so... que sera sera!


What a sad little life this person must lead to be so afraid of a vaccine they’re worried it’s affecting them without even receiving it. Buying every last scrap of garbage from the anti-vax crowd, who are now trying to claim transmissible effects just to get people angry about others making the responsible choice for themselves. It must be exhausting living in fear of everything.


Damn, it’s like that time I was talking to one of my coworkers who is anti-vax. After that experience I instantly walked into a door. Anyone else have similar stories where they became dumber after being around unvaccinated people?


I've heard this happen a lot. What I would do is keep distance from people, wash hands regularly and wear a mask in public spaces.


How awesome would it be if the vaccine was contagious?


I got my second dose yesterday, and I'm sick as hell That's what you can expect from getting vaccinated, not giving headaches to other people, I mean how would that even work What?????


It's hysteria. The only cure for that is a lobotomy. Someone get a saw, and an ice pick and some.... Oh wait, you need to have an actual brain to get a lobotomy.


Yeah one time a girl told me she wasanti vax and i got a savage headace from the stupidity


This people really have to make everything about them


Interesting. This guy's dad reported headaches and facial tics after spending time with his kid.


i also get a headache from being around my dad but its not bcus he's vaccinated


Conversion disorder


I had a headache when someone was explaining how vaccines are harmful , but hey i ain't complaining.


It's probably all the MSG


I wish it was painful to be this stupid


My uncle got vaccinated when he was a baby. 50 years later he died from a motorcycle accident. I doubt it’s a coincidence. Also my dad was vaccinated when you was a kid as well. He now suffers from obesity and high cholesterol. Smh, when will bill gates be brought to justice?


It is called anxiety.


Good. Now stay away from the vaccinated


Yes stupidity does that to people.


Those are clear symptoms of stupid.


I got vaccinated on Jan. 6 right when the capital was being attacked. Coincidence?!


My friend’s mom did a marijuana in the 70s and died. Funeral is next Saturday


Key and Peele: CONSEQUENCES Part 2


I might regret asking. Which..... which muscle is that?


I think that person really is suffering from an oxygen allergy and should avoid consuming it. (I'm being sarcastic and very mean.)


Obviously the vaccine isn’t contagious but if you get pfizer do expect side effects I got it and it knocked 10 rounds out of you although it is worth it and they warn you before


I would say be prepared for side effects (i.e., schedule day after from work). I had only mild fatigue after each Pfizer shot. Not everyone will have noticeable side effects.


Yeah I was unlucky had real headache exhaustion and my eyes hurt but I’m a pretty small guy so makes sense


No but this guys making my eye twitch… 🙄


The replies gotta be good too.


I miss the pre-vaxx days when people never had to experience health-related pain or discomfort.


I could try to explain the difference between correlation and causation to these idiots, but they’d be too stupid to get it.


Aww shucks. I wanted to read the similar stories!


What sub is this?


So you can’t catch a virus but you can catch a fucking vaccine. Ok.


I once stepped on a sharp item barefoot and had to get it sutured. The doctor gave me a tetanus shot and I began feeling pain in said foot the following night. Those damn vaccines


Sounds like a pinched never in the neck…or….much more..likely Bullshit


Damn I wish the subreddit wasn’t censored out, I wanna peruse whatever shit show this was posted on lmao


I just walked near the sign advertising the moderna shot at my local grocery store and my penis got way smaller. I swear it was bigger yesterday, like huge. Damn you bill gates and your dick shrinking agenda


i got the johnson and johnson shot and i got sick fer a few days. loved it


Or... You know... Meningitis.


Just prolly has Covid


Homeboy has Rabies.


Pfft! That's nothing. I had a headache four days \*before\* the vaccine. That's how powerful Gates/Soros/5G/delete as appropriate is!


Lots of people have similar stories. But, like this one, they are either finding causation where there is none, or they are completely made up.


How are people so fucking stupid. I don't understand how this person even understands that food goes in his mouth, or that running in front of a moving car is dangerous.


Clearly, somebody cast a spell on this person. I wonder if there were any shady witches around?


she can detect vaccinations just by touching them? she should work for the TSA


>After those experiences I have my muscles twitching all over my body. I'm pretty sure it's not the large amounts of meth I've been smoking so I must have gotten a contact vaccination.


Dear God if you really are up there and exist…please provide me with a anti-Vaxxer experiencing psychosomatic symptoms around vaccinated people. It’s all I ask and it’s such a small request.


I think they might just be misattributing the symptoms. These are fairly common of 5g. /s


Yeah we’ve all had migraines before sis


Haha these posts are everywhere in r/COVIDvaccine


I get muscle twitches, especially when stressed. These people are probably stressing themselves out so much that they are giving themselves headaches and twitches.


I got vacinated and I taped a magnet to my arm, surprise, it stuck so clearly vax=microchip. Thanks Bill gates


This person is probably giving themselves muscle twitches from stress.


These people are fucking morons.


It’s amazing how they believe it’s a sign of strength to. Go without a mask for an entire pandemic, but then when we have a vaccine they panic. No logic at all.


Not only does he have a headache...he is one.


Anti Vax posts make my eye twitch.


Pfffft, my dad has given me a headache for like 15 years now. Must be a pre-vax side effect.


I heard that a bunch of women got pregnant just from being around their vaccinated boyfriends. I don't let my boyfriend come over to visit anymore. I'm 65. There's no way that I could deal with a pregnancy at this point


it's mindblowing to me that people this dumb have careers and families.