Loyal customer for 5 years and he’s only spent hundreds? What’s he buying, single tampons every visit?


“ medicine I need for muh THIGH-ROID!!”


Goes from threatening a law suit to threatening to call corporate? That’s a step down bruh And also, then getting him his pills AFTER he causes a scene and threatens to sue “this is how you treat your customers?” Ummm he treated ya pretty well dude I also call bullshit on the religious exemption, lol fucking bullshit


It’s called being a pest as he has has the nerve to record this, you have to give him props.


"I'm not causing a scene!" Proceeds to yell and cause a scene.


boredguyonline really wants someone to argue with him lol


Literal bot energy. It’s the same talking points over and over and over


I know right! "Argue with me bro! REEEEEEEEEE!!"


He stopped replying to me when he ran out of reasons to point at my face and yell, I asked politely to him what's the reason of his hate towards mask. Probably he just went to sleep or actually decided that I'm not a person he can accuse of being a dick. Anyways, I feel lonely without his entitled comments 🥺


I didn’t get this comment until i scrolled down and now I vehemently agree


What does religion have to do with it? The guy recording is such a fool.


Nothing. He’s finding excuses to not wear a mask




I think you're mistaking being a decent human being with being religious... which is funny because the most religious people (or at least the ones loudest about it) are rarely decent human beings themselves... guffaw!


Including atheist, they can be such an a-holes fanatics too


>atheist fanatics ummm


I just met the N°1 mask hater today, just as spected, no brain lmao.


Bruh what religion forbids u to wear a mask 💀💀💀


The church of Latter-day Taints


The same one that has him change his underwear every 2 hours. Well, that's at least what he seems to be insinuating as those people are "disgusting dirty" for not changing their face masks every 2 hours.


I bet he’d wear a scarf over his face if there was sand blowing around tho


I want to abuse others and be a phallus, he’s the only one in that area.


My brother in christ just shop somewhere else


Yeaaaa like walmart, where the proles dont stop you from using self checkout. Perfect solution.


These guys generally hate self checkout.


But how will he get attention? Honestly sometimes I think these kind of people are just so lonely they'll start these problems just to have a conversation


I don’t get how people always seem to forget. They have the right to refuse service to anyone.


Even POC, gays, and other religions?


What does anyone mean to you?


To me, it means exactly what Websters dictionary says.




What, you don’t like rights or something?


Who hurt you man? Who tell me lets get through this. You just seem to be fishing for something in these comments i cant figure it out.


Well the only dude claiming to be religious is shouting at staff, so if anyone is in a cult it's the dude with no mask. But isn't this an old video, are people still wearing masks? In my country we've been maskless for at least a 6 months.


Bro do be farming attention here


You forgot your pills




I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any given reason.


You can tell he's a lonely virgin


Nah, I guess he got ass-f*cked when he was growing up hence the attitude.


What a fucking tool


I couldn't even make it to the end of the video. What a dick. So much cringe.


At the end he says “we’re breaking up.” That’s the only time he’ll ever get to say those words to a human woman.




I cringe, like hard to watch. Like a man constantly kicking himself in the nuts when everyone asks him to please stop doing it... But he insists it's his religious freedom and first amendment right to do so.


Says the guy who is so offended by the concept of common courtesy


The irony of you making this statement is palpable


He’s probably one of those people who go around antagonizing people all day so he can upload clips of it online.


This time I don't think many people will be on his side... Nevermind, he probably posted this in a extremist Facebook group with a bunch of anti-mask people.


*Hundreds*, you say?


I like how upset he gets but he's still going to buy stuff there? This guy can't even stick to his own silly.


Either these ppl want views or they’re unaware of how stupid they are


A) He’s a dick. B) Surgical masks can be worn and reused (as long as it’s the same person) for up to 12 hours


if wearing a face mask inside a store for 5 minutes triggers you this bad then you got way bigger problems to deal with.




It works for doctors and nurses


They use n95 or better. Looks like one of the ladies made hers with the back flap of some plaid long John’s.




Why don’t you lead by example, since you’re such an upstanding guy? Change your mask every 2 hours then.


Why don’t you lead by example, since you’re such an upstanding guy? Change your mask every 2 hours then.


"I have a medical exemption" "I treat my illness here, I don't see a doctor" I love the hypocrisy of these people.




So being a responsible and not stupid person is being a bigot?




And where's your data that the mask you're wearing is cutting off oxygen to your brain? Prove it then the issue is at your side. Post some legit link please.


Because who the hell gave him that exemption then? Dave from the deli? Get out of here, they aren’t a bigot for calling out obvious bullshit.


Talks about dirty masks but probably doesn’t even have sufficient intelligence to wash his hands after taking a crap


I actually think that's a pretty valid concern despite his unreasonableness, and it's bigoted of you to say that about his intelligence.


Wonder how that lawsuit went


Forgot about that old commandment “thou shalt not force others to wear masks.” How silly of them!


Wearing a mask is against his religion? Is he in a stupid cult or something?


I love how the cute man remained kind. So pure ^_^


He need a raise just for how good he managed the situation, remaining calm.


I hate people just meaning with people for a stupid video.


It always baffles me when morons like that talk about their rights and health problems/requirements, but it never crosses their mind what the public good is and that the commonwealth outweights their individual right or health (-‸ლ) sorry for the bad english


As much as I hated wearing masks, studies show they are effective at containing the spread of germs. Realistically, we could have stopped the spread of C19 if people weren't so damn stubborn. And also, if a business requires it, they retain the right to refuse your business. You have no right to shop anywhere.


something about jacobs mask/beanie combo makes me wanna do sins with him


Glad I’m not the only one who thought this


Why do I have a feeling the "right to refuse service" people have a problem with not making gay cakes.


Wear the mask or leave. It's a simple choice.


Why is this still happening ?!!!


New Hampshire’s finest “live free or die” resident.


He’s a dick but I thought the mask mandate thing was gone since March


Stores can still make use of it and demand you to wear a mask in their stores


My daughter has congenital hypothyroidism. He can buy that medication anywhere for less than hundred of dollars over 5 years.


It’s just all self absorbed people who don’t care about the welfare of other people because of their delusions. It’s unfortunate but…it’s earth.


You have a medical condition and or ailment, and yet, you won’t wear a mask? SMH


People are still wearing masks?


Was about to say, this footage is either old or in a weird part of the country where they still care. People still wear them by me (I swear mine on the subway or if I'm sick), but no one heckles you if you don't anymore.


It's probably safer with the announced triple epidemic for this winter: flu + respiratory synticial disease + covid


Male Karen


The only reason more people don't get punched in the mouth is bc it is illegal to punch them in the mouth. But rest assured, a lot of people go home at night not realizing that if it wasn't illegal, they'd have been punched in the fucking mouth.


I happen to work at a grocery store and I don't have to wear a mask inside but it's the if you want to wear a mask inside you have a right to do so but I know that doctor office and when you go to the dentist appointment or any medical place you still have to wear a mask inside so this worker can't tell the customer to wear a mask unless it pacifically said that you have to wear a mask but a some places it is optional unless it pacifically said that you have to wear a mask




His reaction is weird but so is saying you’d sucker punch someone for this.


Some people need a wake up call


People are still complaining about this?


Not really... most of you cattle don't mind anymore. Just the few last free thinkers.


Lol. “Free thinkers”.


Yeah, sick of these cattle and their society, I stopped wiping my ass because it’s what everyone else does and I’m a pure hot blooded male who goes his own way. I don’t wear clothes because I’m not scared of temperature like the cattle. I could go on but only cattle use technology and programs.


Is this old? Are people still pulling this?


Imagine having to wear a face mask still lmao.


Dirty face diapers 🤣


Kevins and Karens are *still* losing their minds over masks? Entry can be denied for any reason or no reason. Freedom of choice is not freedom from consequences.


This is probably a little dated. You don't see places where everyone everywhere is wearing a mask anymore




Face masks are a mental illness and do not protect you from any germs .they harbour germs why do you think surgoens use fresh ones everytime ?


What a fucking fool haha we're breaking up at the end got me hahaha what's a fucking fool.


Was this recent? If so, it's dumb that anyone's wearing a mask.


How is it dumb if recent? Covid didn't leave.


All of the deadly variants of covid died off.


Lol people who are anti-science don’t care. They still act like douche bags


Even as someone who was/is(?) against the mask mandate, this is still ridiculous behavior. Still fun to watch a Karen (or in this case, a Daren) outburst though.


When covid first came out you were required to wear a mask inside any place you went to but now it's not mandatory to have to wear a mask inside we can't go to customer's and say hey you have to put on a mask inside unless it pacifically said that masks are required inside that place yes there are some places that you are required to still have to wear a mask like at Dr appointments or dental appointments urgent care some bars or other events still you have to show proof of vaccination


Thank you for this comment, I think this is the best answer. The guy in the video btw, keep giving dumb excuses instead of leaving or showing any proof of vaccination to the worker. I'm not sure why are they still wearing a mask but it was unnecessary to make such a scene about it, he could just ask politely to the manager, maybe have a talk outside of the store, use a mask or just leave. But nooo... He had to record and antagonize the poor staff.


Stop making people wear masks


Since this guy’s essentially disturbing other customers you shouldn’t really argue with him and just call the police.


This sub makes me giggle, lol.


White man says he has religious exemptions 😭


He is wrong, but race has nothing to do with this


Why do shop staff bother trying to push masks?!without one he’d have spread loads less germs than this response of standing and shouting(throwing his breath into the air),if someone says they’re exempt then walk away


How is this post an hour ago y’all really wanna where masks forever huh?


He's not wrong though but he is a dick and the manager should have just called the cops. And Karen just needs to go about her day




He isn’t lying… mask didn’t help anyway.


How dare this guy not follow the Church of Covid rules.


Despite being a little hysterical, this guy is absolutely based when you listen to what he has to say.


Being out of the store and in his home would be the best case for this guy according to his beliefs more or less, right?


Learned a few terms and felt fresh out of law school. You can order pickup and delivery. How do you have an exception and aren't required to show it?


This guy helps me sympathize with gendo ikari


Would love to have been there for this self absorbed Karen. What a douche bag.


This was the highlight of his life


attention seeking loser


Perfect answer at the end. Now he has no reason to come back. Done.


I hate these people that think they need to film little political statements for clout.


These are the same people love the free market. Guess what? A story can refuse the right to serve anyone and you are that anyone


“My rights my rights” wish these dudes would spend a day where saying that esp to a cop just ends up getting you beat harder.