But okay.

But okay.


Don’t bash the Irwin’s man! They’re good people!


Steve was such a wholesome celebrity and it brings me much joy that his family turned out so well despite the fame.


Yeah, I have high hopes for his son. He looks and acts so much like his dad. I hope he recreates Crocodile Hunter. It’d be just like his dads show with his own little touch, but it would have the same theme: be kind to animals.


Let's hope safety becomes a greater priority, though.


To be fair what killed him is pretty uncommon and was pretty safe compared to the rest of the shit he did.


It was absolutely shocking when it happened. I grew up along the Gulf Stream diving, fishing, and spearing. Not a single one of my friends or family had considered stingrays a concern. Obviously, we knew about the dangers of stepping on one in shallow, murky waters - but no one blinked when diving with them. We always assumed that we had a larger risk of spearing each other than we did being speared by a ray Ps we did. Our ratio of being speared is still 1:0 (accidentally spearing each other:getting speared by rays)


We went to Shark/Ray Alley down in Belize where you swim with them. Granted, they were getting fed so were probably pretty ignorant of us, but it never felt dangerous. Until I got back pictures and managed to capture a shot of my ex looking like he was about to step on one. If you get speared by one is it always deadly or was it just that Steve Irwin got speared in the heart?


That sounds like a cool place! Often times those places actually remove the barb from the end of the tail to keep visitors safe. It’s not typically deadly! Usually the barb is lodged into a foot or calf, as they will fling their barb up when stepped on. It is damaging, as the barbs (aka stingers) are covered in small barbs along the sides (like a fish hook) that make it difficult to pull out without causing more damage. Normally, that’s a nasty wound in muscle that heals over time. Irwin unfortunately had a barb pierce his heart - you can imagine the damage of ripping barbed a stinger out of a heart. You should run a google image search on stingray barbs - I’m falling short trying to describe it


Gotta admit those are pretty cool, are they supposed to get ripped off and stay in like a bee stinger? Can't imagine that would feel very good for the ray


They're meant to detach and stay lodged within the predator. The stingray will regrow its barb within months. Fun fact for you, hammerhead sharks are one of the few animals resistant to stingray venom. Older hammerheads have been caught with about 90 barbs distributed throughout their body if I remember correctly.


In this day in age, 100%. Although that show was always about safety anyways.


Sounds like slavery to me, but okay.


Yeah, and all your accomplishments are due to him; all glory to god. If you fuck up, that's on you dawg.


Good things are God's blessings, bad things are either: 1. Punishment, which you deserve, for a transgression, or 2. an experience God is giving you to test you. God had a sweet gig in my view - all the credit for the good and no accountability for the bad. I never understood that logic growing up in a hyper religious household.


I was thinking of the logic of "god never gives you more than you can handle" because of a story of a woman who got cancer while she was pregnant. Like, is the "proof" of that saying that you live?


Bruh, every time religious people pull this line, my first thought is: “Have you ever heard of ✨suicide✨?”


That idea crossed my mind as well!


And what if God gives me a serial killer breaking into my house while I'm sleeping?


That's on you dawg.


But in more steps..


But only doing it if it fits my agenda, aka cherry picking.


eek barba durkle..


Somebody is going to get laid in college.


What the hell is happiness? Something sinners tell themselves to keep sinning? Get the fuck out of here. /s


Sounds kinda hot to me, but okay.


That bitch better leave Bindi Irwin alone. I’ll cut a bitch for that.


I would fight for the Irwins. They're wholesome as fuck, and we don't deserve them.


Why would an all knowing, all powerful being that apparently created everything need me to serve them? These religious nuts infuriate me.


He's got a bit of an ego.


Also, to quote George Carlin, he needs money


God loves you and he needs money!!!1


All powerful omnipotent but just can't handle his finances!


And is REALLY insecure.


Cos it's easier than taking responsibility for your own life!


Also then I can be mean to people I think are icky and if someone calls me out on it I play the "serving God" card.


Also I can commit actual crimes from petit theft all the way up to murder/genocide and, as long as I confess or my priest forgives me, we're golden.


Why take responsibility for your own actions when you can blame a sky daddy! Also downplay peoples hardships and genetic disorders to "Cause God wants make you strong", b get outta here.


This is what i don't understand ever, at least in older religions there were a reason (Gods being aholes, praying to get help etc) while as Christianity's all powerful overlord never even explains why the hell does he need worship


Because he's a massive dick who wants to be worshipped


"I created everything you have have ever seen, everything you havent seen. I did it all, so that your short painful life can be spent telling me what a great job i did. And then you die and will spend eternity telling me how awesome i am." Sounds about right for someone who never knew their parents but thinks their special.


Hell, apparently heaven is letting your soul be subsumed by his flames and being stripped of free will I'd rather Hell tyvm


Read the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Gnostic Gospels - all of this “we only exist to serve and worship god” makes a lot more sense through that lens


Most of them just serve themselves


It's about the ones that want to be served to "serve" their god...


Idk I believe in god but I don’t think we all need to serve him lol. If you don’t believe in god that’s totally fine, as long as you don’t harass others for their beliefs


"What does GOD need with a starship?"


But the purpose of your life is to be happy, right? Why would you be so sensitive to the ramblings of a random internet person? Perhaps some therapy is in order.


Yes it is, buy there are religious ramblers in my personal life who think it's fine to step on my beliefs just because I don't believe what they do.


Why do you need to disrespect religion?


Because religion is fairly disrespectful itself


What? I'm not disrespecting religion, I couldn't careless what anyone's beliefs are. I'm disrespecting those who use their religion as a battering ram.


He doesn't NEED you to do anything. God will be just fine either way. But it would behoove you to follow his guidance.


I don't believe an omnipotent and omnipresent being would make human beings for the purpose of being worshipped. To what end? Is your god some sort of narcissist or something? How sad.


I'm partial to the idea we are an alien kid's school experiment that got a F, so it stuck us in the basement, and forgot all about us.


The insane thing is this is more plausible than anything Christianity would have you beleive.


A christian friend of mine told me some stuff thats in the bible and the more she told me the more I felt like we’re just some experiment. Give us free will but leave us instructions, give us some attributes and circumstances and see how long it take for us to cock everything up. Even the ending is pre-announced. Rinse and repeat with different attributes and circumstances and see what population holds on longest.


So the purpose of life is to be a slave of god? Smh


*either become a slave of the omnipotent Yahweh who can do nothing by himself and lacks self-steem so therefore needs your serving, praise, and constant perpetual validation to boast his glory and greatness to his own puppets he created (somewhat psychotic lovecraftian cosmic horror); or burn in hell* Edit: plus, while he needs you to do everything for him, he will take all the credit for everything when good things happen but blame you and your original sins (which you didn't even commit but some alleged middle eastern ancestors 6k years ago) when bad things happen. and then when that "bad" thing later turns out actually to be a good thing later down in the history, He then takes all the credit again.


That’s bullshit. Hell implemented environmental regulations, because Satan values knowledge (see Genesis) and the fire nonsense is just more disinformation from a very needy pretender to the throne


yes. heaven is hotter than hell, according to [scientific calculations](https://www.lockhaven.edu/~dsimanek/hell.htm)


If there was hell (hypothetically), I imagine it s a giant void where you'll eventually go insane from the boredom of having nothing to do and end up seeing bunch of shit that would be a "punishment" of a sort (cause we all know how bad overthinking can get).


No hate but do research on the islamic hell. Its BAD. You have to burn in fire and you will never die. Poisonous creatures will bite you and hot metal rods will go through your toungue and the fire will be black. its very painful.


chriatians will probably say islmaic hell is fake, but depiction of christian hell being the same anyway except where the differences are stemming from their trivial religio-cultural differences.


> who can do nothing by himself and lacks self-steem so therefore needs your serving, praise, and constant perpetual validation to boast his glory and greatness to his own puppets Except for the omnipotent part, you've kind of described Trump and his cult.


So Donald Trump really *is* God! Well, I still say, fuck him.


Disrespect the Irwins again and you gon meet god


Even the snake looks happy


My man here correcting the Dalia Lama. In his field of expertise.


I mean its pretty easy to live to be happy when you're part of the religious elite, living a life of opulence while your population lives like medieval serfs.


The purpose of life is to serve a man you have never seen before, heard speak, or even touched. You were either raised into believing or were falling on hard times and decided that would be a way to cope( I respect that if it is to get your life back on track). But your telling people what to do with their lives when you waste hours of you lives every sunday or saturday or even weekday praying to a being that has been around since the beginning and instead of telling people he exists, he has other people (humans who he could kill instantly and has done before apparently) to tell other humans that he exists. Knowing full well alot of other humans wont believe. If hes so omnipotent why doesn't he put himself into the consciousness of all humans from birth so we all know he exists. Religion is a scam that is used to fear monger people into keeping straight in society and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of being told what to do by people who blindly follow what other humans say. It's fucking ridiculous.


In Islam it's more of a test wether we are good or not. Just saying. You don't need to hate on other religions juust because you do not believe in one. No hate plz :)


You know what. You right. I shouldnt hate. I was just pissed off then. I'm sorry.


It's okay :)


Kinda needy of him, frankly.


He’s awfully petty and insecure for an omnipotent being...


If god existed it would smote Facebook.


The “but okay” at the end gives off the same energy as “wow its almost like those are my dipping mustards and arent meant to go on sandwiches????????? but ok go off”


Sounds like something my grandparents would say.


God doesn’t need anyone to serve him. He is all powerful. He probably wants you to respect creation, and to treat each other well


No, he just wants you to praise him. /s


He doesn’t need your praise either, that’s just being polite. He demands you respect for him, and his creations. And he gave this life, and he will judge you when you die, then you’ll have an eternity to contemplate how you lived your life (good and bad)


respect? Why? Why would i respect a being that send bears to slaughter children for laughing at a bald man?


It's funny because good OR bad is really how Christians (particularly the more devout Christians) believe it. It's important to note that they separate good from bad as a dichotomy. Because once to you start to think about whatever is in between, the idea of God starts to make so much less sense.


Doesn’t really matter if you believe in God, or just being best you that you can be, it should be same thing, I hate when religious fanatics spin the essence of it all, especially for their own purposes (like 3rd century christians reducing role of women in church, or many other examples). We should live our lives for betterment of us all, and our planet


I agree. I do think it's important though to see the relationship between logic and the belief in God.


It would be more accurate to say I believe in MORE, not some idea of a being, though I’m open to that MORE being a being, I’m also open to things I could never imagine. I believe that absolute control is absolutely wrong, but we can definitely steer, and do things to give us more power to that steering.


Friend, ... I hate to ask this, but could you break all that down into simpler terms? Thanks!


I believe that we are so small on universal scale, that the only thing for sure is that there is more to everything, and we likely can’t even imagine it. The only thing we can do, is to do good by each other, and our planet, then hope for best


Is homosexuality one of the (bad) things you could do?


Yeah, I don't believe in gods or any form of afterlife but if I did I would worship like that.


I remember when I had sea monkeys, whenever I think of religions I constantly imagine how bonkers it would be if I actively gave a fuck about what those sea monkeys did or what morality they had lol I'd assume if God did exist it'd be several orders of magnitude 'higher' than humans, than I am to sea monkeys...Why would it care what we do lmao


I don’t see it much differently, other than if you happen to take notice of sea monkey screwing up others, you might wanna return the favour to said sea monkey. Or maybe ya never take any notice at all, and it’s up to sea monkey to be the best sea monkey it could be. And if you were a good sea monkey that you would be recycled favourably in your next existence


Naaah, I wouldn't recycle any of them. Eternal damnation might be fun to watch though


I would think that damnation might be non recycling, or at least a recycled crappier existence (karma). System has been set sort to speak


nah, virgin Yahweh can go fuck Himself with His maga christians who treat "the world" like shit


They’ll get theirs when they answer to their maker. And to blame someone (or God here) cause of another’s idea is like blaming the girl (guy) your husband (wife) cheated on you with. The wife and girlfriend have been wronged, the husband deserves all the blame (just like the fanatics)


fanatics are people that insist that their sky daddy will judge them if they don't respect it. That's you.


even in the "sinful and amoral" secular world, more power comes with more responsibility. imagine the all powerful creator who created such world with full knowledge. so in response to this crisis, he took some responsibility and died for our sins? no bruh, jesus only spent a weekend (which is an infinitissimal peck of dust of time compared to his eternality) for your sins then came back alive. we all know that by experience death becomes meaningless and a light joke for plot development when it is followed by resurrections like that of shown in Dragon Ball or Naruto.


And own slaves under the laws set forth in exodus and Leviticus...


yes also the serving is a test to see who is good or bad


Serve god what, though? Cheese, wine, and a nice cigar? Because I don't see god showing up at churches to let anyone know what god wants done. The only directive these people seem to have is: assimilate, convert, death to the heretic, blaming gays, and make money.


I'll be very honest that any deity that you have to constantly praise over the threat of severe punishment from it if not, is not being revered, but being placated.


boy do i have news for this clown about the dalai lama's religious views


I will sooner worship the Irwins than a false God


How about serving God by serving those around you? Or is that too unorthodox?




Why do cristiana think God doesn't want them to be happy? What about a benevolent God wanting you to suffer for his sake makes sense?


Its one thing to be a christian, i have my reasons for why religions of all types are gross, but these types of people that literally make every aspect and facet of their lives and daily routines into cult-speak spewing brainwash machines are the ones that annoy, frustrate, and infuriate me the most. They've let this shit dominate every part of their lives to the point they have no other personality or emotion. They're like mannequins of real people that are hard coded to only think GOD GOD GOD BIBLE 24/7, and I feel truly sorry for them being so limited in how they can live their lives


At first glance I missed the Dalai Lama quote at the top, so for a moment I thought the Christian poster was just really mad about people having fun with sneks.


Ah yes. Our purpose is to serve an all powerful entity who also is literally love itself and cares about us a lot. Even their own reasoning ends with our purpose being happiness.


Now THIS is virtue signaling


God can suck a moldy titty


What's the bet this person doesn't know what the dalai lama is


I thought puritans were long gone, but okay


Yeah because life should be just fucking mindless suffering with the unproven "possibility" of getting into a better place. /s


God seems like an abusive father.


God that person must be so miserable lmao


Funny how these types always seem like their purpose is to make sure others are unhappy


attacking the Irwin's? heck naw


Is that the younger Irwin?


*inhales* ***OK BOOMER!!***


Serve God? What's he want for dinner this time? Jesus Christ.....


Seems like a pretty pointless life to serve a being that wont even show itself, because a book written thousands of years ago tells you you should


So they’re admitting that serving God doesn’t make them happy.


Who tf is this God. I've never met him, never seen any proof of him. Seems a bit suspicious to me. The ultimate conspiracy


Wow imagine hating life so much that you have to post something like this on Bindi Irwin’s post. Bindi Irwin ! - perhaps the least problematic person in the world.


God is such a drag 😒


How... how can you be mad at THAT quote? Jesus Christ, you absolute soul-sucking cesspool.


And how does one actually do that? How do you serve god and is it any different than any other religious devotion? why can we not be sober


That’s like.. your opinion man


I swear to [redacted name of omnipotent deity] the people that say shit like this are gonna go to hell


My mom is exactly like this


As an aside, im not 100% sure Bindi is actually happy with that snake on her head...


Rose's are red Silent as a mouse Your backdoor is open, I'm in your house


Sycophancy is the enemy of morality.


What if I'm happy by serving God?


Imagine your whole life revolving around serving and worshipping a being that clearly doesn’t care about your wellbeing if he exists...


The purpose of our lives is to live. Edit: but okay


But ok.


lmaoo so serving God makes them unhappy


Being religious isn't really insane on its own


"And doing that brings me no joy at all"


Can we make "religion-phobic' a thing? So we can call people religion-phobic? So many religion haters in this thread.


And that's their purpose. That's what makes them happy. Or whatever


So god is a huge narcissist?


Because that doesn’t sound completely fucking horrible, like a celestial North Korea. They say “what’s the point, nothing matters if you just die”. What’s the point and nothing matters if you’re only made to be a subservient slave of a magical dictator? Doomed to kiss ass for eternity or be punished if you choose better for your life. Nothing worth praise would ever demand it. What a massive relief that it ain’t real


Fun fact - shortly after Irwin died, an Australian fundamentalist Christian group claimed he had converted and joined their church weeks before his death. It was a proven a lie, and his wife confirmed it never happened. They were just using his death to advertise their church. But ever since then, "Christians" have been harassing the Irwin family through social media.


Is that really what a genuine creator god of unimaginable power would want for his creation? And if so, why would such an entity require "serving"? Does it have low self-confidence? Is it a petulant, entitled, narcissistic wanker that requires attention from us mere mortals? I don't think so. Out of all the fanciful religions, deities and entities humans have come up with, the most ludicrously unlikely that i've ever seen is the Abrahamic God of the desert. Well, at least those who follow "Yahweh", rather than "God" or "Allah", don't shove it down our throats.


He’s simping god


God generally wants people to be happy and loving, sooo.....there's no honor in being a miserable martyr your whole life. It means nothing to live according to the Bible but to hate every second of it.


The term for this is "[Jesus Juke](https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Jesus%20Juke)" and most Christians hate it as much as non-Christians.


1/5 of people saw that and thought that was an alright response. Jesus


This dude is using a pixel




That is a word for all genders I call my mother dude


Yes of course 😊


Which god or gods, become there is a shitload of them, like thousands of them


If you don’t want to believe in a theory, then don’t. And just cause other people use a word one way, doesn’t make another way incorrect. For instance God can be defined as the supreme and ultimate reality. I’m not debating my beliefs unless there is new info, there doesn’t seem to be.


Why did God create the Stingray then?


Implying God doesn’t want us to be happy? What kind of God is that?


God is pretty controlling for a supreme being some serious self esteem issues if you ask me


To anyone who committ their life to only serve god, you're all sad with no free will.


If that was the purpose, I would rather be dead. What kind of narcissistic prick would create a bunch of being to worship and serve it? Pretty fucked up.


Why do I feel like they commented for the memes? This doesn't read as sincere.


I can assure you I did not 😂


Guys I'm religious and it hurts when people insult or make fun of religious people. I never push religion on others and don't like people who do but hearing someone insulting it just feels bad ya know. Plz no hate :)


Only if it to serve my dick in his mouth


being happy = serving god. i hate that we take everything in the bible so seriously/literally. shit was written in what, like, the year 1? people were so dumb back then they probably had a completely different way of expressing things/ communicating. they explained things through stories. most shit in the bible can be broken down to simple concepts that are really just common sense. for instance, god tells us to praise him. he says it's for our benefit, not his. how does one praise god? by telling him you appreciate him and everything he gave us. so basically he just wants you to praise him bc it will make you be grateful. praising god is literally just being grateful and he WANTS us to feel that way bc it is the best/ more productive outlook to have in life. he tells us to praise him so we can remain positive bc that's the only way to actually do shit. he's not telling us to praise him bc he wants praise. he's telling us what will work best bc he MADE life so he knows how to make it work lol


Being happy = serving god? So we can't be happy unless we bow to your needy sky daddy? Twat.


no like being happy IS serving god. u dont have to literally be like "god is good" but when you think "this weather is beautiful!" you are appreciating his work. really if you sub out the word "god" for "universe" in all cases it's the same thing


Er... Except the universe doesn't apparently hate gay people. And it's not allegedly watching us, not does it demand worship. So no, it's not the same thing at all, you intellectual midget.


i dont think we should be taking that part of the bible seriously either. all im saying is i feel like the bible is a game of telephone? idk how to explain. like maybe that part got lost in translation. or something. it literally could be anything i just don't think it makes sense that god would not want people to be gay


But your book says so. Why is it ok or ignore one bit an not another? How do you select which to ignore? Perhaps we shouldn’t take the whole resurrection thing serious either, or the creation myth, or the virgin birth. They’re all equally insane.


> shit was written in what, like, the year 1? If you discount the entire Old Testament. And the fact that it's been re-interpreted several times since. > people were so dumb back then they probably had a completely different way of expressing things/ communicating. Yes, for example, Hebrew and Latin. Does that make them "dumb," I don't know. > they explained things through stories. So, is it "stories" or is it "the word of god?" > most shit in the bible can be broken down to simple concepts that are really just common sense. Any moral lessons that can be gleaned from the Bible, can be gleaned from other books as well, and don't require the belief that any of the characters in said book actually exist. Believing that there is a God, just because it was written in a very, very old book is not common sense, it's delusion.


I have the best life I could ever imagine, and I am unbelievably happy, and I don’t serve god. Hmm, interesting.


living ur best life is serving god


Did you even read the full sentence?


I think he means that one serves god *by* being happy, as opposed to serving God *to* be happy.


I do thunk so


the viking is correct


But still, I don’t serve god, cause he doesn’t exist


Literally every single good thing the bible "teaches" us, can as well be found in being empathetic. If you need a threat of eternal torture to be a decent human being, you're a sociopath.


but that's what im sayinnn. i dont even think hell is suppossed to be taken as literal as it is. i have always thought the afterlife is just our memory, since that is literally all that is left of us when we die. that's the only realm we exist in after death. if u die before making peace with yourself/others your memory will be bad and that's hell


I follow a completely different religion,and we dont need to "serve" any god to be happy. We have free will for a reason and thats because we can do what we want. No god will tell me, or anyone we have to serve them. In my beliefs. Trying to force your religion onto others and convert them is fucked up, not everyone has to be a Christian.