I know I'm late but short term memory loss is caused by weed lmao this is so dumb


I swear if this was actually true she'd be some sort of labrat by now


Fibromyalgia isn’t a symptom.


Didn’t she just say she wasn’t going to be posting her sick content anymore? That lasted, what, a day?


wtf but fibro is literally a debilitating medical condition, not some symptom you can claim for clout.


I guess the mirena crash is finally over with at least.


Wait but fibromyalgia is a condition itself not a symptom of anything? No?


You’re correct. Ashley’s medical knowledge is subpar at best.


Can't even study up as a professional patient


I was waiting for this. She hadn't talked about it at all. Moldy space suit should be making an appearance soon.


Right, yet weed can alleviate but also cause pretty much all of these symptoms, the vision issues are probably because she is so high she can't open her eyes properly Too much weed causes chills, nausea, vision issues, fatigue It's called a whitey... surely she knows this being the 'weed conosure' that she is... I honestly think that Ash is higher than Jay and Silent Bob most of the time.


Ash is usually high like a kite. 🤣


it's totally wild how those symptoms just so happen to mirror the effects of smoking weed constantly and going up and down on pills


That shirt is anything but flattering. She looks so matronly.


I’m sorry, but she looks fed up with her own shit here.


I really want to believe she is in a place of realising that if you don't obsess over your illness so much it gets much easier to manage and helps symptoms.


She looks rough. Not in a mean way. But she’s definitely seen better days.


It’s the Lyme flare up don’t’cha know


If that was true, I'd be sad. But because it isn't, she is truly a shitty human.




From the Wiki: “Chronic Lyme disease (CLD) is the name used by some people with "a broad array of illnesses or symptom complexes for which there is no reproducible or convincing scientific evidence of any relationship to Borrelia burgdorferi infection" to describe their condition and their beliefs about its cause.[2] Both the label and the belief that these people's symptoms are caused by this particular infection are generally rejected by medical professionals, and the promotion of chronic Lyme disease is an example of health fraud.” Apparently it is. I didn’t know that.


I hate when my Lyme disease causes fibromyalgia flares 🥺


Inconveniently, fibromyalgia actually has a [diagnostic](https://www.aafp.org/pubs/afp/issues/2021/0501/p566.html) blood test. Where deetz?


It’s not reliable and no decent doctor that deals with fibromyalgia relies on it.


Neither of these two statements is true or accurate. FMa as well as IsolateFibromyalgia are both fairly sensitive and specific. To the extent that a multimarker pattern-based test can be with the amount of data that exists. The poor utilization of modern assaying technology by actual medical practice is nothing to be proud of.


Good to know you gaslight fibromyalgia sufferers AND other people who could possibly have it. Join a fibromyalgia support group. You will learn a lot.




Yup. Typical bullshit people who are chronically ill hear every day. Try something original. Support groups are *gossip*. It’s where we go when **NO ONE** listens to us, and we learn from each other how to navigate such a degrading experience. When doctors right us off as just having anxiety, just being overweight, or even just, “There’s nothing wrong with you. You should be fine.” I’m not saying that’s the case with this chick, but you are a giant red flag.


Oh please🤦 You turned a statement about the availability of a molecular diagnostic test (which will undeniably help patients who may be suspecting it and their doctors) into some ill-guided crusade casting me as a patient right and invisible disability denier. And put words in my mouth - I ain’t taking this bait, you are factually misrepresenting not only my intent (which I can forgive given you are clearly hysterical) but also my statements themselves. Which I will not forgive.🫥 Many research groups are working tirelessly to innovate in this area precisely to empower patients and reduce all of this nonsense. Don’t disrespect them with your Internet yelling. Yours is a misguided crusade, and I will not allow you to pursue it at my expense. Take your hysterics elsewhere. Maybe to a patient support group? This ain’t one.💁


Most of these symptoms can be and are routinely caused by chronic THC use disorders. It seems like an appropriate time to start talking about it again.


Does she just have everything she’s ever researched as a reason for a symptom? “Hmmm June 2012, chills… must be Lyme…”


She looks more and swollen. Is that an opiate withdrawal thing? I hope her liver is okay


I feel like you have to take extreme amounts of acetaminophen at a time for it to really damage your liver unless you mean like chronic in which case i guess we'll see if it's okay in her 50s (probably not)


No, it's not a symptom. Although a few of the other things that she lists are symptoms of withdrawal.


I don’t know if it’s swelling or weight gain. But she definitely looks puffy


girl she copy pasted from Google we all know it


Fibromyalgia is its own separate diagnosis you numpty, not a symptom of your bullshit "chronic lying" Ninja edit: that should say "chronic lyme" but fuck it. still accurate. don't give a shit today.


I’m so proud to see someone use the word numpty, it’s a stellar insult, not used enough, and fits Ashley perfectly


“Chronic lying” lmao your autocorrect knows the truth about her bullshit claims


Lyme disease isn't a seasonal or annual or whatever you want to call it disease so right there people should have known she was lying to her teeth. Also, that list read like a Google search.


Erm fibromyalgia is NOT caused by lyme Fibromyalgia is not a symptom of lyme.


I’ve read some articles that claim it can be caused by Epstein-Barr. FWIW. It’s probably horse shit.




All I can think of is that she’s essentially listed almost every single opiate withdrawal symptom, and called it a Lyme flare. Wild.


Oh, right. Lyme. The Lyme for Ash, the Lyme chosen especially to incapacitate Ash, Ash's Lyme.


That Lyme?


*nods firmly* that Lyme


*holds up spider for some fucking reason* Gotcha covered.


That dupers delight smirk let’s us all know she’s very pleased with her grift


"oops, out of narcs, must be time to complain of the withdrawal symptoms covered up as Lyme for some more"


Runnin out of benzos, runnin out of narcs, our ash is truly in some dire straits


I thought she meant "word finding problems" as in those games where you have to find and circle words hidden in a jumble of letters.


She is actually so predictable it’s sad


Hahaha! I bet she ACTUALLY plans her illnesses out on a calendar! End of September? Gotta talk about Lyme again.


Guys. I think I have Lyme.


Make sure to smoke a fat bowl and do some yummy yoga! And don’t forget, *rest is productive!* Edited to fix formatting


Same. Amongst a thousand other things those symptoms could indicate. Better go lay down eh.


Be sure to wiggle your body. We’re here for you.


Ok I’m convincing myself that Ash is a brilliant comedian and all her bullshit is for laughs.


Like some SNL character that was incredibly annoying, but you can’t find the redeeming qualities at all. It’s ASH!


That’s how I feel about the girl who would sneeze and ‘pass out’ yet she somehow munches her way to getting her neck fused together


the lyme she has never actually been tested for? That lyme. Ah yes.


She did the IGeneX test for Lyme. IGeneX is the test the FDA and CDC both warn people to avoid because of the high false positive rate.


like I said..ok so to be accurate she still has yet to do the standard test for lyme; or the standard treatment for it.


She posted a long time ago that she was tested for Lyme (I presume by a pcp) and was negative. Being a fearless advocate for her health, she went to a naturopath to receive bunk testing that confirmed she actually has "Lyme".


She was diagnosed by a naturopath. Conveniently leaving her with no one to prescribe her a few weeks of doxycycline.


Even more convenient, she “can’t” take doxy because of her Crohn’s




If only all of those weren’t s/s of Crohn’s, even if well-controlled/in remission/not flaring…


I had to poop once and had all those symptoms! /s - not blogging




Or POTs or med side effects or...anything at all really.


Most of those symptoms are migraine, plus weed for the short term memory loss.


ShOrT tErM mEmoRy lOsS..ViSuAL PrObLeMs….lmao girl bye, if she don’t take her smug ass on somewhere


Lmao. Babe. It’s the weed. Weed does almost all these things.


[Another study](https://www.cmaj.ca/content/178/13/1685.short)


Source: [medicinal marijuana study](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK425767/)


I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this. Weed tends to help most of these issues. It especially doesn’t decrease your appetite.


Being a habitual smoker makes your appetite basically nonexistent until you smoke. Smoking weed doesn’t directly cause a lot of these symptoms but daily use will def make the body feel weird stuff when not stoned.


I agree that daily use isn’t great for anyone, but it’s just not true that it makes people vomit and not want to eat. I’ve cited several studies in my replies.


I am not going to lie you’re a fucking dork for coming back to this 11 days later


Well… I wanted to be clear. I’m not a fan of Ash. I don’t smoke pot. I just think it’s super dumb I got downvoted for commenting my opinion. So after some consideration, I have provided three different studies to back up said opinion. (I’m a busy person, it’s gonna take some time for me to get back to anything, lol.) I am a fucking dork, though, I agree! Proud of it! It surprised me a little that everyone jumped into downvoting my informed opinion because I *respectfully* disagreed with you on a thing that hadn’t to do with the posted content. Thanks for your input and response :)


Cannabis can make people nauseous and hyper emetic and the only solution is ceasing all cannabis use. Decreases appetite. It happens to some heavy users. No one knows why it effects certain people and not others.


But I agree that it affects people differently. For the most part; and there are a ton of variables and factors.


I suppose I was only talking about like, sporadic use of indica while making my comment. However there are some studies on the effects of cannabis: For example, the most common conditions for which medical cannabis is used in Colorado and Oregon are pain, spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis, nausea, posttraumatic stress disorder, cancer, epilepsy, cachexia, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, and degenerative neurological conditions (CDPHE, 2016; OHA, 2016). Source: [weed study](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK425767/)




I agree that weed doesn’t affect everyone the same. But it certainly doesn’t have a high incidence of inducing nausea for most people. It very regularly does the opposite, without regard to the strain or the person. I’ve cited some studies if you’d like to read them in my replies above. But just for you: [THC study](https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/07352689.2016.1265360?src=recsys) “Controlled clinical studies provide substantial evidence for the use of cannabinoid receptor agonists in cancer chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, appetite loss and cachexia in cancer and HIV patients, neuropathic and chronic pain, and in spasticity in multiple sclerosis. In addition, there is also some evidence suggesting a therapeutic potential of cannabis-based medicines in other indications including Tourette syndrome, spinal cord injury, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and glaucoma. In several other indications, small uncontrolled and single-case studies reporting beneficial effects are available, for example in posttraumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and migraine. The most common side effects of THC and cannabis-based medicines rich in THC are sedation and dizziness (in more than 10% of patients), psychological effects, and dry mouth. Tolerance to these side effects nearly always develops within a short time. Withdrawal symptoms are hardly ever a problem in the therapeutic setting.” So, like, it’s very commonly used to increase appetite, reduce nausea, quieten anxiety, and treat migraines. I’m just talking about what I know. I’m not like, a fan of this scam artist. But she’s not like this as a result of smoking weed.


That sneaky conniving chronic Lyme


med interactions


And adverse effects from the obscene number of depressants she’s on


Migraine AND headaches!


A lot of that sounds like anxiety or depression. Some of it not, but you'd be surprised how neurotransmitters can affect the gut.


What happened to her social media not being about chronic illness anymore?


Fibro isn’t a symptom….


That’s just a migraine with migraine aura




> I mean I think we all have days where we have these symptoms…because we are humans. I’ve said it on this sub before and I’ll say it again because it’s so perfect, “Some of those are symptoms, and some of them are just being a person.” —Ann Perkins, Parks and Rec


I forgot about this quote! Oh, that show. 🥰


I love parks and rec. What a perfect quote for this sub.


“My symptoms include a list a copied and pasted from a list of possible Lyme symptoms, I have every single one and some they have never observed before.”


There is no such thing as chronic Lyme disease goddamnnnnn. So much misinformation.


Someone (not from this subreddit) needs to explain to her that fibromyalgia isn’t a symptom. It is it’s own diagnosis 🤦🏻‍♀️


She definitely thinks fibromyalgia can just be used as a big word for pain


Omg this is common knowledge and she messes up on that… lol. On the bright side it probably means she doesn’t have it. I’m jealous.


I was thinking the same thing. If she doesn’t know that one basic fact that you can find with even a basic Google search then she can’t really have it.


How does she not know how deathly boring all this is? What will it take for her to realize?


It magically appeared🙃


Ah yes, those plague-like symptoms of being a regular human being.


Right? That’s a typical Tuesday, ash


Word finding problems but won’t stfu 🤷🏼‍♀️




I am so tired of people saying that Lyme disease needs long-term treatment! Yes some people do end up needing IV in a biotics for maybe two months max due to it spreading into the brain, but these people that are on antibiotics for years are ridiculous! If the battery is not dead within a couple months are using anabiotic‘s and it’s not gonna die obviously and people need to understand that at some point it’s not the bacteria it’s just permanent damage that has been done!


Do you think Ashley's mother has crunched the numbers to determine how much sooner she could retire if she downsized to a 1 bedroom condo?


Okay here me out, don’t most people “suffer” from 10/11 of these?


yeah im sitting here trying to figure out what about this list cries out lyme disease and not any other human ailment


Again, all her "symptoms" could be helped if she got off her bum and made some changes. I cannot with this chick and her enablers. When she's 30 and 40 and contributing nothing to society, nothing but bleeding her precious enabling mommy's bank accounts dry, when the well finally dries up, do you think she'll have a moment where she thinks damn, I really wasted the better half of my youth attention-seeking online? Do you think maybe she'll try and get a retail job or something because she has no other skills, or qualifications? I gotta say its a fuckin trip to watch someone flush their life down the toilet in real time. Not that I feel bad for her. I tend to not feel bad for people who have all the resources and privilege to DO better and still actively choose the opposite. Imagine being an upper middle class white girl, being in a world that is essentially built for you, specifically, to succeed, and still just...doing this. Make it make sense.




Heads up, acute Lyme disease from a tick bite is a thing, and complications resulting from immune deficiencies post-Lyme is a thing, but chronic Lyme disease like Ash claims is only recognized by pay to play naturopath (ND) practices.


Yeah a big clue is when the only “treatment”’is a 1200$ vitamin infusion that insurance doesn’t cohere 😂


I wish the whole Instagram aesthetic of beige/grainy/melancholy would just GO AWAY. There are other filters and color schemes, people...


Sigh. I’ve been on this sub for a while, and lately I’ve been starting to feel like Ash is following a very similar path as Bethany. Long term steroid use is *not* kind to the body.


im glad im not the only one who noticed the steroid impact in this photo


Mind if I ask what the signs are? I know some steroids can cause weight gain and what I’ve heard called a “moon face” but that’s all I know to look for.


the moon face is what stood out in this photo to me. previous selfie showed a lot more jaw definition. a loss of jaw definition is the start of a full on moon face.


Ah yes, the new and improved Ash that won’t be focusing on her illnesses anymore. Yep…….


I have all of them, too. As soon as I walk into work😂 /s


It’s not that she is having ALL these symptoms, it’s what google says the symptoms are… sheesh


It's just _so weird_ how most of those symptoms could have just been summed up by sayinf fibromyalgia...


Or just being an adult over the age of 20.


Honestly on this sub, Ash pisses me off the most purely because she is the most boring munchie but thinks she's everything, at least everyone else throws in a new 'diagnosis' once in a while, she just recycles the same shit over again


She is boring 👀 It’s not just that. Everything she says is some big spiel about self care and napping and self love and relaxing and her struggles and napping and more self love. It’s really narcissistic and doesn’t come across as genuine or authentic at all.


Exactly, you have put it into words better than I could, the iud fuss made me want to throw my phone at a wall, her 'sacred womb space' being invaded by the iud. Her whole life is a fake 'pick me girl' fasarde, the flipping bath pic with the book man, just noooooo....


It’s all very put on, for sure. I feel sorry for a lot of the munchies because I know their mental illness will lead to their demise if they don’t get help, but I have a harder time feeling sorry for her. I think it’s that she’s trying so hard to be an influencer it seems ridiculous.


There is a few I feel quite sorry for (not defending their behaviour at all but I still have the feelings) Paige I have sad feelings about, I had the same feelings for ALF, also Kelly (I'm aware they are older subjects om the sub. They were ill but were so wrapped up in the illness that they have destroyed their lives, again not defending it but I have levels of sympathy. Dom, Ash and bloody Kaya, absolutely no sympathy whatsoever. As you said, Ash is so desperate to live the 'illfluencer' lifestyle and acts like she has a fan basis like the kardashians (gets on my nerves that all of her self careis more damaging than good for the conditions she claims) and Kaya infuriates me, begs for PICC lines, Central or whatever, gets it and throws a 'my life is so hard card, wo look at me' the times she looks happy is when she is at her "illest" and looks sad when she is recovering Rant over.....


I agree. I feel sorry for Paige, maybe because I read all of her Mom's posts on you know where before the website was removed and it was all sad. It's sad seeing her small hand and missing fingers and know that didn't have to happen. She's very, extra broken seeming to me.


JFC, Fibromyalgia isn’t a symptom of Lyme.


LOL well according to Ash, Fibromyalgia is indeed a symptom of Lyme!!! SMH


Between Ash's ridiculous advice for POTS patients to take a sauna, and Dani trying to suggest that you can get "PosturalOTS" symptoms when lying down..... I think they've reliably misinformed absolutely everyone who reads their stuff. Unfortunately jokes aside, it isn't funny because it general the people who follow them (as in people aside from this sub who follow) are the whole 'chronically xyz" community.... And they're quite often young, impressionable females who are similarly thinking that absolutely everything is wrong with them, when absolutely nothing is wrong with them...... But one of the reasons (not all of course) that they think absolutely everything is wrong with them - is reading stuff like Ash and Dani.


Poor girl, she should have a lie down.


I was thinking maybe “Chronic Lyme” is a new strain she’s putting in her bong.




Fibromyalgia isn’t a fucking symptom! I know that’s not the only thing wrong here but it’s the one that annoys me personally


Right? That was my first thought too. And most of those symptoms she's listing could easily be explained by fibro too.


*pokes head out from behind closet door* Is it safe to come out of hiding? Is the Mirena Crash over? Is the sacred womb space restored? Is it now Tyme for Lyme?


No - it will never be safe to come out of hiding. Never


Fibromyalgia isn't a symptom




Trying to figure out if taking any recreational drugs might be a cause …


Jeez. Is there anything this chick doesn’t have? I reckon some of these symptoms would subside if she laid off the bongs…


Ah I see, so the shower chair only got moved to storage so she could make room for the sauna to ~~cause more pots symptoms~~ sweat out her pesky chronic Lyme.


If fibromyalgia is its own diagnosis How can fibromyalgia be a symptom of another illness. Both of these things are fairly contentious conditions though so....


>short term memory loss, anxiety, word finding problems oh baby, that's not Lyme, what do you actually think it is, give it another go 🍃


Genuine question - does/can lyme cause fibromyalgia?


So after treatment, some people can develop fibro, yeah. Which is crazy cause any actual doctor would quickly conclude that all her supposed “reoccurring Lyme” symptoms as simply being fibromyalgia lol. Like all of the shit she claims is Lyme “flaring up” is literally just a very typical fibro flare up. Ughhhh, she drives me so crazy.


I feel the same. But it’s like a train wreck. I can’t look away. I wonder if that’s a work around so she can say she has chronic Lyme (that doesn’t exist).


Most likely yep. That and since it doesn’t exist she can fudge it to be whatever she wants and also peddle snake oils for it. Like it’s so wild because if she’d actually had a *bacterial infection* for THIS long, she’d be probably suffering very severe damage to her heart, brain, and other organs. Her doctors would not allow her to stop taking some sort of Lyme treatment until the infection is actually gone. Well, I mean to say ACTUAL doctors that is. That’s not to say that long term undiagnosed Lyme can’t cause permanent effects to the body, but those after effects are their own diagnoses that are no longer considered to be Lyme. It concerns me that people like her spread such rampant misinfo to others like this.


"word finding problems" literally kills me lol


Proceeds to type an essay on every post lol


That will NEVER be a problem for her!


So much for the rebranding to stop focusing on the illnesses 😂 Also she doesn't even have Lyme and much less quack chronic Lyme and these symptoms make no sense to be related to Lyme. I'm surprised she didn't mention the iconic Lyme rage. Throwing things at your mom while you yell, breaking stuff on your car in anger and probably traumatizing that poor dog with the screaming and yelling has to be a Lyme symptom and not actually narcissistic rage from someone with no emotional regulation and awful attitude. Sure blame it on the convenient Lyme 😂


Sick girl cosplay gets more engagement than healing girl. The supply will always win for a narc


I guarantee you if she was actually doing something with her life like working a job or going to school or adventuring that she wouldn’t “notice” these “little symptoms” and she would feel fine. When all you do is lay in bed all day doing nothing there is nothing else to do but notice when small little changes that are normal happen to your body and just associate them with some serious disease or illness


How is fibro a symptom of lyme? At least make it make sense.


She’s so sick, her diagnoses have diagnoses. Duhhhh. 🤪


ROFLOL :) :) :)


Wasn’t she going to stop focusing on being sick? Didn’t she say that?


She says people were messaging her, begging her to start posting about her illnesses again. And, of course, Ashley graciously complied, because she's all about making her adoring masses happy... /s


Lol what a sick joke!


She said that but has already posted at least 5 illness posts since then. On the day she posted the rebranding she was already posting illness. Impossible for her to resist. If she appears to be too well people and her parents will start asking questions and expecting her to at least help around the house. Ash can't have that.


Swear someone called this a couple days back


chronic. lyme. isn’t. a. THIIIING.




Practically every Doctor that isn’t some stupid Mumbo jumbo naturopath say it doesn’t exist lmao


No but we have fucking common sense and can read.