Logan's lack of empathy is ASTOUNDING.


This person is a nuclear grade flapjack


She is the last person to say it’s not about you. She needs to tell herself that in the mirror every single day


You ever just think to yourself "I hope this person hits a shitty pothole on every single car ride they ever take again?" Pepperidge Farms does.


Logan has such a bad attitude. For someone who relies on crowd funding and charity often, the arrogance is astounding.


my SUFFERING caused by shit that i DID TO MYSELF


„i’m not comparing struggles“ *compares struggles*


I've only been on this sub for a couple days, but I can already tell this "Logan" person is a major narcissist.


Don't you dare to downplay my ["symptoms"]! How charming, really.


i love when people share their absolutely nuclear take, decide to die on that hill while also claiming they’re being misinterpreted, and leave the original post which they’re getting in trouble for up so everyone can clearly tell there is no misinterpretation


Don't down play my experiences by saying it isn't as bad as something that is much worse than it while I'm also comparing struggles to say mine is worse!


Logan: says some thing ass headed Gets bad response Also Logan: surprised Pikachu face


Also Logan: Angry Pikachu face while screaming that it's everyone else's fault


No apology in sight it seems. Definitely the hallmarks of a good person.


“How dare you imply there are others sicker than me! I am the most sick and the most special so how dare you take the spotlight from me” 😬 that’s what I got from it


Same lol


I may get down votes for this, and I'll accept that. But I get their sentiment, while I do think they went about it in a very poor fashion. There is an actual issue with society "downplaying," as people like to say, other's struggles by comparing to a worse scenario and telling the person, "well at least it isn't X!!" (with X typically being cancer). I feel it is important to understand that *most people are doing that with good intentions and not to make someone feel shitty*. A much better way to go about this sort of thing would be to, I don't know, *explain* to people that, while you appreciate their attempt to comfort you, it actually comes across as patronizing or judgmental to many people with health conditions that are not cancerous, because it can invalidate their struggles with whatever their personal health condition is. Of course, this person is on this page for a reason and is obviously loving playing the victim. But I just wanted to point out that there *is* a societal issue with this sort of thing, though it helps no one to make a snarky video like they did, implying that their use of non-PO nutrition, which still allows them a long, quality lifetime, *is* worse than cancer. All gor them to get views and piss people off.


yeah they could have easily made a post abt this issue in a more respectful way just by not bringing cancer (/anything) into it. “hey, it could be worse!” “I know, and I’m grateful…but it could also be a lot better than this!” would get the point across just fine.


People downplay medical issues all the time but if someone is going to address it, they should probably do so in a way that doesn’t downplay someone else’s situation. I don’t get Logan’s sentiment at all because Logan made a conscious choice to be a jerk. They literally did exactly what they were complaining about.


That's literally what my comment said. The issue that they brought up is a real issue, but they went about addressing it in an inappropriate way for views and to piss people off.


Yes but you were talking specifically about their sentiment. Their sentiment was not that it isn’t ok to compare illnesses. Their sentiment was that their life is as hard or harder than that of a cancer patient. The precipitating social issue is the same but Logan did not frame their response as altruistic commentary because they themselves are not altruistic.




I’m not getting pissy? I thought this was a casual conversation…


I apologize. It's difficult to read tone via text.


i'm sorry but the "dont you dare downplay my experience with a paralysed stomach BECAUSE YOUR GRANDAD DIED LIKE WTH" comment was so insensitive and wrong. "this post isnt about you" - but it kinda was tho wasnt it? invalidating cancer because you arent getting enough attention on your feeding tube and condition that is well managed.


I can’t stand this trend of saying incredibly abrasive and insensitive shit and leaning on “it isn’t about you” or “this is just my experience” or “I’m just being honest” as an excuse for it. If you go out of your way to say something that is objectively obnoxious and completely lacking in any degree of tact and someone gets offended, contrary to the narrative being pushed by the terminally narcissistic, it’s not their problem for being offended. It’s yours.




I don't think they'd be able to feel that level of empathy.


Logan is for sure backpedaling here. If the intent wasn’t to compare, why bring up cancer in the first place?


Almost every situation *could* be worse and there’s nothing wrong with being grateful that the situation ISNT worse, and acknowledging that doesn’t invalidate from your experience


Okay but it literally COULD be worse. Logan is not dying from gastroparesis. Their condition is being managed. And by bringing cancer into it, they are making the post about other people's experiences too and comparing struggles. If you are comparing your condition to cancer, and your condition is objectively not as bad, then you kinda deserve to have people "downplay your suffering." Logan is very lucky. It's very painfully obvious from this post that they have never had a family member, friend, or even an acquaintance be affected by cancer in any way.


*shrugs* Could be worse.


Oh my lord really? They need to get a life and stop downplaying shit themselves.


“i know someone died but pls respect my SUFFERING !!”


“Don’t you dare downplay my experience” Logan says, five minutes after they thoroughly downplayed someone else’s experience.


But that’s exactly what they implied when posting that video. They got what they wanted from it: attention. Now they’ll say it harmed them and blame everyone else for their problems.


Everything is about them, they have no capacity to empathize or understand others pain.