These ads deter me from even looking at their name; I just scroll away faster from them, even if I want to donate why would I?


^ My followers when i post my face in insta 🫥




Suffered through the same. It's so fucked up really.


Did you see the one that I'm talking about?


Yes, couldn't read the actual news article coz of that.


Oh yes, same.


You guys are talking about "Ketto". They're assholes and a big nuisance.


I think I have seen the ad you are talking about. And you are right, it is indeed extremely disturbing. Not sure what can be done about it.


After a certain amount of that, I just blocked all those sites on Google ads or something. You have the ability to block certain ads/advertisers on Google iirc and since most of the ads we see on other sites are from Google anyway, it worked. Never saw those again.


Are you talking about Ketto?


Not exactly sure. Could be, since most I see are from Ketto


I just saw one from Ketto while scrolling through Instagram. It had video of a lady who had burnt face and one of her eyeballs were literally popping out. I can't unsee it now and reported that ad right away.


Yes. That's the one. Saw it 3 days ago. Extremely problematic way of advertising.


Oh damn dont remind me of that


I just saw that same exact one. Absolutely chilling. I’ve never heard of Ketto before today. Her face is imprinted in my mind man


i'm seeing these ketto ads everywhere.


They are able to spend so much on advertisement. Wonder how much percentage of donations actually reaches needy people


Yes it's definitely Ketto.


While booting up videos on YT to watch during lunch, I get impactguru and ketto ads. The wailing and imagery often seem to have an impact on my appetite


Advertisements are for getting attention. They also ~~generate~~ trigger emotion. The effective they are, the more more people will do something about it. You here created this post. Someone may cry, donate, share, use the product, etc That's how business works.


That is how begging racket work too. Who knows if they burned that poor kid like in slumdog millionnaire. Ketto is just upgraded digital begging mafia. disgusting pests.


>Ketto is just upgraded digital begging mafia. disgusting pests. Fully agree. As a policy I NEVER donate to any Ketto requests. I cannot stand the poverty porn those buggers dish as YouTube ads!


Not to be annoying or anything.. You misspelt racket.


hey thanks didn't even know i was wrong lol


I used to believe that I owe the site the courtesy of viewing their ads, because they are giving me content for free. That changed after those fucked up Ketto ads, and I now have ublock origin installed.


Is that ublock origin free?


Yes. Its a browser plugin.




Reporting doesn't block the ad. You have to block it separately. From Google Support - >**On Google** > >To block an ad on Google service, like Search and YouTube: > >On the ad, select More. > >Select Block ad . > >**On sites and apps that partner with Google** > >To stop seeing an ad on sites and apps that partner with Google: > >On the ad, select Close. > >Select Stop seeing this ad. > >**Report an ad** > >Keeping ads safe for users is a top priority for Google, but sometimes bad ones fall through the cracks. If you see an ad that you think violates Google’s ad policies, you can report it. > >**Reporting an ad does not block that ad. Learn more about how to block an ad.** [https://support.google.com/My-Ad-Center-Help/answer/12155764?hl=en](https://support.google.com/My-Ad-Center-Help/answer/12155764?hl=en)




Mfs be spending lakhs on advertising asking OTHERS to donate money so they can run even more ads🤡. We live in a society. And shame on you those who willingly donate money to these scams. Yes I'm talking specifically about _you_ it's because of _you_ I have to wake up and see a disgusting picture of a burn victim so that some scummy sweaty scammer can eat one more pizza and have one more car.


I feel bad for the victim and feel disgusted towards the advertisers.


It's more like gore ads


Ketto ka roz ka hai lol


I’m so glad you posted about this ,I found it so disturbing,I actually blocked ads from Ketto


Someone is selling our data after donating to this site . Random people are calling me from fake NGOs . They are so professional that they are crying , guilt tripping etc to get money . I am guessing they get commission from this.


Ketto made me switch to YouTube Vanced.


YouTube vanced is sadly showing some adds now(i heard they are closing the servers soon)


Use revanced, successor of vanced


Thanks, let me check that out


I don't have ads. But the project is shut down :( The app has bugs, sometimes the shorts freezes. So I'm not sure how long the app will work.


I have committed to never ever donate to ketto and likes for this very reason.. I encourage others to do the same - dont feed this culture. Disclaimer - I do give money to local charities which I am confident are doing good work.


I agree, this is torture. I am convinced the company is shady. Nothing better than beggars on the road using infants in scorching sun. If they can't respect the donors, they don't deserve anything. Charities have always been easy way for immoral people to make money, we just don't have a good answer for a solid structure to get needy people what they want unfortunately. ​ for this one, report to google ads (there is a small close button and options on the top of the ad if you can manage to look past the gory stuff ) I did that. And use ad blocker extension like ublock origin on chrome (no mobile soultions that i'm aware of) . Thinking about installing pi hole or something later.


And when you actually donate, your whole feed fills with advertisements regarding charity. Have to watch 5 seconds of victim every-time and then skip :(


I think I saw the same ad. It was on insta. My 6 yo nephew also saw the same ad. He was really disturbed coz of that.


I think you’ve saw the ad from ketto. I don’t know how these fuckers managed to advertise things like that!! I’m a social media marketing guy my ads gets rejected for silly reasons like including exclamation marks or something. Facebook has this rule where they don’t allow someone advertise shocking or uncomfortable things


These ads can be super disturbing, but in a way they do us a favour. They remind us that the world is not all sunshine and roses. I mean, India actually had/has blind or disfigured children begging on the street, allegedly run by gangs. If a photo traumatised you so much, what would a real kid do? It might sound hard hearted but you can use these ads as an opportunity to become mentally tougher and be more resistant to sentimental appeals for money. And when these organisations see these ads don’t bring in the money, they’ll stop. I suspect what happens today is — more disturbing the ad, the more successful the ad campaign, more money in. So they have no interest in toning it down. When that changes and the money doesn’t come in, they’ll try something else. And yes, you can ask for organisations to not carry such ads, voluntarily or through regulation. But that’ll take time. And they’ll come up with some other tactic. Making yourself less open to sentimental appeals is far more effective. It also helps you steer clear of other BS ads which use positive emotions to manipulate you.


Is it wrong to ask for blurring or labeling as NSFW?


Showing NSFL pics in a charity ad is the really unnecessary, manipulative move by the advertiser. But given they want to make money out of you, and they have data that shows NSFL pics = money, well… you can ask them to blur all you want, they will politely ignore you. *Because blurring out destroys the whole point of running that ad.* Doesn’t mean you can’t ask them, you can try, in fact you can lobby ad networks like Google and Meta, they’re much more likely to listen. But it’ll be slow going whichever way you try, and Indian newspaper sites are so desperate for ads they’ll run anything as long as it’s legal. Again, you can try lobbying them, but their ad depts only understand the language of money. In the end, making yourself stronger and more immune to emotional manipulation is an approach that yields surer results.


Yeah I saw that ad too, I was not able to look at it at all. Ketto was the company


I saw the same ad repeatedly and reported it as irrelevant. Stopped seeing it after that.


They show these on YouTube too before videos, sometimes I’d be like “mood kharab, ab nahi dekhna YouTube pe kuch” SMH 🤦‍♂️


It’s time Google give option to block certain type of ads or advertisers. I tried reporting these ads multiple times to no avail, Done with Ketto and Impactguru.


The same happens with me while I’m eating food and I watch yt these ads pop up it’s so disturbing I’m not hating on the victims but I wish they had better ways to ask for donation


Ketto madarchod made me sign up for YouTube premium.


Ketto is the worst at it. I won't put a single penny into their requests.


Is the end question rhetorical or u really asking?


Well they got your mental space.


Adverts like these are for emotional manipulation and I ignore them because I know people are just chasing money and unlikely to be actually helping the victims. The same thing with Facebook adverts that are just chasing likes and clicks. Nobody in their right mind would use such an image to gain sympathy for the actual victim. I'd report that advert to the newspaper and maybe get a screenshot of the advert and inform them that are distributing troubling material and that you'll take your clicks/business elsewhere.


Yeah i hate those i kept reporting it for being inappropriate and now it doesn't show up for me


Yeah I've been seeing this fucked up advertisements while scrolling through 9gag too.


Charities made me never want to donate to them because of their advertising and get youtube premium :l


Even Instagram has these ads where they show the full detailed photo or video of the person injury or defect up close and the person in pain is speaking on their own. Makes me bolt from there.


Complaint to ASCI [here](https://ascionline.in/index.php/lodge-ur-complaints.html) .


Yeah, it is add from Ketto.org. They have decided to show the most gruesome photos to probably make ppl sympethatic. I kinda grossed out every time and immediately closed the site.


If ketto spends lakhs on advertising, do they really give donated money to needy people?


Recently saw a TED talk on Neuromarketing and the guy talked about how these kinda ads actually don’t work because you’d rather look away then develop an interest.


Use adblockers! This is why everyone is now using it.


These are the Milaap and Ketto guys. Agreed that they are doing a good job. But such graphics have a bad impression on people. I too looked at the same images and had nightmares.


I’m still surprised people don’t use ad blockers. It’s just an extension in the browser or if you’re on mobile use an ad blocking dns service like adguard. https://adguard-dns.io/en/public-dns.html


Ketto asshat


Just search 'dns adguard' and follow the instructions relevent to your phone. This should block all ads.




So keep scrolling then. And complain on reddit. What else can i say


Think about the people going through/dealing with that. Imagine their nightmares. If it was just a random picture or a few sentences asking for money you would just scroll through. Now you are disturbed. Some people get disturbed enough to actually help. So the ad works. It could happen to anyone of us.


If you think you need to disturb people "enough" on behalf of someone who is suffering to make people give money to "you" , sorry I am not convinced about your integrity. no money for you ketto all you get is google ad reports.


Yeah I know that. I felt really bad for them too. Which is why I would rather prefer to see an ad where I will donate rather than close it immediately. Sorry if I sound insensitive.


You do sound insensitive. Just thank your lucky stars it's not you. Say a little prayer and move on. Gosh. Don't mean to pile on you but i personally know someone who benefited from keto. Nobody wants to beg. They are doing it coz they are helpless. And they post gruesome pics to show that they are genuine and not trying to scam people. You won't know what they are going through unless you are in their shoes. Your minor discomfort is nothing. Speaking from experience






my advice as a friend. don't use reddit much, you will find more disturbing content here.


Should atleast blur and keep graphic content warning...


Fucking ketto man. I donated to them once, and i regret it. They dont stop hounding me, and they keep filling my screen with things like it.


They were doing this scam on YT too, i ended up getting YT premium


Donate once and all of a sudden, every single game, every single video, every dingle website will be filled with extremely gory images and videos. If that wasn't all, you will be call spammed day and night by people who'll harass you into buying some shady monthly scheme and will try to make you feel guilty for not doing so.


watch gore on reddit.




Lot of people here are commenting that ketto is scam and they’re vile. Can you please share some sources or links for this information? I am curious to know why its being called a scam


I'm still shocked when I learn that people browse internet without an adblock. It would be horrendous, why would someone do that when it can be as simple as changing a setting on your phone's setting. Adguard-dns.com


If you don't have an adblocker your device probably already has malware on it. Edit: yes i know chrome mobile doesn't support extensions.


Use AdBlock on your devices.


Just nextdns.io to block ads all over your phone even in apps