Lmao the whistle got me 🤣


Right? Barely heard it on the video and he thinks the cop is going to hear him? lol


Anyone who summons anyone by whistling at them is not worth the air in that whistle.


I don’t respond to whistles or snaps. If someone’s doing that, there must be a dog in the room and I’m busy. Thank you food service jobs.


My mom use to snap at me when I was like 12 lol


The only whistle I respond to is when I was a single digit child and my dad had a special whistle that meant to come home. It was loud and traveled far. We were free range children before that had a name.


Yeah free range children sell for more at market, your dad was business savvy.


I can relate!!! I have four brothers and it was the fastest way my father got all of his kids home for dinner. We lived in apartments, and there were over 200 units so it was a good distance.


Lol yep. We lived off a highway in basically just forest. No neighbors. It echoed pretty far thru the trees so it worked well. And it didn’t sound like any bird.


I had that. Good times


I’ll never forget it


Older generation has a large group of them that were trained like that. I see it everyday. Things that my generation were taught were wrong, they weren't.


Like throwing a theatric fit to convince people of a lie or to “prove a point”


The quickest I've ever seen someone fired was a new line cook at a kitchen I worked in. He had been working for for about 3 or 4 days, so still on his probationary period. The owner was very kind and patient, but this new line cook, in the middle of a busy service, snapped his fingers at the owner and whistled to get his attention after he was deliberately ignored because the owner was busy. The owner just turned around and said "I'm not a dog, get your coat and leave, you're fired". None of the other employees even said bye to this guy, and we all just continued working.


This has happened to me in the medical field before. I shut that garbage down fast


The only time I have ever snapped my fingers at someone is if I need something absolutely immediately if someone is in immediate danger and the words won't come out of my mouth fast enough like banging a table or clapping. But snapping as a form of communication to get someone's attention is so rude.


Ya if words fail me I can understand that. I get that way


Just don’t try to scuba dive. You will die.


I work retail and I had to train myself not to turn my head when I hear a whistle. If you turn your head it's too late and they'll complain you are "ignoring them". When they ask if I'm deaf, I ask if they were calling me or their dog.


Dang I’ll have to remember that one!


We are at a point where old people cant be trusted to be by themselves well some of them


You mean congress?


Most of them


Alot of them


A lot of them


Hey that hurt...like really hurt ...I will now need help to change my adult dyper 😟


Isn't that kinda like, always the case forever?


Personally I wouldn’t respond to that at all.


The exception is dogs and horses


I have a specific whistle to get my children's attention. Very useful. Especially useful in crowded environments when they were young.


My dad used special whistles for my sister and me, and we hated it. It came in handy once when we got separated in a crowd. Didn't help he was abusive. But if anyone ever whistles to get my attention, I just see red and get overly angry. Glad he's dead.


Generally I agree with that and I'm not a fan of getting cops involved with anything but I kind of like the idea of summoning a cop by whistling at them.


Well he’s an older white male, he thinks law enforcement are his foot soldiers. When they aren’t arresting scary young black kids they fetch him a beverage.


> Do you know why I pulled you over? > No officer, was I doing something wrong? > I'm gonna need to see your lice... > You ok? > Shhshh you just hear that? > No, wait where you going!? > I need to go, I'll let you off with a warning this time!


Sad old man.


How dare you not include the aftermath


Aftermath is very anticlimactic. Nothing happens and he gets back in his corvette and drives away.


Still wish we saw it. Dude (corvette driver) collided with an innocent driver (motorcycle guy) and then left in front of a cop.


Nice edit after the fact.


What was the edit


The biker didn’t collide with anything


I'd file a police report saying he hit him. Evidence to be used in a later insurance fraud case.




Still shitty that the video gets shorter and worse quality every repost. OP can eat a bag of dicks based on that alone.


Seriously. OP might be the bigger POS for that.


OP should be liable for all of our frustration right now


I'm calling the police


You’re going to need more than a weak whistle next to a running motorbike.


OP is fullashit


what happens?


OP doesn't know. They reposted this after it was reposted 50 times. Ever play the game telephone?


The mayor gave the fraudster the key to the city and thanked him for helping with the prevalent biker issue in town. The biker later went on to sleep with the baker's wife, who had a son that grew up to be a bookie; purple monkey dishwasher.


Hearsay. The police officer arrested both of them for interrupting his current investigation. Kevin in the corvet threatened to crush them with his wallet and entitlement so they Epsteined his ass and let the motorcycle dude go after they reviewed his "Tape".


Idk. Video ends too early.


A Cessna makes an emergency landing in the intersection and 34 oompa loompas take one of those emergency inflatable slides to safety before the plane bursts into flames.


Starring Rob Schneider as... ... a bottle of bronze body paint.








*never* reveal you have a camera until after the cop shows up


True. Like, why did he (biker) even have to defend himself? Just wait until the cops arrive and provide them the footage. The old guy was even doing him a favor by whistling the cops over.


Because he didn't want to waste his time with the old nutter. I probably would do the same, hoping the dingus got in his car and left instead of flagging down cops and wasting an hour of my life E: dollars ro donuts the dude wouldn't get a ticket or any reprocussions


i mean, you’d probably have his license plate anyway Fair


Immediately drop the bike like a floppy soccer player and start complaining of back pain. Loudly yell that you felt the muscle pull when he rolled back into you. Wait for the cops to come over and profit. That’s a nice car and that guys got nice insurance.


I had a 90 year old slam into me full speed while I was stopped at a traffic light. Nearly totaled my truck. I had lawyers calling me for weeks begging me to sue. I wasn’t injured and didn’t have the heart to do it despite the huge problems it caused in my life…


you only did a favor to the insurance companies


Next time he will kill someone, you'd be doing the rest of the world a favor if you did sue.


Especially of it was a old man, it would make his last years on earth a unhappy one of he couldn't afford it


Sure, but honestly, do you think anything less would cause him to get off the road? Sure, I'm making assumptions, but if you're 90 and totaled someone's vehicle, maybe it's time you sell your car and call some cabs. I mean, sure, maybe if the guy knew he quit driving. But otherwise, would prob be worth it.


My grandpa drove until the day he died (cancer), and would ask me to ride with him so I could tell him when lights are green and red. I firmly believe that after a certain age, you should have to get retested for your driver's license. Other things like food handlers certificate only last 5 years, where I am. Why is a 16 year old set for life as soon as they pass one driver's test?


In my hometown an old farmer has his license taken away after he confused drive and reverse one too many times and drove into the front of the bakery. He was told he could continue to use his farm equipment as he still needed it for farm stuff, but nobody clarified that he wasn't allowed to drive his equipment into town so now instead of his old pickup he was running into town with an antique Farmall tractor to go for coffee with his buddies every afternoon.


My town had the same kind of thing. Farmer lost his license. I’d see that old green John Deere at all the best places, the Stop-n-Go, the grocery store, the neighborhood bar.


Food handlers have to be renewed every year in alabama. Atleast in my county.


In Washington it's every 2 year for the first one then after is 3-5 years for the retake


I worked the counter at a AAA towing service when I was a teenager. A driver hooks up an old lady's van and tows her in. She hit a curb and popped both tires on the passenger side, destroyed both rims. She comes in the shop with her walker, big wraparound sunglasses. We had a phone sitting on the counter for customers to use. I asked if she had a family member she wanted to call. Now this phone had big buttons, 2"x2". She could not see the number pad right in front of her face. I had to dial the phone for her. Elderly people should absolutely have to be tested by the DMV yearly after a certain age in my opinion.


In my country your driving license has to be renewed after 20 years or once you turn 50, whichever is earlier. I'm surprised this is not a thing in the US.


“Drive until you see 3 fuzzy lights, those are traffic signals”


This tape ain’t workin Charlie! I need you here!


There's definitely people stubborn enough to still want to drive, but this could also provide a wake-up call for some more reasonable people without the lawsuit being involved.


I had a great uncle who had macular degeneration. From what I understand you get a blind spot in your vision that slowly spreads outward leaving only your peripheral vision. He had a buddy y that would administer and pass his eye exam so he could keep his license. By sheer dumb luck he never killed anyone.


What's a busy?


My great uncle refused to give up his car until the family literally took it from him. Revealed on his death bed that he was still afraid the Germans would find his family and take them again. To him it was his best way of escape and he was still suffering from the time he spent in war.


All well. Doesnt excuse fucking up some else that has a long life left still. Just because they are old does not give a free pass to be a pos.


if i find out the old guy is still driving after that, i would sue him into oblivion to avoid him killing someone else down the line.


If he's that old, and got into an accident, should he really still be behind the wheel? People die from car accidents and he was lucky as hell dude wasn't killed I can understand not wanting to take the money from an old person, settle with knowing they'll never drive again


Don’t ever feel bad suing an insurance company for an injury settlement. It doesn’t cost the policyholder anything besides maybe a modest increase in rates.


When you sue someone over an auto accident you aren't really suing the driver. You are suing their insurance company. The insurance company pays the claim; not the driver.


Unless you bring your Jeep to a dealership in Michigan..


But that's what insurance is for.


So they should be allowed to do it next time to a family of four that isn't so lucky and loses a kid or both in the crash? Sure, let's just let them all go and destroy however many lives they want because it would make them *unhappy* to be held accountable for not knowing when to hang the keys up. ffs... I am not without compassion but the lack of logic in this statement is astounding.


I've done this 3 times with similar situations. I didn't press charges because I realized it would ruin their lives. Never again. 1 of those people (the older one who pulled out in front of me) tried to sue, the one who assaulted me destroyed his life anyway and the other one I haven't heard anything about. I assume they just didn't feel like it was worth more than the initial fender bender.


That's what insurance is for though...... Like the old man will never pay it all off, you just reap from their insurance company. Always put yourself first, old man coulda been a rapist back in the day for all anyone knows. I don't really get the whole "they're old so they're super Innocent" assumption people often make. People are people, and you do what you have to, even if you gotta sue somebody


Another piece of cacat, no better than the awful car driver.


He probably doesn't. This is probably an old guy who is over-leveraged and he's working a scam to get out of this car because he can't afford it. There's a lot of people who went too far and we'll see a lot more of it now that the market is starting to come down.


>That’s a nice car That's a midlife crisis


Upvotes lol. Some of you americans are trashy as hell


You are right but old nutter will just move on to the next victim who probably won't have a camera. Definitely screwing over everyone else by not doing your civic duty here.


If he made contact then left he's leaving the scene of an accident, which would be far worse for him in the long run - assuming the cops actually bother doing their job, so yeah basically need to wait to shame him in front of the cops because that's the most that will happen to him.


Cops would absolutely do nothing if the old man took off. I doubt they'd even look at the footage.


Can confirm. I had a drunk driver hit my parked car, unfortunately. A neighbor saw this happen, went out and photographed the vehicle that hit my car, spoke to the driver who she recognized and called the police. The police didn’t care. I called the police the next day with this information and they came out to confirm with me in person that they did not care.


Get insurance and their lawyers involved and cops will *absolutely* do their job. That's why most cops hate lawyers. Accountability


That and the cops actually have to follow the law when they’re around


Yeah, they really would rather be shooting seventeen year olds in a poor neighborhood than deal with a dude in a seventeen year old corvette.


Not that you really have an obligation to take someone like this. If you feel uncomfortable to take on confrontation don't guilt yourself about it! Seek help always!


Yeah. I'm just trying to be real, I would suspect most people would do the same (especially if you are going somewhere important)


So I hate to ask, but what do you think waiting for the cop will do to stop the old guy? The cop is annoyed but its highly unlikely the old guy is arrested. He just goes and does it again anyway.


It's better than creating confrontation or starting an argument with someone who's crazy enough to pull a stunt like this in the first place, IMO it's best to just stay quiet, left him get the cops over and only talk to the cops, also it's worth pointing out the cops are more likely to actually do something if they're already there on scene vice trying to talk to them after telling the guy you have him on tape and him fleeing the scene.


Totally depends on the cop but if he goes through the trouble of taking the report you have a good chance. I used to have to try get police to do their job for a living. Its a pain. I get it. But not impossible. Just luck of the draw.


This. I absolutely do not want the cops involved. Telling the dude he’s in the wrong and has video should suffice. The collision is super minuscule so I’d imagine there’s no damage that can’t just be rubbed out.


And when was the last time you heard someone say "sure glad the cops got involved in that incident where there was no damage, no theft, and no one got hurt"? Fucking never. Avoid cops, don't go to them


Can prevent them from getting away with it with others if they have a record of crying wolf.


Especially if he was a person of color.


You should always make time to serve arseholes their just deserts, or if you prefer "evil prevails when good men do nothing".




The one guy who gets it.


I mean if you call that a whistle lol


\*an attempt


I would wwit for them to have signed a statement THEN tell them you have a camera, a false statment hilds a lot more weight


A false statement changes nothing. He won't be charged with anything nor will he face any consequences. If his insurance finds out, he will be at fault and have a slightly higher deductible. That's it.


These people are all in fantasy land about a tap on the front fender that didn’t even make the guy lose his balance. I ride, and if another vehicle makes significant contact with your bike, you’re almost certainly going down. This situation isn’t worth the energy these kids are giving it with their revenge fantasies. Thanks for letting me vent!


Since he's driving a Corvette, I doubt highly the slight increase in insurance will matter to him. He's got what's considered by insurance companies to be a sports car in a color preferred by thieves. He's probably running the scam to pay the insurance to begin with.


Old dry bastard can’t even whistle


I dunno. If your camera failed and the cop is now involved, you may end up fucked. If the scammer gets scared off from the camera, they don’t get punished, but you save yourself the hassle.


This is a fair argument, but then it can be said to invest in a reliable camera haha


even then, I could see myself forgetting to press record... probably a non-issue for the experienced, just my cent x 2


Not sure about helmet cams but on dashcams you don't press record, power just comes on with can electrics and record on generally three second loops until storage is full and erases the oldest. Mine also actually has a function where the camera will detect and heavy shake and file that video away in a locked folder.


That's only for quality ones you wire into the fuze box or if you have an outlet that turns on with the car. A friend got a cheap one that you have to press record every time... Suffice to say he doesn't use it


Mine is $50 and isn't wired into the fuse box and does all of the above. I just plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet thing and leave it there. Starts up with the car, turns off with the car (has a little bit of battery but not much)


Years of experience, I still find myself a mile down the road leaving home and my helmet camera gives me the "turning off to save battery because you never hit record" notice... I really should get an automatic one.


This is true, but even with five 9s reliability that's still a 1 in 100.000 an issue happens. Really low odds but it's happening to someone sometime.


Prolly not a scammer with a 10+ year old vette. Just some idiot boomer that didn’t realize they were rolling backwards in a stick shift.


That's also assuming you have free time from wherever you're going to just stop and file a police report and everything. Like do you REALLY want to get some random old guy in trouble so badly that you would take time out of your day to possibly even go to court?


If he was trying to get the cops involved after deliberately reversing into me? Hell yeah, screw that guy


Only if you need their insurance info or sue for damages. Otherwise you are just getting yourself into unnecessary trouble... would be a juicy video though.


I mean, if the old man wrote a statement about him being hit, then you could get him charged for insurance fraud. If he did it to this biker, he might do it to someone else. Getting him in trouble like that would probably save the next person who might not have a camera.


> then you could get him charged for insurance fraud You could try, but the cops and DA are unlikely to pursue it. It isn’t up to the victim to decide what charges get brought, they only get to choose whether they participate or not. I had a friend who got hit by a woman with no insurance. Cops came and discovered the woman didn’t have insurance. They didn’t do anything, didn’t arrest her or press any charges.


Some folks on previous posts like this have said that it doesn't matter if you wait, the fraudsters aren't charged differently. It only acts as evidence either way, but I guess waiting for them to dig their own hole won't result in any fraud charges. If you tell them ahead of time, however, and they are foolish enough to flee, that would be fleeing the scene of an accident.


post the rest of the footage my man 🤦‍♂️ left out the most satisfying part


Unfortunately, this clip is from years ago. OP is not the rider


And to be fair to OP, the title clearly implies the fact that he was not a part of this video.


Supposed to wait until he lies to the cop to reveal your hand. Oh. And film it all instead of cutting it off before the best parts.


Yeah some people can't afford that luxury as the cop won't listen due to certain factors that shall not be named. Gotta de-escalate asap.


Yeah people in here acting like having a "police interaction" is no big deal. It's a seemingly well to do middle-aged white guy in a corvette vs. insert really anyone else. Who would the police side with by default? The bike guy did the right thing to avoid the confrontation with police. My parents had their car hit in a parking lot and the person fled the scene. The cop came looked up the license plate of the person (our car had a dash cam that recorded everything). It was some older white lady in some jaguar, he looked it up and told my parents that she was some old Lady. The cop tried to convince my parents that it's not that big of a deal, she's old, just let it go... And when my dad wanted the report for insurance purposes, he basically threatened my parents by saying well who knows what's really on that dash cam, these kinds of cases never go anywhere and the police report might not reflect on your claim so well if you go after an old lady. Then he even claimed that if it goes to court he can't really verify about the claim my parents are making. My parents are old brown people who were effectively scared into leaving it alone. Cops are not there to serve you in any capacity, unless you're rich, old and white, anyone who's not all three things can get fucked.


This makes me want to go listen to Rage Against the Machine


What's the point of even doing this? To wastes several peoples time because you don't like motorcycle riders? Baffling waste of time.


Money from an insurance claim


Money for what? There’s no damage to the vehicle. He’s not going to claim injury. This is just a dummy doing dumb stuff for dumb’s sake.


You would be surprised. This is a very common thing in many places, including America. When it actually comes to reporting it to the insurance company, he just has to say his neck hurts. Likewise, he could have prior damage from something that was his fault and his insurance won't cover it, like backing into a lamp post or something. Instead of paying out of his own pocket, why not scare some shmuck kid into thinking you are going to sue him unless he pays up. Unfortunately, these scams are very common in America. I've had at least three different variations by people looking for a free payout. Fortunately, I managed to squeeze through all of them as they were typically to stupid to get away with it.


> This is a very common thing in many places, including America Don't the investigators also hunt you down up to giving jail time for insurance fraud? Doubt the driver was smart enough to it it multiple times without raising red flags of some sort.


Somebody can't afford their mid-life crisis.


Three-quarter life crisis


dudes more like, six-eighths life crisis


that’s.. uh.. still three quarters


There can't be any damage


That's what I thought. He was moving so slow that even if the biker didn't have a camera he could have just taken a couple steps back and been like "Nope, didn't touch him."


He’s likely driving a manual and didn’t realize it rolled back while in neutral. I’d bet he genuinely believed the guy tapped him.


When I first got a manual I rolled back into my buddies car while parked on the street. At first I thought he was being a dick and bumping my car. Nope, I just didn't realize I had taken my foot off the brake.


I cannot believe how hard it was to find this comment. This is clearly what happened


I think this is the most likely scenario too.


This is 100% what happened. It wasn't intentional, but he was too selfish/dumb to think it could actually be his fault. As slow as it was rolling, it is easy to not notice the movement or think the car next to you is actually rolling forward. If the reverse lights on the C5s weren't down by the exhaust then they would be visible in the video, but it wasn't in reverse.


Ego. Power tripping.


You act like people don't go to extremes over super petty and pointless things like literally all the time.


Man, if I was a cop, and some old dickhead tried to “whistle” at me like a dog, I would be pissed and probably ignore him. If I was this biker, I wouldn’t have told him that I had a camera. I would have let him perjure himself.


Whenever someone whistles at me at work I look at them long enough that they know I heard them and then I go back to whatever I was doing.


This is the correct thing to do. Working in retail long time has seasoned me To do That same thing . Make them acknowledge you heard them whistle and give no response.


Passive Aggression is our only fuel we have to power us through our days, in retail.


It’s extra obnoxious that it’s a pretty limp dicked whistle, the dude couldn’t be bothered to make actual noise


I service peoples properties for work and I occasionally will get a whistle. I just ignore them until they learn how to use their words like a big boy


I would have that vette's license plate on watch list for giving a fuckwad tickets for things like that.


if you have dash cam footage of someone trying to scam you, always allow them to file the police report. only then should you offer proof that they were at fault, that way they get charged with filing a false report on top of whatever happened in the accident


> that way they get charged with filing a false report on top of whatever happened in the accident Why do you kids always say this? This NEVER happens. People lie all the fucking time in traffic accidents.


I heard it on reddit so I'm pretty sure it's the rules.


first off i'm in my thirties. second off it happens all the time. cops dont like you wasting their time


Based on the vette driver's reaction. I'm guessing he's driving a manual transmission, had the clutch in, and did not realize he was slowly coasting backwards until he felt the bump.


his reverse lights were on


Why did he get out and immediately whistle at the cop he knew was there? This comment is clueless. He was going for an insurance claim, most likely because the biker was bothering him before the footage starts. Welcome to the world. It’s full of horrible people


It sounds like he was revving the engine as well. He probably just doesn't know how to drive stick and thought the dude was coming towards him, which is why he started revving the engine, unfortunately not realizing he was drifting backwards.


That was the bike revving


People in this thread are adorable thinking that the cops and prosecutor are going to fire up a federal investigation over someone lying to the cops about a fender bender.


the grand reddit illusion the usual person who likes sitting around on reddit has always liked being idle, reddit is just the current pass-time, and thus they have far more to say about the world than they'll ever learn about it ​ you can tell who's been out of the house enough in their life because they don't insist that the real world behaves like the world theoretically should in fact they generally don't insist at all, fake lawyers speak in absolutes and definitives


seems like you have a lot to say about people with alot to say, a bit ironic if you ask me


Buy a dashcam folks


True, they're a necessity


Everyone saying he shouldn’t have told him he had a camera has probably never seen a helmet with a GoPro attached to it. It’s pretty obvious.


I notice allot of people dont see motor cycles.


That's a spelling I haven't seen allot.


I didn’t see the guys reverse lights on. I don’t even know what i’m watching.


Manual transmission probably. Had it in neutral.


He took his foot off the break with clutch pulled in so he started rolling back. He's an old man who hasn't driven a stick in 20 years so he thought the transmission would hold him in place like it does in his minivan


probably had it in neutral and took his foot off the brake


Tell me you've never driven manual without telling me you've never driven manual.


Thanks for the shitty tiktok cringe computer voice over. We really needed it.


I fucking hate that entitled old white guy "whistle and wave" he does to the cops.


Full vid?


I wouldn't be surprised if that cop wasn't sitting there watching that old guy slowly back up thinking "wtf is this person doing?" And lit up after the guy got out just to really find out wtf was going on.


Quite the acting there from the old man.


Don't act like this Richard kids


Something tells me he’s done this before… I wonder where he got the money to afford such a nice car like that too…


it's an older corvette, just shiney. probably worth no more than 20k, possibly more but not by much. He definitely got out like he has done this before though.