Protesters stopping an ambulance from getting through

Protesters stopping an ambulance from getting through

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If you ask me, if an ambulance gets stuck by protesters and the person the ambulance is trying to save dies, the protesters should be charged with murder. This is why I disagree with protesters blocking roads.


Or, making it legal to slowly continue through. Like a 2mph crawl until they get out of the way or get run over. People who block traffic are cowards, and they'll move when they realize you aren't going to stop.


It would be like the steamroller scene in Austin Powers.


Really winning hearts and minds to support their cause with this shit.


The ambulance should've just run them over and then piled them all up in the back with the others.


That's how I used to do it in GTA III.


Confusing gas and break pedals can surprisingly happen when you're least expecting it


They should all be charged with attempted murder or murder if the Ambulance can't get there in time. I've been in a situation where, if the Ambulance hadn't made it as fast as it did, my daughter would have definitely died. (She stopped breathing due to a febrile seizure from a high fever that spiked from an ear infection as an infant.) Those idiots may not want regular traffic to get through, but at least let the damn Ambulance go by. That's someone's life!


They don't care. Their (insert cause here) is far more important than a single life. I'm sure the person in the ambulance would totally understand and sympathize if they could just explain how important it is.


We've already had a case where the Insulate Britain protestors have made matters worse for emergency services. A woman had a stroke but the ambulance couldn't get her to the hospital quick enough due to protestors blocking the roads. Had they gotten there in time, they would have been able to provide her with proper medical care, but now she's completely paralysed on her left side. The thing is, I totally agree with what they're fighting for. I grew up poor on a council estate and knew of people that died in the winter because of the cold. I do not and will not support Insulate Britain as a group because of the way that they are going about their protest. Sit outside Downing Street, don't block every day people you're trying to get onto your cause, that's just going to piss them off and make them ignore what you're fighting for


They make me want to buy an SUV, open up a coal power plant and eat some endangered animals.


Makes me wanna buy a diesels and roll coal right there until they fucking choke.


I would be pissed as well if a bunch of idiots would go sit on the road to block it. All they are doing is making enemies


They’re at that perfect height to just get kicked in the teeth


Traffic stoppers are worthless


If you want me to show sympathy and respect to your cause you have to show sympathy and respect back. Blocking traffic flow and hindering emergency services is not sympathetic and respectful in any way and I will treat those people just the same.


These videos keep showing up so much. One was a woman who had to take her son to school and get to work I would be pissed as well if a bunch of idiots would go sit on the road to block it. All they are doing is making enemies


Was that the same woman driving an untaxed vehicle around London? Whilst also on her phone?


That I do not know, But that also isn’t part of the thing I am talking about


Oí! Ya gotta loicense for that opinion, mush?!


What were they protesting


Look up Insulate Britain. This isn't their first time doing this.


It's a good cause, these people are idiots however.


They're trying to force the government to insulate homes in Britain in effort to curb emissions. It's a good cause, advocated for badly by these people.


So basically they are climate activists holding up traffic which then directly leads to increased Emissions from cars that are on the roads for longer periods of time? Excellent


You could argue that if they achieve what they're aiming for the additional car emissions would be negligible.


You could also argue that’s a stupid fucking argument


Lets be honest, emissions from cars aren’t our biggest issue. if 20 or 30 people are on the road for 30 extra minutes, the effect on the environment will be minuscule. Average people aren’t the cause of pollution.


Except they pulled that shit on the m25 so it was thousands of people stuck for hours.


I'm not trying to say I support it, if that is how I came across, I'm just saying how little we affect pollution on a daily basis. Our 'carbon footprint' doesn't mean shit in the big picture


So why not protest in front of the corporations or legislative bodies that continue the actual pollution? No one would be mad if they blocked BP oil from getting to their oil rig.


Because that wouldn't get any notice. While I don't support blocking major highways and the such, I recognize that it adds a lot of publicity, bad or not.


It's a very reasonable arguement actually. Insulating houses in the UK would make a huge difference to our energy usage, whereas a line of traffic is barely measurable. But you'll see in my original comment I don't think their tactics are good at all.


You could, but they're not going to achieve it because they have totally failed to gather any type of public, political or media support. It's as if they're actively conspiring to undermine their goal. Which is really hard to do for a goal that was already publicly and politically popular and very media friendly. They're literally a net negative influence.


I agree. They've managed to fail at gaining support for a cause that should have been easy.


It's almost as if their sense of self-righteousness is the objective, rather than making meaningful change. Fucking politics has gone to shit.


*advocated by bad people


*advocated by stupid people. With some exceptions, I refuse to believe that people can be inherently bad.


>With some exceptions, I refuse to believe that people can be inherently bad. I'd be careful with comments like those. You're going against the Reddit rhetoric that people are evil.


Even their own leader has said he doesn't actually give a toss about that. they have also been responsible for stopping an ambulance with a woman suffering from a stroke who is now paralyzed because of their stupidity.


>Even their own leader has said he doesn't actually give a toss about that Do you have a source for that? Not something I've heard. Yes very stupid to block anyone, but especially the emergency services where lives are at risk if their vehicles are delayed.


It's not just emissions, we still have people in poor areas dying in the winter due to the lack of insulation. I agree with their cause, I don't agree with how they're going about making it heard


They forgot.......


Look at the utterly placid resignation with which they repeatedly lay in the street. They probably don’t even know.


I really do hate these people. They're protesting for a good cause, but the way how they protest is absolutely ridiculous. Sure, its controversial, sure, it will get remembered, but instead of getting remembered for your goals, you'll get remembered for blocking ambulances, and blocking a woman who wanted to see her mother who was rushed to hospital. Fucking idiots.


It is a good cause but i swear often these twats don’t actually give a shit for the cause and they will be at every protest for anything someone can protest because they really do have nothing better to do. Most of the time they are protesting against the government whilst a lot of them must claim benefits to be doing this during the day, all the while stopping people from getting to work.


Just don't be gentle with them.


Yes. First step to make society accept your cause is by pissing it off.


Protest all you want, but don’t do it in the middle of the fucking road!


Why don't Brits just beat the shit out of them? Do you have this much patience?


Oh they want too, but there are multiple people filming and the police are likely nearby. The police would make an example out of you to discourage vigilantism against these protesters. Personally as the police i'd make it clear that they won't be attending these kind of protests and will take no action against anybody 'attending' in any way shape or form, that should likely end with no further protests but about 30 people seeking medical attention from an ambulance 2 hours late because of traffic. What vexes me about these protesters is that they are doing no benefit for their cause and are actually discouraging people from what is otherwise a worthy cause. They all are also roughly pension age also so it's not like they have to get to work to pay their bill or anything.. Another way to deal with these people is fine them £25,000 each, each time they do this, and promise the money towards insulating peoples home, see how much they care then.


These people should be ground in hamburger meat


What are they protesting?


Some look up Insulate britian type shit


They're feeling a bit cold and want their middle class homes and second homes insulated for free.


Actually wow, thank you for answering my question


Where's the ambulance?


Obviously 100% deadlocked in traffic behind all the rest of these vehicles that first need to get past so that they can get through also. They aren't going to be the first ones *right there* if these protesters just throw themselves into the road and potentially block traffic for miles. We only saw how many cars pass out of how many are probably lined up stuck in traffic because of some idiots sat in the street.


You can see a first aid response person walking near the protesters at around the 39 second mark, wearing all green. Also the numerous remarks made in the video about there being an ambulance.


First aid response person? I think you mean paramedic.


I had just woken up and my brain was still waking up too, my bad


I haven't finished the video yet, but probably off camera. They don't go lights and sirens after they picked the patient up so if your suspicion lies in the lack of sound that would be why.


This vídeos make me wanna start kicking left and right


Should of bashed their heads in when they kept getting back in the way. You gave them plenty of warning and tried to move them..


There are questions about the motives of this group. Not everyone is sure they are real protestors.


Literal fucking children


All their heads are just lined up there at perfect kicking height, how could you resist ?


Protest, yes, but not at the expense of other people’s lives, or livelihoods. They’re just pissing of regular people to get at the government which will never work.


I’ve seen so many of these videos and not a single cop in any of them. Where the are the cops?


Stuck in traffic.


Them clowns right there wud make me so mad to and to block an ambulance u scum bags that's some ones family member in there gggrrrr go protest at parliament they make all the decisions really be honest here .....


I'd like to protest against the terrible butchering of the English language here.


Hahahaha :) thank you and u not the first hahaha top comment. I not very gud with my english but I may or may not get there in the end. Punctuation is not my strong point just take a big breath before u read hahaha :)


Modern protestors at it's finest, at least it's not another fire truck being stopped from a burning building.


People converted to your cause because you staged a protest that blocked traffic = 0.


Protests are supposed to be disruptive, but an ambulance is an exception. Everyone knows that. These people showed themselves to be self-righteous and attention seeking. Fuck them.


I've seen lots of these videos and what I cannot fathom is that these protestors only disrupt the daily lives of people that have nothing to do with the issue. I mean, in one video a woman was on her way to get her kid to school, and they categorically stayed in front of the car. The fuck did the child do wrong and why does the kid have to be the victim of their protest?


Agreed, why don't they take their protests to number 10 and camp out there.


Just a question of time until the first casualty


They’ve already caused people to not receive medical treatment and now have permanent damage… They also haven’t even insulted their own homes because it’s too expensive…. Fucking idiots


It looks like suicidal behavior to me. These people need to be medicated.


Where are the protestors? I just see speed bumps.


They should be able to knock the shit out of these idiots with no punishment... Or mow them down...


It just gets to a point of being ridiculous.


Weird little cult


Complete fucking morons, i don't know how these lads restrained themselves from punching fuck out of them, when that old prick gets ill and needs an ambulance they should say "sorry it can't get here because of protesters"


If the person that needs the ambulance dies, doesn’t the people that blocked it get charged with murder?


Never understood road block protests, like what the fuck is the point of blocking someones way to "prove your point"? I bet if their mothers needed the ambulance and others blocked the road they'd shout the loudest


God they are so annoying and rage inducing. I wish something is done to stop these idiots. Police is absolutely useless, arrests them and the next day sets them free. At some point people will reach the breaking point and won't care about them anymore, I feel bad for them when that will happens but at the same time I don't. They are stopping ambulance, they stopped an only woman from reaching the hospital and she died in traffic from a heart attack, they stopped another woman from seeing her dying mother in the hospital, stopping kids form reaching school. Absolutely no respect for their cause, not for them as human beings.


Just kick their heads so they stop moving.


Insulate Britain are a bunch of total morons, no wonder people want to beat the shit out of them for holding people and emergency vehicles up.


They need the asses whooped for this shit grown ass adults acting worse than kids! BIG ASS BABYS


my blood is boiling


Nice seeing some dudes dragging protesters off the street. A little faith has been restored


Awwww cute. What are the protesting?


Just keep on driving.


Protesting by blocking streets is stupid. These people should be arrested. I'm all for protesting, and would not want to hit one with a vehicle, but jump in front of me and lay down after being moved, I'm assuming you're asking for assisted suicide. I fully support right to die.


If you want a laugh look up the video of some guy tying one of the insulate Britain (group on this video) protesters to some railings. Knight the man


I wonder if the persons moving the protesters off the road will be arrested for assaulting them?


Are these the same protesters that blocked a woman getting her kids to school?


Now this is a facepalm. I have no idea what they're protesting against or for but this is like from maybe having some positive goals to none, zero, Zipp!


But wait... Where's the ambulance?


I support the right to protest, but never on the roada. Go to a park or a public space, not a place where you literally disrupt society


I keep finding people here on reddit who support this kind of protesting. The logic is the more attention you get the better, even if that means making a complete douche of your self. So doing terrible things equals success. I call it LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! form of protesting and its messed up. In reality there is a lot more to a protest then just overly promoting one aspect.


Drag them to the side of the road, cable tie their high viz tightly to the railing leave them there


They're won't be any ambulances in 100 years when all the oil and fossil fuels are gone.