I mean tho...all those sunset/pretty-things pics kind of aren't discussions either and most people seem to get along with that just fine


Very true that there are a meme-worthy amount of sky pictures posted here that provide not too much meat in the threads, but for me these selfies are like being jaunted directly into windows of someone's soul...it's intimate and personal even for a few moments. (That's too much for me!) The sky is different. I like how OP put it, please keep it to private messaging! <3


The mods made a post about it yesterday, but people keep doing it.


Thats Fi for ya.




It’s always funny because once one person posts one all the newer members start posting too and the people who missed out on the previous threads. I don’t mind one every once in a while but the ones where people are fishing for compliments “I know I’m ugly” are so corny.


agreed (;


I don't mind the selfies. i love that self conscious people feel safe enough to post selfies here. They're not doing it all day everyday so chill and let them feel pretty for a moment sheesh.


We should have a separate sub for posting selfies specifically


Yep. I deleted mine


Yeah just report them so the mods can remove their post, they made it so it can only be posted on Selfie Sunday.




I'm just mad bc It flagged post of my cat (Leonard Cohen) in all his fluffy gorgeousness. So reddit thinks I'm a cat? Am I a cat? Also, post that started this very INFP


Like why would I want to see your face if I could read your written word?


Exactly, its turned from an external-content related space to another FB or IG, where the content is a (very) thinly veiled attempt to garner social validation. You can post selfies to your profile! Or on Sunday! Thats like, ~14% of the week!


Let me tell you something, you aren't the only one. In this life you shouldn't feel entitled to anything. People will always do what they want, you are just sending words to the void. Is not all about you brother.


Happens every year lmao