I see that she said she was going back to school within the week. Isn't this healing up to 2 years...


She 10/10 did not have any kind of neurosurgery, spine fusion or otherwise. She would have been in the hospital for a week at the very least with close monitoring. There would be drainage bags, and she would need help the first few days with basic tasks – Eating, walking, etc. I had a couple friends with long-term issues requiring neurosurg. and no matter how small the procedure they were always in the hospital at least a week... Also she would have been referred to in-house physio and rehab to help her remobilize. Ok also with spinal fusion she would be on some heavy ass pain meds... and if anyone has ever been on those you can barely hold your phone let alone do a bunch of Q and As??? She probably just had wisdom teeth out lmao


Almost like she needs ideas on how to pretend she’s had a cci fusion


What happened to all of the videos on her site? How is she going to show her big improvements? There was a video where she couldn’t push herself up into a bridge. The after videos are gonna look like a Jane Fonda workout extravaganza!


Not ger fishing for symptoms and stuff because she didn't actually have this procedure done.


Let's take bets; how much longer before this story crumbles? I wholeheartedly believe she had a minor procedure done, and she's running with this story t keep up the charade. I just can't figure out what could have been done 🤔


Good grief! Don't even get me started. Her surgeon would have gone over this with her for one thing. And another thing, who the heck has surgery like this without understanding the long term issues? You just wouldn't!


I heard not taking selfies aides recovery better than anything else in the universe, sooooooo I hope someone suggests that...


Usually a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant especially trained in aftercare will have had a long talk with a patient before surgery, then facilitated rehab afterwards. They also hook you up with patient group chats so you can ask these sorts of questions. I am intimately familiar with the exact neurosurgery group at this exact hospital; there’s no way she was uninformed.


Not a doctor but I’d imagine laying on your side after a C1-C2 fusion is quite dangerous. That would put tremendous pressure on the screws/bolts.


Yeah, it also would have been uncomfortable with CCI. Literally every post shes ever made, she's had her head at an angle that wouldn't be tolerable with CCI.


Isn’t this something… I don’t know, you’d typically talk to your surgeon about pre and post surgery?


Right?! At the very least there must be pamphlets, booklets, a website even, the surgeon/hospital give you that go over what to expect as you heal. Surgeons and hospitals often have home health nurses visit during your recovery at home who go over what you should expect to be happening and help with any PT or other follow up you might need after surgery.


Who has surgery and hasn't already done research on it? She had to ask about others experiences so she has something to talk about.


She wants to learn how she can fake this more so she's asking other people how it is so that she can fake it. She does this often.


the biggest red flag that this post isn’t genuine is the fact that she’s talking/asking about people other than herself


She really keeps pursuing this condition shopping. She's trying to learn along the way new symptoms, new toys and new problems to claim and milk. She is so predictable.


google is free…


Man, been here for awhile but this is some of the wildest shit yet.


I just finished listening to a podcast about Dr Dunch, a spine surgeon that ended up killing a couple people and permanently maiming more than 30 others. I’m still on the fence about what surgery she actually got (I’m not convinced its the one she’s referencing) but I do wonder if she’s somehow convinced one of those over-zealous, under-trained surgeons* into doing something that never needed to be done! *I have no idea how many might be operating out there, and I like to believe there are very few. But its possible 🤪


No one, and I mean no one give her any info. Sh e is fishing and doesn’t get to grift off others misery.


Madam your doctor will have given you extensive handouts please go read them


First, I love the word accommodations here. Dont adjust accommodations to your individual needs and environment, just collect a laundry list of every possible accommodation ahead of time. This is wild tho. The first part "Anyone have any tips?" is fair. But bro you can't just ask people what the long term expectations of a surgery you CHOSE to have months in advance. What were you doing this whole time? Again if it were sudden I would *understand*, but come on.


She was too busy passing out when she sneezed. /s


Not everyone will need the same accommodations. It can be helpful to hear of some that work but it sounds like she is looking for the experience of real disabled people to steal


This is fucked, why wouldn’t she look into this before surgery?? My hope is she did not get the surgery and had something different and is fishing for info. But I can’t ever fully let go that any of these people would actually, willingly fuck up their bodies.


It’s borderline if she truly gave informed consent in my opinion.


Honestly I think that one would be a bit her fault as much as it is her doctors. Bella would have heard “spinal surgery” and blacked out from excitement from there


Unconscious when excitement you mean?


PLS I almost unconscious when laugh when I read this


My recommendations? Get ready for daily chronic pain when your neck and skull, that didn’t need to be permanently fixed in place, fight your muscles and any natural movement. Accept that you made a big fucky-wucky and now get to live with the consequences. Ask yourself if it was worth the temporary attention you got from posting about your surgery. Have fun!


Recommendation: See a dayem Phychiatrist!! You've blown your chance at a decent young life. The end.


I'm really struggling to believe that she had that surgery.... I mean I see the incision but I'm not a Dr.... that could be from a different surgery


Somebody is fishing for info


Exactly. She needs more info for the next part of her continuing grift and avoidance of growing up


FFS. Even if you somehow ended up with a surgeon who was incompetent enough to perform major spinal surgery without going over every tiny detail of what it entails, how enormously it will impact your life, including a lot of focus on what to expect during recovery and any accommodations you might need - Jesus, a doctor like that is a terrifying thought - even if you ended up with that guy, you would still be discharged with paperwork that includes lengthy information on the subject. Edited for clarity, and to fix a word.


Now now, if you’re faking a more invasive surgery, how else are you going to know what you are and are not supposed to be able to do unless you ask people who’ve actually had the procedure?


This probably should have been asked pre-surgery….




dupers delight probably


I stg. And I think Bella’s is the worst one. She is the smuggest person I’ve ever seen.


Good thing she didn't have a fusion.


Oh boy, whilst surgeons can sometimes be stunningly bad about letting you know everything, isn’t permanent accommodations an extremely important one that a patient needs to weigh up against current symptoms to determine whether to even proceed with the surgery?


Wow, this doesn't scream "sketchy 'surgeon' that I found on Craigslist willing to do a spinal fusion for $500 and bag of meth" at all.


“Willing 2 do odd jobs like fuse spine or paint for $$. Cash only.”




she got screwed, we've got an ed frequent flyer who would've done it for just the bag


See, your frequent flier surgeon is smart because he's doing it to sell drugs and profit. The one that costs $500 is getting the bag to use in order to do the surgery. It all balances out but I'd spring for guy who isn't in meth who may become paranoid enough to think my spine is a bomb or microphone staged by the CIA personally, but yknow. Priorities.


I just saw this and was like for fucks sake this is something you ask other patients about and research BEFORE surgery is scheduled. You don't go fuck it,get it done and ask about long-term prognosis after youve had it done


She was in such a hurry to get this surgery she didn't fully research anything... goodness what a moron. So we all know she didn't get a second opinion either. Just crazy!


A second opinion?! This was like the fourth. She couldn’t possibly risk one more saying no after getting her prize. I’m honestly surprised she managed to get ‘this far’ Edit: I 100% agree idk why my phrasing was so contrarian sorry!


Lol “so I didn’t get a spinal fusion but I told everyone I did so please tell me how to lie about it convincingly”.




No shit right? Paps, mammo’s, colonoscopy, endoscopy…christ even tattoos and body piercings have instructions for long-term care. She is so full of shit.


I’ve heard most people get a service llama. The only thing that helps make life seem semi normal after an ordeal such as Bella’s. I’m sure the Llama Drama Mama will walk up to her house when she’s ready to receive its healing gifts. Not a moment before. Patience, pet.


Save the drama for your mama, llama


If she doesn’t have a lot of room Bella could get an Alpaca. She could learn to spin the llama or alpaca fleece then knit nice warm neck brace covers.


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Don't forget the Llama pajamas I've read that's important


But they have to be red.


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Wow. I bet that would be a sight to see!!


I would like to have a drama llama delivered by waaaAmbulance.


Service llamas save lives.


Take my free award


Thank you!!!


Does anyone know if it’s common not to have a follow up visit going over how she’s recovering and what to expect after a surgery like this?


I work in a post anesthesia care unit as a nurse discharging people home after surgery all day, and ain't nobody ever go home without a follow up appointment already scheduled, or instructions to call and make one in 1-2 weeks. EDIT to add, also included in everyone's paperwork are what to expect post-op, things that are not normal and warrant returning to office or hospital, etc. Surgeon or his staff also would have discussed most of this pre op...






It should have all been discussed before surgery. But post op you should have a 2 week, 3 month, and 9-12 month follow up with this surgery.


Then she wont have any tips on what complications to have silly!!


She’s put this to get more attention just Incase people forgot “I’ve had major surgery I need more sympathy than I’m getting now!” Reminding people maybe ?


Did she not do any research on this surgery? Did her surgeon not go over everything? She needs random people to tell her what’s next?


She’s telling on herself. Even a half assed surgeon would give you basic after care instructions. Also, telling you what you should expect and what you should need afterwards are part of informed consent.


Ah yes, back to Bella’s usual approach, crowdsourcing symptoms to complain about.


This. As it was likely not a cci infusion that she had she doesn’t have dr instructions to fit the narrative going forward so has to pose it in order to continue the right story.


Happy cake day! Yes, this exactly. While I don’t doubt there are surgeons crappy enough to not impart detailed after care instructions, I find it highly unlikely Bella had a surgeon who neglected to tell her anything. She’s got form for trying to figure out symptoms from others on socials and I really do think that’s what she’s opted to do for her surgery (as we all know it’s absurdly unlikely that she had a cci infusion based on everything we’ve seen).


I wonder if she seeked a second opinion on the surgery. Doesn't sound like it.


She sought multiple opinions UNTIL she got a doctor to give her this. She wasn’t going to see anyone else after she finally found a doc who agreed to do the surgery.


Bella puts some major shame on her surgeon. In another post, she expected to recover from the "spinal fusion" in a couple of weeks, and now this. Her lies make the doc seem neglectful, which is another danger that comes with munchies.


This is hilarious, did you lose your after procedure paperwork already Bella?


“Hold on guys what else do I need to know in order to fake the effects of this procedure believably.” FTFY. This munch in particular is exhausting. Dani is still my personal least favorite but Bella is really reaching in that race for the bottom.


No-one help her. Not a word. Bella reads here, don't drop one hint of anything she can use to fake with. She's already picked up and run with the swelling and bruising she learnt to claim she has.


Exactly. She could google it, but better one of her munchie followers give ideas. Then she can video reply in a month wearing some contraption or showing a ridiculous “accommodation” that so and so recommended. It gives the bizarre stuff some faux validation.


neck brace. she needs a neck brace.


Don't tell her.


I don't even think surgeons who over preform these surgeries would do one and not tell a patient first what accommodations they'll need.


Wouldn't one usually discuss this with your medical professionals BEFORE electing for the surgery?!


Yeah, a MAJOR surgery that can seriously fuck with your life if it ends up failing.


well i guess if you're gonna crowdsource your info you might as well be blatant about it