ummm can she leave the peds supplies for the peds patients?


Is there any real difference between the paediatric and adult formulas (beyond maybe calories per ml) I mean clearly it's more asspats if you're so smol and fragile you need kids formula, but they'd never admit that


While there’s a massive baby formula shortage…..


What's with all the munchies shilling for Kate farms formulas?


So weird right? ;)


It's the "cool" brand right now despite it really not being the best. As a supplement by mouth it might be a little better than pediasure, but it's still full of sugar syrups. Research shows the best formula for tube feeding is whole foods pureed and giving a variety is best (but giving something like pediasure harvest and supplementing with homemade purees of a variety every day would likely have similar effects). There's better formulas to take by mouth too if they can take standard Kate farms. I'm not going to post any here because they should be left for the kids/people who actually need them.


Whoa Nelly. Doesn't she feed via j tube??


I don't follow closely enough to know, but they should if they're claiming gastroparesis as the reason they can't eat food. Makes no sense to just put the formula in the stomach if the problem is the stomach muscles not working properly to empty the stomach. But when I checked their flair, the post before this is about not being able to tolerate their formula anymore because of the gastroparesis which is only logical if it's a g-tube and not a j-tube. She was on a better formula for her gi system and health if she's being truthful, but it doesn't have the Kate farms name.


I took it as she's on tube feeds dt gp, and wasn't tolerating feeds because [whatever reason , I dont remember]. In any case, those with gp can still not tolerate feeds into j tubes, and the only "food" bring put directly into the jejunum is formula specifically made for that. People essentially running smoothies into j tubes is a real, big problem


That could be what they meant, I just figured they would have let everyone know if something else was causing intolerance of their feeds. And unless there are other medical conditions impacting the digestion of food, blenderized diets and formulas can go into a J-tube and have improved health outcomes (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6660979/#!po=26.9231). They said themselves that they could tolerate pediasure harvest but couldn't get it, so ended up with Kate farms. If they needed an elemental formula because of other GI issues, they would have been prescribed one but they weren't.


I should've been clearer that I was specifically referencing gp pts shouldn't run smoothies. I don't actually recommend anyone put blenderized/pureed food into j tubes, but I meant gp-ers. It's also worth noting (not saying you said otherwise) that a lot of the "real" foods people tend to think of when deciding what to throw in a blender are high fodmap foods pts w gp shouldn't be consuming at all.


There definitely needs to be oversight from GI and/or nutrition to mix blenderized formulas, I figured people weren't just going to read a reddit comment and head to their kitchen 😅


Lol well we would *hope* not, but stranger things have happened! 😂


Yes, you’re right. You usually cannot tolerate real food blends in your J, only G.




Yikes this comment is just embarrassing


How so?


Probably generalizing all people with ED’s. But tbh it’s true for so many people, I’ve seen in. So while it may have been a bit snarky I meeeean they are not totally off the mark


This is literally a standard formula not even peptide. The only difference in this and the adult would be the fat content.


And the fat content is exactly why Logan wants the pediatric formula. In an ED mind fat = evil. So if they can get away with using a brand that has less fat in it, by claiming they can't "tolerate" the other brands, then they will try to get the one with the least fat in it. In this case the pediatric formula.


I just don’t get why they chose Kate Farms. Even the pediatric formula has 12g of fat and the adult formula has 19g (I’m using the values for adult standard 1.4). There are plenty of brands with far fewer grams of fat that are also elemental — Vivonex RTF for example has 3g. ED brain is probably also telling them that they need a formula free of *everything* — dairy, eggs, gluten, soy etc., though, so that would be my guess as to why the weird non-logic. Edit: words hard


I think part of it is that it’s considered like a bougie brand so it’s more expensive therefore they’re extra special to require it


Or maybe it's more "natural" since the organic label is slapped onto it


That's probably part of it. Orthorexia with extra steps!


Any responsible dietician would require them to have a fat additive. Of course they’ll probably not add it. I just don’t understand if they’re on a standard formula and they’re claiming to not tolerate it why not try a peptide version of an adult formula. That’s usually what’s done.


Logan probably claimed they could not tolerate it either, or any other one but this one. I don't think you understand how much munchies can grift and mislead people to get what they want. I have also heard of plenty of ways how ED people have ways to not get the required amount of calories through their tube they need. I will not elaborate further because I don't want to give people ideas.


I know the way and can also imagine myself. I’m a therapist who specializes in Ed’s so I’m very familiar with the Ed mindset


Wouldn’t she need more nutrients than are in pediatric? With the formula shortage, its despicable she is taking it from sick children


Yes!! ANY children though!! This is what I came here to say. The eating of baby food and formula PISSES ME OFF SO BADLY!! I’ve had people argue with me over this and idc it’s just not right. The shortage has been so hard on Moms with littles who (not by choice like these asshats) actually can only eat certain stuff. So inconsiderate.


This is so frustrating, I’m working with actually sick peds on tube feeds that have issues with supplies. This is frustrating


There are peds rehab nurses (and RRT, RD, OT, PT, ABCDEFG & WXYZ staff) who have banded together recently and are buying three kinds of elemental formula to help out a couple families who just don't have access to it right now. There are several reasons for shortages, but the rise in people behaving like Logan here is definitely a factor. It's sorta along the lines of the self-centered pricks who hoarded all the toilet paper a few years ago, except that no kid's literal survival was dependent upon having Charmin to wipe their bums.


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! For doing what you are doing an saying what you said!


That is so awesomely nice of them❤️


Why are munchies so obsessed with peds stuff


it’s an eating disorder thing. being small and fragile. it’s like how a lot of (mostly women) with eating disorders will adopt a high pitched childish voice or brag about shopping in the children’s section.


Wait, some women want a high pitched voice? I don't know why but that seems like the oddest thing to me


Because small is better


How tf they afford that much?


Insurance pays


I think they said in their last post that they were “forced to pay out of pocket” for the Kate Farms formula


I still wanna know what insurance is paying for Logan's formula.


I don’t know what insurance pays, but most likely every insurance pays for this since it’s a life sustaining supply.


Commercial insurance does not typically pay for enteral formula for adults. The assumption is that the pt would have to put that money toward groceries/food if they weren't getting HEN, so they'll deny those claims. They do pay for supplies and equipment with "minimal" hassle. The only exception I've seen for adult pts is when the underlying condition is congenital, and even then they're sometimes asses about it. I don't know much about Medicaid reimbursements for formula, so that's something I considered as a possibility, as we'll as Logan maybe paying out the ass for supplemental (hehe) insurance policy that would cover things above/beyond standard policies.


Oh trust me, they'll fight tooth and nail on it trying to claim its "not medicallynecessary."... at least medicaid will when the patient is a baby/toddler/child. And their doctors will have to repeatedly call and send in all kinds of medical records to try to prove just how necessary it is. The insurance fights the hardest on babies/toddlers/children sadly


The most vulnerable 😢


Indeed 😔 and if they have any food allergies or sensitivities requiring elemental formulas or others, as many medically complex kiddos have, it's even harder. Kate Farms is notoriously difficult to get insurance to cover in pediatric cases. I mean donor breastmilk widely isn't covered either despite being proven to help premature infants, babies with CHD, babies who are impatient for extended periods (especially if they are intubated and can't be held much), and babies with food sensitivity to heal and recover more effectively and to thrive. And while it's illegal to "sell" breastmilk, the places that do the testing and pasteurization, bottling, and distribution do have to charge.. not for the milk itself but to cover the costs of operation. Seeing a subject who's munched their way into a feeding tube receiving Kate Farms, and the potential that insurance covered it for her is infuriating. So many families are tens of thousands of dollars or more in debt just trying to feed their child, without taking medical debt into account. Some of them end up going back to the hospital because at least there their insurance will cover it until discharge. That,k and the hospital may be able to send them home with a few cans/boxes.however, in a country where there's a shortage on baby formulas, it's only gotten more difficult. ETA: "without taking medical debt into account"


Where are you located that it's illegal to sell breastmilk?


Plus if I remember correctly, Logan actually grifted her followers for (extra) formula in the past.