I never thought my dad would be like this. Any advice?

I never thought my dad would be like this. Any advice?


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"Dad, come on homie." 🤣😂 OP- glad you are vaccinated, and thanks for the chuckle. All you can do at this point is advocate for yourself, and vaccine efficacy. Looks like your dad's made his decision...


I've said it before, there's little better then responding so comically casually to someone saying dumb shit. A simple "lmao dude" is just beautiful.


Yep, my friend's idiot friend was over talking about "it's BS we have to wear a mask out again, 80% of the people that die from Covid had pre-existing conditions anyways" Which was cool to swing around and say "I have pre-existing conditions, so it's OK if I die because of that?"


The lack of empathy is seriously concerning. It’s a good idea to bring it back home by pointing out the lives of people they know/that are close to them. What was the response to that?


Oh, he gave the standard: well obviously I don't want YOU to die! But that logic connection never really clicked for him that if you're out spreading sickness and someone gets hurt or dies, they ALSO have people that care about them and would rather them be healthy/alive. It truly is a lack of perspective and empathy.


I sometimes feel like people saying those things are either in deep denial or emotionally stunted. No one is in a position to judge for whom it is “ok to die” or not. It’s like the “99%” argument. 1% of America alone is several millions of people. 1% of the world’s population is even much more. They don’t matter?


Its a huge group of people that buy into this shit. That alone gives it validity. "All of these people can't be wrong. Bud from high-school is a reliable source of information." These people never stop to ask themselves what would be the purpose of it? Do you really think all of these people are all working together to pull the wool over your eyes? So you'd stay home and not spend your money or work to make them money? What would be the motive for this plot where everyone stays home and collects unemployment?


Yeah exactly. I think to some extent it’s lack of critical thinking, that’s why i mentioned being “emotionally stunted”. Being mature emotionally also means to recognize one’s own limits of knowledge and listen to experts , as well as the willingness to learn new things and educate oneself on a subject.


And yet “all” lives matter…


To me it seems like main character syndrome, “I know more than you! I’m the one who’s right the world is wrong!”. My dads like this, he called me and was spewing BS about the shot and I said that I’d already had my first, and the dead silence and then disappointment, you’d think I’d said I was doing heroin and meth, pregnant to a man other than my partner, and I’d also just killed a bunch of orphans from the reaction I got. I’ve learned there’s no reasoning at this point, it’s like trying to change someone’s religious beliefs, people are so far into conspiracy they’ll never come out of it, no amount of statistics and logic will make them think they could possibly be wrong. “C’mon homie” is a great reaction, sometimes there’s no point to argue, no ones changing their minds :/


I was like a year into my first job when the affordable care act was coming into full effect. I was in grad school and the being allowed to stay on your parents insurance until 26 got put into effect right before I would have otherwise aged out. During that first year I got pretty sick. (I was a mostly unpaid intern for that time while I finished school) and ended up needing a pretty extensive surgery. Our boss used to bitch to us about how unfair obama care was. We were all (it was a very small place so all = 3-4 of us without a C in our title) in that age gap that got to stay on our parents insurance thanks to Obamacare and it didn’t seem to register that he was essentially bitching to us about having to potentially contribute to our health insurance and expected us to feel bad for him. The thing is I knew he cared about me a lot (not in a creepy way) and worried about my health quite a bit so it seemed to me to be a weird disconnect. Like the office was pretty much the first place my mom was supposed to call after I woke up from surgery and they all showed up to see me while I was in hospital. So I would remind him that Obama care was the only reason I was working for him. That if I’d been kicked off my parents excellent health insurance and had to go on the only health insurance I would have kind of been able to afford (provided for and required as a minimum by my school) the difference in copay for the endless amount of specialist visits alone would have bankrupted me before I even got the chance to really start working and then the surgery on top of that. Unlike most in my situation I would have had the option to move back to my home country and get affordable healthcare but either way I certainly wouldn’t have been working for him. He’d always resorted to basically “oh but you’re different”. And then changed the subject when I asked him “how?” Cause aside from the slightly higher than average baseline privilege of parents with good insurance and a citizenship in a different country the only thing I could find that differentiated me from the general public was that he knew me


Knowing you is what made you different. I've yet to meet a right-wing zealot that has any empathy for others until it affects them personally.


> The lack of empathy is seriously concerning Isn't lack of empathy like the backbone of most American states political systems?


When I point out that I have pre-existing conditions, the real assholes come back with "then YOU stay home and wear a mask, why do I have to do anything about what is YOUR problem?" I thank them for their sociopathy and say goodbye.


It seriously makes me lose faith in humanity. I’m sorry you had to deal with this


I had a random guy on a mutual friend's Facebook saying that's it's unfair that we're all expected to get vaccinated and wear masks because other people can't just be responsible for their own health. Basically he was saying that we should just let the obese die because they didn't bother to take care of themselves and acted like they were the only people at risk. My dad is slated for a kidney transplant, hopefully this month. His kidneys failed because of a prescribed medication. Does he deserve to die so you're not inconvenienced? I have RA. I exercise and watch my weight, but it's largely out of my control. Apparently I'm not worth you being troubled to put a little piece of paper on your face?? Unbelievable. There are millions of people in the world who have no control over their health.


It's a eugenics mindset, they're just not calling it that. Sorry that happened to you.


I don't have any pre-existing conditions that make me a candidate for COVID death. But I did when I was pregnant last year. I was just asking for it though, right?


In more than one way, apparently. I'm just messing with you. Please tell me you didn't read the post in r/LateStageCapitalism yesterday, about the pregnant woman whose boss lied to their staff and didn't tell them they had dragged covid into their office. If not, you probably ought to skip it.


"Homie, you're filling both sides of my three-seater sofa."


A good friend of mine was just talking to me about how the vaccine was for chumps, and that if you wanted real protection from covid, that you need to get a doctor to put some one else's who already had covids poop up your butt...I can't take him seriously any longer.


Hahahaha omg. Fecal transplants are definitely a treatment for some gastro diseases but certainly not respiratory ones. People are wild. I wonder if your friend has actually tried this…


He has.


Ok but I wonder, did he do it himself or did he actually manage to find a doctor stupid enough to go like "hmm fair point you obviously uneducated peassent, let me shove someone else's poop up your butt"




Bragged about how it saved him when he got covid a week later...smh


Good lord, I’d tell you to inform him that correlation does not equal causation but I’m not sure he’d understand 😂 and I’m sure you’ve had that convo already hahaha


Fecal … transplants … ‽ ‽ ‽ ​ 🤯


Yup! Mainly for an infection called c. diff (can be very antibiotic resistant) but sometimes for other things as well.


Life-saving technique that's saved many people.


Well, they do actually give some people blood from Covid survivors, or they did before we had the vaccine. But I don't know how your friend got from "plasma donations" to "stick their poop up your butt".


Probably Facebook


when my BIL gets into dumb shit, nothing takes the wind out of his argumentative sails as much as saying Ok, lol.


>saying Ok, lol. Agreed. This has been my standard "I'm out!" response on the internet since about 2016 . . .




I do that with Bless your heart. (It has many meanings and not all of them are negative, but when someone is being a dumbass, it means "You poor deluded soul."


Nah Op needs to mention Operation Warpspeed and how this is Trump's vaccine.


This gave me a laugh as well. And no advice here. Seems like a very agree to disagree situation.


OP’s dad is… um…. uh………..


Take your time




You can just feel the exhaustion behind it


Yeah, at that stage the cognitive dissonance is so strong no amount of reason and data will change their minds.


This is the line that got me too lol.


"LOL! Good one, but I know you aren't that dumb"


My mom said she felt physically ill when she learned my 14 year old daughter was vaccinated. I did it so my daughter wouldn’t be physically ill and good thing I did because she’s currently at her dads and 4 out of 5 tested positive for covid. Guess which one didn’t and was the only one vaccinated. Adding they let the 6 year old come back from his dads. Now the 6 year old has COVID and it reset the clock and prolonged possible exposure to my daughter. I’m so angry.


What a fucking mic drop near the end! Glad your daughter is healthy and hoping the 4 others get well without complications


My mom, dad, and sister all got sick with covid a while ago. I was the only one who didn't get it. I'm the only one vaccinated.


This is probably going to be my reality someday. No matter how many times I try to convince them otherwise.


I posted about it in Facebook and of course had people who have zero medical background commenting as if they know anything. My ex’s gf’s 6 year old returned from his dads and now also has COVID. This resets the quarantine clock and makes my daughter have to be extra careful for even longer since breakthrough is always a possibility though low. I’m so mad.


I'm so sorry that's so frustrating! It's not fair to your daughter or you. I don't have a ton of medical background. I'm still in school to become a medical assistant, and I'm actually doing homework right now lol, but people genuinely have no idea what they're saying. Makes me afraid for when I start working.


Hopefully they don’t blame your daughter for getting them sick by “shedding the COVID-19 vaccine”. I’ve heard anti-vax conspiracy theorists spout that.


They won’t, they’re not crazy anti vaxxers. My ex had the first dose and was sick so he didn’t want to be sick again and skipped the second shot. Now he’s really sick 😑 he didn’t think that one through.


Sorry grandma not how it works


hEr VaCcInE sHeD tHe ViRuS aNd InFeCtEd EvErYoNe ElSe DuH


The fact that people actually believe this though… Smdh


HAHA. Holy shit if it isn’t the consequences of their own actions. Get got.


"Dad I didn't get the shot because of Biden. I talked to my doctor and they recommended it." I approach this the same with everyone; I didn't make these decisions based on anything besides medical advice from medical professionals that I trust with my health anyway.


He could say he got it cause Trump told people too and got it himself. Operation warp speed was all Trump.


No advice, just solidarity. Dealing with this with my mom. My dad died a year ago so she's my only parent left and it's becoming difficult to maintain a relationship with her over all this.


I’m very sorry for your loss. Just blows my mind that he could think this after he’s lost his father to COVID last year. I don’t understand why people wanna believe this is all fake.


Because they’re scared. Because we were told multiple times that would all blow over soon and it hasn’t. Because it’s so much easier to believe that the world fits into simple boxes of “us vs them” than continue to accept that everything is chaotic and messy. Because people who act in bad faith are offering simple and emotional arguments that are easy to cling to. Aggression and helplessness are trauma responses, and the whole world is going through a really traumatic extended event. And there are a lot of people who aren’t willing to acknowledge that and get the help that they need.


I think your explanation here is much better than mine below. This trend is scary, but certainly extremely predictable from a psychological perspective. People who just lost a loved one are even more scared than everyone else. And even more likely to bite on the conspiracies as a result


Makes them feel more safe, and it’s a natural defense mechanism. I feel like the yearning for control (feeling like SOMEONE or SOMETHING is in control, even if you aren’t yourself) is a main factor in the success of conspiracy theories, particularly surrounding “scary” things like disease, our changing planet, and aliens


I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m going through the same thing, my dad died a few years ago and my (66 year old) mom refuses to get vaccinated, and rarely (if ever) takes precautions like mask wearing or social distancing.


You can say who cares what Biden thinks? He's neither a doctor nor a scientist. I'm going to listen to the millions of doctors and scientists around the entire world, not just the US, and they all agree this is not a hoax. Edit: millions not billions, oops


Yeah I agree. I already got vaccinated anyways so it’s not like I can go get unvaxxed.


It's true, OP was vaxxed. The funeral was super sad when he died cause "It's killing people". Rest in piece OP. It's still hard to believe you died forever ago, it feels like just an hour ago you were posting on Reddit.


I can still hear the ding of my phone notifying me that he responded to my Reddit comment.


This is funny but also made me sad. These times, they are a something.


Don't you know about the potato trick big pharmacy doesn't want you to know? Put it on your injection site, it'll suck your toxins our and damage the microchip /s


Wait, I thought we were supposed to put our arm in rice? Now, I have to go get potatoes? Oh well, too late for me, got my second shot 5 months ago.


"I believe you dad." * *Homer Simpson imagines wheeling dad into an old people's home asylum in a wheelbarrow.*


I feel like one could make a shittone of money "unvaxxing" ppl or rather pretending to do so and get rich of off idiots xD


Over a billion people have been vaccinated. Ask your dad who he knows that's died from the vaccine. Because it would be obvious if billions of people disappeared.


Seriously though, the amount of people that would have to be in on this "hoax" is absolutely insane. Seriously, not a single actual doctor or scientist would whistle blow? Millions of people are getting paid to do absolutely nothing but sit around and claim that Covid is real? It is kind of insane the thought process these people have.


Well that's the issue, there are doctors saying it's a hoax. It's just those doctors are liars who before COVID were trying to convince courts that child abuse is actually a simple case of rickets. https://www.propublica.org/article/doctors-defending-convicted-child-abuser-exceed-the-limits-of-credulity-judge-rules


What about that woman who Trump praised because she said hydroxywhatever cured all her patients? Turned out she was a complete nutbag. [She believes people get sick because they have sex with demons.](https://www.thedailybeast.com/stella-immanuel-trumps-new-covid-doctor-believes-in-alien-dna-demon-sperm-and-hydroxychloroquine)


They think we're in a Biden cult because they're in a Trump cult. Just the usual projection.


Millions. There are not billions of doctors and scientists, unless one out of every four people is a doctor or scientist.


Well, after spending some time on the internet, I have some bad news for you..


Didn't you hear? You can become a qualified doctor through Facebook now




That was the best spent two minutes of my entire existence.


The word lost all meaning. I don't know why but it started making me anxious. I had to turn it off after 40 seconds.


That is so great. Whoever put this together did a great job


After 20 seconds, I want to know the fuck "Billy Inzen" is








Yeah a lot of the rhetoric is us based. This thing is world wide and has been going on before Biden was elected. As a Canadian, the US government had zero factor in my decision to get the vaccine.


We have the same avatar! Limbo-inspired?


My uncle had always been extremely logical in his thinking, and of course always thinks he is the smartest guy in any room, and he said to me "why are all the people in the hospitals unvaccinated?" The brain worms are really eating well these days. I just realized I wrote unvaccinated instead of vaccinated. Either way, these idiots twist reality to fit their narrative. Apparently people think there is an effort to make unvaccinated people get sick, but it's actually Democrats behind it, and not covid.




*Insert meme of girl slamming her head on her desk* Seriously though, can they not do any slight critical thinking and go "maybe the vaccinated aren't getting hospitalized because the shot they took is protecting them"


You can't reason with these people. My mom and sister are both really brainwashed about all sorts of things, and my sister's rebuttal to any facts is "I'm a conspiracy theorist, and I can believe whatever I want."


"they're definitely making people who don't take the vaccine sick" So... The vaccine works?


There's a school of thought that more intelligent people can actually be *more* susceptible to conspiratorial thinking than otherwise, because they can do a better job of *talking themselves into believing something.* And there's also issues in the way people think about intelligence as a whole, that people are either smart or not smart, which fails to take into account specialization: that people are often really smart *in particular things*, like how Ben Carson was a brain surgeon, but also thought that the pyramids were for storing grain. Just because you really know your shit about one thing, doesn't mean you can be relied to know the first goddamn thing about something else. And then smart people in their field get used to being treated as a credible, intelligent person. And if they're asked something they don't know, they're likely to bullshit an answer out to avoid saying that. And people around them are likely to believe it. And so on.


And if you do get lucky enough to have an expert who is self-aware enough to not bullshit about something they don't know, then you have interactions like: *specialist gets asked a question about something outside of his specialty* "Ah, well, I'm afraid that's beyond my ability to answer." "BuT i ThOuGhT yOu WeRe SmArT???" And suddenly everyone thinks the reporter is sooo clever for outsmarting the "sO-cAlLeD bRaInIaC" and "I guess we can't trust *anything* he says now" I'm just So tired at this point


And I guess Biden is the reason there is a global pandemic or the entire world is in on some vaccination conspiracy to.... Track/control everyone? Ask him where he heard such a thing and to provide links to what he says. If it's hearsay call him out on bs. If it's fox news or FB remind him those are not credible sources and remind him that majority of the people dying from covid or with positive cases are from the unvaccinated (and many hospitals are saying this). If he claims those are all lies you ask him "So YOUR source is legit and all these hospitals are collectively lying, the government is lying... So you've become a conspiracy theorist now?" The people with no power or feel oppressed or marginalized minorities tend to be more likely to believe conspiracy theories. If he wants a simple explanation, look at wall street etc, do those people make vaccines mandatory? The people who have the most $$ money to lose are making sure they are vaccinated while Joe with the pickup truck thinks otherwise. Personally I'm going to go with the rich guys and what they are doing to protect themselves


What blows my mind is his dad was taken by Covid. Thank you for your input as well. He said he’s gonna call me later so I will update you.


Just remind him that the trump administration funded the vaccine and watch his head explode.


Trump also got the vaccine and recently advocated his followers get vaccinated. He instantly got boo'd for it however. Obviously he just wants to not see his fan base die off so he can keep their votes coming back around as opposed to any concern for their safety.


> He instantly got boo'd for it however. And the monster had broken loose from the evil doctor's control.


Thing I don’t get is if the government wanted to track you they could, nearly everyone has a mobile phone these days and it’s not hard for them to be tracked


I guess older or folks who aren't as bright do not realize that. I just wonder what the government or the world plans to do with said vaccine tracking to begin with. Out to get us..... To do what? Spend money and buy stuff (as most things are run by $$$)? Take away our jobs? To track where we are at all times? (The phones can already do that, and are people going to illegal places or something)? Inventing a vaccine to just straight up kill us (Why, does the government want to lower the population)? None of these make sense to me.


When Obama was in office I’d get stuff like this from one of my grandmas. I started telling her about good stuff that Obama did that she would care about without mentioning his name. As soon as she said something like “that’s so nice!” I’d say “Yeah, that Obama guy is great!” When Trump came along it was the same thing except I’d tell her about the bad things and get her worked up about it and then I’d say “I agree, Trump is the worst!” She doesn’t text me stupid shit like that anymore.


And yet I bet she hasn't changed her mind one single iota. Gotta love it.




Trump got vaccinated.


And encouraged others to do so as well.


My dad was a smart and overall nice man. Then he started watching Fox News during the Obama administration and it was really rubbing off on him. Then Trump got into office and he hasn’t been the same since. I genuinely don’t know what happened or understand where the hate in heart came from. He was always really smart and we would talk about science things for hours - but now he won’t even get the vaccine.


Come on homie SENT ME OP is TIRED


Tell him you got the same shot that Donald Trump got.


Why are all blaming biden??? Covid was a thing before he was president... Sometimes I feel the USA are just a bit that's been goin on for way too long.


Take a look at r/QAnonCasualties. There are a lot of people there who are dealing with parents with beliefs like your dad's.


use that sub as the treat, and if that doesn’t work use r/HermanCainAward as the stick


To start I think your father is absolutely nuts, but If we assume your father and those weirdos are right and the vaccine was made to kill us all, at this point that’s an estimated 42% of the population of the world that would just drop off the face of the planet. Call me crazy I’m pretty sure a population drop that big all in a would probably lead to mass hysteria and the most likely most governments collapsing. A catastrophe that big would definitely merit actions more than just messaging your son about the vaccine. If he really deep down believes it’s made to kill people then he’s really doing a shit job of caring about it. For the sake of putting myself in his shoes If I truly believed something stupid like that I’d be doing more than just texting some people and I definitely wouldn’t be saying it over text or the internet or anything like that. They’re basically saying “hey guys the governments of the world are trying to kill us all with a vaccine so let’s all just make posts to Facebook and text people.”


2-3 years before it presents...time released if you will. jabbed will start dropping like dead flies. beyond crazy and so frickin sad to see so many believe in this bs.


Hello all thank you so much for your advice. I kind of used a mixture of everyone’s input because it was all so insightful. I just talked to my father on the phone and said everything I could to convince him he didn’t know what he’s talking about. He didn’t listen. And I told him that I will not go see him until he’s vaccinated because he is in his mid 60’s and I don’t want him to get sick (I live in a different state as him). I just hope at the end of the day COVID doesn’t take his like like it did his fathers. Thank you again everyone.


Trump has literally gotten and supports the vaccine???


“Believe me”


Boomers are fucking morons


Here's the thing though. How will he know? I have a BFF I love with all my heart and soul who suddenly became all conspiracy theory/anti-vax (maybe the fertility treatments? IDK). She spent HOURS trying to talk me out of getting the shot (mandated by my government employer). Unfortunately, I have chronic health problems CAUSED BY MEASELS I had when I was a baby before I was old enough to get vaccinated. If I get Covid I WILL DIE. So I let her chatter away then got the vax anyway and didnt tell her til months later. Im getting a booster too first chance I get. You do you.


Yes, I never thought my parents would act this way either. It makes me so sad. I haven't talked with them in almost 2 months after they stated their refusal to get the vaccine while also saying that Biden is not the real president.


I love trump -> trump hates Biden -> I hate Biden -> Biden likes vaccines -> I hate vaccines. How can you argue with that “logic?”


You calling your dad homie made me laugh a little bit. I like to call my parents homie or fam ironically.


And republicans call us sheeple


He sounds like he just started rEaSeArChInG on his own. Cut the internet and cable for a while to save him /s


Just remind him the Vaccine was developed under Trump and all the Republican politicians have taken it


It's so scary to see how many peoples parents are like this!!


Agreed. This is getting ridiculous he’s also in his 60’s so I really want him to get the jab


Isnt Trump is the one who got the US to fund the vaccine? Just tell him that


Ugh the "biden is no good believe me" and just ZERO punctuation... My father has called me "naive" a few times now and I'm pretty much done talking to him at this point. Luckily we have both seemed to agree to just entirely avoid politics when we do talk, but we're down to like 2-3 (short) phone calls a year now.


My mom asked me a few days ago if my work was going to make me get the vaccine, and I had to tell her I already got it. Then I ended up with texts from her and my dad that it was dangerous and I was letting fear rule me. I linked them both to two different websites where it’s proven that the vaccines do *not* change your DNA bc that’s what they believe. I’m pushing 40, FFS. They have to come to terms with my choices even if they don’t like them. It is what it is, and I’m not going to be able to change their minds.


I thought Bill Gates was the brain behind Covid. Now its Biden?


Source: trust me bro


You need to have him give you his "sources" and go through them one by one as to why they are not any good and lying to him. You will have to figure out the best way to address each "source" with him as you will know him better than any of us. He very well may be resistant but I would go through all of his "sources" and pick the most unstable/obviously fake ones and go from there. Try to be gentle at first if at all possible but if that is not the right way for your father than have at it with him. Either case good luck my friend, your going to need it.


I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge but the vaccine just got fda approved didn’t it


No need to be sorry but yes you are correct one of the Vaccines has finally gotten full FDA approval instead of just emergency use authorization. The others are likely to get their full FDA approval soon if not already and I just don't know about it lol.


I'm sorry this is happening to you OP. It sucks. That doesn't change though how you just responded with "cmon homie" thats arguably the best response


Tell him it's Trump's vaccine


Point out it was developed under trump and when it suits they credit him with making it. Trump made its so it's amazing but now it's biden so it's bad. Schrodinger's vaccine?


Double down if you see him taking any shots, as in alcohol, slap it outta of his hands and start lecturing him about taking ANY shots. Or just mess with him and let him know about Dihydrogen monoxide, fun fact every person whom has ever consumed it has died and its in everything!


Socially distance yourself from that ignorance. Respect yourself and your boundaries 100% Edit: my parents used to force me to be around my childhood molester. It’s not an unhealthy or a toxic notion to distance yourself from people who are no good for you or out you, your mentally health, or your wellbeing in jeopardy.


Literally texted my dad today with a picture of my Vaccine card. Told me “Thank you, love you son.” Good for for getting your shot brother, wish your dad could support you on this man.


People out here saying “oh you’re young you won’t die” I’m also young with shitty insurance and student loans. I can’t afford to be sick. I might not die but bankruptcy and homelessness is a real possibility.


Doesn't even make sense. The vaccine was developed while Trump was president, and Trump was one of the first to get vaccinated. Edit: One of the first to get vaccinated after it passed the clinical trials, and became available to the public.


Thank you. This is the nonsense I can’t stand anymore. People not taking it for purely political reasons and no consideration for the actual science.


You had me at "Dad, cmon homie" It just sort of perfectly summed up how much it must suck to have an antivax parent. I feel for you my dude. Stay strong, you're doing the right thing 💪


While I agree that OP’s dad has been lead astray and is repeating harmful rhetoric, do posts like this with anti-vaxxer parents really qualify as “insane”? They’ve just been listening to too much Fox News, they aren’t necessarily psychopaths. Most of my extended family is like this but are also caring, loving people who just don’t understand science. Yeah it’s unhealthy and a detriment to society to not get vaccinated but…don’t feel like this qualifies as “insane”.


I'll never understand people politicizing Covid-19. It's a worldwide pandemic. Are you telling me Biden, Putin, Xi Jinping, Boring Johnson, Scott Morrison, NORTH AND SOUTH KOREA and hundreds of other world leaders are all working together to influence American politics??? The stupidity is almost surreal.


Throw him out and get a new dad. For real though, I have no idea how to win in this situation. I've fought with my own dad about this same shit for years. I just don't talk to him anymore. This kind of thinking can also pop up in people with early stages of dementia and alzheimer's so maybe keep an eye on him.


You may wish to try r/qanoncasualties Good luck, it's dreadful when a parent falls for this garbage.


Tell him that you won't speak to him again until he comes back to reality and keep your word. We can't afford to humor these people any more.


Did these fucking idiot just blank out the fact the vaccine was made under trumps administration?


Does our father think that Biden is in the shot?


A young priest and an old priest.


Get all the shots and let him have his opinions. Just know that you're helping everybody and he thinks he's helping his family. Hopefully it doesn't cause a huge rift in your relationship.


I can NEVER understand why those dumb ass parents blame biden, as if the rest of the world is vaccinating because biden said so? I couldn't give a flying fuck what biden has to say about the vaccine. Why do they think the american presidents have power over the entire planet


It always comes back to Biden somehow 😂


I would point out that most of the world is doing this, not just a Biden thing...


One thing that completely floors the anti-vaxxers is that there are other countries, not every country is run by Joe Biden. Fucking idiots


My mother is like this. Keeps going on and on about how covid is as bad as the flu and you can just get over it, how doctors are just labeling everything as covid to push the covid statistics up higher and control us and how they have created the vaccine to kill us all and how there metal's and deadly mirco organisms inside the vaccine ment to weaken our immune system. I'm still trying to figure out a way to get the vaccine without her knowing as I live under her roof.


When the flu virus occurred in 1918 it killed 50 million people before a vaccine was created


Yeah the flu has killed millions of people and I think she just sees it as like a minor cold. Even thoigh she's one of the people at risk with her being asthmatic. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Maybe ask him why he feels that way? Might either learn something or be able to show him his sources aren't trustworthy


I tried everything. Last thing I want is for him to get sick. He thinks next month trump is gonna be in office


I mean, if you’re alive then it’s safe right?


What does your president have to do with this..? He (or Trump) doesn't dictate things that happen here in Finland, and the situation is that we also have Covid-19 here despite any presidens, ex or present.


Sorry your dad is a moron.


Really nothing you can do. There is no way to educate these people. Just do you. We all have a lot more in common than not and hopefully you can focus on those things. It’s sad. I lost both my parents to this madness as well but we luckily we still respect one another.


I've had to cut off contact with one of my best friends for the last 20 years, the best man at my wedding. All because he called me a fucking idiot for getting the vaccine. I've heard from some mutual friends that he has been doing steroids, and has been drinking a ton. He's always been kinda goofy with his politics, but I find it really sad that things had to come to this.


It’s like an entire generation has had this pent up crazy in them forever and now feel like they can just let it all out at once. It’s fascinating.


I too call my father homie when he's getting on my nerves. There's a new vaccine in production (novavax?) that my religious, conspiracy adjacent father has said he feels comfortable getting. It also supposedly could be used as a booster for the current covid vaccines on the market. Maybe find your dad some info on that?


Ask him where he got his information. If you act civilized and not get angry, and present good arguments, he might back off and change his mind


Give him a challenge: go three months without conservative talk radio, Fox News, etc. Offer to do the same, and eliminate, say MSNBC from your media diet. Make a list of media sources that should be impartial - say - the BBC or CBC - people with no skin in the game. Only get your news and his news from these less partial sources. After those three months, try talking over political issues and see if it makes a difference. You’re fighting an enormous self-reinforcing machine of professional sophists, and until you get away from all that garbage going in, only garbage is going to come out. Note - to be clear, I personally think only Fox was specifically designed/created to be the propaganda arm of a political party, but eliminating media sources from your diet is just a bone to toss to your father.


You should remind him that Trump endorsed it, too! It’s not just Biden anymore.


I want to get vaccinated but my mom is the same way and has given me extreme anxiety and paranoia, can everyone who’s gotten the vaccine tell me their experience with it? my mom is making me paranoid that I’m gonna get blood clots or myocarditis (despite me already being at risk for blood clots due to another medication). I could just use some encouragement. Being locked up with a conspiracy ridden mom does shit to your psyche


My mom told me I’m going to die in 6 months. Or maybe 5 yrs. I got it. My arm hurt a lot for a day. I felt sleepy, but I didn’t burst into flames or drop dead. I had my own apprehensions about it, not the crazy dumb shit my mom thinks. I saw my dr. Discussed the possible side effects or interaction with my other health issues. We landed on Pfizer in a hospital to ease my anxiety. If something were to go wrong(it didn’t) that’s the best place to be. I urge you to get vaccinated, especially if you have other health concerns. Talk to your dr about it. Covid is dangerous and to me it wasn’t worth the risk not to get it.


My husband and I both got the Pfizer shots in April. Both shot days left us feeling really tired and we came home afterwards and napped for the day. Sore arms. The second jab gave me some slight chills, too. A few days of feeling a bit tired and under the weather followed. But nothing we couldn't work through, nothing bad. And, that's it. Tired, sore arms, a few mild chills. That was months ago, and we are fine. Just very relieved to know that our chances of getting sick are greatly reduced, and if we do get it, we are not very likely to get dangerously ill. It was a huge weight off our shoulders.


It’s depressing how many of us are dealing with this from our parents. My mom is also convinced that vaccines are poison and will kill you. She tried to convince me to not get my daughter vaccinated even before Covid. She also thinks the Illuminati run the world and all of the rich, successful people are 33rd degree Freemasons who sacrifice babies to Satan.


Man I feel ya . My dad is my favorite person in the world and was super cool growing up . Taught me how to respect people and just a generally good person . Never thought he would be a Trump guy but after he retired, he learned how to use the internet and his views shifted dramatically. Facebook book is what got him ! It’s tough knowing that your dad isn’t as smart as you always thought he was .


Yeah it’s killing you unvaccinated folks


It's funny because here in Singapore the unvaccinated are being shat on by vaccinated people.


That’s my dad don’t tell me any different


Fake your death and move to Bakersfield


Just continue shaking your head at him, whittle away at his ignorance. And just continue the "c'mon dude" treatment. Because it's a simple way of showing that you don't agree and that his position on this topic is quite literally dumb as shit without saying it directly. Either he'll learn or he won't.


Yo this is my dad fr


Disown him


welcome to r/foxbrain


Trump was in power when it was invented and furthermore he also got his shots. But then he will just come up with another weird argument.


Youll find a surprisingly huge community at r/qanoncasualties who have a lot of experience with this sort of thing.


"C'mon homie" Golden


If you still live with your parents, consider getting your own place. If not, try sending them links to news stories that aren't so right wing, maybe deprogram them a little.


My mom somehow found out I got my Covid shot; She came into my room with a refrigerator magnet and spent about 10 minutes trying to get it to stick to my arm


"Dad. Come on homie" It's just a text but I can here the pure disappointment


And to believe it was *parents* who told us "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet".


Advice? Say "Okay" and go on exactly how you have been. I have found there is no sense in arguing logic with people like this. Maybe they'll come around. Maybe they won't. But either way, anything you say won't make a difference