Gotta love the woke crowd.

Gotta love the woke crowd.


Look like what? Home alone - lockdown


McCauley Coughkin


Im sick and it hurts when i laugh you made me take pain killers you are good


Yay America




McCauley McCauley Coughkin Coughkin


If they think 9/11 was an inside job, then why are they also the most bigoted towards Muslims?


Shut up! Stop making sense! *takes off tinfoil hat, crumples it up*


*Breaks into synchronized break dance routine with the cast of Avengers Endgame*


Because it was an inside job by the secret Muslim government that has been using the real government as a puppet for decades, controlling people's minds using vaccines from the moon, which is fake.


And they are turning the frigging frogs gay too.


No, well... this is actually proven. /s EDIT: realized that people might be taking this too seriously.


Not on purpose


And not gay but trans.


bounced on my boy's dick to this news for hours


Yea exactly. It was Barack HUSSEIN Obama who came up with the inside job. \s


But actually Hussein is a decoy name, his real name is Barack Moshe Obamaberg and he's Jewish


He's a Muslim Jew from Kenya.


An atheist commie muslim jew psyop puppet of Soros who kowtows to the Saudi prince and is still secretly running the country to ruin our outsider man in charge of everything God Emperor Trump who is also powerless against the powerful but also weak Obama.


And also they're gay Jews.


Quick question. Doesn't the 9/11 conspiracy pin the attacks on Bush & the Republican Party? How many of these crackheads do you think still vote Republican?


With Ruby as the mayor of NY no less. But they took owr jjobbbss.


All of them. All.


Yep. But something to consider is that “mainstream,” American-borne conspiracy theories used to be mostly apolitical. “Theories” that were built around protecting your team while condemning the other were fringe; it didn’t matter who was in control at the time, just that you couldn’t trust the government at all. For example, it was the “New World Order” that was calling the shots during George H.W. Bush’s term, and he was just following the orders Reagan followed when it was The Illuminati calling the shots. But then how could a high-ranking member like Bush, who once ran the CIA, lose to Bill Clinton after only serving one term? Well, conveniently, the NWO needed Clinton in charge since Bush failed them for...reasons. Yet Clinton also went through an impeachment because he “got too close.” So the ~~Jews~~ ~~Illuminati~~ NWO rigged the 2000 elections in favor of Bush, Jr. so that the idiot savant could orchestrate the greatest terrorist attack on US soil without a single person “in the know” blowing the whistle (even though his administration was just as prone to leaks as Trump’s). But giving these paranoid “skeptics” an even clearer target for all their problems was an ingenious move. The groundwork was laid the second Obama was elected in ‘08; the powers that be chose a half-black, Kenyan-born Muslim with the middle name Hussein to destroy America. And by 2016, this “deep state” was so in control that even Trump supporters blamed Obama for not preventing 9/11 and golfing after Katrina instead of sending aid. Instead of absolute distrust of the government, this new breed of of conspiracy “theorists” choose to believe only Trump can save them.


That's... a really good question, actually.




My sense at the time was that most of the 9/11 truthers were on the left, because they thought Bush was behind it. Republicans usually fall in line with whatever their party says so they didn’t buy that particular conspiracy.


Got em.


Because our goverment is secretly muslim. Muslims everywhere!


Secretly Muslim and Jewish AT THE SAME TIME. Any conflict between those two religions is a smokescreen to hide the worldwide alliance and persecute Christians. We're through the looking glass here people (I'm really worried there are people who would actually believe this).


They are also turning our sons GAY with FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA!


Leave my frog son alone. He's STRAIGHT and PERSECUTED!


Also why would they think the planes didn't bring down the towers? There is no evidence that they didn't. It could still have been planned by Cheney with the help of his CIA buddys (remember Bin Laden used to be a CIA asset), but not believing that passanger airliners carry enough fuel to significantly weaken steel is just dumb...


So I read that people who are susceptible to conspiracy theories are individuals who at one point in their life were made to feel stupid or uneducated about some topic. They felt marginalized and since they didn’t know, or have the education, felt helpless to defend themselves. Now these people gravitate towards conspiracies because they like the feeling of being in on inside information that others don’t have or know about. This gives them the same feeling they think they lost out on before and puts them in what they think is a place of superior knowledge. This is why any facts or hard information you give them actually does the opposite of convincing them and makes them more set on their beliefs. They won’t allow themselves to feel like they did before.


Humans are really good at recognizing patterns but we are bad at admitting were wrong. Who could have guess combining those traits with social media would lead to large numbers of people literally thinking the earth is flat.




I was about to comment on your use of "their" instead of "they're" in a comment about stupid people being a touch ironic, but after reading that sentence... I honestly don't know which is correct? "At admitting they're wrong" as in admitting they are wrong, and "at admitting their wrong" as in admitting the wrong that they committed. Does anyone know which way is the right way?


Both are possible in this sentence.


Wrong would need to be plural for it to correct. However, wrongs doesn't exactly mean the same thing. Both would probably be true though.


I'm 90% sure that "... their wrong" would only be correct if it was "... their wrongness" (although kinda weird sounding) but I'm not a native speaker, so I might as well be wrong


"I've spent hundreds of hours doing *research*." "But what sources were you using, Dave?" "HUNDREDS of hours."


Tucker carlson on a loop.


I’ve thought as much for a long time, have a close friend who has spent these last few months sending me COVID conspiracy theories (believes the government introduced it for “more control” and it’s also simultaneously comparable to the flu) and probably fits the criteria to be called an “anti-masker”. About six months ago she mentioned to me in passing that she wished she knew as much stuff as me and our other friends did and told me she wished she came off as smart. I feel bad for her but there’s nothing I’m willing to do for you once you start spreading a deadly virus to seem intelligent.


It's the fear of being a schmuck.


It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. A real Greek tragedy of schmuckdom.


Right? Double down on being an idiot for fear of being an idiot.


This actually pisses me off, I've been made to feel not only stupid but that I couldn't change it because I'm autistic/have adhd, I even remember crying a lot because I couldn't keep up with other kids. Still try to learn though and listen to the experts(and check to make sure they're experts)when I don't understand something. Yet there are so many who choose to be intellectually lazy because, woe is me, learning is just too hard! And these same people have the resources to become better! They squander such great opportunity but they don't even try!


All my research has shown that your Liberal vaccines caused your condition /s


This is just one of many factors at play. Five to ten minutes on an anti vaccination website can be enough to make people question the safety of vaccines. This shows how powerful those techniques are. Even scientists and professors can fall for this. *This is why any facts or hard information you give them actually does the opposite of convincing them* ***and makes them more set on their beliefs.*** The backfire effect is highly controversial, it's assumed to appear occasionally. I wrote a guide how to effectively reach radicalized people. It just requires a different way of communicating. [https://gofile.io/d/bCmvCE](https://gofile.io/d/bCmvCE) If you are interested in the mechanisms of radicalization I can highly recommend this insightful talk from Christian Picciolini. [https://youtu.be/SSH5EY-W5oM](https://youtu.be/SSH5EY-W5oM)


So another reason why investing in better education system is a good idea.


Yes, but no. Many months ago, I made a comment that America was looking a lot like a dictatorship and wow, did that tickle a nerve with a few people. Anyway one of the things that you want, (like really, really want), as a dictator is an uneducated, poor population. Because they don't have enough knowledge to question statements, concepts or ideals and while they don't have anything to loose, they also don't have anything that they want or need to fight for.


I'm made to feel stupid all the time and I still trust science and common sense. Though to be fair the people who made me feel stupid often believe a lot of conspiracies.


This is so wrong. I'm dumb as fuck and still know conspiracy theories are for fucking morons.


+1 Morons represent. Pretty sure I'm employed for the same reason people adopt golden retrievers. I'm friendly, get super excited about stuff and want to help anyone who gives me attention. That said, I'm not dumb enough to think I'm smart ...so I got that going for me.


I think it's just the right combination of dumb AND insecure.


Bruh you’re probably not as dumb as you think you are. <3


Why’d you call me out on this


I think someone probably made them feel stupid because they clearly are.


Yes, and the deeper they get into it, the more like a cult it is. They are more likely to believe others that are 'in' on the secret.


I didn't hear about the first part, but it makes sense. I have heard that it makes them feel like they know things other people don't. Makes them feel smart. So it makes sense that if you tell them they're wrong they take it as an insult to their intelligence.


My mother believes in every conspiracy going and this is her to a tee. She hated school, said the teachers used to single her out and pick on her for not being good at stuff and wound up with hardly any qualifications. It shows because of all the 'one day you'll know the truth tm' and 'you're just not logical like me'. She will literally laugh at me for not believing the crap she does - of course she's getting off on being part of a special club. She's already handing out books on the covid conspiracy and says wearing a mask makes her ill.


That makes sense. But IMHO we have to also hold responsible the authority figures and institutions who have \*actually\* deceived or not told the whole truth in recent history. Trust in Institutions and authority have eroded partially because it has been abused so many times. I remember 9/11 Truther stuff like the Loose Change doc getting a lot of traction not in 2002/2003 but in 2005/2006, after the Iraq War had happened and all the WMD crap that the State peddled had been shown to be lies. Even reasonable people will start questioning: if they can lie to the nation and the world to go invade Iraq, what else could they be lying about?


It also always comes to a call for authoritarianism. Conspiracies end up arriving at a common point where “they” (some “the powers that be”, secret society, the Jews, some ethnic group, some political party) need to be eliminated or the world will end, all will be enslaved, blah blah blah.


So basically they just die on the hill of stupidity.


Wow I feel so psychoanalized rn. I have this tendency for sure, but I try to stay grounded in reality. What can I say, I had an older sister.


They could've chosen any picture of someone wearing a mask but they choose a kid that looks like they weren't even born when 9/11 happened...


His DeLorean is parked on the other side of the flat eartg


People who believe the twin towers were knocked down by large aircraft are now aging in reverse and now look like children wearing masks during a pandemic?


... Yes. Yes we do. This almost belongs in r/selfawarewolves


I was like what's insane about this? And then I remember... It was probably some conspiracy nutjob the one that posted it about how big brother is out to get you


Can someone explain this? I literally can't make heads or tails of what this means.


They think the towers were sabotaged already for government gain out of the ordeal and that “people so gullible to believe it was actually just 2 terrorists” are also the people “so gullible to believe covid is real and masks help” instead of also “actually just being a way for the government to press agenda”


Conspiracy theorists really are something special, that's for sure.


Sandy Hook denial is a real beauty


>Sandy Hook denial is a real beauty I absolutely despise Alex Jones. There is a [chair](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/25/37/33/2537330a9dd7512471c565e8e378d50b.jpg) reserved for him in hell.


I'm afraid he'll get something more like [this.](https://as2.ftcdn.net/jpg/02/29/68/43/500_F_229684376_n9PAEXxeVBHuBG6vsxIH4hutQjQ222eg.jpg)


You'd think at least one of them would find it odd that all of the conspiracies they believe just happen to have a partisan slant against the democrats, but no, not one.


It doesn't help that most governments do do some sketchy shit though and a lot of it isn't discovered until decades later, and to an unknown extent.


There is a great depiction on the failures of FBI and CIA that ultimately allowed 9/11 in the Hulu show The Looming Tower. Gets its material from a nonfiction book written by a journalist. I don't believe that it was just 2 terrorists, it's a lot more organized (or unorganized) than that (as depicted by the journalist). But I also wear a mask because that's why I thought civilized people do during flu season or when someone is sick? Or is it just some Asian cultures that do the mask thing?


Nineteen terrorists. Four planes. Not two terrorists.


Far more than 19 too, the rest just weren’t on the planes.


Ignoring that it happened under the watch of the political party that decided masks are a bad thing.


It's because they're so detached from reality, they can't even insult normal people anymore in a way that normal people understand.


Since you all love insane people so much here’s a treat to add wood to the fire r/Nomask exists and has yet to be banned so have fun go wild and put some people in they’re place


I think it’s funny that more of the comments are people condemning the subs and OP than actual anti-maskers


I watched it for 10 seconds and I’m already disgusted


People posting this stuff are also tripping over themselves to sell your MLM essential oils


Well I mean it's correct. People who accept what is almost certainly the truth are currently being responsible and following the medical advice that has no reason not to be true.


My mom thinks bush did 9/11 but wears masks, checkmate conspiracy theorists


To be fair, though there is a lot of weirdness surrounding what else happened that day. There is undoubtedly more to the story than we will ever know and I don't believe Bush was caught unwares.


Everybody was caught unawares as to *what* would specifically happen, but our failure to effectively monitor al-Qaeda largely let the attacks happen. A confused strategy by both Clinton and Bush led to periods of intense scrutiny and then lulls in scrutiny. That's not to mention that the entire intelligence apparatus was still in Cold War mode and was woefully lacking in its capabilities to deal with non-state actors as diffuse as al-Qaeda. The FBI and CIA refused to share information with one another, based upon their previous separation and competition. They both had crucial pieces of the puzzle, but as a result, couldn't put them together.


Those steel beams had comorbidities!


Those who believe that 2 planes couldn’t make the towers collapse, now look like this *insert picture of cemetery here*


Or a hospital bed and a giant medical bill, at least.


Okay, how many people saw at least the second tower go down? I mean schools paused and we're on the news. It must have been tens of millions of people. Let alone the thousands that could see it in person. What the fuck is their thing here? If it wasn't a plane what the fuck was it?


The theory goes that the towers were rigged with C4 or other explosives to create a controlled implosion, that the planes were real, but weren't actually hijacked by terrorists, but intentionally flown into the towers as a false flag operation as a pretense for heavy military operations into Afghanistan. Some of the more "out there" theories take it further and claim the planes were CGI or even actual holograms(to explain the eyewitness accounts).


Oh for fucks sake. holograms? Who the fuck?? I'm dying. We don't even have holograms now. Let alone in 2001. Come on. I don't know weather to think kf this as funny or sad. But I'm definitely laughing.


Those would be the crazies of the crazies, who full on think the government has technology that's like 100 years more advanced than the public. The ones who think Stargate is more or less a documentary.


They also think rhe moon landing is fake. Remember a shower thought posted here, that Humans has the ability to go to the Moon before they could successfully fake it.


Some people think the moon is a hologram and isn't real. Which blows my mind the mental gymnastics that go on to think that. Did they think they had projectors that strong thousands of years before electricity was being used? Like, some of the nuttier ones I can kind of see how they could come to that conclusion, but some are just too far out there.


You... You really can't make that shit up, can you? What the actual fuck?


Don’t forget the bomb or missile that was designed to look just like a passenger jet liner that blew up part of the pentagon. Why else are there no pictures of the airplane that crashed into it?


The best part is hearing them speak about thermite


they're so disconnected that they say "people" like it's just some handful instead of most people with a sane mind unlike their circle of crackpot theorist


This look is called intelligence.


Yeah, doctors have all be building up a conspiracy on masks for the last 100+ years just to dupe people who barely graduated high school.


It's funny because it reminds me of that Super Mario Super Show episode where luigi messes up a pipe and ends up destroying the twin towers


I will never understand dumbasses who believe the planes crashed into the twin towers and just sat there like it didn't take out structural columns that were ESSENTIAL TO KEEPING THE TOWERS STANDING. Not to mention it CATCHING ON FIRE. Do they have any idea how many things were flammable in the Twin Towers and how easy that fire spread?


If I was trying to fake a terrorist attack I'd just plant bombs on the bottom floor and say it was a suicide bomber. Flying a massive jetliner between buildings, and inevitably killing whatever agent you hired to do it, seems a bit excessive. If you want an example of how the US doesn't really even need a good excuse to send troops overseas, look up Operation Just Cause. Bush didn't have a motive for the 9/11 attacks. That should be the end to the argument itself...


Interestingly enough, in 1993, a group of terrorists drove a truck full of bombs into the basement of the North Tower and detonated it. Their plan was for the tower to fall and crash into the South Tower but it failed. They did kill 7 people though.


But they planned it that way so you’d say that and the conspiracy would remain a secret /s


Ahh. I wear masks and I know New York doesn’t even exist because aliens made that deal with trump in the 80s to get rid of those east coast, elite wannabe libtards. Everyone know there wasn’t actually 2 towers, it’s just CGI


That is hilarious. It's like they live in insanity land so long that mask and terrorist attacks are crazy


I literally watched 2 planes hit the towers




yeah I mean, it's accurate


They were so wrong that they accidentally managed to do a full 360 and become right again and I'm amazed


That...9/11 deniers are the worst type of people. Holy fuck. What? This is new to me. I don’t think I wanna go down that conspiracy theory rabbit hole.


Jet fuel might not melt steel beams, but 2 big ass planes hitting a building certainly isn't good for structural integrity


I think we are burying the lead here: These people have not aged a day in 19 years.


So smart people..


So...they're saying that leftists retain their youth longer, eh?


Well they’re probably correct, it’s just not making people appear stupid like what they were intending


You're saying two small 9 mm in diameter metal objects killed a person? How can something so small do something so big.


Oh man you guys remember Loose Change? Probably one of the first internet conspiracy docs that hit the big time. Little did we know what the future would hold.


Ah so people who understand the full context and understand how science works? Gotcha


This meme is factually correct when you think about it. Does that make it sane?


Hmm, wait so what ***did*** make the world trade center collapse?


So, what, they're trying to say i was hallucinating that day? That it was ridiculously good special effects? That there isn't a space where the world trade centre towers once stood???? What on earth gets into people's heads?


I think its funnt because that backfires saying that people who wear a mask (intelligent people) arent stupid because they believe what science tells them


Well I mean if they can break into the White House and get that “book of secrets” the woke conspiracy theorists brag about so much on their 3 am videos, and find a documented account of said 9-11 attacks being scripted, then by all means, I’ll humor them and listen, but until then, it’s just a fun speculation exercise. Also for a fun read: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5248629/


Wait they think 911 didn't happen?


You know these people would have a strong argument if instead they actually brought up the fact that the US used 9/11 as front to exploit oil out of the middle east and directly funnel it into Saudi Arabia. Weird that they often ignore Dick Chaney’s investment into the military prior to 9/11 and Bush and his dad building the Saudi’s empire and funnelling profit to each other from the oil they extracted from Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, let alone killing ten times the amount of innocent people in the process.. they never fucking question that, but they fucking question their own administration perpetuating an attack (but never suggest a motive) and they truly believe that 2 Boeing 757’s couldn’t bring down a tower. Just fucking wild twats out there. same people that question vaccines and a pandemic.


Normal intelligent people now look like normal intelligent people


But I mean Is the image wrong I believe the planes did that and I am wearing a mask in public


There’s literally video of the planes crashing into the towers???


I just did a bit of rough maths with Wikipedia results to put into perspective how much damage a single plane flying into a building would do. If we assume the plane was flying at cruising speed (I don't know what speed it actually was but this is best I could do since I think they would have sped up to do the most damage) then one 747 hitting the building would do the same amount of damage as over 6000 shots from an M1 Abrams main cannon. The damage however would be equivalent to them all being fired in rapid succession so more like 6000 M1 Abrams firing in one big go but still, why wouldn't you believe that would take down a tower. It's amazing it survived the first plane.


Imagine having the structural integrity ruined by a plane going through said structure. That would be ridiculous right?


Smart? Because I watched 2 fly into the towers from multiple different angles via the internet. I also knew people who were there. It was literally covered live on the news.


One of our office windows face Manhattan. One poor co-worker was looking out the window to see a plane hit the Tower.


These two are not even comparable


Technically true?


they aren’t incorrect


Like what, children?


I'm sorry was the giant explosion caused by a fucking passenger jet not obvious enough?


Look like they were born 10 years after the thing they believe happened happened?


Haha you and your *checks notes* basic reasoning skills


Lol kids who were no alive at the time?


I mean, they are not wrong


I don’t understand, what am I supposed to be looking at


So people who believe in reality wear masks. Okay.


Technically that is correct


Kid from home alone lookinass


They dont look like that as 2001 kids are now legal adults, the guy on the right was born before the event


I can do both. Wear a mask have a conspiracy theory. Its doable!


So, sane people have remained sane?


Kevin McCallister?


A single Boeing 767 weighs about like 80k kg, crashing at that speed creates so much force that it's almost impossible to imagine. There's no question it could knock over a building which is so much taller than it is wide! Like, I *kinda* understand people who think it was an insane job, but how do you think an airliner cannot take out a building ffs?




Nah, just made a small error, I've been up too long lmao, I'll fix it in an edit


Gotta love how the people who buy into the “9/11 and Covid are hoaxes” crap are the same people who failed high school physics and biology.


Are crackpot conspiracy theorists still beating that horse? Why am I asking such a stupid question, of course they are.


I mean.....yeah


Didn't they... See the planes crashing in the towers??


I'm not from the US, and I wear a mask. What does that mean now?


Wish I didn’t check Reddit this morning as soon as I woke up as I was *greeted* with this picture of the towers in flames... I lost my dad in 9/11..it offends me greatly to see people calling it a conspiracy theory. It’s like they’re saying the government would forfeit my dad and several 1000 others lives for their own aims.. I just can’t believe they would our purposely inflict this on me, my family, etc..


I mean they aren't wrong.


I failed to see the connection. What are they trying to say?


I believe 911 was an inside job AND I wear a mask. CHECK MATE






I was thinking during the beginning that Now America will attack China like Afghanistan.


People who don’t believe in either are dead lols.


So someone who watched this as a baby in 2001 stopped growing in 2012 and remained looking like a 12 year old til 2020. A


People who believe this post don’t vaccinate their kids, and now their kids [look like this](https://i.imgur.com/bTKExGW.jpg)


Good thing I have black hair