As much as I'd like to suggest the MT-15, I don't think it justifies the price tag it comes at. Just my opinion.


Plus not really a practical bike maybe? I myself was thinking about it but the price tag and the "pillion seat" makes it just a fancy bike. I realised in the long run having a good pillion seat is necessary, you can't always ride alone.


Get the new apache 200 better bang for buck.


I'm in the same boat as you. But I'm going to prefer apache rtr 200 4v bs6 because it's feature rich and pillion comfort is great which makes it value for money.


But I am falling for that look of mt15 🥲 any idea when the next upgrade will come for mt15? And the approx increase in price?


Well new model will come around this December or January 2022. Pillion seat is not going to change though. New features will be added like dual channel abs, traction control etc & it's price on road will be around 1.90 lakh (approx). The thing is that in my case, I will be riding pillion most of the time, sometime friends or my mom & that's why I'm going for Apache RTR 200 4V. Don't get me wrong, I totally loved MT 15 but seems it's not for me.


If pillion comfort is important for you, then MT-15 would not be a good option, it might be okay for short 10-15km rides maybe depending on the pillion. See it this way if you have two options to choose from and imagine riding one and seeing the other one pass by, if you feel the regret for not choosing the one passing by than that might be the one you want. Ultimately taking a test ride on your options back to back would definitely give you some clarity, and try to take the test ride for as long as you can get a clarity on how it feels. If you take a short ride in hurry then you might need to go for another spin later, wasting your time. The mt might be less powered than rtr 200 and others in its price segment but the mileage is also better than those options, mt is overpriced because of the technology went into designing the engine and other stuff like liquid cooling etc. But it could have gotten certain features such as dual channel abs, these issues would be ironed out in its next update but that might take a month or 2 at bare minimum, and the price would go up by 10-15k. Even after the update the engine would be mostly same, I would suggest you to take a test ride of all the options you have currently so that you can get a clear idea on which suits your needs and taste.


Thank you so much for that detailed view. I will definitely keep that in mind.


Glad to be of help.


MT-15 on road price is morethan 1.8L in any state.


It's price is starting from 1.66L on road in hyderabad though.


Please contact some Yamaha showrooms. Always add around 10,000 from the onroad price shown in some websites. It is 1.72L for std, 1.73 for special, 1.76 for monster edition.


You are correct, prices shown in websites aren't always true, the ex showroom price increased by almost 6k and the website did not update it, I guess depends on the website and its competence to update frequently. Still it is under 1.8L :P


Bought this bike in Jan 2021and I love it. However, before buying this bike I was also sceptical about the price, features and vfm factor, but one test ride changed it all. I'm 5,8 and it's kinda perfect for me. Rides- Have done short 250ish km rides on it, with cruising speeds of 100-105 km/h without any issues. Power- Has good low end, mid range torque and is a joy to ride in traffic. Have clocked 131 on my bike and I believe it can go a little higher. Pillion comfort- Okay for short rides 10-15 kms. Build quality- Average. Some parts feel cheap. Mileage- Getting an average in between 49-51 km/l. The next update of Mt-15 is gonna get usd forks, so it'll definitely bump the on road price by 6-8k. I mean, I get really excited about riding my Mt, it has a sweet humm at higher speeds and I love riding it. My personal opinion is, get the bike which makes you smile every time you open the throttle. Whichever bike you buy, Ride Safe..🙂


No pillion comfort.


I've sat as a pillion, it's comfortable unless the person is very obese. Great bike but it has rusting issues sub 3 months old.


Go for a dual channel abs safety bike in that budget instead