‘Don’t want to talk about’, they say typing a multi-page novel. Don’t want to talk about it. But. I. Must. For the sake of munchsplaining masquerading as a heart-wrenching infomercial. ‘It won’t make sense to folks that don’t have it’. Mild gaslighting of those to whom it makes no sense detected. ‘I worked so hard on my medical PTSD’. What exactly did you do to ‘work on it’? Why do you think you have a medical PTSD? That post for sure was not prescribed by a doctor nor discussed with a mental health professional. ‘Reassuring me will not help’ & ‘Questioning why I am upset isn’t helpful’. Ever tried cognitive-behavioral therapy? Providing support is unhelpful, naturally, and neither is inquiring. Tough. It’s almost as if the situation is set up in such a way that relief was not possibly imaginable, and the isolation unbearable. Don’t ask why though. Not helpful. The only truthful and valid element of this is ‘I have too much time on my hands’. That, too, however, is retraumatizing in the most messed up way - it reminds them how it all began, but most importantly even that argument does not really survive 5 minutes of airtime since being a patient is squeezing the air from the lungs. CBT. DBT. WTF.


Does the necklace say nipple?


Cr*pple I think


Oh come oooooonn! Ok, both are ridiculous, but that makes more sense than nipple. Thank you!


Seems like most of these issues could be resolved by continuing work. You know, the freelance job, the job that’s basically designed to be picked up/dropped on short notice. Also I can’t with that necklace. Just why.


So, is she going to the butcher in Maryland or Ling Island?


I don't think munchies understand the difference between PTSD and normal anxiety.


Well then you wouldn’t get to claim two diagnoses


PTSD is in capital letters!


NORMAL ANXIETY See? Special enough yet? Lmao


Wait, what? Her surgery was postponed because she's covid positive, but the last slide says negative and asymptomatic? Is she insinuating that the test was a false positive, or is she losing track of her bullshit? I'm confused.... I really don't care that she wants to refer to herself as a cripple. I'm all in favor of people referring to themselves any way they wish. The necklace, though... not so much. And I'm not even sure which is worse, what it says or the fact that it's practically illegible. It's almost like she wants to challenge the idea of "cripple" being a slur but doesn't want anyone in public to know it, if that makes any sense...


I thought it said nipple lol thanks for clarifying. That makes more sense.


I think she means she’s covid negative *now*, her original post saying she was positive was 3 days ago.


Oh, ok. The "negative and asymptomatic this entire time" threw me on that one. It sounded like she was saying she was both negative and asymptomatic, the way I read it. That would make more sense, if she meant that she was negative now and asymptomatic this entire time.


Damn I thought it said nipple


Lol, it's interesting seeing what everyone read that word as. And once they say it, I can totally see it.


> I really don’t care that she wants to refer to herself as a cripple. Hah, I’m too much On my own wavelength. I thought the necklace said “whipple” like the procedure for a moment and thought… “just wow”. Then I kept reading.


Me too!


I also thought it said “whipple” and I only had a vague knowledge of “Mr. Whipple” so I was oh so very lost.


I seriously thought it said tripple and wondered who that was.




The doesnt want to be defined by her illnesses but she walk around with a necklace saying 'cripple'??... I can only imagine what was going through the person's head who made this.




I see “uipple” but I went to public school so


I see rripple.


That necklace says "tripple " and you can't change my mind.


Yup. Same. *Points at necklace whenever bartender asks how much whiskey you want*


She reminds me of those kids who go around claiming that they have severe depression but when asked about it, they say they don't wanna talk about it but randomly spew bullshit online on Instagram. She reminds me of a 13 year old emo.


This right here.


But she doesn't want to talk about it!!


A bit off topic but that pink hair is so very pretty! The only redeeming quality of the whole post.


No income. No job. No prospects. Hair and nails all fancied up to show off your ableist jewelry. Make it make sense.


The fact that she paid money for a custom “cripple” necklace…. for fuck sake, *that* is over the top.


She will be starting at the ACLU by the end of the year


I don’t wanna talk about it *talks about it a lot*


« (still bad, still don’t wanna talk about it) » *procedes to talk about it in 3 full slides*


I was trying to figure out why her necklace says "nipple" until i read the comments


Same 💀


Just say all the little cards and logistics set up for this day has now to be re done, and that does suck. NO one likes having procedures cancelled, unless you are maybe a pet and you are about to get spayed/neutered. Fairy sure if those cuties can talk they'd scream NOOOOooooo!


That necklace just REALLY rubs it in how badly these people only care about themselves and think they are the only disabled person in the world. I get that some people want to reclaim slurs and stuff, but you don't just go ahead and wear publicly like that. Not everyone has the same views on words like that, and some disabled people will be incredibly offended by that. There are plenty of people with disabilities who would give her serious shit for that.


being offended by the word cripple seems like a personal problem honestly


I don't quite think that's the problem.


fr. i "get" being self deprecating if youre disabled and referring to yourself as a cr*pple with people you know in private, but a necklace thats so visible could easily lead to non-disabled people thinking they can ""reclaim"" that word too. its a good thing that unless you squint it looks more like it says "nipple"🤭


Exactly, it's just so so wrong! And same, I honestly was stuck wondering between nipple and tripple 😂


Ah yes, I too shell out money for a custom-made necklace to showcase an upsetting (but mild) slur against the disabled around my neck... /s She paid a company (probably sunecklace because they use that exact font on a lot of their products) real money to get herself a necklace with the word "cripple" in the trashiest ""cutesy"" font out there that makes it look like the word "nipple". Throw the whole damn thing out.


I misread it as "nipple" and was confused why someone would want that. I'm still confused why someone would want that. I think even more so actually now knowing what it actually says.


I’d definitely take a necklace that says “nipple” over “cripple.” Actually…. Now I want to find a random word and make it into one of those. Pork’n’beans maybe?


Same lol, I thought it was just subtle naughty jewelry. Given what it actually says though, I gotta wonder if she never thought of people potentially asking her what the necklace says due to the font and how she'd address it each time if she chose to wear this in public? "What's your necklace say?" Oh it says 'cripple'. "...oh, uhm, okay cool..." Like... surely not? 😶


I thought it said wipple


Me too


“I don’t want to talk about it further” then goes on to discuss it in 10 additional slides.


Also, in the firsts posts, she claimed she tested positive for covid. But on the latest one, she said she tested negative?! Make it make sense!


Someone in comments here said the posts were several days apart. I take it as they were negative at that point and had been asymptomatic throughout? But worded weird? But I don’t know I could be way off. Nothing surprises me anymore lol


Not too sure how I feel about her using that slur… and wearing it as jewellery?


😱She did not. No. We are all collectively hallucinating. It's the Mandella effect. That is not what her necklace says. Sweet fancy Moses, I am beyond disgusted.


What does this necklace say???!?!!?


i read it at triple”


I see “cripple” 🤔






*I have no income* Notice how she never claims that she can't work. She chose to not work while preparing for the bar exam. Then chose to do nothing for a few months after the bar. And chose to continue her time off to recover from a surgery that her surgeon was comfortable scheduling months in the future.


Also if she’s in the US, the bar is given twice a year (July & Feb), everyone knows this, and entry level law jobs are built around that schedule. She’s full of bs.


She is in the US. She started planting the seeds for her failing the bar due to disability discrimination months before she sat for it. And she knows that firms that recruit first year associates won't entertain countless attempts at the bar.


And too much time one her hands. Gee, maybe getting a job would help! 🥴


And she said she has freelance work. Why not do that?! I mean, if it’s freelance, then you can do it (almost) whenever you can, and it gives you the flexibility of doing it while waiting for another surgery date that could be anytime…🙄


thought that said nipple.


I did too....I was just so confused


I’m confused…if she is so disabled that she wears disable slurs on a chain, why is she not on disability payments?


She has a job lined up with the ACLU (that’s in her bio) and they’ve allowed her to delay her start so she could have surgery which she explained on a story last week or so.


I don't want to talk about; proceeds to write mini essay. Is this person a lawyer or just cosplaying? How do they claim zero income then say they work?


I thought that said "triple" then re-read it and was like wtf. It's so insulting and who tf would want jewlery like that except the munchies


I thought that was seen as the same as the 'R' word. Poor taste either way, in my opinion


It is. I mean, people use it self-deprecatingly but wearing it as jewelry in a mixed crowd is pretty loud.


So we’re wearing slurs as jewelry now?


sErViCe JeWeLrY dO nOt ReAd


I was hoping my vision had just really deteriorated, and I was reading that wrong


Why stop there? “belly shitter” would probably be a total hit with the ostomy crowd. Heavy emphasis on the **/S**


Don’t give the munchies ideas. One of the ones lurking is liable to open an Etsy shop touting such verbiage as eMbrAcInG aCcEpTaNcE and PoSiTiViTy