Deadass did this and my standard of existence has gone up 500%


did you move places?


I moved to a new city, got a cheap one room apartment, and got a new phone with a clean contacts, haven’t looked back since ;)


This sounds like a dream


Comfort sounds like this




Are you a cop? Cause if you are you legally have to tell me you know


FBI agent, pleasure to meet you. Since?


Not sure if weirdly intrigued or kinda creepy


Lmfao at all these comments


what the hell has people so paranoid today? this is hilarious.


Haha no clue, yeah this was hilarious lmao


Tax season... Every year


Lmao ok... I’d say it’s closing in on a year soon, but I don’t remember the exact date(if that gives you insight on how I feel about my past life)


Cool ima track you from now


Don’t act like I haven’t seen you around here too Mr. Psychopath ;)


😢 Just tryin to make friends


Since they moved


When they moved


Since when?


Yo when we movin?


This is the way!!


I really want to do this right now......


That's amazing


That’s what I’m trying to do


how long ago was that? was it hard at first or always enjoyable? gonna find myself in a similar situation to some degree soon


Lmfao I’m doing this exact thing right now! Already picking out Tracphones from Amazon and looking into changing my number 😂




The account I'm replying to is a karma bot run by someone who will link scams once the account gets enough karma. Report -> Spam -> Harmful Bot


the infp urge to move far away and start over lmao


I've done this, about 5 or 6 times. Works every time, until it doesn't


Why do you find yourself moving so often?


Because everywhere I go, there I am.


Jesus Christ, I’ve never been able to explain that .


To live out in the woods with a hammock and a sun hat.


lmao you’re emotionally exhausted and this happens


I’m an INTP, and i’ve thought the exact same thing, but i wouldn’t block them. Just stop all comunication becauae blocking everyone would draw attention.


Love this 😂


That is really a smart option but I would do it because i would be lazy or would be procrastinating blocking them and i will forget to do it


I'm scared to how similar we all think


I’m an INTP, and i’ve thought the exact same thing, but i wpuldn’t block them. Just stop all comunication becauae blocking everyone would draw attention.


I have an INTP friend who struggles with communication and I would never block them, but it's very hard to talk to them sometimes. Any advice? I would love to hear more about your type. - female INFP


I am literally about to text someone “hey I’ll be taking a break from my phone for a bit…” It’s how I attempt to do a friendly block. Like, we’re still friends but…




I just blocked everyone on FB and Twitter by deleting them and then started a Reddit account. Much more anonymity here.


Reddit is a social media account for you? I just don't go on an account if I don't want to be involved with it. Deleting one and especially announcing it just seems like attention seeking in itself for me.


*I've looked into the reset button. The science is impossible!*


Fuck everything else, megamind references are the way to my heart


Could probably watch that movie every month for a year. Then every two months for a year. Then every three months. And once it got to once a year, I’d go back to monthly and repeat. Same with edge of tomorrow with Emily blunt


Are you telling us there really aren't any respawn points irl?




Amazingly well put. This sums me up.


The worst thing that it's not as easy to do in real life


May I suggest a humble how to titled: How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found by Doug Richman


Thank you


Step 1. Don't publish a book


Doug richman doesn’t sound at all like a pseudonym kek


Depends ! i have done that this year since i moved to university it was quite easy and tbfh my mental health is way better now, i no longer stuffer from acute anxiety and the fear of disappointing others or not reaching their expectations . Now i have barely 3ppl evolved in my life and it's perfect 4 me


I am with you in this instead of blocking that one person or few people I... delete the application, change my IDs, If it was possible to change the address too I would've done that probably all bcs of thinking it's rude and may hurt their feelings and so on so forth... It's exhausting *sigh* I am so secretive about everything and anything then I say all the traumas to someone I just knew then regret and have intense fears and trust issues about all the things that could go wrong and think of finding a new identity to live ( ≧ Д ≦)


Jesus Christ i hate fi


YESSSSSS the overthinking and oversharing and being all over the place \ ( ° o ° ) /


The overthinking makes oversharing seem like a problem when it's really not. It's gonna be an endless cycle if you always decide to run and not face your problems/embarrassments. I have a close friend that did this all the time as well but he's an INTP. Like for years constantly try to make new identities because of the traumas/embarrassments attached his accounts and stuff. But it never fixed anything and it's been a while since he did that again and has gotten a lot better emotionally as a result. What an INFP really needs is more self acceptance because that's the root of these kinds of problems.


Much of that is actually Ne, not Fi.


my response to ALL problems has always been either "gotta get out of the country" OR "i should fake my own death"... and i haven't even done anything extremely criminal


Nothing EXTREMELY criminal but maybe a little bit? (;


Shit this is me rn. Is it really a INFP problem?


I mean I was planning to deactivate my fb and Instagram right before opening Reddit. This is kinda scary.


I already deleted my fb. I have an insta that nobody knows about and I plan on keeping it that way. I've stopped using Snapchat too. I'm planning on moving away and starting over soon 😬


I have a private ig that no one knows as well! But I still keep my personal one because I still care about some of the people and social media is the only way we connect with each other cuz some are from other countries. Idk, haha


Yeah probably


I’m an INTP, and i’ve thought the exact same thing, but i wpuldn’t block them. Just stop all comunication becauae blocking everyone would draw attention.


This. The key is to disappear inconspicuously.


It's an INxx thing from my experience.




Just the problematic ones. Bye Felicia!


Screw you Felicia.


dude i also know someone called felicia 😮do you think they’re the same person 🤭🤔 (jk)


This is so fucking true




Best feeling, but the hard part is building everything again from scratch


Since 2020, I've unfriended about 90% of the people that I went to school with. There's about 5 people left.


Sometimes it needs to be done. If you are surrounded by people who just drain you all the time, aren't willing to accept you as you are, take advantage of you, and so on, best thing is just to say "goodbye". I've done this twice in my life and discovered my mental health has had a significant boost afterwards. And sometimes it is not until you do this that you realise just how much those people were negatively affecting you. I always feel so guilty doing it.


ISTP here. And yep. For a while, I thought my "friends" were helping me become a better person. But over time I realized they were just trying to groom me into becoming a copy of them. Hell naw.


Kinda true, but don't please get swayed by it. I regretted it...


I've been wanting to do this and start my own little homesteadish thing. Which would likely be way too much work. Thus, I would nap. 😴


No. But I don't have abusers iny life. I've always fantasized more about disappearing into the woods and living off of the land. But that's more about rejecting modernity and capitalism than rejecting people.


Or living with your loved ones in an island, like Robinson Crusoe


Worth it tbh.


Why do u always have to read my mind?!! 😭


I did this and lost all my social reputation back in upper school lol


I day dream about moving out of the country with a new identity and talking to no one ever again all the time


I’m an INTP, and i feel the same way.


So true. I'm on my 3rd time doing this. And I'm 28. Haven't regretted it once Have just deleted my 3rd Facebook as well


& I hate to admit it I do it on a regular basis 😬


omg it's meeeeeeee


Did this and it does not always work. Especially when you're in a relationship, making new friends is not as easy. I don't regret it per se but when my partner gets calls on his BDAY from his kindergarten friends he kept in touch with.. idk. Must feel nice. However, as we attract toxic people, and can be toxic ourselves sometimes we must.




oh my god I thought it was just me that did this 😂


I did this and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Closed all my social media and only use anonymous Reddit.


I envy you.


You know how sometimes you just feel like "fuck it, I want to forget about everything"?


Damn, y’all are in my head. I’m trying not to do that though.


Nah. If I feel like someone isn't treating me properly, I will burn a bridge though.


Yesss. Thinking of life as a videogame has its disadvantages 😔


We're dealing with a crazy landlady (racist, transphobic, lost her mind when her nastiness was pointed out by another tenet and she decided to put us in the middle) and while we're looking at apartments, I'm thinking... Well, we could just move to a totally new place. X.x


Omg this is me. Sometimes im lonely but then sometimes im like fuck dealing with other peoples shit


so relatable.. but this is like a double-edged sword. like are u actually helping urself by being selective w/ people n surrounding urself w/ positive relationships? or, is this just a petty thing that we do when we end up being too sensitive and up believing that leaving them was the right choice because of something so trivial?? lmao such a dilemma.


I moved to Alaska. I quit my job of 10 years, and left the only town I ever lived in. Just found out the other day that I’m an INFP, I’ve never learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time. So much makes sense now. Lol


Omg I cant even count how many times I deleted my socials and had dissapeared from everyones lives by isolatinf myself for months


Ironically, I'm 3months into a life reboot so I know how this goes. The desire to reset my life and 'start afresh' is a complication I'm still trying to work around at 36. File this under "sucks to be an INFP"


I've never had this urge.




I think INFJ is much more prone to this than us


I don't think so because they love routine and are committed more (stereotype)


They also feel more responsible about others feelings than us, as such getting overwhelmed by them more (stereotype)


Hmm maybe you have a point


I’m an INTP, and i’ve thought the exact same thing, but i wpuldn’t block them. Just stop all comunication becauae blocking everyone would draw attention.


Lmfaooooo as an infj, you should see how many people I've cut off.


How dare you call me out like this! Nooooooo 😆🙈




Oh I did this about 90% of the way. Ditched FB, kept the people closest to me, and prioritized my own growth and mental health. It helped me so much with my anxiety and depression at the time.


I'm seriously trying to do that. How do you make new friends though? I'm in that stage of life where engaging in social relationships becomes a little awkward (and I've never been great at making friends, which obviously doesn't help). EDIT: spelling, grammar, everything really lmao


In social media? Reply to there stories In real life? Idk really all my friendships are from school/work/church/crying sessions or any other place were you go and meet the same people everyday Or maybe in a bar if movies are realistic


Not in any of those places atm, might consider joining one. Especially the crying sessions, they sound interesting. I'm bad at contacting people and striking conversations though, it takes a lot of energy out of me. But I gotta do that, that's how it works dammit. Or I could just move to Peru and start an alpaca farm. That would be one hell of a life.


Peru one is too perfect You know you can always do like the narrator in fight club and go yo crying sessions and cancer crying sessions and fight clubs (the gym if it was in this universe)


I didn’t use social media for the better part of the last decade and for several years didn’t have a smart phone. I was extremely happy. Currently working back up to doing that again. I do better when fake internet stuff doesn’t have any affect on my world.


No because I have actually done this...


We really can be savage when we want to be 😂


I did this and it was great. Deleted my Facebook and made a new one. Added only my family and friends that I had seen in the past week. It's great! It also keeps me from being tormented by my past regrets. Not everything is meant to be remembered, and we of all people have a habit on dwelling on what could have been. Don't torture yourself with an archive of everything you've done since you were a kid (not to mention the messages between you and exes).


One day I'll do a 100% start over. No half-assing like before. Just moving to a new country where no one knows me and build a life for myself QwQ


When I turned 18 a lot of the people I knew stopped talking to me and I just left the rest behind… it was a rough reset, but in some ways nice. I get the urge to do it again sometimes lol but i never could, starting from nothing is really hard


Me currently trying to move to a foreign country so I can do just that...


This subreddit is just awesome 😂😂


I always want to start over.


Oof this is a very common thought for me


https://ibb.co/r5f9QTv :(




I'm too lazy to block them. Idk


I don't see anything wrong with it.


It feels bad to leave all your friends and loved ones, you may mean to them more than you think


>In a magically realistic version of Toronto, a young man must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes one by one in order to win her heart. [Scott Pilgrim vs. the World](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446029/?thmazing) Hey OP I've seen this story somewhere before...


I love this movie


I’m an INTP, and i’ve thought the exact same thing, but i wpuldn’t block them. Just stop all comunication becauae blocking everyone would draw attention.


This is me in Overwatch… and snapchat… and discord… and Reddit… and WhatsApp… Well… fuck me.


The cycle continues. I'm literally feeling this now. I wonder what causes it




as an infp this is something too accurate💀


Perhaps it could be the lost sense of control?






Done this thrice now. Blocked almost everyone from school and 2 colleges. (still have two friends from school)


Ugh I feel thisss ><


Omg!!!! I feel so seen.


I think about joining the witness protection program (not that I’ve been witness to anything) or moving to the moon (not that I’m an astronaut) pretty often 🥸




I’m gonna be the odd one out and say I could never! I have very few online friends, but those few are super close and really important to me. I guess since I have a significant following on social media I tend to not really interact with many people on a semi-friend level, it’s just the close friends and the rest I’m kind of a step back from, like very superficial responding to comments kind of thing.


Why this happens, any explanation? I always think about it but never do…


The real question is: how many times should I do this in just one lifetime?


I just deleted my fb profile that was full of classmates I feel so happy, I feel good being unreachable for the moment and now understand why my ENFP friend from highschool decided to do that as well years ago


The thought to move across the country to CA with no plan or reason has popped in my head a couple times a week the last few weeks


haven't ever thought this, maybe my i love my family too much


I've done this like two-three times in my life. It's weird but kind of fun. The first day is the worst, you just feel kinda lonely but getting to know a bunch of new people feels great. You start to filter in the old group, like trickle them in, the ones that you really liked after a while.


The fact that I’ve been feeling this way recently and stumbled upon this post. Imma take this as a sign 👀


Litrally me but i only know like 2 people


Did this recently


I am contemplating to move at the moment. I've moved out years ago and then back into my hometown. Worst. Mistake. Ever.


I’ve gone as far as applying for housing and buying plane tickets across the country. Sometimes I wish I had followed through on it. I need to disappear, like yesterday.


Lmfaoooo 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅




as an infp I really hate when other people do this


I’m be definitely realized that I no longer want social media. Especially when people from work started adding me. Like I need space separate work and home. Deleted Facebook months ago. Instagram is the only thing I have but luckily it’s dead so I have nothing to worry about. I already barely use snapchat so no worries with that.


I’m attached to and love the small group of friends I have too much


Would love to do this but I would get so lonely and wprry that I would never make new friends and be forced to spend my new life alone with no love


i actually did it. well i didn’t block everyone i just didn’t respond and stopped posting on social media. hehe i’m spiraling now


Goddamnit why are we like this 😫




God damn. I don’t relate to a lot of things in this sub but this really hits home lol.


Yes...the answer is yes


ok but lowkey doing this has been the best thing ever for my life


Doing this.


With the exception of my love and like two others, I've had this thought repeatedly!


I lost count of how many times I've done this...


This has been a thought in my mind all week.


Sadly me too


I was just thinking this exact thing before reading this.. this is eerie


Hahaha. Should I just change my name move countries and disappear from this life more like 😂