Child abuse

Child abuse


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"Honey, I'm so proud of how you were able to spot the many logical fallacies, unsupported assertions, and pure lies! You'll do great on the debate team this fall! Now let's go get you those Balenciagas!"


Thanks for writing this. Against all sense, I'll keep this as my headcanon about this post and move on. I just need this kind of positivity in my life right now.


Positivity can be extremely difficult at the best of times but with the way the world is with Covid, the amount of shootings worldwide, so many more, and the pure assholery the universe throws at us it can be difficult. I understand that all too well. I hope things look up for you, where you want to be, happens for you much sooner than you may hope. I give you non creepy virtual hugs from some random that you don’t know. 🤗


Don’t expect that from Sean McDowell. He probably worships Prager


"make sure you watch the video where they *literally condone slavery*!"


Uh…. What?


its most likely been deleted by now but the video was about how robert e lee was actually a good guy! and he just wanted states rights! and yeah slavery was bad but it was better than living in africa! they had a better life here 😌


[Found It](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N839Z38w_AU) It's a reupload, but it works.


WOW that one is bad


*points to all of them*


They have a couple "decoy" videos that are real history. Like the one where they categorically assert that the Civil War was about slavery. It's a good video, and I'd even link to when I was trolling lost causers, if it didn't give credence to PragerU's insane bullshit.


Then there are videos "explaining" how fossil fuels are the cleanest energy, and how money in politics is a good thing. I mean, not too far fetched, coming from a channel belonging to 2 oil fracking billionaires...


Only one now actually. Rest in fucking pieces.


Why Robert E. Lee was good: *Says nothing about how he's good and just reads off a fact sheet about him.*


Naw dawg he lived near George Washington and his dad was legit so we all agree Washington was an OG so his neighbour must be!


Ah yes, I too would love nothing more than to be kidnapped from my homeland, carted off to some strange place and put to work with the threat of physical violence and more constantly at play by people who consider me to be less than human. Mhm. You’ve caught me. The American dream. Thank you PragerU for giving me the strength to admit that and protest against cancel culture.


Imagine being born a slave. You've only heard stories of freedom. You were taken from your mother before you were five and sold several times. You're forced to pick crops you'll never eat from before dawn to after dusk. You only get six hours of sleep and you're barely fed enough to survive. You're raped and impregnated by your owner several times starting when you're only 13, and when your children are born they all but rip them out of your arms to sell them off. You never see any of your children again. You eventually get married to a wonderful man, but after only a few years of him being your sole comfort in life, he's whipped and brutally killed right in front of you because he was accused of stealing some cotton. You're beaten too by association, and you miscarry you and your husband's baby from the severity of it. Then, you die shortly after you turn 30 from untreated tuberculosis. 200 years later, some elderly white guy who's never worked a day in his life says your life was actually good because you didn't live in Africa.


Honestly American schools do not convey the harshness of their lives enough. And somebody had the fucking audacity to say ‘well at least they’re not in Africa’


They absolutley don't. I remember slavery being more of a bullet point during history class than an actual lesson. Luckily I'm smart enough to do my own research about american history-- We are a fucked up nation.


It's how the US school system white washes our history. At a high level they admit to the genocidal atrocities throughout American history but at the same time they weave in all kinds of historical justifications and romantic myth making. Then they just conveniently gloss over any of the especially barbaric details while highlighting all of our greatest achievements. It's brainwashing and indoctrination disguised as an education. Because the average person is un-inquisitive and non-critical--given that they had curiosity and critical thinking skills systematically beaten out of them by the same educators--they fall for it.


But... but... they very much did not have better lives as slaves than in Africa, like very very much not. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be so far up their own asses that they would think that. Didn't know about that channel before, solidly avoiding it now.


a LOT of people where im from(southwest VA) and just in the south in general genuinely do believe this to this day. its..honestly insane. some parts of WV still have segregated bathrooms and drinking fountains(they at least have the signs up which is fucked either way). where i'm from there are actually tons of places named after confederate leaders, they have reenactments where the confederates win, etc. its overall just a really weird backwards culture.


Wow, that's super messed up. I'm South African and I honestly feel I have a better life here than I ever would in the US. And that would have been even more true for African people sold into slavery than it is today. Hell, I know an American who immigrated here and has a much better quality of life now than growing up in the US.


im egyptian and i definitely prefer egypt to the US. my favorite thing about those kinds of people is when i get to explain to them that the "shithole country" im from is literally the same as far as living standards go, just maybe a bit dusty bc we're in the sahara.


Unfortunately you're talking about a population that not only has had a non-stop intake of state sponsored misinformation their entire lives but they also suffer from a sub-standard education and a provincial mindset from not having traveled or seen the world outside of whatever rural armpit they occupy. So they just default to the same racist and backwards narratives that their racist and backwards partisan demagogues tell them to.


oh yeah im from that area and grew up like...*really* right wing. my mom went full qanon and i nearly went with her. luckily by like 17-18 i realized how just plain incorrect that was and how i had been effected by the very issues i claimed didn't exist. it still hurts to see my old highschool friends becoming full fledged neo nazis and shit. its genuinely insane how far downhill people went after 2016. and how much farther they went through 2020.


This video from tik tok made me laugh.... A women said black people should walk past those statues be "so proud, because look how far they have come" [https://www.tiktok.com/@carta706/video/6971924337494379781?lang=en&is\_copy\_url=1&is\_from\_webapp=v1](https://www.tiktok.com/@carta706/video/6971924337494379781?lang=en&is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1) His response is hilarious "we should build osama bin laden/sadam hussain statues where the world trade centre used to be"


thats the *perfect* analogy, i have never understood the whole "memorialize oppressors" thing. usually in conversation like that i bring up that germany left Auschwitz standing but banned the swastika, there's no images of hitler, etc. because the location served as a good enough reminder of history without glorifying the man responsible.


also that woman is a US congressional representative, her name is Marjory Taylor Greene.!


My abusive ex used to literally make me watch these videos all of the time to ‘teach me about the real world.’ He was the most delusional person I’ve ever met


my ex and my mother are both like that, im sorry you had to deal with that, those people are fucking crazy


Same apologies to you, friend. It’s tough to experience/deal with, but thankfully they’re exes!Hopefully you’ve moved on to people that have a sense of reality!


i definitely have lol


Ew. I'm sorry you got sucked into an abusive relationship like that and having been in one myself, I understand how difficult it is to find your way back. However, now that we're both on the other side of our respective abusive relationships, I hope you now see red flags for what they are and steer clear. Personally, anyone trying to make me watch crap like that would be an immediate deal breaker right out the gate. No discussion. No deliberation. Just... If someone is that ignorant I don't want them anywhere near my life.


Didn’t they also make one saying that British Imperialism was “liberation” and they were actually good guys?


im not sure ive seen that one but it wouldn't surprise me if they did lol


Probably didn't get anything close to the worth of a single Balenciaga


Lord I hope she wasn't making her kid wear old shoes that didn't fit and forcing her to watch this shit


I’m hoping it’s like for-fun shoes? Like cute flip flops or trendy sneakers?


Hopefully it was just a pair they want in general, and that they had good shoes before, they just wanted more


That’s what I was thinking. It’s similar to how my parents would pay for my regular clothes, but if I wanted a special nerd shirt or something I would have to pay for it, which I find completely reasonable.


But still, having to watch 50 videos, take notes on all of them, and discuss them, that's *a lot* of work when many other children need to do something like yard work for a bit, or get something for working a job, or a gift for especially good grades. We shouldn't forget that their videos range from a few minutes to *an hour*. So, if we calculate nicely and assume they let their kid watch the explanation clips, it would be around 250 minutes (4 hours and 10 minutes) of just watching them, then compiling notes (which IMO always takes longer - especially with heavily condensed material), and then having to sit down and discuss oversimplified and (often? I don't watch them) nonfactual political mush. Could've picked Khan Academy or Crash Course instead, to make a weaker school subject more fun.


That’s a great point. I’m definitely not condoning this and I wouldn’t do it with my kids. I’m just hoping it’s not as bad as it could be if the kid had to do this to get shoes they _need_, instead of fancy ones they just _want_. If they have to do this much work for shoes they need this is definitely some form of abuse.


I'd argue that all the worse is that they don't get much out of it. With a parent who picks PragerU of all things, I doubt they want this to be a lesson in critical thinking. This kid has to waste 10+ hours to get a pair of shoes, and the way she got them is by letting her parent brainwash her, instead of getting valuable life skills, ranging from doing physical house related labor, negotiation, general knowledge, up to "pick five videos explaining politics, and tell me what each says, and why you agree or disagree" which would sharpen critical thinking.


I made my daughter save for half of a pair of shoes she wanted, they cost like $180, and were just she’s for fun, not what she needed. I couldn’t imagine making a kid pay or earn shoes they needed.


Upvote for the hope this is the case


I interpreted this as warning new “fun” shoes like the Filas or Air Force Ones or Vans that are all the rage with the middle schoolers.


When I was little, I got a new pair of shoes every time I grew out of the old ones. As I got older, it switched to once a year. I never had to work for bare necessities, and I hope this kid doesn’t have to either.


This is how it started with me, but when I was 11/hit 7th grade the “necessities” became more of a “you have clothes, you just don’t want to wear them”. I was a late bloomer, so the clothes my mom was referring to were from ~4th grade and things a much younger child might wear. I spent a full winter in the Northeast US without a winter coat, holes in my shoes, one pair of jeans, and whatever oversized baggy t shirts I managed to swipe from my dads drawer. My dad eventually noticed and made my mom take me to Bradlees to get some more clothes. I never did get another winter coat that I didn’t somehow buy myself, though—usually birthday money from relatives. Side note: my mom would also sneak all of the things I was forced to buy into her tag sales, which she would give the money earned to my little sister so she could buy things like a DDR mat or a PS2.


That’s heartless. No kid should be without what they need when a parent can afford to provide.


The shoes aren't the point, do you know how bad Prager is? There's one video where he says the Palestine conflict is very simple, Israelis are good people who love life, Palestinians are evil people who love death. It's the worst take I've ever heard in the subject, which is some achievement.


Oh shit, I thought Prager was like a knock off Khan academy and thought that this parent made their kid watch math videos to get a new pair of want-not-need shoes. This is wayyyy wayyyyyyy wayyyyyyyyyy worse than I thought


Nah it's a conservative propaganda machine. Slavery good, abolitionists bad kinda level.


Oh I KNOW it's bad, but there's a difference between "If you watch these videos I'll buy you those cute sandals you wanted" and "I don't care if those shoes are falling apart and don't fit, you have to earn new ones." They are both bad, but one is worse.


Yeah it’s really sick of that parent to bribe their kids into self brainwashing political beliefs with basic needs like *fucking shoes*.


These are the same people who say "let kids be kids" lmao


That's some hardcore brainwashing. Totally insane.


And they try to say public schools indoctrinate the kids...


Right? My best childhood friend is now totally brainwashed by her father's conservative beliefs, I didn't even recognize her. He used to do things like that to her an she hated it.


sorry to hear that :c


They do... towards conservatism lol


PragerU being a propaganda machine aside, am I the only one who feels like you shouldn't involve kids in politics until at least high school or so?


I believe you can, but you have to teach them critical thinking beforehand.


You’re thinking too ethically for most people who involve their kids in their political views.


My dad taught me critical thinking before introducing me to politics and i ended up disagreeing with my whole family because i wasn't indoctrinated by the state apparatus, just goes to show how important it is to have critical thinking


What do you think is the best way to teach critical thinking to a young child?


Ironically, English classes. Yeah it's a meme that "the author didn't mean blue for depression, he just liked blue", but skills used for textual analysis are extremely important to develop critical thinking skills. A good English teacher will teach their students that if they can back up their analysis of a text with examples from the text, then their take is valid. I've seen people take a single book and pull out SO MANY interpretations from it, all because we were critical thinkers and knew how to find the subtext. English classes alone won't teach critical thinking, obviously, but I really hate the meme mentioned above because it just completely encourages people to not take English courses seriously. It's a bit anti-intellectual in a way. That's just my opinion, of course.


Ooh, I like that. I can see how thinking about different interpretations and meanings in writing, TV etc could help, and it's something my kid likes to talk about. She's only 6 of course. Her teacher was telling me last week that she's "thinking outside the box" when they he asks them questions about stories they've read. She likes talking about what we read and watch, and we've been laughing together about how fairy tales don't make much sense when viewed through the lens of modern times. Hoping it does all make a critical thinker out of her!


How wonderful to hear! I'm happy she seems to be developing these skills well :) when I was young, mother would take me to the library and let me pick out all the books I wanted, with the condition that I tell her all about it when I was done. Not just the story, but what I thought and what I would change personally. If she's open to that, it wouldn't hurt to try it with her favorite shows! It helped me not just with literacy and critical thinking, but creative writing as well.


Yeah, that's good! She loves talking about that stuff, she's very opinionated lol. I'm curious to know what she'll say if I ask her how she would change a particular story. I'm a writer so part of me hopes she will love to write one day. Thanks for listening to my kid brag lol


No problem, you're a proud parent! Can't fault you for that :) have fun~


Another option are Philosophy classes, which are compulsory in many italian high schools in year 11, 12 and 13. I don't like studying it, but I understand why it's useful


I mean, how young are we talking? My parents started me at like three or so (the "why?" phase) by responding, "Well, what do *you* think?" and then discussing on an age-appropriate level. Doing the same thing with my son now. If nothing else, it keeps the next "why?" at bay for a few more seconds lol


6 😊 When she asks "why", we keep answering until we don't know, then we Google it together. If she asks a more existential question, we do "what do you think?"


Sounds like y'all are on the right track!!


And you too!


Teach them not to accept what authority says as absolute truth-- Encourage them to do their own research and form their own opinions. For example, tell your child that 2+2=5. Inevitably, they'll say that's wrong, so ask them to explain WHY it's wrong. They may say that 2 pencils and 2 pencils adds up to 4 pencils when you count them, so therefore 2+2=4.


Good idea, thanks!


Probably the first thing is how to research facts and determine whether a source is legitimate and reliable or not.


Good idea thanks!


For a young child I suggest having them start to recognize what a good and bad source is for information. Have them make PowerPoints about an animal with sources for the information and stuff. Once they get into middle school and high school, English courses are going to be clutch. Especially AP English in both junior and senior years of high school, because these classes drill into you the importance of not just reading the words but trying to understand the context, the audience, who wrote what and why. I didn't make English a career but it easily was one of the classes I attribute to learning the most in


Hey! Same!


Critical Thinking?? Sounds too much like Critical Race Theory so we *can't* have that! /S


Critical thinking can be taught without politics. Or can be done with a fake government that has been childified


I wouldn't involve my kids in politics til around they can actually vote, aka high-school. The reason being is because you haven't experienced a job or the real world at large until you hit high-school.




I think that speaks more about how unfortunate it is that some things have been made political rather than the merit or not of teaching kids politics. I meant teaching about issues that at that age don't immediately concern them and their lives, or using children for activism. Teaching them how to be tolerant of others and their beliefs, as well as things they need to know for their safety, I would consider non-political. But for example, I wouldn't talk to my young daughter about how I vote or what new bill is being discussed, international affairs, republican vs democrat drama, etc. I'd reach them to be kind to other people and virtuous, and how to think critically, and then when they're older they can form their own political beliefs independently of mine. I don't want to impose my own beliefs upon them at an impressionable age - I want them to learn about my biases and what I believe at an age where they have the mental capacity to think about it and disagree. I fully admit that this is me speaking from a White perspective though, so I acknowledge that there's a level of privilege in being able to keep to that principle that doesn't extend to everyone.


I hate when people act like political involvement is just a choice, and that it’s fine to just ignore it. My entire existence as a first gen American and person of color is “political,” so I’ve been involved since kindergarten at least. Even if you’re not a minority, politics effects every aspect of your life, and it’s important to be aware of what’s going on.


Literally saw an ad yesterday saying “congratulations graduates for no longer being indoctrinated into ‘wokeism’”, I was literally baffled by the double stand they said in like 2 and a half sentences following


I dunno, I was pretty big into politics in elementary school. It wasn't even something my parents pushed on me, I was just really curious at that age. I didn't see it as abnormal behavior at all, I had friends who kept up on current events as well - kids are naturally curious about the world. I see shit posted in /r/wokekids all the time that makes me wonder if most people genuinely do not in fact form political opinions until highschool/college, and I feel you need to develop a keen understanding of falsehoods and trickery in politics way the fuck before that if you hope to stand a chance. In my mind it's never too early for a kid to be involved in politics so long as the parents aren't forcing their views on their kid.


Depends on what you mean by politics. I'm of the opinion that children shouldn't be shielded from harsh realities, like climate change and institutional racism, but doing that is inherently political because the right chooses to deny those two things. The reality of the 21st century right wing propaganda machine is that it starts implementing right wing ideals in kids heads from a very young age in covert ways, leftists, who see the world in an inherently more realistic light than conservatives, should raise their kids on leftist values, although any degree of political tribalism and the discussion of the ills of the Republican Party should wait until they're old enough to take interest on their own and use good judgment in interactions with conservatives.


That’s probably what I’ll do if I ever have kids.


I taught my kids critical thinking from a very young age. One of our early elementary reads was Animal Farm. I would read them a chapter and then discuss with them what was going on from a political perspective. In my opinion, it’s the perfect kid-friendly introduction to why it’s important to be an informed and critically aware citizen. Even as young kids they could see Napoleon’s hypocrisy and how his message shifted as the book progressed. It’s so relevant to what’s happening today that it’s scary.


I think that still falls under my point - you're introducing the concept of politics and teaching critical thinking, which is good. I think what I have an issue with is people discussing their opinions on immediate, specific political issues with kids, like telling them how candidate A for president is great and candidate B is Satan. Regardless of my own personal beliefs I'd rather they come to conclusions like that when they're older and able to think through it for themselves. But definitely kids should be taught critical thinking. So I think where I'd draw the line in your example would be going "see, the pigs are just like \*insert party here\*". They should be left to make those choices themselves when they're old enough not to just accept your view as gospel.


I plan on teaching my kids accurate history and critical thinking, not the propaganda taught in public schools. They’ll attend, but they’ll be getting supplemental education. They’ll also go with me and my wife when we do reasonably safe direct action stuff. Then we’ll introduce them to politics slowly


I think it’s best to teach kids history as factually as you can sort of like social studies class. It’s there and they’re learning something about history but it isn’t invading their life. It’s there as learning curve for what the future could become since they learn what happens in the class. But I guess some would consider that propaganda depending where you are and that’s where it gets dicey. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I was aware of politics before I was 10 though that's largely because I grew up with unrestricted internet access. Fostering critical thought is important as fuck when teaching children about politics


But what about kids who are just naturally interested in politics? My family is all politically active but had I just been a kid (like the other kids around me) and been like ehh don’t give a shit they wouldn’t have shoved it down my throat but... I liked it. For some reason I was just always pulled in that direction. Even as young as 8 or 9 I was forming my own political opinions.


Yes. Regardless of what I want my kids seeing, I am not making them watch biased propaganda and also make them take notes on it.


Absolutely. I always hate it when people push their opinions political or not onto children because then they grow up with those same opinions and ideas and I would prefer them to be around a high school age and then them see the facts and base their own opinion on that but that's just my opinion on the topic.


Depends on the definition of politics I guess… The most basic foundations from day one, regarding worldview or interpersonal relations, are potentially political


“I brainwashed my 12 year old with conservative videos by bribing her with new shoes” oh and I’m sure she had a “blast” talking about it, what 12 year old wouldn’t?


if she got positive reinforcement for it and so she thinks its going to be a good idea to blurt this stuff out at school it might result her in her not having the best of times


Pretty sure this is a tactic cults use to brainwash people


@ what conservatives think college does. Hahahahaha. This is the crazy.


Her notes are longer than most of the scripts


More effort definitely went into them.


50 videos and long notes for something the child needs? Yep, simple case of child abuse. And that’s not even taking into consideration that it’s PragerU.


How is this abuse? Edit: ah, prageru is some sort of right leaning org. Got it.


I think it's about the fact that this girl needed to watch these videos and take down notes for new shoes... But I'm not sure if new shoes means "a pair to replace old worn out shoes" or "a new pair for fun." Either way, PragerU is alt-right so.


It really depends on the situation. But there were many times I'd be forced to pretend that I was enjoying something that actually really hurt me. And the hours of work I'd put into something that had no meaning like spelling a word 150 times before I even get to see what the word is and if it's wrong I'd do it again. My spelling is horrific because of missspelling words like spaghetti over 300 times, now it's burned into my head as an incorrect word. While normally it wouldn't be abuse, it can definitely get there really fast.


Because Prager-U is a right wing thing/program, and the stuff they say boarders on like, propaganda and stuff along those lines. Im right wing myself but Prager-U is not a good thing.


Got it. Thought it was just an online uni type thing (Udacity, udemy, etc)


They sort of present themselves that way, but most of their stuff is just political shit


It's a YouTube channel funded by oil magnates to brainwash people into conservative political beliefs.


They're pretty far-right. They made a pro-slavery video once, defending Robert E. Lee.


PragerU is the proto Ministry of Propaganda


I don't know about abuse but check out PragerU if you don't know what it is... This could be considered brainwashing.


I should not have had to scroll this far to find out bc I had no idea. I was like that's really great preparation for when she's in high school and has like 3 novels to read for summer reading.


I was wondering about that as well


!explanation It's brainwashing of kids by a right wing organisation. Would also apply if it was some form of hateful left wing indoctrination.


Yeah this is just plain stupid. My brother is super into these videos because it’s his only option, even TED is banned because they implied there are genders other than male or female (genetically, as in xxx or xxy) so they must be leftist. there’s that one where they basically say really poor and really rich people are only different because the poor people party and spend more while rich people save and act smart. Like no just no


How does your brother explain Logan Paul.


I asked him, he's pretty sheltered so i wasnt surprised to find out he has \*no\* idea who logan paul is. good for him honestly


What do you mean "Even TED" aren't they pretty left?


Currently, accepting certain scientific consensus has become left-wing. This automatically puts most scientists and scientific organisations as left wing (to some people).


It’s not just considered leftist my mom says to be careful when watching because they might have an agenda. It’s so stupid because she’s a great person in front of everyone else and idk why.


Im dukb and i really need to ask who is pager u i need to know


it’s a far right propaganda machine that literally condones slavery


Thank so much i have attaint 1 + int


"Liberal schools are brain washing our children!!!!!"


Conservatives: LiBeRaL IndoCTrinAtIOn! Also conservatives:


I was very confused because I assumed prageru is a shoe brand/company and the kid made notes on what shoes they wanted, which seems like a smart way to have your kid make choices on what they wear. And then I saw the sub name and read the first few comments and was like “oh no…”


She had to *earn* new shoes. What a fucking psycho.


MANY parents have their teens work to earn things above and beyond what is already provided. We buy our kids new shoes every year, but when mine wanted a pair of casual sneakers (she already had two pairs I bought, in addition to sandals and boots), yeah, I made her earn them. I don’t think we’re psycho for doing this. Just teaching our kids the difference between wants and needs. Through NORMAL work means like babysitting and weeding, though. Not making notes on political propaganda! And it’s for extras. Hopefully this kid didn’t have to do this just for shoes they need because they outgrew the old ones.


"Now honey, you need to EARN those $30 shoes. Here watch this propaganda machine." "Can't I just do something like chores to earn them? Like literally everyone else?" "Uh, no. I can unload the dishwasher, but I need you to write all these notes so I can dunk on the libs."


"I don't like school brainwashing my kids! I want to brainwash my kids!"


Now ask her to watch an actual university's videos.


Can’t count how many conservadurrrs refer to the well crafted video lessons at PU as higher education. penis dragger


Poor kid is being brainwashed already. Such a shame


A 12 year old was forced to do this in order to "earn" new shoes? Kids that age need new shoes every year!!!


Indoctrinating the youth on lies - as they say.


Each essay starts with the sentence “Here’s how this particular video is just a bunch of logical fallacies and racism:”


I saw someone who did the research for me on one of their videos. The gist was this “psychologist” was saying that obedient children are happy children and basically saying the exact opposite of what every other professional has said about treating children. The main kicker was that the “sources” for the video was all articles written by the guy speaking. And they werent scientific journals either. The closest thing he gave to sourcing someone was to literally Google two names. Which after doing that shows that those two names are just people that he agrees with but have been debunked. It’s sad that they pretty much just say whatever bullshit and call it science without any sort of scientific standing to back them up and they just hope whoever listens to them is stupid enough to not care/not know how to judge what is and isn’t a reputable source.




Yeah that one


Zoe Bee!!! I love her channel (:


When I want new sneakers, I think to myself: Have I gotten a new pair of shoes this year so I can retire the old pair? If yes, I can either do yard work/heavy lifting for my grandparents, or I can do shredding/heavy lifting/mail processing for my father. If no, I get my yearly pair of shoes from my parents, because after a year of constant abuse, my shoes need to be replaced. I don’t sit in front of my laptop watching propaganda. No amount of shoes are worth listening to Denis Prager’s bullshit.


Yes. It’s good to teach kids about wants vs. needs! So, teach them that you have to work extra and have MORE money for things you want, beyond what you already have. My kids have extra chores or babysitting for things they want, if we can afford to buy them. Not propaganda papers.


New shoes? You had the kid and now your making them work for shit that should be provided?


i fucking hate these types of parents


Wow just went to check it out and that channel is straight up garbage! How are the videos not downvoted more? They make their videos seem like legit education but the content is just bonkers. But this could easily fool a kids into thinking this crap is factual.


Family is how morals are taught, behind closed doors, with your parents you hope arent mentally ill or politically depraved


Aint this what you call the agenda?


PragerU is INSANE in itself


Kinda support this, because then my children would see the bullshit that PragerU posts and I’ll be super proud if they can point it out in the notes.


Plot twist: the entirety of each paper is deconstructing the flaws of each video and how each script is just Denis' fanfiction


Prager videos are so full of lies that they should be taged as fiction, like a debunking video can go up to an hour


So I'm not going to link it but I just saw one from 4 years ago that featured a "psychologist" that stated that "subservient and obedience in children means that they're happy" and that emotional abuse is A okay to use as discipline for your child. Turns out he's not a psychologist at all he's a columnist and writes horrible articles on how to ("parent" disobedient children" : abuse them into being compliant) As a young psychology BA, whose taken classes related to children and family psychology . I'm legit more qualified than this asshole on this subject. I used to think prager U was ONLY right wing propaganda for politics, but the social takes are just as sinister and damaging it seems. Some of the takes in these videos are downright evil and honestly it terrifies me that people eat this horseshit up like pie.


"No no, Honey. You don't get to see a doctor about your broken leg until you write me a 10 page paper on how vaccines are being used to turn humanity into a living 5G network that will make all white people sterile"


I mean if the daughters shoes were all still very nice and were still in good condition and she just wanted a new pair in general, I get wanting to get them to do something to earn it. But my fucking god, 50 videos + taking notes. And on top of that it’s PragerU videos?!?? I mean come on dude that’s soo damn extreme that it just has to be comical at this point.


Oh....I thought this was a really lovely post about how, with schools in lockdown, the kid watched fun YouTube videos for education instead, like stuff about animals and stars and how machines work and whatnot, and the parents were being really supportive.... Then I read the comments.


More like r/thathappened No 12yo is gonna watch, let alone take notes on political videos, especially not ones that directly say that children should be treated like slaves


Not so much child abuse as it is vicious brainwashing that will ruin that kid’s social life.


Why have FUN summer when you can have a summer grinding to give a parent brag!


I'm not sure this qualifys as child abuse weird to assign you child psuedo science homework to earn stuff as opposed to just doing like chores but not what ide call abuse.


Children shouldn't have to "earn" shoes.


Those "people" who marked this as not insane are probably doing something like that pos in pic.


Those videos are fucking insane. This type of shit is the reason why there are 15 year old girls that wear Trump merch and camo leggings.


Sounds like child abuse


So I completely forgot what PragerU was and was about to say maybe the child is just smart. Its not a educational site it's a political brain washing company. Safe to say there is a lot wrong with that.


It was morally questionable for her to make her daughter do that but then I saw that it was to earn shoes. Who would do that to their child?


What’s PragerU??


Very conservatist "university" or something. They're mainly trying to shit on LGBT+ people. They have a YouTube channel with some of the grossest arguments I've seen.


It’s a propaganda mill masquerading as an educational channel.


10-1, most, if not all, of you are for teaching CRT in schools even though 99% of all known practitioners are anti-white racists and teach it as thus.




It is certainly impressive...but not in a good way..


Isnt prager U considered propoganda?


What/who is @prageru?


PragerU is a company that promotes conservative or Judeo-Christian ideals through misrepresented or outright false info via videos. It should be noted that while the U is short for University, PragerU is not an academic institution. There are a number of videos that debunk some of PragerU's talking points, such as the "How PragerU Lies to You" videos by Shaun or those by Genetically Modified Skeptic on YouTube. It should go without saying that much of the left finds PragerU deceitful at best and outright malicious at worst, though I don't know what the right thinks of the company.


Me: *Never heard of @PragerU before* Me: I need some context. *Goes to Google* Google Autocomplete: Did you mean PragerU lies? Me: Uh, oh… Edit: I don’t dare Google or judge any further.


Prager U is some of the most unbelievable propaganda I have ever seen


To EARN some new shoes? Children don’t need to fucking earn shoes from their parents.


Question. What is prageru? I don’t know what it is so to me it looks like a mother rewarding her daughter with new shoes after she watched educational videos. But since it’s posted here and looking at the comments I can tell that this isn’t the case.


Insane? Or Insanely gullible and dimwitted? But yeah I suppose this would be child abuse. I've even heard a lot of conservatives reject Prager U altogether


I’m just going to point out some mathematics.... that is literally 100+ hours of schoolwork. Even for hypothetically $200 fancy shoes—that is $2 an hour. No sane child would do that voluntarily. You could earn EASILY 5x that amount by doing chores for neighbors—like mowing lawns, walking dogs, cleaning gutters, babysitting, etc. My currently college classes have less videos, and with more months watch the videos, than the 2-3 months summer break provides. And I’m age 28, not 12. There is NO WAY a 12 year old voluntarily did more work than my advanced-level college classes are—for $2 an hour. Nope. Nope nope. Simply NOPE. Heck—even for a 28 year old experienced, academically driven adult... that would be a LOT of work. I betcha that that child didn’t “have a blast” discussing those videos. That was just *neurotic-parent-code* for “I bullied my child into doing this, and I made them so terrified of standing up for themselves, that they learned to cooperate and pretend they enjoyed it, so I wouldn’t scream at them. I took their terrified pretend engagement and claimed it was enjoyment. Because I want to make myself look like a good parent, and not an abusive slave-master.” Source—I was raised by a neurotic parent who absolutely would’ve done this type of thing, and then gaslighted herself into thinking my terrified acquiesce was “enjoyment”. Let’s just give them 1% benefit of the doubt, and say that the shoes the child earned weren’t the “necessary for survival” type of shoes. Let’s give them THAT much credit, for sake of discussion. (Although I wonder if even that was done, sadly). But, for argument sake. Let’s say that these were “fun, non-necessary, treat yourself, shoes”. Even for a $200 pair of shoes.... that’s 100 hours of work. That’s $2 an hour. The child probably didn’t voluntarily choose all this.


My 8th grade science teacher had us watch a whole lot of these. It was a fun year 🙃


Science teacher? The only value of this in a science class is to debunk it.


So I must admit I've never heard of PragerU, so I googled it and found it has a YouTube channel so I open it and the first thing I see is Candanxe Owens as one of the shows and even without opening any videos to skim, that alone tells me all I need to know 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


Not abuse but weird to not just give your 12 year old child new shoes


"Dad, I need new shoes!" "You know the deal. Read and annotate at least 100 PragerU essays and then we can go look at the shoes you might get." Like, what conversation do you have to have this situation occur?


‘Here we go again, your defiance is so reflective of our left wing government it is ruining society’ Dad, 2021 (probably)


“Dad, I’ve watched 25 episodes of The Daniel Horowitz show, can I please eat now?” “Not yet sweetie, I have to tweet about this”


The kid said they'd only stone gay people, not hang and quarter them


It’s teaching them bad things and hateful content


Brainwashing your child to baselessly other and hate is absolutely, categorically child abuse. Drilling bigotry into your child's head is an extreme failure of parenting


If they dont have appropriate shoes that fit its neglect, which is a form of abuse


Same type of parents to say. LGBT is indoctrinating children