holy shit.




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I wish she’d focus on her obvious talent with crochet and hop of the munchie BS. Like donate or sell your work?? Or just stop posting about CI at the very least. She could make money/ donate her work, get genuine POSITIVE attn etc instead of this stupid crap. But I guess she wouldn’t get whatever meds she’s after if she stopped munching. I don’t like her as a person (or the way she presents herself as a person online; the smug attitude pisses me off), but she has skills. Part of me thinks, drug seeking and wanting to be a CI “authority” aside, that many of the subjects do not think they are “enough” without their illnesses. I don’t mean this to sound like I defend any of their actions, it just further emphasizes the need for psychiatric intervention. I just noticed the rings/ splints 🙃 has she ever actually shown that she’s hypermobile? It’s so funny that nearly all of the subjects who claim hEDS are in fact, not even slightly flexible from what I can tell


We all know the rings in her fingers (meant for people with severe arthritis) were never recommended/suggested/prescribed/or needed. She probably just got them off of Amazon and decided they would be part of her “sick girl” persona. Girl, if your hands hurt after crocheting for a while, maybe put down the project for a little bit, take a break.


They can also be used for EDS but again, she doesn't need them!


“Are you insane like me?” “Been in pain like me?” Literal song by Halsey called Gasoline. First thing I thought of.


that’s the song in bethany’s video lol


I don’t usually listen to any videos on here lol.




I wonder what would happen if she suddenly lost her support group lol


Whatever it takes to get dilaudid. I don't believe for a second she has bad chronic pain. She's just sore from what you've said and an addict.


uWu widdle sick beffany wuvs to crochet but it huwts her so she has to have the diwuadid and pewcocits :( so brave. Edit: typing this gave me a stoke but it's exactly what I heard in my brain when I saw this picture


But you know what though her crochet is amazing. She could have a really successful and genuine social media presence, if she did something like this. It would be so much more wholesome and interesting than a bunch of lies and deceit and how she mistreats and disrespects those who apparently care for her (read - the lazer pen and her 'home help side") Also this in itself is a load of baloney - shes posted videos of her crocheting really detailed pieces really quickly, whilst apparently unwell, so she didn't "lose crochet"


Bethany subsides on opioids, mini M&Ms, and anger/injustice


Pain awareness month….?


Aka. I also love opiates month.


Oh hey! Look who's wearing her finger splints now, a few days after we all wondered where they were...🤣


Those are splints? Sorry to ask what might seem an obvious question, but I wouldn't even know where to start to Google this; they look like little rubber bands.


Yes, they’re a recent trend for hEDS finger joints. I feel like they wouldn’t do anything but I don’t have hyper mobile fingers so I don’t know hahah. I think they’re called ring splints?


They do help if you actually need them.




They’re a fairly new thing from what I understand. The bars on the back of the fingers will keep you from stretching it out too far backwards supposedly


I thought for a second she was eating the yarn


Yeah, what is with that pose


why does she sound so pompous that she was able to return to crochet "Or maybe, if you're patient.." etc. Idk maybe thats just me getting the wrong vibes


No that's just Bethany. Pompous, smug, better than you, overbearing and OTT. Her personality is literally I'm sick and that makes me better than you because I'm so NOBLE and knowledgeable about all things. At least that's the only one she puts online for people to see. Has been for years.


Probably shouldn't be eating yarn. Can't be good for you.


She can tolerate it, it's *mini* yarn.


Underrated comment




Is she now trying to hide the lip sore? Just noticed how quickly she pulled the yarn up to her lip during the transition. That’s the only thing I can thing of that is medically wrong with her. No appearance snark isn’t probably just a cold sore. I guess I just think it’s weird that she rarely (if ever?) talks about the one physically apparent issue.


Why not put it on her list of diagnoses?


Bethany is especially bizarre to me. Her imaginary ailments, her boasting about her sexless marriage, her absolute dedication to not doing a single thing for herself. She somehow has never let her chronic pain interfere with her ability to write novellas on topics like using a laser pointer to direct her home health aide.


>her boasting about her sexless marriage What? I did try a quick scroll through her tag, but didn't see anything about this.


Idk where it is but she wrote a whole long blog post about how they only tried sex once. She and her husband according to her dont fuck at all. She went on about how she sees sex positivity for disabled people and not every disabled person has sex. This is one of many reasons I think she and her husband have some type of medical fetish.


She's blogged about how she and her husband have only attempted to bang once. One time. Ever. And didn't actually accomplish it. Some of us suspect there's some kind of weird medical fetish thing between them because they sure ain't getting their rocks off the old fashioned way. It's very strange.


Mutual beards, perhaps? For some reason they felt they had to be married (parental pressure, or religious perhaps) but are aro ace? Intimacy is an important part of a marriage; it definitely doesn't have to be sex, but it's generally unhealthy to not have some form of intimacy... And of course we don't know if that exists in this marriage.


Ahh yes her chronic pain that appeared out of nowhere and instantly rendered her unable to walk. What a *weird* munch. How do you just decide you can’t walk and that you’re just “in a ton of constant physical pain” when there is NO evidence of that having been the case ever at any point? I’m sorry but that is so legit *full on insane* to just one day decide you’re “in pain” so you just. stop. walking. entirely. forever. Go out and buy a multi thousand k handicapped accessible van when there’s no need for it. Same thing with a multi thousand k specialized wheelchair. Must be wild to have that kind of access to any bullshit you can dream up. Bethany has been so gassed up on her own overblown self image and so overly indulged by the people around her for so long I really doubt her ability to reestablish any amount of normalcy in her life even if she wanted to. She went off the deep end in a really visceral, spectacular way and I feel like really all anyone can do is marvel at it.


I’ve been following Bethany for a while and I don’t see anywhere that explains the chronic pain. Does she claim that it’s from EDs? MCAS? It’s just so weird




Takes happy picture (glad she doing a hobby) Writes prophet of doom under it ☠️


But why though? Like arthritis or just non descript pain ?


Your guess is as good as anyone's.


I’m glad she’s working on something fun for her


not the fucking joint rings on every finger 💀