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Was she not breastfeeding or giving the toddler formula either?


“The O’Learys told police after their son’s death that the entire family followed a strict vegan diet, limited only to raw fruits and vegetables, The Fort Myers News-Press reported, but said that the toddler was also given breast milk.”


So basically if she herself didn't eat anything but raw fruits and vegetables, she wouldn't have much breastmilk to offer! Diet and calories play a huge role in breastmilk production.


Not necessarily. If she was producing breast milk, the milk would have been fine. Your body can synthesize fat. If she was so calorie deficient that she had stopped producing breast milk, then yeah, the baby would be calorie/protein deficient. If the baby was mostly getting food instead of milk, the issue is that the food is raw so it takes more work to digest. An adult can potentially do ok if they’re eating a lot. A baby just doesn’t have the enzyme production and gut flora to handle a raw diet.


Good point, but there’s no indication of how much breastmilk she was producing. Many women simply cannot make enough to sustain a child. If she was only capable of producing a few ounces a day she would fall well short of the baby’s needs.


I know someone that produced so much they had a deep freezer full and started selling/donating her excess.


I’m one of those people too. 60oz+ a day, like a fine Jersey moo cow.


😂 thanks for that Lolz


I don't understand Reddit. It won't let me upvote your comment. It'll let me downvote your comment. It will let me up vote the comment above and below yours. But it will not let me upvote you.


I noticed it’s been a bit glitchy the last few days. I’ll get notified of a reply and then never be able to see it or respond. Hopefully they get it ironed out.


My cup runneth over. I had to throw out freezers worth just to make room for more.


That is the exact reason she looked into donating/selling her milk. since she had to throw so much away


M’y daughters pediatrician did some homework and decided it was safe for me to start taking 10mg of adderall while breastfeeding- I had to return to work 2 weeks after the birth and I’m like clinical fuucked up levels of adhd, my job was falling apart bc I’d been off my usual 30mg for the pregnancy, I couldn’t keep my household and job straight… so he said I could start back on 10 mg while breastfeeding bc while they err on the side of caution a minimal amount really gets I to the breast milk. He monitored her throughout at every checkup and said if she reacted adversely or started losing weight to stop and bring her in. She never had any problems tho and actually went from 5 lb preemie to a tiny Michelin man… doc said my breast milk was high octane lol But I wouldn’t give my breast milk to anyone else for that reason.


"High Octane Breastmilk" That's a good band name!


My wife produced a lot of milk too, fatty milk like a seal so our girls were huge.


This was me. And I was a skinny arse teenager


Thus the need for formula


Also have you seen how much time herbivores spend eating in the wild. It's basically all they do for the entire day There's a lot of valuable nutrients in fruits and veggies but the most important one is lacking -calories


I remember a story a few years ago about a baby who died from vitamin B deficiency because the mother was vegan and her breastmilk didn't have enough of it


I am vegan and am constantly disturbed by the amount of veg folks who don't take B12 seriously. It's basically *the* potential health issue stemming from a veg diet, and it is so easily fixed by a cheap B12 supplement that you can find at any grocery store. It's literally like $5-10 per *year* for B12 supplements.


Yep, I think more vegan people need to educate themselves on the nutritional deficits that occur through being a vegan and supplement accordingly! I have nothing against people who are vegan and think they are doing something that is honorable! But it is difficult to get all of the proper nutrition! Nutrition is soooooooo complicated! I took one class in college on it and it made me realize how complex it can get and the one class seemed to barely scratch the surface of the topic! I’m glad that you take the vitamin B12! There are probably a few more supplements that you could benefit from too! I just don’t know enough about it to give you specific advice!


Same here my 12 is very very very very very very low and even though I am on prescription B and daily B it’s still very difficult to keep at the right level. Of course my breast-feeding days were well over before I went vegetarian and vegan


Loads of stuff is fortified with it too, most cereals, bread, energy bars, etc.


I’m intrigued by this because keto first run into similar nutrient deficiencies, and need supplemental electrolytes.


Award worthy comment. Too bad I have none to give :(


What about protein? She's going to be getting in inadequate amount for herself from raw fruit and veg. Most protein in a vegan diet comes from beans, lentils etc which can't be eaten raw. If she's getting too little herself I can imagine she's passing much on.


It depends on how much food she’s eating and how much variety. Everything living has protein in it, so fruits and veggies do have some protein she’d just have to eat a lot of produce. There’s also the issue of getting all essential amino acids and that takes a variety of foods. But her body will scavenge protein from her muscle if necessary to ensure breast milk has enough.


People who follow “raw diets” eat beans. There are ways to prepare them that still adheres to “raw.”


What? once something is prepared in any way it is no longer raw l.


You do not take into account that following a strict vegan diet B12, iron, BCAAAs, B6, and many other deficiencies, witch in turn makes the breastmilk lack them too. The article does not specifie witch kind of malnutrition we are speakimg of (low calorie intake is just one of the many many things witch can cause)


That’s a big leap


She wasn't giving the kids anything. She starved them for weeks. "Doctors found he hadn't been fed for a week by the time he died in September 2019." This wasn't a vegan not giving the kids a balanced diet, this was a woman not giving her children any food at all. Heartbreaking.


Homelander drank all her breast milk


I literally just got done watching the latest episode. Homelander milks a cow. This is the first post I clicked on to see the comments. Thank you for this, it made me laugh very hard


Lmao home lander milking a cow was on the bingo sheet too. The meta is leaking.


According to an article about this case, she straight-up wasn't feeding him anything. They subscribed to a ridiculously strict diet, yes, but "Sheila described Ezra’s condition as chronic. She had told investigators that Ezra had not eaten for a week, and he was having trouble sleeping the night before he died," which indicates some sick neglect.


There’s a woman on tik tok who only eats(and only allows her toddler to eat) frujt. She makes him ice cream for breakfast. The kid looks sick and is getting sicker and people have called cps and they have done nothing about it. That’s only the start of all the ways she is abusing him. I know we are going to see a story just like this about them soon…


I've seen cases where paleo diet parents have decided bone broth is a suitable substitute for breast milk. The kids always end up malnourished.


Why the heck didnt she feed him some nuts and vitamins? :(


Can 18 month olds eat nuts? Can they chew them & swallow them without it becoming a choking hazard? Not defending the psycho mom. I don’t have any kids but I do have common sense.


Children less than 3 years old shouldn't eat nuts


Nut butters would have been fine though


You can't fix stupid but you can take their fucking kids away before they kill them. Didn't anyone notice?


Babies and toddlers have frequent visits to the doctor for checkups. So, either the recommended visits did not happen or they did happen and the doctor did not notice/care and should be brought to justice as well.


I am guessing this lady is anti-health care so who even knows if the baby was born in a hospital In a nutshell, this is the concern about kids being home schooled and not going to the doctor- the “off the grid” lifestyle. If the kids are being mistreated, there is no one to even notice it, let alone report it. And this is exactly what the abuser wants- total control See the Turpin’s and to a lesser degree, the Duggars and how they hid the fact the oldest son sexually abused 4 of his sisters. The only reason the public even found out was because of an anonymous tip to Oprah that she reported to the authorities


you think a vegan is always gonna be bringing their kid to the doctor?


being vegan isn’t bad, this is clearly an absolutely insane pos and irresponsible mother who happens to be an extremist vegan


Psycho mom


How can people be so fucking stupid.


Lead was a core ingredient in Ethyl Gasoline,thankfully its now been banned but that was too late


Not just her, everyone around her. Nobody noticed the kid was starving to death?


Newer cars are putting in reminders to check your backseat when you turn your car off... Any ideas why? Add that one to your list.


ah yes, to check for ghosts


I always check for ghosts at night, I know I’ll find one sometime


Even waze has an option to do that. When you arrive at your destination it says, "Check for *kids name*" I dont think i could ever make thst mistake but i still have it on just in case. People forgetting their kid happens way too damn often though


That’s because new parents/parents are often sleep deprived, and humans tend to do things based on what you do every day. It’s simply a way for our brains to maximize problem solving. A lot of kids that have been left in cars were left here because it wasn’t the parents normal routine, and they simply did things on autopilot, or were massively sleep deprived, same thing.


and for the people saying it didnt happen in the good old days.... in the good old days one of the parents could stay at home for decent period of time without worrying about bankruptcy. now both parents need to work fulltime while managing the kids while also potentially doing side hustles aswell to keep afloat. also a lot of stuff that was easier to do has gotten so many more steps to it nowadays


Grocery stores are also putting up signs to make sure not to leave your child in the cart when leaving


Too much facebook




So does cancer, yersinia, tuberculosis, poison Ivy,


So is poison oak, that doesn't mean it's healthy


Poison ivy


I hope they feed her obvious non vegan food everyday for her long ass prison time that she gets hopefully.


Prison loaf


There's a US sun? Is that version also dogshit?




I ran a county jail kitchen for a little while so I'm pretty sure they do have vegetarian options in jails/prisons but I really doubt she'll like them.


Mostly beans.


The vegetarian options at the county jail I worked at only offered white beans as the main for lunch. Dinner was literally a cheese sandwich.


White beans make you a walking gas bomb, literally


Beans, beans, good for your heart. The more you eat the more you............


I heard it as Beans, beans, the musical fruit, The more you eat, the more you toot, The more you toot, the better you feel, Eat your beans at every meal! Edit: forgot the second half


I actually like cheese sandwiches. We got a soggy processed meat sandwich, and beans with a paper spoon that disintegrated before you could finish them. That was a holding jail though so I guess you're not in there long enough to starve if you refuse the food.


And then she wasn't getting a totally vegan diet! Cheese comes from milk which comes from cows!


Vegetarian, not vegan


Mhhhm beans


Vegan and vegetarian are two different things. She's vegan. So she may not even eat the vegetarian options.


I think it depends on the jail and how long you're in for. The one I was in, they gave you food and you could either eat it or not. I was just in for a day though, no prior arrests.


I bet they still serve those cold bologna sandwiches


Hope so


No one in prison likes the food, no matter their dietary restrictions. It's trash food and given by the lowest caloric intake possible.


From the same company that makes school food


Yeah! Aramark, right? Awful.


Aramark is one. Sysco (sometimes confused with Cicso) is another.


Interesting. I’ve only ever known Sysco as a supplier


Ditto. They could be thinking of Sodexo. Or maybe it's right about Sysco and I was just never aware.


I'm not an expert on the prison food industry, I might be wrong. Sysco is a brand "associated" with shitty food.


That's true lol. I know Aramark and Sodexo run the food service facilities in a lot of hospitals and prisons and schools. Sysco may do that too, or might at least be delivering product. I'm also no expert on prison food. And hope not to have to become one ;)


Looks like Sysco is a distributor, but they own SYGMA, which makes the food.


That explains the food at my university...


they do have vegan options surprisingly. they have all types of diet options in prison, ranging from no-pork, gluten-free, to vegan or vegetarian and more. just gotta tell em at booking


They're mainly offered on 2 conditions: religious restrictions or health related reasons, at least that's how it was at the state prison I worked at for a few years.


I gave my cellmate the all-pork option. I've actually never been to jail and will show myself out now.


I used to nanny for a little 2 year old. They were vegan, his mother still nursed on demand, and they were super careful to make sure he got all the vitamins and macros needed for healthy growth. That kid could EAT and he was always happy and energetic and you could tell he was well fed. Big difference between thoughtful veganism and this raw food bs this monster starved her poor baby with.


This person only ate raw fruits and vegetables, which means it would be very difficult if not impossible to get all that calories you need, especially for a child. It doesn't take a genius to eat a successful vegan diet, just eat cooked foods.


This woman also didn't feed him AT ALL for the last week of his life, so I'm guessing this comes down more to her starving the poor little guy than him being on a vegan diet.


That's because she isn't vegan, she anorexic! The label of veganism just gave anorexic s and bulimics an excuse/cover not to eat...


I was a nanny for a vegan family for a few years. We were playing outside and the 5yo was making “food” out of grass and twigs. The 2yo came running by and knocked over the 5yo’s bowl and she screamed “Evie, you just spilled my tofu salad!!” It’s still so funny to picture a 5yo yelling about a tofu salad.


10000% If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you have to be super deliberate with what you eat so that you can get the proper protein and nutrients


For optimum health people on any diet should pay close attention to what they eat. A mismanaged vegan diet is as unhealthy as a mismanaged meat eaters diet. I think the average person would be shocked by how little varied nutrition their diet provides.


“the boy hadn’t eaten for about a week prior to his death”


She starved him for a week with no food y'all, it wasn't *because* of the vegan diet. She had been feeding him fruits and raw veggies, and he didn't eat for a week before his death.


Yeah that’s messed up. The vegan part is just standard Sun “journalism”


I was gonna say, all my baby eats is fruits and veggie purée but he’s 7 months old and pretty chunky lol. So ultimately this baby passed away due to being starved??


Yes, it's reported he didn't eat at all in the week leading up to his death.


Brb. Crying for that little baby 😭


It's extremely upsetting in any case, I don't understand how a parent can look at their child and decide to just??? Not try and feed them at all for a week?? Even a day without eating should be cause for concern. She deserves jail time for her negligence.


Why she stopped feeding him for a week? Was she out of vegan options?


He was teething so he didn’t want to eat apparently, utter load of bullshit.


The lack of fat and protein. Especially fat, for a child.


The headline is misleading, the child didn't die from the vegan diet. She hadn't fed her child for a week and straight starved them to death. Plain and simply child neglect, but it doesn't make for such a catchy headline.


There are just not enough calorically dense foods per gram in fruits and veggies alone. Their tummies can only fit so much and to think it was just a few calories 💔💔 I hope she never sees daylight again.


Beans, other legumes, cereal grains, tubers, and fruits like avocado and olives have plenty of protein/starch/fat and are very calorie dense. She just wasn’t feeding him the right stuff. Yeah, meat would’ve been easier, but that wasn’t her stupidity. Edit: I can’t see the person who replied to me but yes, my point was that I was more upset over the raw part and that she clearly wasn’t giving the baby everything it needed nutritionally, meat completely aside. The person I replied to said “There are just not enough calorically dense foods per gram in fruits and and veggies alone” and that statement is false. Do you know how many calories you can pull out of legumes, wheat, rice, corn, potatoes, etc.?


Mmmmm raw potatoes and beans, truly the finest diet…


Yeah I’m not saying I would choose it, but beans out of the can or homemade hummus or something isn’t too bad. My point was just that the statement “vegetables and fruits aren’t calorie dense” is false. Some are, some aren’t.


Don't forget just plain carbohydrates.


Fruits and vegetables have a ton of carbs. Pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, etc. are nothing but carbs.


All carbs aren’t equal. Feeding a kid raw fibrous veggies vs steamed and some easier high caloric carbs and add some fucking beans and at least an avocado or olive oil or some nut butter. I’m not vegan but this woman isn’t either—just a murdering mother


Pasta is my favorite vegetable.


The kid would have done much better if they were able to eat all of that. A vegan diet itself it totally fine for all ages. A raw fruit and veg diet is not. That means no pasta, bread, potatoes, rice or anything you’re thinking of. Those even have enough protein to be fine if you’re not malnourished, fat would be a concern if no avocado or nuts.


Her mug shot indicates contempt with that smug little smile.


Not going to smug for long, methinks.


Horror mom but i don’t trust the Sun


Well it’s true but the father was just as guilty


It's not about her being vegan. It's about her continuously see her child starving and weakening without trying to do something about it.


The number of people in this thread who think the baby died from being vegan is terrifying. That is the reason trash headlines like this are written. She starved the child for a week straight, it has nothing to do with being vegan but people have such an unfounded visceral hatred towards vegans, it's baffling. I say this as a non-vegan... Stop thinking every vegan is this person. Like 1/3 of India is vegetarian and like 1/3 of those are vegan... I don't think they'd have 1/7 of the world's population if being vegan was killing babies.


Also raw fruits and vegetables only is a lot kore extreme than just vegan.


Also the dad was a major part of it.




Little Nicky reference? Or some other big phrase that I’m too young to have caught onto?


You’re schnerious.


Popeyes chicken is fuckin awesome


Popeyes chicken the shizznit!


I saw the movie once in theater, and I still haven't stopped saying it.


Get in the flask


I read all of these coments in his voice lol




This comment thread is quickly going South... *the deep South.*


Can I wash my winky in your kitchen sinky?


Im not defending what this mother did, but, as someone who grew up as a vegetarian, the two things are not necessarily related. I was fed properly each day, but mostly mashed and cooked peas and carrots or things like that. It is completely possible and more than likely to raise a healthy baby as a vegan. That being said, it is TOTALLY WRONG to starve a child.


Silly sensational title, I think she happened to be vegan and served for a kid a stupid diet lacking in nutrition, but the over riding story is here she starved the child to death vegan or not. That had nothing to do with food choice she just didn't give the kid any stupid stupid sensational headline


She didn't feed him at all for an entire week leading up to his death.


Exactly, but this is reddit, so they love some antivegan content.


Every child deserves a mother.. Not every mother deserves a child.


Well said!


Two points: - the baby died from a week long of starvation with no food. - do not give an infant or young toddler a strictly raw diet. They cannot process it yet. Their bodies will burn more calories and nutrients to digest it than the food will replace.


Redditors using this to attack normal vegans just living their lives is pure madness. Chill out


Thats literally the whole point of this story being presented this way. Kid's death had nothing to do with veganism. If you feed a baby a bunch of raw food and then **nothing**, its still gonna die even if that food is meat.


Pretty embarrassing that so many so easily fell for this blatant awful journalism


Ita not even like he just died, he probably cried for hours every day due to shomach pain because babies cant digest anything untill they are like 6 months old. They cant even digest fucking water.


Some of y’all should really not have children


When your own selfish beliefs kill.


Had nothing to do with veganism. She just starved her child to death


When your own beliefs selfishly kill***


I stand corrected. Thank you.


When you believe in killer shellfish


Crab people crab people


Shellfish kill when you believe.


Better believe fish kill you when


Kill you when fish better believe


Fish can hear what you’re thinking just before you sneeze


Ah yes,. that reminds me of my favorite poem... "When Killer Shellfish Start to Believe".


This is the Most Ironie and delusional answer i have ever read. Being vegan is Not selfish at all. Eating animals is fucking selfish.


She’s good at having children.


Does USA not have after birth health care? In UK we have health visitors that come to your house to make sure your new born is actually being cared for and the parents are capable


Did the baby not cry constantly for more food? Surely it did. The poor baby was probably suffering and its cries of hunger and pain ignored. How can you ignore your baby like that and not give it what it needs? This is so horrific


She probably wasn’t even feeding the baby


How does one eat but starve? I’m confused…


Well what seems misleading about this is people can live and survive healthily on a vegan diet, including animals.(I am not vegan) I am inclined to the conclusion that there was more going on here than a vegan diet.


Do you have any valid source for that claim? The Sun is absolutely not a trustworthy source at all and is way closer to fiction than reality.


How did he starve to death? Was he not getting enough portions of veggies and fruit? Or did they lack the sufficient nutrients for the body?


Sje wasnt feeding him at all.


ah, the ultimate vegan meal. /s


Its a meat free, dairy free, gluten free, carb free, h20 free diet. Keto, halal, koscher, everything. If they were really serious they'd cut oxygen too.


This isn’t true. The baby wasn’t fed in a week. It wasn’t the diet, it was the lack of food.


That was because the kid was already sick and dying, according to the prosecution he was small, skinny and was starved for his entire life.


Obviously this is cruel but I hate how much they're pushing that she's vegan. She didn't let her kid die of malnutrition because she's vegan. She did it because she's a psychopath who doesn't understand basic nutrition. It's a tragedy this poor child died, but I wish the headline was different. "Mentally unstable mom thinks child can survive on mostly water" would be more fitting. I've been vegan for 4 years. I also foster my 14 year old nibbling. They can eat whatever they want because it's their decision and they're healthy.


She could have fed the child many vegan or vegetarian options. This is just plain cruelty. Poor baby..💔😔


Some people don't deserve to be parents


She has that righteous look on her face as if she was doing it for the greater good and has no regrets!


Fucking sorry excuse for a news company, that’s a bullshit title and you’ve all fallen for it


Lmao wtf does being vegan have to do with starving a child? You can get everything meat gives you from a vegan diet, clearly an agenda against veganism is being displayed here by the sun.


As a vegan who also has a vegan baby I would just really like to say: veganism didn’t kill that baby but that monster of a “mom” did. What a horrible, horrible thing.


It is ok to be vegan but not understanding the nature is mental illness.


So sad, poor kid🧸🧸


These people give vegans a bad name.


Hope she enjoys that Vegan menu of muff diving big Bertha in prison


I think we need to acknowledge that this woman isn't vegan. Veganism is a way of life that involves eating a plant-based diet, and not using animals for any form of gain; so, alongside not consuming dairy, eggs, honey etc, we also don't wear things like wool, leather or silk. Veganism is about kindness to all animals and that includes other humans; this woman certainly doesn't fit that description in my opinion.


This is insane there's probably vegan options for babies make sure they have carbs, protein and cooked food no meat it not necessary the problem but is a easy solution for not enough protein and there's probably some humane ethical ways to get meat


>there's probably vegan options for babies Breastfeeding, for example.


Yeah obviously but I was thinking like solidish food I didn't think someone would me crazy enough to not give a baby milk




At least she didn't have an abortion. Yes sarcasm.


Ah, Florida!


Why is it always Lee county


That face says I will do it again. This is horrible.


Hey Florida? Can we bring back Old Sparky? Just for her? Who cares if she’s not in Florida bring her here for it