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i need history on this oh god


This is what she posted about what she calls her Make A Wish Day (💀): Thanks axl for documenting 16th may Frank turner and MCR Eden Project My heart broke in ways I didn’t know it could With my health I will more thank likely never see them again Don’t even get to see them and I travelled over 240 miles with a very bad foot to get here along with my wheelchair basically my illnesses mean I can’t regulate my body temperature and they offer no sheltered area they said to go in a portaloo or sit in a car which I don’t have like a fucking dog Got disabled access and vip neither could accommodate me Some staff were amazing but they were unable to assist others belittled me and other disabled people the woman mainly the blonde woman (manager) As well as the person I was with overhearing staff call me names (how they treated me genuinely was shocking to other disabled people who had similar experiences) Now I can hear them from far away and can’t even see them just the balcony wooden rail and can’t even zoom on my phone to see the stage as it’s not visible from the vip area if paid to be in yes but I also paid to see the bands I love most) Make a wish day didn’t go to plan (for those who don’t know me personally ) (Me and my friends version of the one big day out as my health hasn’t had the best turn and I’m not willing to have another surgery and cba to keep track of my never ending list of now comically long list of symptoms and conditions😭😭”


This would probably fit better in r/fakedisordercringe




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is this a new subject or am i missing the flair? this is hilarious


She's Not OK 🤣🤣🤣


If anyone ever filmed me crying I would be so pissed.


Who tf is filming this, thinking ahh yes these are the memories we want to look back at! 🙄


Eden was full of this shit last night. Was embarrassing. Poor MCR😭


Ugh I’m uncomfortable


This just made me want to throw back with some MCR! (Minus her theatrics overtop)


Drama queen!


🤣🤣🤣🤣 Imagine being a person with an actual disability and have to deal with that hot mess cosplayer all night


Nobody: Literally nobody: This girl: 🎭🔥😭🌧🎭💥♿️😭




Hahaha 🤣 This is GOLD 🤣💀


Jesus fucking Christ


Oh my