What in the fanfic? (Sorry not dissing fanfics) but nah she's full of sh as usual 🤢😒


He's not real, but I hope he is and that they get married. Sorry if this makes me a bad person.


If she had a fusion (which she absolutely didn’t) why is her neck tilted like that? That’s absolutely not allowed this soon after CCI fusion lmao


Sounds like a stalker, but that’s none of my business. 🐸☕️


Bella looks so bored 24/7….


And then they gave her a key to the city.




I completely agree, but I feel absolutely awful for those who truly do suffer from those illnesses, have legit diagnoses and post about it online to find a community and to not feel so alone. I absolutely despise people who fake things that people around me have... And then they suffer because of it.


Yeah I know some of them are truly sick and are looking for a community to be able to share stories with and feel like they're not the only one. It's all very sad. These people may not be physically sick, but they are definitely not mentally well and that can be painful to deal with.


In my comment, I wasn't referring to any subjects on this subreddit or anyone who fakes anything. I'm talking about just normal people who truly suffer from conditions that are often faked. The subjects here and those who fake illnesses most definitely have things wrong with them mentally. My sister has a master's in psychology and I often talk to her about the subjects here and she can easily name different mental illnesses that these people suffer from.


Oh yeah I understand. I bet it's interesting to hear from an actual psychologist on their perspective


It most definitely is. She's a certified clinical therapist and I think she would get a kick out of exploring these subjects' minds.


You’d think that if it’s someone she’s in communication with they would be on her IG commenting on that post. Anyone actually in her comments saying they are said person? Hmmm…. Lol


This better be a big stinking lie. Because WTAF??


I wonder if Bella’s follower also “passes out when sneeze”. Like wow! Bella has a twin!


So the same neurologist “invalidated” both of them. So basically said there is nothing wrong with you, stop munching, and get the hell out of my office. I like this doctor! 🤣


Yeah, so according to her they both have the same cardiologist, neurologist, AND neurosurgeon. Hmmm


Strange coincidence isn’t it? By her wording, it seems they met online not in real life. Strange a person would share such personal medical information with some rando online. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t share that info with anyone, other than close friends. It’s very puzzling. Most patients I’ve encountered working in healthcare for many years are very protective of their medical info.


lmfao this has me giggling why do i feel they just opened her up to shut her up LOL


So a neurologist said your full of shit… and they do brain scans and all that.


I hope that the other person she’s talking about doesn’t exist 👀


safe bet lol xx


By some surgery does she mean there was nothing wrong and closed her back up ?


Why would you recommend someone who "invalidated" you?


Neurologist =|= neurosurgeon


Ruh roh Shaggy!


If this other person does exist, they're just another munchie using Bella's How To Lie Guide To Munching. Bella has a LOT of munchies following her. I have yet to find a munchie that isn't completely surrounded by other munchies.


I just wanna know if she knows or not since she's so new to the munch-a-thon 👀👀👀


No idea. I would guess yes, if they're already sharing tips on how to get the same treatments and are being "gaslit" by the same doctors.


Fair, though I've also seen some who do that because they honestly don't have a hint of a whiff of a vague memory of the idea of a single clue. Bella strikes me as one of those types, or someone who is incredibly naive and sheltered. Could go either way. I'm so happy to see your comments again, vaguely-acquainted internet stranger. XD Week without internet was surprisingly rough without some select commentary from this sub lmao


Aw, thank you! It's really nice to know I was missed! And welcome back! Yeah, I kinda get a sense that Bella's not quite playing with a full deck. Her symptom videos were SO bad that for the longest time, I couldn't decide whether she was being sarcastic/trolling or if she really was about as sharp as a sack of wet mice. Sometimes I'm still not sure. I have no doubt that over recent months she finally started taking notes and applying lessons to her munching. She absolutely uses the criticisms from here to fine tune her story, and she had enough sense to purge her videos of all the ridiculous fake symptoms she tried and abandoned, just before that article about her came out. And I'm still convinced that article was why she suddenly purged the videos. It certainly wasn't because of college or the "disability advocacy" group she says she made. Speaking of which, did anything ever come of that? Or is it still just one page proclaiming herself Queen Of The Munchies/group president and pretty much nothing else?


They do love their echo chambers. It must be soooo *validating*. 🤐


Yeah...I call bullshit. Anyone else?


That was my first thought too.


Made up surgery for a made up person. Maybe he is like her imaginary hospital friend. You don't know him. He lives in Canada but made a special trip to the states just so that he could emulate all of the things that Bella has done for treatment. She is his *hero*! She is such a strong person that she has given him the confidence to copy her treatment plan. As soon as someone wants her to introduce him so that he can tell his story she will claim that he has suddenly and tragically died because of all the invalidation he has suffered through. Don't try to look up an obituary or anything because he is super duper private and you won't find anything. That's just the way that he wanted it. She was such a good friend to him! Another one gone too soon. They are both warriors fighting to the death! 🪦🥲🧑‍⚕️


Noooooooooooooo...(said in Stuart from Mad TVs voice)


Bella telling people “watch what I can do” as she blinks and passes out


The other person doesn’t exist. I’d bet money they don’t.


Seconded. How did they speak to Bella after she had supposedly seen that surgeon for the first time (which was may-ish), get an appointment with him, and immediately get a spinal fusion within 4 months?


Because, make believe.


I think we’ve almost met our new new subject. 🤪


if, a BIG IF, this even happened. The other person used Bella's posts like a road map to be able to talk the talk, who to go to who makes it easy to get what you want, and which symptoms to mirror.


Hopefully they include “passes out when sneeze” as part of their repertoires 😂


“Unconscious when sneeze” FTFY


She made this up 100%


Munchies reccomending munchie friendly Drs to other munchies yikes. Good thing we suspect bella is lying about cci surgery


With all my heart I hope that this isn’t true, because it is exactly why people like Bella and the munchie gang are so harmful. Her experience with cervical “fusion” is nothing like what a fusion experience is, and I hope someone didn’t follow through with surgery anticipating the same outcomes.


i very much doubt this actually happened


So, the possibilities: 1. Bella is lying and/or misinterpreted the other person 2. The other person is lying and/or is a munchie 3. The other person has genuine problems Not sure which is the worst option...


4. The doctors give everyone the same diagnosis and treatment plan




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Sometimes you have to remind people that these munchies aren't the only liars out there. It's more than likely Bella is the liar but that doesn't mean someone didn't lie to her or exaggerate.


The position she's lying in seems like that wouldn't be comfortable or recommended for someone that was supposed to have had a recent fusion


It would most likely be impossible to do so soon post craniocervical fusion. If the person was extremely hypermobile (so they use too much motion in the rest of their cspine), they could probably do it post fusion but it would be uncomfortable and just a really bad idea to do.




Is this the girl who "faints when she sneezes?"


“Unconscious when sneeze” but yes


Yes the very same.


Oooohhh maybe someone is gonna copy Bella. Copying a copier. A xerox of a xerox Meta


This story can’t be real… Please tell me it’s not real




Also, not an athlete.




Just some more bait for us. Move along.


So, Bella met another munchie?


I hope this is a straight up lie or if this person is real, that they actually needed all this. But it’s Bella so I’m gonna guess lies


Oh noooooo . I hope this person really needed one and didn't go ruin her life for no reason. Bella needs to shut the fuck up. She's perfectly healthy.




Cardiologists definitely treat it, at least where I am.


On google it says Cardiologists, Neurologists and PCPs treat it.




Looks like the Johns Hopkins POTS clinic has [GI, cardiology, neurology, and physical/rehab specialists](https://clinicalconnection.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/clinic-for-postural-orthostatic-tachycardia-syndrome-expands) Edit bc paste fail


I didn’t realize though that GI was usually listed. Usually it’s just the PCP-Cardio-and Neuro. I wonder what it impacts GI wise though?


POTS can impact gut motility, and worsen pre-existing gi issues. There are a few specifically POTS related gi issues (the can develop into a ci) but I’m not going to list them for obv reasons.


Today I learned. I’m gonna go read up on this more. Thanks for the response!


Like you mention, Usually cardio and neuro work in tandem. Idk what happened to the original comment but we don’t need more misinformation. Bella already spreads enough of that 🫠


So terrifying that anyone takes her seriously. She's bragging about people seeing her doctor for this and that and especially the "fusion" she had?


Oh god she's breaking other people now.


It’s one thing if she’s just ruining her own life, I take major issue with her dragging other people into this shitshow


She has a munchie friend