it's always been eerie and pretty dark that every subject discussed seem to light up, sport an ear to ear smile, using upbeat music in their videos, just overall appear over the moon when they are having some type of medical treatment (especially if it's one they haven't filmed a TT dance video before) or when they are rambling off the list of diagnoses theyve rounded up yet look like someone just kicked their pet into traffic in front of them when they're sharing that things have improved for them and the doctors think their lines are no longer needed (GREAT news by any measure you'd think). just something dark about their constant desire to be the sickest, most closest to immediate death at any given time and how their apparent joy grows as the severity of how such they are goes up. I could absolutely see every single one sport a huge smile along with laughter if they were to be secretly filmed when a doctor told them they're terminal or that they're the sickest most super special sick patients they've ever seen.


god, i read that as “retire from lactose” and was so confused


Big sad at home but all smiles when at the hospital.


i get what she’s saying but “at home doing college” - lolll


Can you “retire” from a college sport?


Lmaooo chile stfu


uhhh yeah that’s just a pic of when she came up from recovery, they put the blankets around you to preserve body heat it’s nothing special. I mean seriously this pic is ridiculous. literally an oxygen cannula does NOT mean you are critically ill or you would be in the ICU


The way she whines youd think she was an NFL player with a two million dollar contract she lost bc she got injured and had to retire. I’d bet my left tit she was at most a mediocre player… yet acts like she had a chance at an Olympic medal lol


I'd be curious to see her player stats


no way....????? shes ridiculous


Lmaaaaooo goofy aaahhhh


This trend was for suicidal people not munchies


so, she’s fighting for her life, implying she nearly died, yet only one doctor, that she most likely paid out of pocket, was able to diagnose this “life saving” surgery ? every other doctor said “you’re fine”, but you almost died ? just trying to be clear. make it make sense.


Omg I really hope she needed that surgery because if that is as far as she can move her head now then man it’s not going to be a comfortable life


Is her neck really that stiff or is she holding it like that for dramatic effect? Holy guacamole if shes truly that stiff, what a miserable miserable existence she will have from here on out. Furthermore, for someone who has had such “impairments” from their neck being so screwed up, why is she not sitting more ergonomically? That computer screen needs to be higher, where she isn’t looking down, keyboard down level with arms, and her upper back needs supported. She needs to dedicate a space to study in that properly accommodates her neck to not put anymore strain on it, or else she’s going to end up needing further fusions to support the one she has now. These are changes she should have had long before a freaking surgery, but I digress.


I wouldn't doubt she still wears the neck brace if her neck really is that stiff.


You know it’s bad when miserable and desired start to blend. 😣


She looks so unnatural and uncomfortable typing like that omg


No reason Bella couldn’t go back to college and get a lot out of the education and social experience. Not everyone is ready to leave home at 18. So take a gap year, work, then go to college or trade school motivated and excited. I really hope she sticks with her classes, takes courses from a legitimate school and has a world beyond social media. Edit/added another sentence


she literally wasn’t dying i’m pissing myself laughing at this


Wait, we’re still alive?




Okay Mary Magdalene, let’s not exaggerate things here.


this is so fucking cringe. you were never in danger of dying. and you munched so hard to get out of playing lacrosse. girl, we already know.


Was she ever in danger of dying?


Absolutely not


Well… she sneezed and passed out that one time, she could have possibly hit her head, opened it… blood gushing everywhere like Kill Bill and ☠️☠️☠️


missed out on such a long lucrative career in lacrosse, truly the Len Bias of her generation


Nitpicking: That's not even how you do the trend. You're supposed to mention something in the first clip then talk about it in the second; not just bring up "wErE sTiLl AlIvE??" Out of basically nowhere lmao


Oh is this a tik tok trend? I refuse to use it so I am out of touch


Idk I've seen it on Instagram reels a lot , for example "I hate that I'm still doing x and not y" then it goes to a picture of that person as a kid/before they've hit their goal saying "wait we did x?". It's supposed to be uplifting and appreciating the little goals, Bella completely screwed it to fit her sick girl narrative


Gotta make it ✨dramatic✨


She was never at any point under some threat of death lmao. Girl had to purposefully go out and search for ANYTHING she could actually get medical attention for. Who does she make these posts for? People with diminished memory capacity? I mean seriously imagine instagramming your year long munch to madness doctor and surgeon shopping adventure and then acting like it all went down because you had some critical situation going on. These people are shameless and vile not to mention stupid to believe anyone is buying this kind of shit. All Bella WANTED was to be at home and not play lol. 🤡🤡🤡


She never wanted to play anyway.


Look I know she had a surgery but still nothing adds up.


*makes mental note


How old is she? Did she play professionally? Why is she calling it “retirement?” 😭




She didn't even technically play, idt... she realized she wasn't up to par with the other girls and started munching


Wait.. she was doing that running and falling down theatric at **college**? Like, in front of adult peers? Lol


There’s video. It’s *glorious*.


I can't find that, looked on her timeline i need to see it!!!


[Enjoy](https://vimeo.com/660196537). Most of them are just her being weird on her own, but the first one shows just how unimpressed everyone around her is by her nonsense. Courtesy of /u/2018MunchieoftheYear.


Thank you!!!




She has also said she has retired from coaching. When she did it for a couple weeks. She's probably putting it on her resume in this video. A resume that'll never be used.


She's still holding on to the lacrosse thing? Back in 82, Uncle Rico threw a pigskin a quarter of a mile....


She's gonna be just like Al Bundy.


She can't be a shoe salesperson with that stiff neck.


Hey, at least Al is pretty hilarious with his one-liners.


How much you wanna make a bet I could throw a football over them mountains? 😢


Lafonda was there…




OMG I’m deceased at this reference. 🦙


It wuz like greased lightning...


The "wait we're still alive" is so dramatic when none of her claimed conditions are life-threatening. hEDs and POTS are not terminal, and while you could experience severe complications from CCI, it's rare, and your level of instability would probably have to go beyond the "below average about 140 degrees" instability that Bella has (like it's not even typically considered pathological until it reaches 135, and most people with EDS have an angle of 139 +/- 7 degrees but ok). I can understand being fearful of having symptoms you don't understand, but c'mon. And then to couple it with a post-surgery picture, not a picture of you actively fighting for your life. Bella has no clue what it means to fight for her life.


the way she can’t move her neck is hilarious


Bella's upset that her pretend medical bullshit didn't grant her more time off from school.


I think this one may be in for a total shock with her parents cottoning on to her eventually, and refusing to enable her BS. Though I really can't say, as they seem to believe her so far, with no evidence of anything genuine.


“We’re alive?” Makes it seem like she just fought stage 4 cancer or something, not i faint when i cough disorder


Unconscious when sneeze 💀


... Ya know, people shouldn't get to be upset for the option to do classes (or work) from home. People have been desperately asking for this type of accommodation. It's a bit effect up it took everyone else needing it for the tech to be implemented, which was possible for decades, may not have been cheap but all the tech components to do remote work with vid conference/talk has been around longer than management are going to be wiling to admit. The truth shows... ETA: Can see how terrible it'd be for a college student though, missing that social interaction but, still... if your needs warrant from home, be happy and thankful you can.


This is what she wanted too. She went out of her way to get this. The hardest she ever worked was finding a shady doctor.


There are plenty of other ways to socialize even if you are an online college student. I grew up in the era where if you wanted or needed to go online, you could only choose from like 4 majors. God bless if you didn't have an interest in criminal justice because there just went half your options, lol. Anybody complaining doesn't know how good they have it.


Looking like mother Teresa


Congrats, FAFO. Now you'll be like this the rest of your life, even when the munching gets old. As much as she may regret it, the cringy videos of her faking countless symptoms will be on the internet forever.


Two questions: 1. Is her neck really that stiff/ impossible to move now? 2. More importantly, is pots_athlete changing to pots_ ...? Because I really need that to happen.


1. Looks like it is in this video, which sucks since she never actually needed the surgery given the hundreds of posts she made about her alleged symptoms. 2. Tbh she should just change her username at this point. She isn't even diagnosed with POTS, and she's hanging her hat on "retiring" after half a semester of college lacrosse 🙄


1. Wow so she really did maim herself for life. All for a few weeks' worth of attention. 2. I wonder if D2_lacrosse_player_1month was taken.


*I just got up to take my meds and BAM! Unconscious and woke up laughing and playing with my dog…*