Mine Cards (Ludum Dare 48)

Mine Cards (Ludum Dare 48)


I'm pretty sure any incremental-lover is secretly also a deck-building lover. And well, here we are. You know what I'd like ? A short text at the start, for you to know that you have to reach level 100. Like "your father went down the cave a long time ago, and never came back. Now, you're old enough to adventure for yourself". And then a dark ending like "so that's the reason...". **AND NOTHING ELSE !!!** This is a very good game, that could obviously be expanded with other options for your deck. But I would push you (or another developper) to just do another game in order to explore those options. The game right now is really good and **complete**. Thank you for it. I had a great 30 or so minutes !


I am probably a small minority, but although I love idle and incremental games generally, I am not a fan at all of deck-builder games. Hoping someone can recommend one that will change my mind! Even paid is cool - just not mobile.


same boat here dude. Im sorry to anyone that likes them, I know its a good genre, just not for me Im sorry :(


Those of us who agree are in a rough spot, cause they are new fad! Them and survival games(and the combination of the two)....I'll be happy when we move on.


I'm not really into the deck builders (I don't think hah) but there is something about [Slay the Spire](https://store.steampowered.com/app/646570/) that just reels me in every time I play it. The learning curve is really natural and makes it really satisfying to work out some strategies so you don't have to spend any time looking at guides on how to build a good deck which is my biggest gripe about deck builders. Big recommend and it goes on sale for $10 from time to time.


I'll suggest [Cantrip](https://bakkerjoeri.itch.io/cantrip) (free). Games are short, making for a very streamlined experience. It's much less of time/energy/skill investment than most deck builders, yet it's actually quite fun. If you find the randomness of traditional deck builders frustrating, I'll suggest [Card Quest](https://store.steampowered.com/app/493080/Card_Quest/) (Desktop version is $9.99). I'll note that some players find the "tutorials" harder than the main game.




This is really cool, I love it. My one issue is that at the start I didn't understand so I added a whole shit ton of 1 stone cards to my deck, thinking this was just a manual click method. This messed me up a lot. Is there a good reason to have lots of 1 stone cards in your deck? If not I would think about either removing this or actually making it a 'mine 1 stone manually' button.


I made the same mistake on my first play. Fortunately, I clicked heavily enough that the deck stack noticeably larger, so I realized my mistake and refreshed. I don't think there's a reason to add even 1 of those cards to your deck. Probably the dev shouldn't have provided that option in the first place (or should disable it unless the player has no stones in their deck). :::shrug:::


I think the only ppoint of this card is if you are soft locked due to destroying all the stones in your deck


A rare case of an incremental that is winnable. Very short. Pretty simple, but quite fun. This is an interesting idle mechanic which was unfortunately not taken very far (because Ludum Dare doesn't really give much choice). ​ That said, it was very short and reasonably fun. ​ Really needs a timer, though.


I liked this game a lot. The ability to click and add +1 cards shouldn't exist - that messes you up unnecessarily. Also, the initial deck should not include 1 of the "Level Up" cards, because it then only takes 100 rounds of playing to get to Level 100 without doing anything else. Correct me if you're seeing something different, but I think the fastest winning strategy here is *do nothing* - no new cards to lengthen the time it takes to traverse the deck, you just let it work with the smallest possible deck, and you reach Level 100 in the fastest possible time. Get rid of that Level Up card and then it becomes a challenge to just earn enough currency to get to the *first* level up card, so I think the dev should change the strategy here a bit in a way that you level up on some alternate path that requires more waiting/work/playing.


It didn't take very long to end up with a deck of purely stairs, so I think it *is* faster to actually play the game, but you're right that it's silly to be able to beat it without doing a thing.


the initial deck size is big enough (and the turning speed slow enough) that it is too slow to wait for 100 shuffles :) You can reach more level +1 cards in about 8 minutes of play (at least that's my record so far) and it takes another 2 minutes till you're only left with a deck of 20 ladders and max turning speed (0.5 cards per second) which far overtakes the slow strategy at that point. So that's an initial slowdown for a super big boost at the end.


This was really good fun! Combining two of my favourite things (incrementals and CCGs - fit a TD in there somewhere and I'll marry you), and with * * an ending * *


If you know any incremental ccg's other than this - or incremental TDs (that aren't Perfect Tower) - I'd be interested in playing them. (Perfect Tower's very good, but I got bored of it.)


For Android (and I play this on the tablet because it would be impossible for me on the phone), Infinitode 2. It's looking at a Steam release sometime soonish, so presumably a desktop version is on the cards. While it's not a CCG, it is an incremental TD. A huge skill tree and really grindy. I believe loads of things are being rebalanced in the current 1.8 beta.


I see it has an iOS version too. I'll take a look. I think it got a steam release the other day? I saw a post about it, it might just have been the page to add to wishlist. thank you for the recommendation.


I really like it! Great work. Would be even better if it was longer, or had a element of prestige.


I could play a game like this for days with different maps/decks, prestige reset, unlocks, etc!


This game is lovely, really has potential.


she's pretty good, but it might make more sense to have different strengths of stair cards or something, so a valid solution isn't "buy the first pickaxe, wait 15 minutes, win" not bad for a 48 hour prototype, there's some good bones absolutely screaming for some meat here


https://imgur.com/a/FEN4DrY I think it is not optimized for mobile devices...


Yeah, very much not. In theory it'd be playable zoomed out and in landscape mode, but either itch or the game itself block the browser from doing so.


Judging by the screenshot, the sizes are likely fixed to fit neatly into iframe. But this also means that if the size would change (by opening game fullscreen on phone), the game would look bad.


Nice concept!


Good concept. Very short. Feels more like a prototype, actually.


Am I missing something here? I can't seem to get it to run on itch.


Are you on mobile? It's completely broken on mobile. On desktop, it should just show up at the top of the page.


It doesn’t seem to be broken for me. Though I don’t necessarily know if an ipad pro counts as mobile.


Not mobile. I just missed the free pick button in the upper left corner.


I aslo mistook it for a static image.


I followed circular links for awhile before I realized I was looking at the game and not a screenshot. Buy the free Pick in the upper left.


This is what happened to me too. I saw the free pick. Thanks!


Awesome game. Very enjoyable. The ability to win is satisfying but I'm left wanting more, because it was pretty quick Would be interested in seeing this game expanded


Really cool! Love it. Very simple, yet very enjoyable! Thanks for this.


Very nice little game. Would love to play a longer version! ;-)


Extremely fun, just needs to be expanded upon to make it longer. Otherwise one of my favourites.


Very satisfying game! Short and sweet! It took me a bit to understand why buying the free card didn't give me any ressource, haha! Looks like it's an habit left by playing too many idle games. Click to gain a ressource.




Click the word "free" under the old pixaxe in the top left corner.


This is a really cool idea, any plans to make a full game out of this?


Not my game, but I get the impression from rose's itch page that she tends to make small games rather than full games.


That was great fun.