Depression doesn’t mean you want to kill yourself. It can have that result for some people, but even then it’s more common for people with severe depression to phrase it more that they don’t want to be alive anymore - which is very different from wanting to die. I’m not saying you’re depressed, but feeling low without cause - to the point that it stops you from doing the things you used to do, especially the things you used to enjoy, is a classic sign that your brain chemistry is screwing you over. It couldn’t hurt to have a conversation with a professional just in case, you know? You might find that this doesn’t have to be your reality.


I usually get wave of sadness when I am in stressful situations/ when I am not enjoying some stuff. ​ It sucks to feel it but I try to make myself feel happier


I don't usually feel sad, but I often have a constant feeling of like butterflies in my stomach, even when I'm not doing anything, and I have difficulty relaxing, I honestly have no idea how to fix it, and just kind of live with it. I'd say with your situation I'd see a psychologist or just try forcing all the sadness out at once by watching/reading a sad story or something.


We need to find good outlets. I am going to look for a new job, where I can get equipped with new skills - and I also want to take up an artistic hobby, whether that be painting, 2D art, or playing a musical instrument. Also exercise is good way to get a flow of good natural chemicals. Love is such a great thing, but unfortunately way too difficult to find. It's just so hard to find things that satisfy the needs of my soul.




Not sad but empty more likely.


As an INFP I feel this alot.