The flag matter not the signature

The flag matter not the signature


I have seen a few of them with a Trump flag crossed with a Confederate flag not far from where I live. I live in New York A state that was NOT A Confederate state.


I live in Maine. Those flags are on every corner it seems.


It's totally insane how bad it's gotten. A former friend of mine(he cut the friendship) has one flying in his front yard,in Buffalo,NY.


My mother has one too. But she's also super racist. I feel a little bit of pity for these people who got sucked up into this insanity. People are easily manipulated, especially those who are uneducated or poor. And that's what the GOP wants, brainwashing the poor and uneducated to vote against their own interests to make the GOP and their rich friends money.


I'm poor and uneducated and I feel no sympathy for them. The strength of one's character should not be contingent upon a bank account or level of schooling.


If you recognize that you’re “uneducated” you’re levels above many folks who are just willfully ignorant.


My last complete year of schooling was grade nine. I am by any measure uneducated.


Just reading your comments, you are obviously not an idiot, and probably could get a ged with about a weeks worth of reading. If you are under 25, you still could go to university or a tech school and up your earning potential.


Thanks, but I'm retired.


Well then you most definitely aren't dumb!


If you are retired, then you definitely have time to go to university...when I graduated from university of Montana, our top graduate was like 68


I want the world to go back to being able to make a living / to retire from not getting a highschool diploma.


Don’t confuse educated with intelligence.


I don't.


I don't measure education by official school transcripts tbh. I know a lot of "uneducated " people who are very smart and knowledgeable because they educate themselves.


I only wish to point out that the education system (at least in America, I don’t know about Canada) isn’t really about educating people anyway. It’s about how well you can memorize, regurgitate, purge, and repeat. I have attended a few semesters of college, but still hold my own in discussions with friends who have master’s degrees and they seek my opinion on matters because I have a lot more life experience, and applied knowledge. Am I technically less educated? Absolutely. Can I teach them things they didn’t know and wouldn’t figure out? Yes. I have a different way of looking at things because I didn’t get shaped by the education system.


> I have attended a few semesters of college, but still hold my own in discussions with friends who have master’s degrees and they seek my opinion on matters because I have a lot more life experience They don't teach you life skills in grad school, they teach you specialized knowledge about a particular subject. I'm guessing they aren't asking your opinion on non-euclidean geometry or advanced thermodynamics.


I’m in college right now, and I feel so fucked over by my Shitty high school


hate your government, not schools schools only have what the government gives them


Im pretty sure Covid just proved the American Education System is a glorified daycare. We need the kids in classrooms so the parents can make the rich richer. Not a word about safety precautions in the schools or educating the students... just get them back in class!!!


Same here but that doesn’t mean anything. You can still read and educate yourself, as Im sure you have based on the way you speak.


ZERO pity, these people are literally enabling the destruction of America and actually the world by actively ignoring climate change which will be 100x worse than covid. It's the same game as covid, deny, deny, until it's too late, then say you did everything you could. EDIT: still ZERO pity, GO VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!!


Why do yo think they've been attacking education for 40 years?


The thing is my friend(I still consider him one)is not uneducated,he's actually pretty intelligent. I also wouldn't consider him poor,he has a car repair garage and his wife is a teacher.


Maybe not destitute, but if his wife's a teacher, then she at least is underpaid. A situation likely to get worse under 4 more years of Trump. If we dont all get wiped out by a plague or natural disaster. But we'll be beautiful, wonderful, most fantastic corpses.


Live fast,die young,leave a beautiful corpse.


"You need a new saying" -Bender


"You should say something else." -Bender 'Bending' Rodriguez


The most overtly racist talk I have ever heard (a discussion on interracial dating) was in upstate NY. And yes, it seemed there were Confederate flags all over the place. Shit, my family comes from Alabama, and I never heard such blatant bigotry spoken aloud by them.


The real divide is rural/urban. Whether a state is red or blue usually depends on whether it's mostly urban or rural. Obviously that's an over simplification, but it's way more accurate that the idea of red states and blue states.


Unfortunately New York gets misrepresented because of NYC. The vast majority of NY is rural and I feel like it way bigger than most people realize. But even still with NYC being so large it’s seen as blue, but pretty much the whole rest of the state is red.


The Rust Belt Cities (Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany) are Blue still as well as the NYC suburbs.


I've noticed that all the pieces of shit have come to the surface with this.


I live in bama now and am from the upper midwest. Its pretty bad in areas up north.


Upstate New Yorker here. Sadly I can confirm this, the shear amount of ignorance from people up here that have never left the state or even the county they live in is truly profound. I’ve never seen so many poor uneducated people who consistently vote against their own interest, as I have seen here. That’s even with living in the rural south for years.


Yeah, I see it in Montana. I just think, you lost bro? Because we border Canada. We weren’t even a state during the. Civil War. People are literally flagging their racism.


>he cut the friendship Had a reddit conversation with a trumper about how trumpism is a cult. He gave me a list of things he said cults are, to debunk my claim. The first sign of a cult was 'cut ties with families and friends'. They really are quite unaware.


We got them across CANADA man..


I see less in Florida than I do in Pennsylvania.


I live not far from the Pa. border,we go there quite frequently,in this one town just about every home and business is covered in Trump propaganda.


Me too. As a queer, I make sure to present very masculine going into PA and such because I’m not going to jail for getting into a fight


You totally have my support. It's a sad time when you have to hide your true self just to exist. My brother in law has had to do the same.


I hate it here


What part of Pennsylvania do you live in?


Ironically near Gettysburg.


The Fuck? I have no words for that. My sympathy goes to you.


Gotta move towards Philly. We’re not assholes unless the eagles lose.


Or the eagles win. Your just little less of assholes then. I used to live in south Philly i miss the ppl alot. Baha


I know some guys from high school with Trumper flags outside of Buffalo. High school was challenging for them and 10 years later it doesn't seem like they've done anything with their lives.


TBF I live in DEEP south Louisiana. I have not seen a confederate flag in my area in at least 5 years even then it seems to be a passing thing. Everytime I head north to the mason dixon line I see a shit ton of flags the closer I get and even beyond. It's a bit pathetic really. Edit: typos


I just lost s friend recently too. I’m like why? ...”cause he tells it like it is and he’s a sleepy joe pedo.” I kinda went off a bit, not too bad, basically said he could give a fuck about anything but himself yada yada. And he told me to lose his number lol.


It's nice when the trash takes itself out isn't it?


Wild seeing them in Maine. I’ll always bring it up and say I like the other flag they flew, the white one. Also don’t like hearing that it’s the most un-American thing they could do. I know there is worse, I just like saying it.


I grew up in Maine. I went to visit family this week. All I can say is that I am not surprised, but thoroughly disgusted. Maine is the south of the north. Also those fuckers don’t wear masks.


New Hampshire is close competition.


Mask wearing is pretty good in and around Portland


I went to Massachusetts, RI, and VT which are mostly blue states and there are a surprising amount of Trump signs in the front yards. It seems like the Trump people are loud and proud of their stupidity. I bet the other houses with no signs support the democrats.


I’ve seen them frequently in Illinois. You know, The Land of Lincoln (he was born here and has lots named after him) and one of the biggest contributors to the Union army. Perfectly makes sense to vote for Republicans while dick sucking the confederates.


Confederate flags in the northernmost Continental U.S. state is awesome /s


Yeah I’m in that neck of the woods as well and they’ve been popping up around the rural areas and the cities


I'll see Confederate flags flying in Ithaca, one of the most liberal cities in the state, its jarring.


I live in Jamestown,one of the more culturally diverse cities in western N.Y. It's just plain weird.


Same. There's a man that lives in my hometown who decorates his front yard like that, including a bunch of other weird decoration choices like Obama in a jail cell.


I'm still trying to figure out this Idol-like worshipping of Trump. I've been around for a few years,been through a couple Republican presidents(Reagen,Bush Sr.,Bush Jr.)and I've never seen anything even remotely close to this kind of cult like worship of a U.S. President.


If youre still trying to figure it out, look up QAnon and it'll make sense. It in my opinion is literally a political cult, but defined as far right wing conspiracy theory.


I did once,briefly(I actually felt myself getting stupider) and it was just a bunch of incoherent rubbish that made no sense.


Haha same, it is really really fucking stupid, but it does explain the attitude towards Trump and thinking the pandemic is fake, dumb shit like that. Some Trump supporters never even heard of it, yet adhere to the beliefs of it. It's scary how widespread it is.


I wish we could put an end to that sort of crap but leagaly we can't.


I gotcha, I gotcha, we've got no LEGAL means. 10-4.


Wanna know something? Here in Spain it is also being widespread, antimascarillas we call them, and pretty much nobody around here knows wtf QAnon is and they don't believe you when you explain it to them. They spread nazi scum without even knowing it. I have lost several friends to Qanon, and I am afraid a brother as well.


QAnon is a Nazi cult rebranded— https://www.justsecurity.org/72339/qanon-is-a-nazi-cult-rebranded/


For the 1st time i looked into the Drudge Report not to long ago. How people take that shit seriously baffles me. It looks and operates like a bad late 90s - early 00s conspiracy site. How people can see that as truthful is beyond me.


I've heard someone compare it to the popularity of Obama. Not as a direct comparison, obviously, but as a reactionary, dark reflection. Obama was extremely popular, and that *enraged* right-wingers. They were comically resentful of him, and always exaggerated when they described Obama and his supporters. They wouldn't say he was popular, they'd say he was a charismatic dictator, that his followers worshiped him like a king, and that it was a *cult*. Fast forward a few years, and now they *want* that kind of thing for themselves. They're essentially doing what they *thought* their "enemies" were doing before.


Oddly enough that makes sense. I was a Obama supporter, but I never worshiped him like a deity,or knew anyone that did.


This is a massive temper tantrum on the part of uneducated, lower middle class white males who feel they are being displaced.


Trump is stupid and venal. There is a segment of the voting populace who, for reasons I'll never understand, wish to vote for someone like them. And there you go, the stupid and venal now have a politician who is an almost perfect reflection of them.


He’s a populist. Populist candidates are “of the people” and thus their supporters develop a fanatic attitude towards them. To supporters, populists are saviors who will fix everything wrong with government. For what it’s worth, Bernie Sanders is a populist too.


So was Andrew Jackson, the asshat who had the Trail of Tears happen.


He's a faux populist. The only thing truly populist about him is his fucking diet.


I live in Michigan (a union state if I remember correctly) and there are so many people who have confederate flags on there cars, homes, clothing etc. It's like really? You do realize that the state we live in was against the confederates right?


I don't think they do. And yes Michigan was a union state.


I also think it's because I live in a very rural area that it's still backwards


People out here in Idaho fly confederate flags too, often seen on the back of a lifted truck. I just consider it a badge of idiocy and racism. At least when they make it obvious I know to avoid them...


I live in NW WI, kind of a blue enclave among 6 red counties. Fortunately we are by far the most populated county in the northern end of the state. I recently had to drive halfway across the northern part of the state (from west to east, toward the UP), and was happily surprised by the number of Biden signs I saw. Outnumbered the Trump signs 4 to 1. A rare sight in two of those counties for sure. Anyway, there are a few old, rusty, lifted chevy trucks (with no exhaust systems apparently) that race around town and fly yuge Trump flags from the back. So when I saw the opportunity, I bought a big ol rusty 4x4 Dodge from an auction to use as my winter beater. As luck would have it, it’s light blue. First thing I added to the back was a “Separate Church and State” bumper sticker that I’ve had for years. Next will be a large sticker portraying the American flag pissing on a crumpled-up confederate flag. I’m also thinking, on the tailgate where it says “DODGE,” of writing “We need to” above it and “Trump” below it. Too stupid-looking? Maybe. But I don’t care.


This sounds glorious and I hope your creation is realized. I live in a small beach town in CT and we too have a local asshole in a lifted truck that likes to recklessly gun around our tiny roads. I don't understand how a politician can be so important to someone that they're willing to almost kill people. It'll make me smile that somewhere there's someone countering these asshats like the one in my town.


I've always thought it was pretty polite of them. I was a tattooist, and people would ask "Wseould you tattoo a swastika if someone asked?" My reply was always "Sure I would. Preferably somewhere visible. The irony is just too good to pass that up."


Do you tattoo a set of numbers under each swastika?


Actually, my personal politics pretty much kept that crowd outta my studio. That would have been truly classic, though.


Hahaha I had to read this a few times to understand what you meant about it being polite of them.


Yep, hard to get much farther north than MI. Same here in Oklahoma, though. I get to watch paper Indians vote for governors who hate native Americans, but love cockfight, as long as the chickens wear little boxing gloves.


I live in urban Michigan and don't see any of that but when I went up north for a weekend to camp I had to drive through some backwoods and I saw trump signs protraying him as an action hero with a machine gun, and effigy of Whitmer hanging from a tree, trump flags hanging off gas station windows, TWO different Trump merchandise stores and yes several confederate flags. If I was black I'd of been scared to stop. I was a little bit anyway as a white urban college student.


Years ago I went camping in the UP and noticed way more confederate flags than in other parts of Michigan I was familiar with. Also there was a store called Karen's Kraft Korner (might have be Kathy's Kozy Korner I just remember the alliteration was there)


>It's like really? You do realize that the state we live in was against the confederates right? They're also usually the ones going on about patriotism even though the whole point of the Confederate states was to secede from the US.


These fucking idiots think they have a monopoly on patriotism, but, reality is, they're just nationalists. Again for the record, *HAVING AMERICAN FUCKING FLAGS ALL OVER YOUR BUMPER, SHIRT, TWITTER HANDLE AND HOUSE DOES NOT MAKE YOU A PATRIOT.* Liberty and justice *for all* assholes. Not just white fake christian trump supporters.


I think of being a true patriot means standing up for and having pride in this country including all it's citizens.


Dude, hicks fly that flag on their trucks here in *Canada*


Degens from up country


Same here, I'm in Chicago. Not to mention I *have* seen "Biden/Harris" signs on houses with American flags. Trump JR's a jagoff.


In Alaska I’ve seen quite a few confederate flags over the years, and this is about as far away from the south one can get.


That's insane. Alaska wasn't even a state during the Civil War. It is beautiful up there if I may say.




They have a lot in West Virginia, which just has to be the peak of irony


For those not in the know, *this* is why it's peak irony: West Virginia is ***THE ONLY*** state to exist because the people that lived there were so against the Confederacy they literally split Virginia in two. There is no more Union state than West Virginia. That's also why there isn't an "East" Virginia.


Says a lot that Trump has his own flag. I remember pennants for candidates, but I can't say I remember anyone else having their own flag.


I wish I could've taken a picture of something I saw a while back ago in the back roads,it was the Trump flag,the Confederate flag,than the American flag all on a poll,in that order,from top to bottom.


Make America Last!


I think that's the ideology of all this.


The northerners showing the confederate flag has nothing to do with the war, it’s 100% racist symbolism. In the South they can use the heritage excuse but not in the North.


I’m in Northeastern Ohio and we have them all over here too. Lots on lifted trucks.


Ain't it amazing how the douchbags always drive big trucks. Most of them around here do the same.




hiya neighbor. I'd down in Pennsylvania. I have seen so many Trump and confederate flags it amazes me. like, "ya'll know that the confederates came here and destroyed a shit ton ..." like, seriously, fuck jubilee early. They kidnapped Pennsylvania free folks to go be slaves down in the south.... hell, we were one of the states that they were pretty pissed about because we did not allow slavery for like a long time... like I don't think we allowed slavery, then were forced to for like a minute for those lazy southerners, then said... fuck that, slavery is SHIT.


Pennsylvania, checking in. I cannot for the life of me understand it.


Funny enough, most houses I see with Trump signs have replaced their American flag (if they ever even had one) with a giant Trump flag.


I see them paired with the “thin blue line” flag. Makes my shake my head, that is NOT an American flag, people.


Believe it or not I’ve seen like two houses around my area with a thin blue line flag and a Biden flag too. Kinda confusing


Over by one of the universities where I live, there's a house that has a Trump/Pence sign along with Black Lives Matter sign right next to it. It's a head scratch for sure.


Husbands and wives sometimes have different political opinions.


*takes a deep breath Or they're just idiots who don't understand contradiction and think Trump is a blessed saint ordained by God and should we all be so lucky to bask in his orangeness and how dare you say he's racist or sexist or an insecure asshole when he has proven himself to be that again and again and again. *exhale.


“Orangeness” - LOL


Lol, exactly, people don’t understand that you politically can’t have your cake AND eat it. If you support trump your basically positioned against progressivism whether you know it or not. I’m sick of all the people that compartmentalize trump “oh well he’s a terrible person but at least he did (x- usually something insignificant in contrast to the behavior he demonstrates)”. These people neglect to remember that the president sets an international precedence, the president is like Americas avatar- he represents our culture and our society. Him being in office just reflects how sick our culture is and represents everything wrong with our way of life now. It’s the worst excuse imo. Just because someone makes a decent decision every now and than doesn’t excuse them from being a total piece of shit and unanswerable to those stances. He’s said enough for me to absolutely despise him as a human being and a president. And objectively I might get shit on for this- but he has done *some* to stimulate the economy. He’s also made it more attractive for business to NOT outsource by keeping capital gains low. You can’t use emotional rhetoric to discount that. He’s done something; point in saying that- he’s still a shitty human being and a piss poor excuse for an American. If countries could trade citizens I’d be willing to bet the no country would and trump would be going Antarctica. Where he’d probably try to build a wall to keep penguins of blizzards out. Hey that’s actually an idea... lol Worst part is, I was trying to get my mom to vote for Biden by pointing out how bad the pandemic was- trumps handling of the pandemic should be more than enough for a sensible person to say “this guy doesn’t give a fuck about the average American, he literally doesn’t give a shit if I live or die, I’m a number- a cog in a giant fucked up not well oiled machine” My other family members, one that did vote for trump in 2016 a ton of them are throwin down for Biden, I’m not one of these people who deities him as the savior of America. But I know he’s the right guy to get things on track and to make reparations from the four year shit storm trump created- including a huge huge social divide, a resurgence of old fashioned american racism, killing over 200k people, and a fuck ton of other mistakes that basically are suffocating our country and the American people. I don’t get it, how hard is it for some people to see that trump is a total, total piece of shit, like a piece of shit that was shit out of Chester Cheeto? How can people *still* defend this total asshole ass hoe.


Our country was created for the people to be cogs. This isn't a trump problem. It's a USA problem.


Trump just really makes the contrast more apparent I suppose I should have added. I hate what we’ve become. And this country needs to change or it may not be around in the next century. Whether we like it or not.


This is very true. I would love to put up some Biden/Harris signage in my yard. I almost made a Black Lives Matter poster. But I know if I do, my husband will get a Trump flag. I just can’t stomach it. It’s best to just leave it alone.


My wife wanted a thin blue line flag and supports Biden. Our daughter wants to be a police officer when she grows up, but also attended the protests against excessive violence by police. They both highly support the individuals enforcing the law, but recognize the need for systemic reforms. Totally anecdotal, but I could see where that could be a logical combination, albeit uncommon Edit: but no it’d never replace the flag. That’s just weird putting any line issue above country Edit 2: I should clarify. We didn’t hang the flag. My wife was unaware of the context. Once discussed, she didn’t want it. But even if we had, it’d never replace the flag.


Hey Criminal Justice grad here. Don't take the thin blue line as just a generic support of police. Its a politically motivated tool to deflect from those issues. The entire campaign was spurred by police brutality incidents. I'd even argue Its harms police by further creating an Us vs Them mentality that among other things stops them from seeking needed mental health treatment. We need more community policing and less cowboys. Thin blue line protects the cowboys and drives a wedge inbetween the police and the communities they serve. You can support police w/o supporting the thin blue line.




FYI at the 2020 Exothermic Reaction Crisis Management Specialists conference, it was decided that they would no longer be called "Fire Fighters". They demand to henceforth be known as "Combustion Combatants."


This comment is great. I can't figure out if you're referencing something or just came up with that on your own, but I will henceforth honor their demand. Support your local combustion combatants!


I agree completely. It’s counter productive and sends the wrong message. We didn’t get one. I just wanted to give context to how someone could end up with that combo. I probably should have provided the context that my wife is a lifelong Republican. She just hates Trump and where he’s taken the party. I’m a leftie and expressed the message the thin blue line is sending right now and she agreed we could keep it down. She’s pretty awesome


The thin blue line flag has basically replaced the confederate flag. 90% overlap in the demographic.


The “thin blue line” movement on the whole doesn’t seem to support police reform or accountability, but rather seems to seek continued divisiveness between cops and civilians while promoting harsh and brutal tactics.


America in black and white, faded to the background behind a blue line put where it doesn't actually belong. It's a good thing people don't actually think too hard about their symbolism.


Remember when conservatives cared about respecting the flag? Lol sike, they just hated that Kaepernick was black. The code of the flag expressly states that it can’t be altered. >the flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature


Or have their Trump flag higher than the American Flag which upsets me a great deal...


I’ve actually seen many Biden flags next to an American flag. I’ve also seen Trump flags above the American flag which I think is disrespectful.


It's specifically a violation of the flag code, which is not law but accepted custom.


The faux patriot trump supporters don’t give a shit about “respecting the flag”. They got their panties in bunch of a guy kneeling about it, but they can’t get enough of the “blue lives matter” flag which is a huge flag code violation just by existing


Everytime I see a trump truck flick a cigarette butt out the window I'm reminded of how much they love their country.


The ones who claim to love the country the most are the ones who want to pollute it the most


The flag code is law (4 U.S.C. § 1) but unenforceable because enforcement would violate the Constitution.


Thank god, I thought I was going to be yelled at for being the most pedantic. :D




It. Is. A. Cult.


[first page google image search](https://i.imgur.com/nieq06Q.jpg). Not only is junior making a dumb point, he's also lying. Guess it's hereditary


Why do we see nazis and domestic terrorists with MAGA hats?


Because QAnon. The government isn't trusted as a whole but Trump is the messiah to save us all or whatever, it's a huge rabbithole. Even if people haven't heard of them, their beliefs are sprinkled into a lot of Trump supporters minds without them even knowing (like that covid is fake, just an attack on the republicans or some shit or a way to control us through fear. I really am no expert other than I know it's a whole mess).


Nah, far-right generally supported Trump long before QAnon was a thing. Granted, QAnon increased that support and pushed more right-wing people towards far-right, but it's not the cause.


I know it's not the cause of the support, I was just implying it made his supporters a lot crazier.




The weird thing is, they are right in the most wrong way. The FBI has a *very lengthy* file on the Finders (on their website in the "vault" section), which is a CIA counterintelligence group turned sex trafficking cult, all police reports against them get dropped. It was declassified in October of 2019 iirc, and largely ignored. I read the file before and it's absolutely disgusting, stomach churning, and upsetting. But, sad part is they don't realize Trump *isn't* trying to stop them, that it's not only the politicians involved, among every other part of it they get wrong.




Yeah - so this seemed too far-fetched to really be true... I looked up the Finders and on three different sites they all say there's little-to-no evidence of CIA involvement outside of a bizarre police report that doesn't really posit any sort of hard evidence, and two loose associations with employment. The only hard connections are that the CIA did employ Isabelle Pettie from 52-61 (the cult leader's wife), and that some Finders worked on some training materials for the organization; I didn't dig too far but it sounds like they were employed at a non-Finders company while they did this. I'm all for conspiracy theories and there's definitely some weird cult shit going on here, but I'd be very leery to claim outright that the Finders was a CIA counterintelligence group after my fascinating Google excursion.


QAnon is a Nazi cult rebranded— https://www.justsecurity.org/72339/qanon-is-a-nazi-cult-rebranded/


aLl tHe DOMEsTiC TeRrOrisTs aRe aCtUaLlY AnTIFa dEmOCRaTs.


Every fascist attack can get spun as a reason for increased fascism, somehow.


I have a Biden sign and an American flag.


That farm lady had a huge biden sign made of hay bales with an american flag over it... and someone burned it down. lmao


But muh free speech and democracy?


Nooooo free speech can only be used to make fun of minorities before saying it’s covered by the first amendment!!1! (/s)


They steal my Biden signs.


I fly an American flag, a Pride flag and a flag with the Earth on it. Just to take it back.


My fellow Earthicans...


Having huge political signs is such a weird concept in the first place... Edit: and so is flying your national flag in your garden. Why? Its obvious we are in America, the flag doesn't really help matters. The rest of the world really only flies a flag at embassies, national buildings, national events or when they are representing their country elsewhere. Its such an odd concept to me.


Here in Switzerland, there are a LOT of Swiss flags flying, at least in the St. Gallen region.


Must be a regional thing? Here in Romandie you’ll struggle finding a Swiss flag other than on public buildings.


Agreed. My WWII veteran grandfather thought displaying the flag every day smacks of nationalism. He taught us that there are only a few days per year he thought were acceptable to display it at our home... Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day.


My front yard has a flag pole. The garden is in the back. What else am I suppose to put on a flag pole? Also my parents were hard core Bernie lovers and now support Biden. Jr. is an idiot.


My house came with a flag pole in front. Right now there’s a smiley face flag flying on it.


That's a great flag choice!


Yeah, but why is there a flag pole in the first place? There seems to be a huge amount of flag poles in American Gardens far more than the rest of the world. I find it very strange. If a home in my country had a huge flag pole in the garden, regardless of what flag was on it, the flag would stick out a mile for being so unusual.


It goes back to the red scare days. Many older houses were built with flag poles so you could fly your flag to prove you're an American who supports freedom. As boomers have grown older, they've carried it to the various neighborhoods and caused other people to get ways to mount flags. I want to say I noticed the trend dying down in the 90s, but I think W and his brand of extreme "patriotism" brought it back, mainly because of 9/11 (remember Freedom Fries?). In later 2001 every car had little window flags; even my dad, the most "I'm above this shit" person you've ever met had US flags in his car windows (it only lasted a month though for him).


I always figured the flag was a cultural thing... European Americans had to come up with something to replace the hundreds of years of culture that they came from.


Perhaps. It could just be a remnant of a forgotten time when the country was full of recent immigrants trying to start a new nation and eventually just became part of the culture.


Where I live, only the real crazy people who see politics as a "you vs me" and get really heated about it usually have flags being displayed.


I don’t fly an American flag because my memory works and I know what country I’m in. Even outside of the upcoming general election I think seeing so many flags everywhere is kind of weird.


I have been saying since I was old enough to recognize the nationalistic dynamic that Americans must be super, super insecure if they keep having to show OTHER Americans just how American they are. Why fly a flag in America when only other Americans are going to see it? Sure, fly it at international sporting events or whatever, but why plaster your own house with a fuckton of American symbols? Do you constantly need to be reminded of where you are?


It's junk food patriotism. It allows people to make themselves superficially feel good while not actually giving a shit about all the anti-American stuff they tacitly or explicitly support.


Speaking for myself, I folded up my stars and stripes the day trump was inaugurated. It will stay there until the day he leaves office


I did too. But then I thought to myself “fuck this, this is my country too” and put it back out.




Americas flag obsession will never cease to amaze me.


Its one of the only real cultural things we all share... The US doesn't really have much of a common language or even social history. At least thats what I've always figured.


What's weirder is having a massive Trump flag flying from the back of your truck photoshopped on top of some sort of arnold guns blazing thing. That's just weird


We have a person with a giant trump banner in their front yard, right next to their “white lives matter” sign and confederate flag. First, I can believe the house hasn’t been burned to the ground. Second, this tells me all I need to know about the most vocal of trump supporters. I live in Pa. a non confederate state. Edit: Drove past the house today and their giant white lives matter banner is gone. Replaced with a white lives matter “sign” made out of regular brown cardboard in red marker. Super hard to read. The last text also looks angrily and hastily scrawled, so me thinks that their white lives matter sign has been stolen or destroyed a few different times. The trump sign is undamaged and the confederate flag is just gone. I’ll have to make that road a daily route. I’ll try to get a picture.


Of course it hasn't been burned to the ground because unlike the right, the left generally doesn't burn down conservative idols and displays. Because they know as fucked up as it is, those confederate sympathizers have freedom of speech.


You don't see American flags on Democrat voting houses because America is controlled by Nazi's and Democrat voting homes don't want to support that. Everyone should be hanging their American flags upside down as America is in distress and under siege. Signed, OIF Army veteran


I have both a 🇺🇸and a Biden signPLUS a BLM sign because I’m sick and tired of the flag being associated with trump. We need to take the flag back for true patriots who believe in democracy and equality.


Because most Americans don't actually have American flags in their yards. It's actually kind of a strange thing to do


People with big flags outside in general make me cringe


Not all Trump supporters are racist but all racists are Trump suppoters.




Flying the flag of the traitors is arguably worse than not flying the american flag


We have an American flag and a Biden sign. Your move.


The more flags on display the scarier and more ignorant the homeowners are. One of the creepiest things about the USA is the ridiculous amount of flags everywhere.


It's the difference between patriotism and nationalism. Patriotism is being proud of your country while recognizing that we can do better. And blind nationalism leads to facism.


Federal legal Gay marriage has been around in America longer than the confederacy was


U see more Nazi and Confederate with Trump flags then US. They (GOP) have given up on Democracy and want a dictator🤬🤬🤬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


I served 8 years on active duty, and now when I see a US flag, my first thought is "white supremacists", like the flag has been hijacked.


Why are there people who fly both the American and Confederate flags together? It's a bit ironic.