God I hate the way she writes. She tries SO hard and it inevitably sounds like it was written by a middle schooler. Did she just recently find out the word “solely” exists?


Lol I have a hand wheel it was like 20 quid from Lidl. Stop bullshitting.


Even people with weak legs can use a regular bike. Sure a handcycle is great for people with issues using their legs—it’s much easier on your spine as well. But I will never forget the day I saw an athlete training, normal sight in my town, on her road bike, unmodified, with a SINGLE LEG. Not even a prosthetic, just one leg and a regular bike.


But keep in mind that's an athlete who likely just has an amputation, and as full control of their core and upper body. Just becuase you can use a regular bike with weak legs doesn't mean it's safe or practical. Someone might be able to ride a regular bike for a few miles but end up super symptomatic, but then try a recumbant bike/trike/handcycle and be able to go twice as far with few to no symptoms (eg like with POTS).


Biking is already easy on the legs but yes there are conditions that would make your legs to weak to cycle normally. Like paralysis, not POTS lmao. It’s not like you change positions while on a bike. It can be hard on your back to bike upright or on a road bike. But most people, especially Bethany here, have no need for a hand cycle or recumbent bike. It’s a luxury for a reason. Furthermore, cycling is not an activity I would suggest to someone who spends most of their day sitting or in bed. Walking even short distances would be much more useful. Swimming would be better. Cycling is NOT weight bearing activity and if you do it as your only form of exercise, your bones will get lighter and more brittle, unlike if you are doing weight bearing exercise.


What pisses me off is she has the fancy wheelchair and doesn't need it. While truly disabled people suffer in the cheap Walmart or Medicaid chairs. I'm talking about amputess and other disabled people . This chick has no idea what living life disabled is like.


Has she ever actually explained why her legs don’t work? I assume it’s just laziness, but I’m curious what she thinks is wrong with them.


Walking makes her sweat and she’s ~allergic~


Is this true? I mean anywhere else I would assume it’s sarcasm but in this thread you never know. They’re all idiots.


Lol she’s said so before, that sweat causes MCAS flare ups (which I do believe is true but I’m not 100% sure on the science of MCAS; not so sure she actually has that disorder tho which is why she is here)


Is she woman really comparing a pair of shoes to a wheelchair?! Also all the more laughable because we all know Bethany ain’t playing any basketball, hiking, or even riding a bike.


Nor has she EVER been active to do it. Let’s be honest, she never will. She says all these prices, so where did she get all money to buy these?


Let’s be real if someone gave Bethany a hand cicle right now we would never see her use it.


Is she just an idiot or what? Does adaptive equipment cost more? Yes, typically a *lot* more. But the supply and demand, as well as manufacturers producing adaptive equipment, are far fewer. Same thing with parts that are available to assemble and produce adaptive equipment. If you can produce something in larger quantities, you can sell it for less because it costs less to make. Not to mention, when they can see larger numbers of sales and higher profit margins, manufacturers can then invest innequipment to streamline the process, further reducing costs. It's not all *because it's for disabled people*.


Came here to say this. She also compared hiking boots to a chair. That’s like comparing apples to oranges. One clearly requires more material, and the materials are more costly too.


That’s like bitching “fancier appliances cost more… it’s not fair they are just greedy” They cost more bc materials cost more. The ducking entitlement


Of course it cost more Bethany , there’s more power and materials making it is she dumb !?


I would agree that this shouldn’t be so expensive because a lot of disabled people do struggle to have access to these things. They deserve all the same opportunities. But Bethany can walk, she is CHOOSING this life for herself and then complaining about it. It’s a slap in the face to genuinely disabled people.


“A sport wheelchair costs more than shoes!” Of-friggin-course it does! The cost of material, labor, manufacture, shipping, and everything else is exponentially more than the cost of those same things for shoes, for gods sake. That’s like being surprised that a leather upholstered recliner costs more than a plastic lawn chair. It’s basic economics. Would it be lovely if it was all free? Of course. But that’s not how the world works. If they lowered the price of a sport wheelchair to math the price of a pair of sneakers, they’d run themselves out of business pretty damn quick, and nobody would have wheelchairs to purchase because companies couldn’t afford to make them anymore.


That was my favorite part. Like in what world are you surprised/annoyed that athletic shoes are cheaper than a wheelchair?


I mean some of the comments are ableist as fuck on this thread . Are the disabled community at a disadvantage and often can’t get what they need without astronomical cost yes. But does that apply to Bethany’s lying swollen ass absolutely not.


Is she saying that it's untrue that adaptive stuff costs more because of hatred against the disabled or is she bummed out it costs more? You can read her post in two ways and I don't know what she is saying


yes because a custom made sports wheel chair is only cheaper then my nikes because the world hates disabled people


Is she seriously saying that the only reason a pair of trainers and a custom fitted sports wheelchair aren’t the same price is because of ableism???


I think that's EXACTLY what she's saying.


I read the first line and nope-ed out. Gurl can bike


Bethany is allergic to walking and needs to lay at a certain position so that their head doesn't fall off. While I can appreciate someone advocating for more financially accessible adaptive equipment, Bethany is the LAST person in the world who should be posting about it. She wasn't even active or competitive before she started to munch. I doubt that getting an adaptive bicycle would make her start biking miles every day.


TLDR; disabled people aren’t abled and it’s not fair and everyone’s problem and i’m gonna come on facebook and make everyone feel like shit for being abled


Take a shot each time she uses the word "solely".


Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots everybody! -lmfao via lil jon dec 2009


Ain’t nothing free, Bethany


She's shocked that an all-terrain wheelchair could cost more than a boot? Oh Yes, how ableist! It couldn't possibly be because it's bigger, more complex, takes more material to make, is made of more expensive materials, is harder to make, and is harder and more expensive to store/transport.


supply and demand are real


Bethany thinks she deserves a ton of fancy sports/hiking gear she literally would never use, when someone else could have it and actually make use of it. She flat out refuses to walk for no reason and I cannot believe the people around her tolerate it. How about you push your ultra light wheelchair with your arms for a bit before you start whining about not getting a hand cycle . It sucks , but is it really that hard of a concept to understand that customized specialty gear is way more expensive than off the rack stuff . There is no way something could work for everyone, and since there are less quantity being produced ,therefore it costs more, needs to higher quality and requires a degree of knowledge to be able to fit and customize it for someone . Stop demanding things you don’t need and won’t use.


She would never hike or use a bike anyway so why does she care


A month long bus pass costs $60 in a city but a car costs at least $6000 before gas, maintenance, and insurance. This is visible in the down-trodden eyes of rural people. Rural travel is more expensive simply because it’s rural.


yeah cause shoes use up as many resources as a wheelchair


The more I read about her, the more I think that her munching has been sort of a "front" for trying to be a disability pretender, but rather than just getting a mobility aid and using it, she's used other fake/self induced health issues to better "justify" her wheelchair use, especially in light of her having an "advanced" power chair rather than something like a more basic manual wheelchair or mobility scooter, because those might suggest that the user is able to walk unassisted short distances, but the power chair "means" full time user. Besides the drug seeking, it comes across to me like her real goal all along was to weasel her way into "being" disabled, thinking she'd magically get lots of attention, and trying to be a fake advocate. I agree with what others have said- she's ranting to deflect and rationalize her inactivity. And being "outraged" about the cost of DME because she'd have to pay for it because she's not actually disabled and able to qualify for other means of covering said equipment. Except that if she actually was given a handcycle and used it, or did any other exercise for that matter, there would be a snowstorm on Venus.


She could lose weight and get some Mobility back


You’re just asking for way too much there…


Back to the condescending videos with that smug face.


I hate the finger wagging thing. It never not comes across as incredibly condescending & immediately loses my attention out of annoyance. Go lecture your pet or practice in the mirror for the next doctor you plan to go full metal Karen on.


If she was truly unable to mobilise, she would have access to the equipment needed. In the uk they will provide you with cars, wheel chairs, stair lifts, even move you to accommodating housing! The fact is it’s based off priority. The reason she’s seeing these prices is because I’m guessing in her case, she’s having to BUY this equipment. Unfortunately for munchies, charity’s only give support to those who need it most, so yes; hers is probably limited. Also. Ofcourse specialised mobility aids are more expensive. Specialised shoes are too, just on a lower scale. Girl you don’t want to play basketball so why are you complaining?


This is in no way intended to imply that the munchies ailments are legitimate, but I have to clarify the UK situation... NHS wheelchair services are becoming *extremely* limited (though it is outsourced to different companies and so varies from region to region). Increasingly, anyone who can just about hobble from room to room - even those who have a referral from a doctor or occupational therapist - is considered ineligible for their help. Motability will supply a powerchair for those on the higher rate mobility payment of PIP, but they can't have that in addition to an adapted car (which is fair enough). Stairlifts and such like are courtesy of disability grant schemes, but these are limited to those on the lowest incomes.




Exactly. Being obese and too lazy to walk probably doesn't qualify for disability that gets you these resources.


In the region I live in, there are groups that will loan out hand bikes, all terrain wheelchairs, and even the specialized wheelchairs for stuff like wheelchair rugby or tennis. There are grant programs to help fund these items.


The qualifications for the grants are very limited. Most require an SCI diagnosis and VERY detailed letters from medical providers, we all know Bethany doesn’t have an SCI or providers who would write these lengthy letters. Those without and SCI don’t qualify for much, if anything.


Challenged Athlete Foundation does require a physician's letter (documenting permanent disability), but it's open to a ton of different physical disabilities, not just SCI's. Just in case anyone is legit looking for grant funding. But I agree that the large majority of grants are for children or veterans or if you have an SCI, which is super frustrating. Like, people with all sorts of diagnoses want to be able to play sports or go biking with their family, not just veterans and people with SCI's... (Obviously excluding individuals like Bethany...)


The ones that aren’t specifically for SCI are typically for children or veterans. I know a few people who got adaptive cycling equipment through those kind of programs, and know people who have funded stuff like gait trainers the same way.


oh my fucking god of course a high end specialized wheelchair is more expensive than fucking shoes




oh absolutely, the entire post is utterly ridiculous, but that specific line really stood out as just bewilderingly dumb eta: by bullshit i mean her posting it in this oh-poor-me-with-my-humble-superiority-complex tone and centering herself way, not in a societal-ableism-is-bullshit way, because it certainly is but hobbling yourself to be a smug and obnoxious spokesperson for your own entitlement doesn't quite fall under it


AAAAAHHH that smug fucking face.


I’m not saying that no adaptive equipment or tools is more expensive just because it can be, but these are awful examples. I’d certainly expect a specialized wheel chair, which has to be at least somewhat fitted to the individual, to cost more to even produce or design than a sneaker




It's also kinda hilarious because you can get exercise pedals from sites like Amazon that basically emulate a handcycle, except it's just sitting on the table in front of you. Like the tabletop handcycle version of a "typical" exercise bike. They're $25 or so, so it's not like she'd even have to shell out a ton of money to practice handcycling. Or rather, to pretend she's handcycling.


HOW DUMB DO YOU *ACTUALLY* HAVE TO BE TO NOT UNDERSTAND THAT "PRODUCT A" (A normal thing that normal people use) IS GOING TO COST LESS BECAUSE THE COMPANY MAKING AND SELLING THAT SHIT CAN SELL A WHOLE SHITLOAD OF THEM FOR LOWER PRICES BECAUSE THEY'LL SELL A BUNCH OF THEM AND STILL MAKE MONEY TO COVER THEIR COST OF PRODUCING THE PRODUCT, AND YOUR ADAPTIVE "PRODUCT B" COSTS ADDITIONAL MONEY TO PRODUCE AND DEVELOP, WHILE SELLING A FRACTION OF THE NUMBER OF THEM, THEREFORE IT NEEDS TO BE MORE EXPENSIVE BECAUSE NO ONE IS IN THE BUSINESS OF MAKING AND SELLING SHIT TO LOSE MONEY? It's not more expensive *because* it has an "adaptive" label on it; it costs more money to have to create an adaptive product and sell it- I cant believe I even had to type that. She's literally saying it's bullshit that someone out there isn't kind enough to lose money to make her happy. lol. What a gross, entitled attitude to have.


And on top of that she compared the costs of sports/hiking shoes to a whole ass wheelchair. 🙄


Thank you! 🙌 Your post expressed my exact thoughts after seeing what she wrote. It's almost like she's saying "adaptive" is the same as making 2 of the same products but charging more for the pink one because it's for women. Adaptive equipment is specialized to actually help the person needing it, and there's a whole lot that goes into that!


''Limited use of their legs'' is a hell of a lot different than using a complex powerchair like she has, and d'you what need for a complex powerchair often excludes you from? Adaptive sport. Nvm the fact she isn't eligible by virtue of, oh I don't know, not having a classifiable deficit because she's not disabled. (also, adaptive sports clubs generally don't expect you buy your own wheelchair straight off, some research please) The reason Bethany here has ''minimal options for movement and activities'' is simply due to choice, and not due to the very real financial barriers that physically disabled people face. Once again, ridiculous appropiation of a real issue that just doesn't apply here at all. Here is what is bullshit, an able bodied person cosplaying as their idea of a disabled person because they implictly (and falsely) associate disability with lack of forward progression in their lives. EDIT: the comparision of shoes, an off the shelf commodity, to a personalised sports wheelchair is insane.


How would she not be able to use a recumbent bike? Her legs aren’t paralyzed.


Because she is lazy as fuck and that would require the use of her own physical energy. That's *way* too much to ask of her.


“The down trodden eyes” 😂😂


She's an idiot and should maybe use all he downtime to take a basic business class. Always the neverending victim. And comparing the cost of sport shoes to a sport wheelchair? Did she not learn her basic shapes as a child?


I bet she is using this as an excuse to not exercise and move her body since bike rides are frequently recommended as a lower impact (and fun!) exercise/activity.


A 400 dollar bike isn’t “nice” it’s (probably) “functional” it’s mass produced box store bike. It’s not specialized equipment, lightweight material, etc.


Bethany has obviously never set foot in a specialty bike shop before. Good, entry level mountain bikes are over $500. The last time I was in my local bike shop picking a part for a cheap, big box store bike, I saw bikes that were 6k, and those aren’t even the most expensive ones in that shop’s inventory...


I don’t think you can say a wheelchair is more expensive than a pair of shoes ‘solely because it’s adaptive’


She’s acting like someone who is in wheelchair can’t buy those same basketball shoes. Comparing a wheelchair to basketball shoes is not even a close comparison.


If only she could use her legs to operate a regular bicycle. Oh wait…


It’s almost like the specialty adaptive equipment she is referring to requires materials, components, and specialized labor that the generic, mass made shoes she is comparing the equipment to do not. That is before the adaptive equipment is set up for you too. If you compare generic shoes to a generic wheel chair, the price isn’t that off. Same with generic bikes. Now, once you start getting into the specialty and handcrafted items for those, the price jumps dramatically as the materials and skilled labor changes. One of the shitty things about being disabled is accepting there are going to be things that are inaccessible to you because you can’t afford it. Not being disabled doesn’t prevent you from running into life limitations like that, but developing a disability later in life where something that was once cheap and easily accessible to you is no longer something you can do because you can’t afford the equipment that would allow you to is just one of those shitty parts of life. And frankly when you’re talking about wheelchairs for hiking, something tells me they’re no where near the letting you access the great outdoors in the same way as you did before if you were an avid hiker. In the grand scheme of paying the disabled tax, this is a rather ridiculous point to focus on.


lol when I read “all-terrain hiking wheelchair” for some reason I pictured her going up like a mountain or something in like basically a tiny tank 😂




SHES NOT FUCKING PARALYZED. Doesn’t need a fucking hand cycle.


she does not have the stamina for a hand cycle anyway


The optimal method of outdoor freedom is attached to your body, Bethany. They’re called legs. Try them out sometime instead of ranting about equipment you do not need. I don’t understand why others should feel bad that shoes are cheaper than adaptive hiking equipment. No shit they are. I do think things like shoes AND adaptive equipment are exorbitantly expensive at times. Cuz you know, you can think two things at the same time. And I feel for the people who *do* need adaptive equipment to have fun in life but she doesn’t fall into that category. Also, a relatively cheap stationary bike would do her some good rebuilding the strength she let waste away when she gets sick of not walking when she very well can. This “friendly PSA” is the most smug and annoying thing I’ve read today, I swear.


If I rolled my eyes any harder I'd snap my fucking optic nerve. Shut uuuuuuuuuup. God just go walk you lazy entitled skag. You CAN. THERES SO MANY REAL DISABLED PEOPLE THAT WISH THE COULD.


The smug tAnk is back!!! Tank, Tank, Tank!!!


You know what IS free? Your legs.


prices of shoes and wheelchairs are not comparable like that…


Also hiking shoes are not deductible or reimbursable medical expenses


Neither are sports wheelchairs.


prices of shoes and wheelchairs are not comparable like that…


I thought she could walk so is she just complaining about having to get another one?


$400 for a nice bicycle? Where? Hook me up!


i think this is less about adaptive equipment and more about her parents telling her to go exercise (because they know she can actually walk) and her trying to find a reason not to. of course adaptive equipment is often cost prohibitive but she also dropped the cash for a modified van that she absolutely doesn’t need sooooo


If you walk into your friendly local bike shop, a "standard" bike is probably going to \*start\* at $1200ish. Just because they sell $400 bikes at a big-box store doesn't mean it's going to be durable. Nice try, Bethany.




What's your point?


$400 buys a nice trek bike. No?


Did you read the description of the bike?


I'm the first one to say that adaptive equipment should be cheaper than it is (espeically since some disabled people are unable to work and survive on the social benefit system). However, these comparisons are just silly. Of course a *wheelchair* is going to be more expensive than a pair of shoes. A wheelchair takes significantly more materials - as well as completely different materials - to make, than a pair of shoes. A wheelchair also will take a lot longer to make than a pair of shoes, and will have much stricter quality/safety checks. More materials + more time = more money. Yes it sucks but unless we fully abolish capitalism, that isn't going to change anytime soon.


Yeah I was following at first until she started making those comparisons. I get what she was going for but she really missed the mark lol…


>down trodden eyes of the disabled community Oh shut up


I hope she never realizes that she uses so many phrases incorrectly in her attempt to be a severely profound writer. Bethy’s purple prose forever 😤


She’s obnoxious.


Shoes ≠ sport wheelchair


Correct healthcare is fucked with high costs, but wrong messenger. This person just uses their wheelchair as a prop to justify the need for narcotics.


y'all think bethany would use a hand cycle?


Oh hell no! She probably believes exercise is ableist.


In the words of fat-liberation spokesperson Ragen Chastain, "you don't owe anyone movement."


Oh no, I forgot she exists and now I remember 😭


Why can’t Bethany walk? Oh, that’s right. She just… can’t. For… reasons.




She looked up synonyms of oppressed.




how is she surprised that a pair of shoes and whole ass wheelchair arent the same price lmao


When your dr thinks you need these insurance will cover them. Just saying. There are also charities that cover all these things if you show them the dr says you need them. Some will even pay to put a wheelchair lift in your van. So why would she need the money for these things?


That’s not the right way to answer to that, because then she would be right 😅 Insurances don’t cover the kind of stuff she’s talking about I think because it’s not a need, not a like a custom wheelchair, it’s more to enjoy outdoors activities. And that’s very important but I don’t think in the insurance line. Then the charities also doesn’t help everyone and it’s a long process. It’s just a small market and it’s expensive that’s all. Frankly if really there’s something to complain it would be for the prices of the daily wheelchairs, especially when you have to pay most of it and you need it to survive.


Thank you. People have so many misconceptions about what insurance covers; some people glibly assume insurance covers everything related to a disability and it's far from the case. But while the price disparity Bethany describes is true, as people are saying, it's comparing different beasts; adaptive sports equipment is complex and more of a limited market, so prices are going to be higher.


Does it suck? Yes, but those things cost more money to produce and have a much smaller customer base, so they have to charge more in order to make money. Not everything is a personal vendetta to make things more expensive for people with disabilities. I also find it interesting when she's complaining and hasn't ever shown a legitimate reason she needs these things. There are many that DO need them, but don't have the power chairs or accessible van


Just because you say it's a fact, doesn't mean that it is one.


Bu… but… don’t the smirkface and fingerwag make it so? /s


I hate capitalism, too, but thinking ableism is the sole factor as to why there is a difference in value between basketball shoes and a custom, medical-grade wheelchair is embarrassing.


Stop faking and get a job! Problem solved!


I like how she compares shoes to wheelchairs


So the person who doesn't actually need adaptive equipment is lecturing everyone on how it's bullshit that the adaptive equipment she does not need is so much more expensive without even glancing at the notion that most of the adaptive equipment she describes but does not need or use is usually custom made and/or requires a whole lot more engineering to be safe and feasible and/or requires special materials. She gets on an awful lot of high horses that do not belong to her.....


Hey, hey! She needs adaptive equipment just to GET on all these high horses! Quit being so ableist! /s just in case




What are down trodden eyes?


Sad eyeballs that have been repeatedly stepped on.




Besides the a lot of the expense is due to the fact that adaptive equipment doesn't have the same demand as anything else on market aside... Most adaptive equipment is custom for the individual who needs them. That and from an engineering and mechanical standpoint, they need to be built to ensure that it can withstand what it's needed for. You're not going to take a basic-ass wheelchair bought at walmart on a hike. Not only would it hurt, but you'd likely ruin the fuck out of the wheels. So you need something a little more rugged to withstand sharp, pointy rocks and dirt. Same with a handcycle. It's not that hard to make a half-way decent bicycle, but even bicycles aren't one-size-fits-all. Mass market bikes have weight limits (~250lbs) and anything beyond that is more expensive _because it's using metals that can withstand more weight_. It's not uncommon to see a bike rated for a max of 400lbs+ being hundred of dollars because it's made with steel, not aluminum. Hand cycles are a lot more complicated and have a lot more moving parts than a basic 12 gear mountain bike, they need to be designed in such a way to last a good while without the extra parts needed to turn the wheels breaking easily.


She’s comparing bottom tier Walmart bicycles to custom made DME. A more reasonable comparison would be a Cannondale or a Trec, which are “cheap” for daily riders but cost over $1500. Cheap wheelchairs exist too. And they have all the features and durability of a cheap ass bicycle so what’s her point?


Seriously. You can find both cheap bikes and manual wheelchairs for around $300 at [Walmart](https://www.walmart.ca/browse/health/home-health-care/mobility-aids/wheelchairs/6000199008297-20058-31762-6000195330315), just as you can find better quality bikes and wheelchairs for $1,500. I suppose she's arguing that the quality isn't equivalent between bikes and wheelchairs in the same price range, but I imagine there is more demand for bikes, and so more manufacturers, and so more optimized build processes - that's unfortunately standard capitalism at work.


They cost more because they cost more to produce?


And also because it’s a small market simply