She has fat in her face she hasn’t starved for two weeks lol


"get caught up in the scientific side" It's almost as if medicine depends on doctors knowing the science


interesting how these munchies claim to have so much medical trauma yet make their entire personality about being sick. Ash does this too and it really annoys me. Medical trauma for them is not getting the drugs or the special tubes they want, or having to push an appointment back a few days.....


Why can’t she replace the tube herself if it’s a g and a balloon?


If they really believed someone couldn't eat absolutely anything, they would not make them go 14 days with no nutrition whatsoever. 14 days with 0 nutrition is potentially dangerous.


>14 days with 0 nutrition is ~~potentially~~ dangerous. Extremely dangerous, if you're at the point of being as chronically ill as they claim to be.


WOW. Lots of ppl are given IV fluids for 3-4 wks and Drs. apparently aren’t too concerned about someone starving to death LOL!


This isn’t true at all. If someone absolutely can’t even tolerate tube feeds, they will be put on TPN. I’ve never seen a patient go more than 2-3 days on only IV fluids


Except for ASLZ huh? She must be the exception. LOL. /s


Except for ASLZ huh? She must be the exception, those old meanie doctors!!!!🤣. LOL. /s


> So many doctors get all caught up in the scientific side of shit Perhaps this is just me, but I prefer doctors to focus on ‘the scientific side of shit’ myself 🤷‍♀️


Me too. Especially considering the alternative would have to be the unscientific side! (and who knows what that would entail?)🤣


End the fast and have a muffin. It’s usually the one decent thing at most hospitals


I wonder if they’re seeing if she’ll cave and eat fucking food lol


Exactly my thought. Can you imagine starving yourself of food for two weeks knowing full well you can eat something whenever you want?


Maybe she should contact Dani? We all know Dani can eat more than claimed. LOL!!


“i typically do well with the medical PTSD and trauma but not this time” = usually the doctors just do whatever i ask them but now they’re the ones making the call, and as a result of their educated and medically appropriate decisions i’m traumatized


So hungry they don't even have the strength to put their neck brace on. Sending thoughts and prayers.


Almost as if the doctors schedules aren't booked up helping actually sick people/s


Why do I somehow not believe that medical professionals are literally starving her? REALLY MAKES YOU THINK..


Got to have that line showing!


Seriously! How much effort did it take to snake that line up through overalls and a turtleneck sweater.


Forced starvation 👌


i took one look at that long ass block of text and said “i’m not reading that”


“The doctors won’t do what I want and I’m hungry”


“I ain’t reading that. Good luck with that or sorry that happened.”


Doctors and their science. Want them to just suddenly disregard science and see where that ends up? Have fun


Um, I know I’m 1000% missing the point here but can’t get over the whole “casual **14 days** of starving” thing… because last Thursday (when she says the tube got there) to this Thursday is literally 7 days. Like it’s all bullshit and whatever anyway—go drink a Kate Farms if you’re that “starving”—but at least get your basic counting right lol. Better call the whambulance….


I'm uneducated in regard to tubes, but wouldn't someone like this be able to drink protein smoothies?


Yes typically. And unless she has a gj tube she could replace it herself.


It's understandable, since the majority of subjects on this sub seem to lack the ability to care for themselves


They even have clear Ensure for those that can only tolerate clear liquids.


I didn't know that was even a thing. Thank you!






Ooh, looking for those! Thank you!


Of course! I'm not sure what area you live in but if you happen to be near Safeway, they sell them there, and the vanilla flavor is way better than the chocolate one.


There would have to be something seriously wrong for the doctors to wait a week to put in a new tube. Likely there's an issue with the site of the previous tube (ie infection, scarring). Tube placement is an outpatient procedure and I'm sure the hospital wouldn't just let her hang out as an inpatient for a week until the tube is placed.


I do know of a few instances where hospitals can have trouble getting hold of certain tubes and get stuck on back order and the patient who needs it in an emergency has to wait a bit, but if it takes 2 weeks they admit the patient and put them on TPN if the patient has too much weight loss, dehydration.. I’ve not had this happen to any of our patients/or hospitals to my knowledge.


Absolutely. They would have an alternative form of nutrition ie TPN . No surgeon would want to operate on a malnourished patient, if at all, due to poorer surgical outcomes or complications.


Exactly. Sometimes they will even use a different kind until the right one comes in…in a pinch.


Yes, in this case they have her tube just no room to fit her in. She is obviously on IV fluids so she won’t die. Yes it’s not fun and she’s likely lost some weight, but not enough that they’re worried about it.


Classic munchie claims PTSD from all their munching. Very meta. Anyone know if this person has a timeline?


I actually zoned out reading that wall of text


I had to unfollow someone on TikTok because they wrote novellas over the video and you had to pause to read it all. Like, wrong platform bro, lol


It’s a video platform…why don’t you just, you know, say it? I don’t use TikTok much, honestly. But for instagram and Facebook I can understand word posts, but if you’re making a video on any platform, especially a video specific platform, you can just speak the words, so I don’t get walls of text on videos.


having to pause to read shit on tiktok absolutely enrages me, lol.


Why make a video if the content is a wall of text? Why not just say it? Maybe it’s just me being old 😭 I just don’t get it


*get off my lawn, whippersnapper*


Eh? What was that? You’ll need to speak louder sonny!


Thanks for commiserating with me lol


Same. Had to reread it a couple times lol


I gave up as soon as I zoned out 😂


Oh don’t worry I didn’t actually retain anything bahahaha


These people and their damn word walls!


They need to acquire a damn journal or Tumblr lol


Kind of sounds like doctors know this isn’t an urgent issue?


That's what I was thinking.


Made sure to have tubes in the pic


Also the hand pose on the face


Pick a better format to write a bunch of text challenge




Geez I saw parents in the ER a little over a week ago feeding their kids food, like burgers and pizza, while waiting to see if their kids needed surgery. Guarantee they will lie and say their kids haven’t eaten since they arrived. Uh, these things are necessary to prevent death. I don’t get lying and especially before a procedure. Happens way to frequently.


Doesn’t really sound like it’s precautions preventing it as much as her lack of immediate need? They definitely wouldn’t be okay with her not consuming food of any kind for two weeks, so there’s probably a reason that she isn’t being bumped up in the line to get her tube, and admitting that would *gasp* limit how much sympathy she can get.


That’s legit terrifying and so sad


Some context. ASLZ’s J tube needed replacing after the balloon burst. ASLZ claims gastroparesis and intestinal dysmotility.


Ok so it is a gj tube. I was wondering why she didn’t replace it herself. She’s still being overly dramatic. A lot of people with g and gj tubes still eat.


I'm sure this is out of your scope but how could they wait 14 days without feeding her?


Science Like Magic But Real


Maybe she should complain to the Munchie who wrote the post above this one. thats saying them delaying others isn't a big deal.


Highly doubt they are letting this person starve.


I don’t know if she’s in the US but *if* this were the case they would put in an NG/NJ or something. In no case would they just allow someone to starve. I used to work with eating disorders patients and if they refused oral intake for more than a couple days, they would restrain them, place an NG and run feed. So it’s hard to imagine this could be true IMO. Edit: the ED facility I worked at was inpatient, though I don’t think that detail makes much difference in my point


I know, she expects us to believe that the medical staff are just like "It'll be 14 days. Sorry, you won't be able to get any nutrition until then. Oh well."


Yeah that just doesn’t add up. Our healthcare system is pretty awful but not to that point.


Or order TPN.




ASLZ lives in the US. In VT, I believe.


“So many doctors get caught up in the scientific part of shit” Ummm..who wants to tell them


But magic is so much more fun!!!


Not me *zips lips


Wait you mean doctors use science?


how DARE they bring science into medicine!


It's very abelist.


Oh cry me a river


Cry me 2 rivers, or more. Cry me an ocean full of lies.