*Yoshimi* in full is wicked cool


For real. I want to see the Flaming Lips with the full on, wacky stage show though. UFOs at the Zoo style.


I just saw them last month and while still cool, I feel like they've toned down the theatrics a bit.


Yeah, probably missed my shot. I saw them at Pemberton in like 2009, but it was a side stage with maybe 2000 people in the middle of the day. Glad I saw them, but not ideal.


It was still awesome and had some crazy props and stuff, but it seems like maybe they've lowered the production budget a bit. It also wasn't as full as their shows that I've been to in the past. I'm sure the current logistical issues of touring had a lot to do with it.


I can see that. UFOs was their hometown show and there was a concert movie, I get it. I’m just jelly that people got to experience it.


That was a standout for me too.


I’ve seen the Flaming Lips maybe 10 times, and never again. It just makes me sad. They used to have such chemistry on stage, and you could feel how much they loved playing together. No more. It’s just a needy Wayne Coyne show with no joy in it and no one in the band seems to be enjoying themselves. Really glad I got to see them at their peak, and—if you didn’t—don’t bother now.


I just saw them a few months ago, and they were pretty incredible. Tons of energy and they sounded fantastic.


Really glad you had that experience!


Nobody listen to this person, Flaming Lips are one of the best live bands you can see. GO SEE THEM. I saw them for the third time a couple months ago and the setlist was spectacular. I left, as always, feeling excited, uplifted, and satisfied. Sure Wayne likes to chat during the set, but to say a Flaming Lips set is "joyless" and to tell people not to see them is ludacris and doing a massive disservice to music fans.


When would you say was their “peak”? Obviously there’s the “UFO show” era in like ‘06-‘07 and I had friends who saw them as early as ‘09 and had a BLAST. I think I heard some mediocre reviews of their live show in like 2017-ish?


I think you have that about right, but I would just put a begin-the-decline date on the vitality of their live performances around 2011. I honestly love their new album. I just don’t want to see them live anymore.


Good to know! Always curious how various groups’ live shows evolve w/time


Bonnaroo 07 was incredible.


This is accurate and how I would describe my experiences.


After Wayne kicked Kliph out of the band it was never the same for me. Still saw a couple good shows after that but I’m not the fan I once was.




Very 10 year anniversary lineup


When We Were Young for the indie kids.


When You Were Young (the killers) is perfect


When You're Still Young


Tell that to my back and my hangovers


When we were slightly less young and replaced myspace with weed


Me, drinking a warm $15 bud light, thinking about the Obama presidency


Grouplove is like the most Obama era band I know of. I say that as a fan of them.


last year i was driving my dog to the asbury park dog beach listening to Tongue Tied & i said “it would have been so dope to hear them live 8 years ago” pulled up & it just so happened to be the Sea.Hear.Now. festival — Grouplove was on stage just absolutely ripping tongue tied lmao


Saw them at Bonnaroo 8 years ago. Wildest crowd of the entire weekend. Performance was great too


that makes me so happy, seems like the perfect time & setting to have gotten to see them


I was there! It was such an awesome afternoon. I believe we watched slightly stupid on the same stage after. 2014 was the best roo ever lineup wise imo


Idk about anyone else but the vibe was just different back then. Shit just feels so dark and tense these days. Maybe it’s because that’s when I graduated high school


There really was some sort of sweet spot where recovery from the recession met peak “indie” rock in the late oughts/early 20-teens… Maybe it’s cause I graduated high school and started college, but maybe it was something else too?


Social networks had yet to fully transition to social media, we were getting the benefits of connection and easy discovery of indie music that didn’t require obsessively checking blogs or reading magazines, we’d fully embraced technology without being consumed by it, for the first time we had easy access to lots of information to form considered views on lots of things without being expected to have an (/the correct) opinion on everything, and as a result we were less cynical. I know there was a huge recession in the middle of it and that sucked for a lot of people, but for me 2005-2011 was a great time


I feel the exact same way and glad my music festival attendance peaked during that time period.


Went to major festivals every year from 2011-2017, but was always lusting after those lineups from afar in ‘08-‘10


2011-17 lineups were also great (especially '11-'15ish), but we didn't realize how good we had it at the time.


100%. It was very nostalgic era for me and I remember it warmly. I was out of college in 2008 and we had our first kid in 2014, so those years in between were so awesome. I had my first salaried full-time job, The Office and the Daily Show were on TV, twitter was still new and fun, smartphones were still a novelty and we got amped about the latest generation, we were excited to find a cool Groupon for a brewery tour, and of course the indie scene was just fucking fun. R.I.P. 2008-2014.


But honestly, this is a nice low key festival if you were thinking about going. Not an amazing lineup, but at least there most likely won't be much conflict in scheduling.


Yeah, I think about this a lot and I agree. There was a feeling of optimism in the air. You could feel it in the culture too - not just the music but also TV, movies, etc.. I was also finishing up HS around that time and all the indie-pop that was huge at the time (TDCC, Phoenix, Passion Pit, Grouplove, etc.) soundtracked that feeling so well. I'm sure a lot of that was just youthful naivete (and rose-tinted glasses, in retrospect) but things did feel different. They took a very blatant turn for the worse around 2016, and then COVID was just an extra nail in the coffin.


The Lips are doing Yoshimi? That's fucking awesome.






They’re so fucking loud and it’s great live.


Saw them open up for Modest Mouse and they blew the roof off the place, just to be followed up by the worst set I've *ever* seen MM play, and that's saying something. They were having band meetings between every song, presumably about why they sounded so terrible.


Does MM have a history of being on/off? Really enjoy their recorded music and friends have enjoyed seeing them live. Went to see them live in my town one night. Stayed for 15 minutes and then...just walked out. Sounded like they were out of tune or something, in the worst way possible. And I've sat through a bunch of meh shows enjoying the beer and company.


Yeah, you honestly never know what you're going to get. Things were worse when Isaac was going hard on the substances. They can be really good when they're firing on all cylinders though.


Good to know, thanks! So, give them another chance but don't pay too much for the ticket...


It’s a very small sample size but they have been much better the last year or so. I saw them at ACL and on their tour.


Yes. I've been to 3 modest mouse shows, all terrible. Big fan of their recorded music, so I had high hopes each time. But man, such a letdown every time. He's shitfaced drunk every time, doesn't remember lyrics, and they play the most random deep cuts that annoy people like me who want to hear the many hits across their discography. I mean, I like when bands play rare deep cuts as much as the next indiehead, but it seems like they scoff at playing their more popular songs. They play what they want to play and screw the fans that paid and waited years to see them adm what they want to hear.


I still love Modest Mouse, but I saw them in like 2000 and it was one of the shittiest and sloppiest shows I'd ever been to. Shame that may not be an uncommon experience, at least back in the day.


First thing I thought too! Hope we get more shows than this fest and the NYC reunion!!


Holy shit! Be Your Own Pet?!


Thank you!!! That’s the one that stood out to me the most!!


Definitely a blast from the past. I had no idea they were even back/still together.


Same! Saw them at Bonnaroo in…2006 maybe? They played both of their albums, but still had like 20 minutes left of their slot. They were just like, “what do you want us to do? We’re out of music!”


Sounds believable! I ended up seeing them three times: at Reading festival in '05 (they were playing the smallest stage in the middle of the afternoon, just before the Arctic Monkeys), later that year supporting The Kills in Glasgow, and then on their first album your in '06 or '07. They always had this crazy energy, and it's cool to hear they're playing together again. It sounds like they had [a tough time of it](https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/mar/18/be-your-own-pet-return-diy-punk-jemina-pearl) back in the day. Not sure I can cross the Atlantic to see them this time though...


They opened for Jack White in Atlanta at the Tabernacle the night before Shaky 2022


Can confirm and they put on a hell of a show!


Had no idea they’d been playing again. That’s awesome!


They came out of retirement to open up for Jack White on his last tour, was a pleasant surprise as I had heard of them and first exposure to their music was at the show and they blew my mind with how great they were. I’m in NJ but definitely considering going to this fest and a big part of that decision is for them!


Digable Planets, there's a name I haven't heard in a long long time


heyy butterfly 🦋


Nickle bag of funk


Gaslight Anthem! Hell yessss


They’re really really not good live, sorry to say


That is not my experience but admittedly have not seen them in an outdoors or festival environment.


Not my experience either. Although I didn't get a chance to see them on their reunion tour this year, so I dunno how they are now.


Saw them a few weeks ago and they still slay.


They've been great on the reunion tour! Lots of energy and banter


That’s where I saw them. If you think Brian spending close to half the set time going on (possibly drunken) excruciatingly long anecdotes while the band shuffles around awkwardly was great idk what to tell you. I enjoyed the 59 Sound songs but I was losing my mind standing around listening to their other lacklustre material and Brian’s painful solo comedy show


It sounds like you just don’t like them. There are plenty of incredible songs on American Slang and Handwritten.


I've only seen them once, and it was way back when American Slang came out, so 2010 I guess, but they were really good at that show.


Phantogram that high in 2023 is wild.


True, though FWIW they're excellent live and I like that this probably means at least some of their set will be after dark, as it should be.


Honestly they might be what would make attending worth it for me. A lot of the other folks on here are great from a nostalgia standpoint but Phantogram has never left my music rotation.


Lineup has a lot of bands that I like, but not many that I would travel cross country to see. Decent lineup though.


I’m with ya. I think the best festivals are the ones where I like, but don’t love, the lineup. Less pressure to camp out or get up front. You can kind of play it by ear. This lineup fits the bill, but not sure I’ll drive for it.


Not their **best** lineup ever, but still worth the price of admission for me (also I live like 15 min away). The Walkmen! Peaches! Flaming Lips doing Yoshimi! Pond! The Mars Volta! Some stuff this might be my only chance to see in the near future, too. Seeing the Killers and Muse headline should be cool, too, just for the spectacles and singalongs. Good to see Live taking up the annual Shaky Knees "Wait, what?" slot. Last year's slot when to Phantom Planet, who were pretty solid.


I love Live and this will be my third SK, and I was like "they're playing Sunday???" Sunday always seems like the chill and vibe day to me. Still. I'll be as close as possible. Secret Samadhi was my fucking jam in '97, and I have zero shame in admitting that.


yeah it's definitely not the best shaky lineup but it's the best festival lineup for a festival that I can take MARTA to


Copeland is not a band I thought I'd see on here, and they're playing their more guitar heavy album? Absolutely wild.


I did a double take on Copeland. Beneath the medicine tree is such a great album too!


My mouth dropped open when I saw that name. There's plenty for me to love on this lineup, but the surprises for me were Copeland, Cypress Hill, and Live. Live is an oddball one on there... I didn't even know they were still around. lol.


Wakes up \*rubs eyes\* oh shit it's 2010 again! Would you go back and do it all again if you could keep all of your memories and skills, hmmm....


Anyone else excited to see Babe Rainbow and Puma Blue?? Puma Blue is amazing


I would totally kill to see The Black Angels again this year.


how did you like their new record? didn't seem very Black Angels-y to me


I had mixed feelings about it. However, I got to see them in Boston (with the Vacant Lots) and it was an awesome show.


I'm excited as shit for the Killers.


Just saw them here in Atlanta actually. Amazing show. High energy from open to close. Can’t wait to see them again.


The Killers remain the best band I’ve seen live. They just bring that Las Vegas energy everywhere they go and Brandon Flowers is one of the best frontmen around. Only other person I’ve seen have the crowd in the palm of their hand like that is Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong.


Saw them back in '05 after Hot Fuss came out and they were...not great. You could tell the attention was just too big for them and they gave it a solid shot but needed some time to adjust to their new-found fame. Caught them again in '07 after Sam's Town and they were like a different band, Brandon absolutely owned the crowd and it was a helluva time. I'd love to seem again all these years later.


Same for me in Phoenix. No one in the stadium sat down or stopped singing along for the whole show. Can't imagine how they do that every night. Have a dream to see what they are like playing Vegas now!


this thread has a shameful lack of hype for Digable Planets playing Reachin in full. masterpiece of an album! Is this the fest that had issues with the guy suing so he could bring his gun into the public park? have they resolved the issue, figured out how to address it, moved locations or anything?


This is not the fest - that was another one (Midtown Music maybe?) that shut down a few weeks from their date bc that crazy gun guy won his case. Seems like most fests now are actively stating no firearms, and since they're private events even if on public land, they are able to make such rules. ETA: Shaky Knees has been held at Central Park in Atlanta for 7-8 years. They are holding 2023 at the same place.


Actually a pretty cool line up, but I'm also in my mid 30s lol, so it might not be as cool to some of y'all. Cypress Hill performing Black Sunday is pretty cool. Hopefully they take that show on the road. I need to catch Gaslight Anthem before they break up again lol, so hopefully they hit up some more festivals this season.


I’m just barely a millennial (on the young side) and this def feels tailored to me lol


Would love to see cypress hill performing Black Sunday again. Saw them back in 98 doing a set with a lot of Black Sunday tracks and it was a great live performance.


I saw Cypress Hill at 420 Fest in Atlanta and they were surprisingly really fun live. One of the better shows that day. Ludacris and Snoop were awful, both piping in vocals through the speakers just made it feel like a choreographed pop show.


Praying for a FJM after show


Don't threaten me with a good time!




Saw them twice here in Orlando and had some brews with them!


I fucking love that new Surf Curse record Magic Hour. I only found about this band from people posting festival playbills here. Good shit!


Randomly went in blind to the Surf Curse set at Primavera LA this year to kill time between other stuff. They blew my mind! What a great live band, can't wait to catch them again.


I don't understand the appeal of Greta Van Fleet. That's all.


The appeal is they sound like Led Zeppelin and are young and capable of giving good performances. pretty easy appeal.


Their 'appeal' is that they sound like a knockoff, shitty version of Led Zeppelin, but worse at instrumentation and singing, without acknowledging they are just copying their entire style, and making it much worse?


I think they're alright, they got some fun hits. Zeppelin was so long ago that it doesn't hurt to have someone making similar music.


as is your opinion. i personally don’t care for em but i get why other people like it


King Gizzard's appeal is that they sound like a knockoff too. Although they switch up their style a bit (less than people act like though) and knock off different artists instead of one, they also just churn out derivative drivel that people eat up because it's comfy 70s based music


So I'm guessing you've heard a grand total of... 3 King Gizz songs? 😅 "Derivative drivel" is the most hilarious and pompous description of music I've heard in this sub. I imagine you alone in a cigar lounge listening to Bach while smelling your own farts.


>alone in a cigar lounge listening to Bach while smelling your own farts Title of next month's King Gizz album?


Do you enjoy Zeppelin but your parents won't let you listen to the local classic rock radio station? Then boy do I have a band for you!


Haha oh man thats a great description and in gonna use it from now on.


Look at a picture of them, and then try to imagine the kind of fanbase that they would attract, and I guarantee that you won’t be far off.


You mean Special Ed Zeppelin?


Absolutely dogshit band and I will judge everyone silently irl who enjoys them


It’s nostalgia for the old folks, and “I was born in the wrong generation” for the kids.


One of the worst performances I have seen in my 30 years of shows was them at Bourbon and Beyond this year. The lead singer looked dead behind the eyes and like he would rather be pulling his own pubes out with tweezers than performing.


Yeah, I feel like I'm crazy when I hear people talking about how good they are. I worked with someone who had their cover of the Sam Cooke song A Change is Gonna Come in a playlist, and they had no idea who Sam Cooke was. Their music obnoxious. Led Zeppelin were good because they were actual rockstars, not little kids pretending to be. I think I just hate that kind of music though.


loved their first album (which wasn’t really an album, it was a collection of their first two EPs) and I thought to myself “wow, these dudes rock! I love their take on being a modern Zeppelin!” then they just kept copying Led Zeppelin and now I think they’re one of the trashiest bands in existence. it’s one thing to be inspired by a band, but to just blatantly rip off a band’s style is so gross, right down to the way they dress. boomers love ‘em for that reason though so they keep getting plays. my dad sometimes asks me to “play that one band that sounds like Led Zeppelin” to which I say “no” and just hit the Led Zeppelin essentials playlist on Apple Music because I’d rather have the real deal.


I'm convinced Frankenmuth, MI is single-handedly keeping their hype train alive.


Looks OK - I think the days are ordered best to worst (not that there aren't ppl I'd want to see on the last day like Walkmen) but yeah. Seems like an OK lineup. The 2015 fest was so amazing I dunno how they'll ever compete.


2015 was really special, but I haven't hated the lineups since. It's a major rock festival that hasn't a) gone gradually more pop/radio with lineups, and b) isn't a rebaked Warped Tour knockoff or butt-rock fest.


The Lumineers are headlining lol I’d definitely call that more pop/radio


They were the headliner the first year of the festival. I think it's more of a nostalgia/anniversary pick than anything (at least that's the only explanation I have for The Lumineers headlining a festival in 2023).


Also The Foo Fighters and Green Day just headlined two years back to back and they are the very definition of pop radio. And no one complained.


Yeah they’ve been hyping this 10 year anniversary to be something big only for this to be the lineup. Not bad by any means but out of all the last 6 years I’ve gone, this lineup has me the least stoked. But I’m still buying a ticket lol. I’m not passing on Babe Rainbow


Wow, i'm definitely in the other camp. Worst to best for me.


Flaming lips put on an incredible show.


I agree and have seen them a bunch over the years, and while it is an incredible show, its mostly been the same show every time for well over a decade now. I'm glad that they're touring Yoshimi again to break it up a bit!


I feel like most of the actual indie bands are on Sunday lol


Just hoping based on this FJM will make a Jazz Fest stop and Pond might actually tour the south.


He absolutely will stop at Jazz Fest. He lives in Nola lol. But ugh Jazz Fest is far too crowded and has too much going on. Plus nobody wants to park at City Park and take a shuttle lol


Didn't realise that Be Your Own Pet were back together - such a fun lil' band!


Idk what you guys are smoking this is an insane indie lineup. My boys tfb getting the credit they deserve up there


How tf are fjm and flaming lips second billing!


Yeah and lumineers headlining over the lips? Obscene.


I hope y'all are checking out Arlie, they are fantastic


One of my favorite new finds. So fucking good


Now THAT is an indie rock festival lineup that makes me want to travel Edit: lol who down votes a simple opinion like this? A lot of these bands were playing on repeat on my iPod when I was in college. Sorry if we're not all 20 years old. There are even contemporary acts like Soccer Mommy, illuminati hotties and Daisy the Great, though I do wish there were more newer artists.


I am *baffled* by the ill will this lineup is getting on the Shaky sub and on Instagram (but less so baffled since that's generally a clown show no matter what is being discussed). Yeah The Lumineers are a less than thrilling closer. They were the first Shaky headliner ever, I'm sure this is a nod to that history, plus I'll just say it, The Lumineers are kinda good. I'm not gonna wait all day for the rail for them, but I'll vibe with The Lumineers, sure. The rest of the undercard is *so good*. Every day is stacked and well balanced, some new, some old, some good pits, some good psych vibes, bands I honestly thought I might never see like The Walkmen (like....what??) and Yeah Yeah Yeah's, (EDIT: And Be Your Own Pet?? C'mon!) Plus The Flaming Lips playing Yoshimi is going to be an all time great Shaky Knees experience. My group has been giddy with excitement over this lineup all day, already got our hotels booked, cannot wait!


The Walkmen are the only band I probably wouldn't travel for but only because they are playing 4 or 5 headlining shows in NYC in April. Love the love this post is giving them.


Saw the lineup and immediately booked a place. Thankfully only have to jockey for one ticket Friday (husband and I have tattoos, so we're in for life!). See ya in May! 😎


Are they going to have to allow guns? Music midtown was canceled last year because the state said they couldn’t ban guns. Will the same apply here?


Ok so me freshman year of high school goootttt it


I went in 2017 and the lineup was great. This lineup…..eh…..


Sunday looks like the best. Just wish one of the other headliners was on that day. Shows how out of touch I am that I think it's funny The Lumineers are headlining.


Crazy how Pond is just hidden in the undercard on day 3


right? I’m surprised they haven’t gotten more popular and they are killer live


Looks like someone whose music taste peaked in 2006 posted their instafest




As someone in his mid-30s... yeah. Exactly.


If it was 2006 I would have been fucking STOKED to see the Mara Volta and Muse on the same day. But it is not 2006…


The Mars Volta makes for an easy choice. They fucking crushed on their tour they just wrapped up. New album is very different in a good way


Pretty weak




It’s what you make of it… there was never gonna be a (realistic) line up that everyone would go “Hell yeah!”. Can’t please all of the people all of the time… but you can please some of the people some of the time… (I didn’t make that up…) LOL


challenge all of you to go and try to spot someone at this fest who is under 35 and not a dad


slamming my head into a wall cause I can’t go




Pretty solid on the whole but unlikely I'll make the trek. That said, shaky knees is probably the best fest I've attended.


Wait wait wait Be Your Own Pet is back together?! I was really into them back in the day, I hope they release new music.


Holy shit was not expecting Babe Rainbow I fucking love them


Mars Volta… sign me up


Beach weather ❤️


Dude I’ve been following Joey Valence and Brae since they started out and now they’re playing a festival? That’s awesome!!




This festival looks like so much fun


It’s not bad, but literally the worst one yet. Some of the old lineups were absolutely insane.


Fine. Just feels dated.


Such a bummer for a festival that usually knocks it out of the park.


The Flaming Lips should be closing the festival out. So much better than the Lumineers and Hozier


Hard pass.


I live like 15 mins away and i don’t think I’m gonna bother


The most mid music festival lineup ever assembled


pretty weak lineup imo, friday looks the best


Yikes. No offense to anyone excited but damn, I looked at shaky knees as sort of a holdout in a festival landscape turned shit. But that's over by the looks of it.


I go to this festival every year, and have since 2017. I think this may be the first year that I give it a pass. Kind of sad to see it turn into another millennial nostalgia circle jerk. What I wouldn’t give to have something like Pitchfork Festival here in the southeast.


Dont you worry. There will be a Gen Z nostalgia circle jerk festival in due time.


Funny thing is I’m not even a Zoomer. I’m a millennial who’s tried to keep cultivating and evolving my tastes out of an irrational fear of becoming an old man who thinks everything new automatically sucks, which has kinda led me to this place where I actively dislike a lot of the acts on this lineup.


it can’t get here soon enough.


2013 called….


The Lumineers are still a thing?




Has Hozier done something recently that I missed to get that level of billing? Sure, "Take me to church" was a massive hit...in 2014. Anything else before or since? Father John Misty has more songs I'd be interested in hearing.


His 2019 album Wasteland, Baby! was great for fans of the first album.


Billing on most festival line-ups is frequently based on Spotify popularity. For example, Hozier's 2nd most popular song on Spotify is "Like Real People Do," which has \~295 million streams. Father John Misty's most popular song ("Real Love Baby") has \~150 million streams, and his second most popular song ("Nancy From Now On") is at \~62.5 million. With that said, the Flaming Lips and Future Islands should be swapped.


I'd put the Flaming Lips over Lumineers..but when you set the lineup based on plays, I get it.


Is this gonna get cancelled at the last minute because some Gravy Seal cries he can't bring his AR-15?




Why the fuck is Live on here?


I mean why not? If there’s no conflict in the schedule I’d check them out.


They always sounded like the stereotypical 90's band in my opinion. Definitely out of place on this roster.


This lineup….. kind of……. sucks…


Muse ruined it for me