Maybe not go to a chiro if you have these issues? Maybe don’t go to one at all, ever, period, if you’re anyone.


People don’t realize how much chiros can really do. If you are going to go to a chiro for adjustments you really need to be going to a physical therapist. A physical therapist has the education required to do it safely. They have had hands on experience, earned a degree, been through training etc. a Chiro can get their license online in a couple of weeks. That’s terrifying




LOL! Isn’t happening. End of story.




Chiropractors cannot shift bone...period


First I read that chiropractors can’t do shit, and I was like, hell yeah you’re right




Naturopaths are such grifters, they do nothing but make people pay for unnecessary supplements/treatments and people buy into their shit sooo much. The fact that some of them call themselves doctors is horrifying. They are seriously dangerous.


Naturopaths are modern day equivalents of snake oil salesmen.


I don’t think she understands a chiropractor can’t actually realign her spine.. that’s not physically possible


Yeah if I was getting a ring dinger twice a day my head might fall off too


A naturopath who is also a chiro. Twice the power to do harm.


no one in their hEDS mind would ever go to a chiropractor!


Unfortunately they are commonly reccomended in the groups even after so many warning posts.


Yeah exactly this, worryingly enough


ER nurse PSA: #NEVER EVER EVER let a chiro manually adjust your neck.


to add to what you’re saying, some journal sources: [Chiropractor Manipulation Leading to Bilateral Vertebral Artery Dissection and Acute Ischemic Stroke](https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/SVIN.01.suppl_1.000200#d2281162e1) and [Vertebral artery dissection after a chiropractor neck manipulation](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4264725/) and written for the layperson: [Chiropractic Neck Manipulation and Stroke: What’s the Risk?](https://healthblog.uofmhealth.org/wellness-prevention/chiropractic-neck-manipulation-and-stroke-whats-risk) and [Chiropractic treatment of the neck can be a risk factor for stroke](https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2003/05/97065/chiropractic-treatment-neck-can-be-risk-factor-stroke)


Well I wasn't gonna say why so that our munchie lurkers didn't get any new ideas, but yeah lol.


nah, see MOST MBI (and thus, most discussed here) want the toys and the attention and the lack of accountability/responsibility without the actual injury/pain/disease….having an actual stroke wouldn’t actually be fun to the majority of them (paige? she’d probably like it, but she’s more ~classical munchausens~) plus, for all the normies here who might have considered going to a chiro or go to a chiro…i think it’s important info to have


Omg, if Paige had a stroke she'd probably be so happy.... that girl has some serious issues....


No one should be seeing a chiropractor at all let alone twice a day


Sounds like the "natro" chiropractor is probably doing sketchy illegal shit outside their scope of practice


If you're being treated by a naturopath then that's all the proof anyone needs that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you at all.


Lmao this was my first thought but I skipped over the naturopath and went straight to the chiropractor. That’s all anyone needs to know lol. If she really has cci AND eds OR any sense she definitely wouldn’t be seeing a chiropractor.


I'm not sure which part is more offensive: the medical misinformation, the lies about the home visits from the selfless subluxating non-doctor, or the insipid treacle of "validation" towards her (she imagines) rapt audience.


Danielle - my EDS causes such severe pain and CCI and it's so physically draining beyond words, iykyk Also Danielle - hey chiro who also has EDS, think you can leave your practice twice a day to come to my house for adjustments? I know how physically draining it is with EDS and you would probably like to be able to sit down and take lunch or have a break but I'm more important.


And the narcissism shows yet again


No wonder she is looking for other neurosurgeons to see. The ones she has seen don’t believe her.


Ridiculous and dangerous. It's a good thing a lot of their followers don't actually HAVE ehlers. No medical professional worth anything is going to keep adjusting someone with a connective tissue disorder over and over. You can't take any area with compromised soft tissue and keep adding to its lack of integrity. ANY time you see these people claiming the chiropractor is repeatedly reducing dislocations or realigning them, don't believe it. That's not how it works. Think of it like this. A brand new rubber band can be stretched and the integrity is sound. It's going to easily constrict back. But when the rubber band is compromised and repeatedly overstretched, it only loses more and more integrity every time it's overstretched. It starts getting weak spots, even tiny holes. It's going to be manipulated 1 too many times and it's going to SNAP and/or TEAR. This risk is only amplified when it involves the spine. It's why chiropractic manipulation is inappropriate for ehlers, and this "chiropractor" who allegedly also has ehlers is either woefully inexperienced or actually doesn't have any effing clue what they're doing. Do NOT do this. Do NOT do this. Do NOT do this.


Yeah that’s a red flag. Guys, if you have EDS, don’t trust a chiropractor naturopath… they are not legit in any shape or form. Go to a PT. And if your spine is having hypermobile issues and you have EDS definitely do not trust a chiropractor. Go to your doctor. Don’t have people messing around with neck.


Physical therapy is the only legit way to go. Especially if they communicate with your actual MD/DO.


Second the physiotherapist!!!


Chiros are quacks and a chiro that will go near CCI is dangerous


One of my coworkers had a patient come in with a dissection from one of these maniacs. Chiropracty should be outlawed.


As a physio we learn manipulations but I have yet to come across a patient that I would even consider it for.


PT is amazing I'm all about that! It's actual.medicine vs the... Dangerous grifting of the chiro squad


If you are being treated by a chiropractor and your vertebrae are sliding out of alignment multiple times a day, anyone with even half a brain would realize that they needed more help than this Dr. can give them and go somewhere else. Even if people believe her crap, she would still be making herself look like an idiot.


This is exactly how these people tread from just spreading misinformation into being dangerous. It's not how ANY of this works and if followers actually DO have ehlers or some other connective tissue disorder, they can and will end up with irreparable damage going down that path.


How entitled is it for a doctor, oh sorry a naturopath, to *sneak out* of their office to treat their real sooper spechul patient.


did someone say enmeshment?