Smokes a ton of weed. Omg I’m soooo tired. Gee, I wonder why.


Is that a haiku?


Reminds me of Ash!


I think this might be the most outright obvious case in the sub. Just an opinion


Lmaoooo she has severe persistent fatigue and her iron hasn’t even been checked? Sure, Jan


oh look, it’s Ashley’s little sister


How are they "her" endo if she has a new patient appt for ~3 months from now?


the wordage everyone uses drives me nuts bc everything is “the team”


How can someone who gets tired walking a lap of their backyard know when their fatigue is worse?


Can't you just eat something or take some iron supplements instead of wasting the doc's time? Does she change endocrinologists frequently or gets dropped often?


It’s dangerous to take iron supplements without talking to a doctor. Her primary could easily test her iron though.


Any supplement in excess can have side effects. Iron takes a while to build up too much and you'll piss out most of it before any real issue might crop up.


Idk, personally I think it would be smarter to talk to a doctor first but I guess it’s up to the individual what they want to do.


Happy cake day!! Yes. Always talk to the doctor because supplements can interact with meds. Iron intake through food is another story, unless you have hemochromatosis or something.


Thank you! Yeah, that makes sense


Imagine if everyone tried to make an appointment with a specialist just for something like fatigue. Many times it has to do with things that can be done at home. The first step is to try proven methods that don't require a doctor, and then contact the doctor when you've exhausted all other options. I feel like a lot of the time it has to do with dehydration, lack of nutrition, lack of B12 and iron, or just something simple like PMS.


Don’t forget lack of exercise.


Oh it’s fun dealing with people like this. Then they get offended that “you don’t believe them”🤦🏻‍♀️.


Yep, and then get mad when you ask if they've tried XYZ. Most people do not like to suffer and will do whatever they can to try to manage before they see a doctor


That's looking at it from a rational stand point or that of someone who's identity isn't wrapped up in going to the doctor seeking attention. Someone in her situation is looking for any reason to get the doctor's attention. Kind of like when you're a kid and you sneeze and think maybe I can spin this into staying home from school.


Yup! Couldn't agree more


I'm not sure it's really recommended to take supplements long term if not needed, and it's not that uncommon for women to have low iron/ferritin levels. Getting iron/ferritin checked is a very common thing.


If you don't eat right your iron will be low. If you're lacking in something it's good to take supplements to support it, usually doctor recommended post blood work review. Most basic blood work checks iron levels.


Isn't post blood work review the point people are making though? It's totally normal to get bloodwork done to see if you should be taking supplements before taking them. This is probably the least munchie munching someone can do on this sub, annual bloodwork at a primary is normal. Scheduling with a specialist before checking common things with a primary? That's being overly needy.


Thing about the iron was just a passing comment. If you're that worried about levels, yes consult a doctor. I was more interested in how often this person changes endocrinologists.


“Called MY endocrinologist to see if I could get my NEW PATIENT APPOINTMENT moved up” I’m out doctorshop


“i am forever tired and unmotivated. i basically post online all day while i watch tv, take lots of naps and only leave my house for frivolous doctors appointments. what could possibly be the cause of this?!?” i hope they consult dr house for this diagnostic mystery.


I love a good nap. But saying that - what is odd is that the more you lay around doing nothing, the more tired you actually feel. Actually get up and DO THINGS and you may discover some energy again.


For some people it's really counter-intuitive. They have to actually try it before they believe it. But we all know these subjects are very selective about what they'll believe.


Newsflash, all adults deal with fatigue. It's called being a grown up and having responsibilities.


Except she doesn’t have any..!


Maybe that’s why.. so chronically jobless her body can’t get used to normal levels of human functions


she's trying hard for that Addisons disease diagnosis.....


I think she already claimed that and had an endo giving her steroids for it? Or is she using the "adrenaline fatigue" thing?


She doesn't have a diagnosis. She's been using the steroid for the "adrenal fatigue."


Of course. 🙄 The made up diagnosis for those who don't have Addisons but want steroids long term because unsurprisingly steroids make most people feel good. I'm honestly surprised drug seeking for steroids isn't more of a thing.


If anyone looked, the things I Google because of this sub would make me look like I want to be the biggest Munchy ever lmao


Lmao that fkn takes me out 😂 1 in 400,000 but yes Kayla sue you must absolutely have it!! Even though you’ve never reported going into a crisis!! Bc we all know you absolutely would’ve to get those asspats!!


Why does it matter? Has she gotten out of bed in the past two years anyway? Does she have anything to do? Go to sleep then.


Every pic is the same mass of blah…




Dude, if you have no life and all you do is sit at home of course you’re going to be fatigued,,,


Not to mention that fatigue is a symptom of depression. Oftentimes fatigue can improve when people put effort into their mental health. Imagine that lol


omg take a fucking nap.


Or a walk


Doctor shopping at it’s finest. It’s not like they have busy schedules to work around. It’s just a “me first” attitude


Haha the mythical adrenal fatigue😂


Oh god don't even


She probably wants Adderall for her fatigue like Ashley has.