Taunting a terminally ill seven-year-old girl

Taunting a terminally ill seven-year-old girl

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That person epitomizes this sub. Congratulations on being the biggest piece of shit I have seen in a looooooooooooong time.


Honestly, this is one of those stories you might not believe if you hadn't seen it.


I still can't believe it. Like wtf


And to double down on it and go on tv to tell everyone that "No there's no misunderstanding. I am the biggest piece of shit you will ever see."


Some people don’t care how they get attention as long as someone is looking.


Yeah i know that "bad publicity is still publicity" thing with people seeking attention ..but man ! this is never seen before level of atrocious publicity. I hope they got karma whooping their asses til now ! Scum of the earth. Edit : I just read about her fake apology after the consequences. I'm happy about it, she went so far in the hatred ! I hope the parents were able to protect their little girl dying . Those people are the most vile i ever saw in neighbours fights.


Link to the apology?


You're not wrong, holy shit. She apparently went on Dr. Phil and Inside Edition. The Inside Edition clip is really something. Talk about fucking desperate for your 15 minutes. God, Dr. Phil is garbage.


Of course that bald YEE YEE bastard jumped on this opportunity . Dr Phil is gross and I hate him so much more ever since he got that “cash me outside “ bitch famous


Oh he's the worst. At least shit like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich knew exactly what their shows were. Former Dr. Phil is the same shit but tries to dress it up like he's better than them and helping people. And fun fact, he had his license revoked yeeaarrss ago for doing shitty shit while practicing psychiatry. Edit: My b, ya'll. I mistakenly said psychiatry instead of psychology.


It’s really not surprising, the episode he kicked the bum fights creator off is priceless , phil did not want to hear the truth about himself


Right?!?! I mean the bum fight guy is a POS too, but damn! He wrecked Phil and it was priceless, lmao


one of the things that made me hate Phil about that episode is he brought him on, they showed the intro video for the person where they tell you who they are, and then kicked him off right as it was done. Had the dude fly all the way over there and everything, knowing full well they were just going to give him the boot. Now, if he was just being a dick, fine. But like the other person said, he tries to have that higher persona. He was like "I just watched that, and I refuse to publicize that." Bitch, you saw it before. You at the very least know exactly who it is you're interviewing. It's part of the job. But now he gets to look better than he is, because he pretends to be shocked and kicked him off.


There's a Behind the Bastards podcast episode about him thats amazing. Dude is so much worse than just his terrible TV personality


"I'm the edgiest edgelord you will ever see! Look how *different* I am! I harass and abuse dying kids because I'm soooo edgy! Wait, why am I being evicted? It's a joooooke...."


There are a lot of people out there who are evil as hell, but THINK they are the good guys. This couple is unequivocally, cartoonishly evil, Orcs of Mordor evil, and they are proud of it.


Right?! It seems like a weird ass skit from an Adult Swim show or something.


The woman has a bit of a Dee vibe from always sunny.


True Evil D vs the somewhat beloved chaotic neutral D


I was expecting some "neighbors could not be reached for comment" shit, but noooooo, they *had some comments*.


My eldest sister has microcephaly since birth which causes extremely stunted brain growth and I'm not lying to you that there are people who say shit like this directly/ indirectly the first chance they get . I can't imagine how hurt the father in the video must be feeling , I just wish him all the best .


Wow, I'm apalled to hear that and honestly don't know what to say. If your son was here, I'd give him a big hug on behalf of all humanity!


You mean his eldest sister? Or u just out here huggin’ sons?


Yep this one wins.


Change the logo to her face


This needs to be upvoted to mom's attention. Because my fucking god this woman is this sub's...well, I was gonna spirit animal but there's nothing spiritual about her. Just a gaping, vacuous pit that turns everything around her to shit.


Yeah.. I kinda thought like Sweet Dee from IASIP had gotten her own spin off as this is insanely over the top piece of shit behaviour.


Tbf, Sweet Dee and the whole gang are pieces of shit, but I still don’t see them stooping to this level and that says volumes about this person.


They wouldn't insult them just for the fun of it, they'd first use them in some insane scheme and then make fun of them as they're walking away


My mouth was dropped for practically the whole video. Holy shit


No kidding, I'm at a loss for words. How is someone like this?


Should make a prize consisting of a pile of shit and sent it to her


Yeah I saw this story years ago, and every once in awhile I randomly think if it because it was just unfathomable.


Oh, it’s from awhile ago? I wonder what the aftermath was. Where is this bitch now?


I just found this: https://patch.com/michigan/trenton-grosseile/exclusive-jennifer-petkov-says-im-sorry-wishes-to-move-on-2


She could care less she’s just sorry because it went viral and every one wants her dead now probably she’s is a nasty person who I’m sure has no remorse for her actions just mad no one took her side


"The entire world thought I was this evil child-hater, child-taunter," Petkov told Patch in an exclusive interview last week at a restaurant in Trenton. Thought? Bitch you are.


Well, well, well. If it isn’t the consequences for my own actions.


Thank you for that. What a twat.


Jesus, this person *really* blows


"we don't bother nobody."


Except the time I tried to kill a neighbor by running them over, but come on that was ages ago!


Goddamn, this bitch is cold.


It’s one thing to not care, it’s another to go out of your way to mock and harass a dying child.


They're such a pair of edgelords, too. Like saying you're the devil? Okay, sure, you do that.


They never grew up out of high school for being the “alternative” kids. If they were 16 I’d say that they’d be so embarrassed about this when they’re older, yet here we are with them being in their what, early 30s? High school never ends, woah oh, woah oh oh oh 🎵


Both of them are. Don’t forget dickless standing next to it.


He's just happy someone is giving him sex. He's got that look. She could murder his own parents in front of him and he wouldn't blink.


He looks like he still listens to Papa Roach


It was his last resort.


Great, now that riff is in my head.


Yeah. I mean who does that! (Definitely not me).


Personally attacked ( admittedly my music taste is trash )


leave papa roach out of this! he does look a bit like their frontman though...


Omg I think you’re completely right. He totally has that look.


While I would not wish death on anyone. There would be an ironic justice if that little girl outlived her neighbors.


I wouldn't wish death on them, but I wouldn't be sad to know they died horribly.


You could retaliate — no one would care.


Makes me think of that movie with Jack Black where he killed who was basically the town hag and no one really cared


Bernie! Love that movie. It’s based on a true story.


Reminds me of my ex, damn she was nuts


Thank god you left her or vice versa which ever


are you kidding? she's not cold. She's dumb as a sack of rocks. You can tell she is boiling over with stupid shit to say, the opposite of cold.


These people think the cast of *Always Sunny* are role models.


She does look a bird


At least the IASIP characters (except Frank most of the time) are aware on some subconcious level that what they're doing is wrong, and come up with some convoluted justification for it. (I.e. "salting" Gail The Snail). They're too lazy and selfish to change, but they'll at least pretend to be civilized in front of others to a degree.


Not only cold but also evil. They take other people's death as their own satisfaction.


I couldn't believe she admitted that so brazenly too! "Why do you do this to this family? *Personal satisfaction* That's fucked up




Don't worry, she's cleary 1,000x more miserable than she could ever make anyone else


That poor guy lost his wife and soon to lose his daughter. Those ahole neighbors better think twice about harassing a guy who might not have much to live for anymore.




gives me vibes of that guy who murdered his neighbours over snow this past winter


Exactly my thought. They better watch out when this man's daughter passes.


That video is insane.


Yeah pretty wild. The neighbours appeared to be harrassing him for no reason, and it appeared to be an ongoing thing, and they even told him they're "going to make his life a living hell".


"Shouldve kept her mouth shut"




retribution a la John Wick


A red dead redemption


No fucking kidding. I just lost my wife and daughter? I’m not going to feel like I have anything to live for anyways. Might as well get some well deserved revenge.


Yup, I'd make a example out of them for sure.




Not soon, this is 10 years ago.


Do you know of any update?


No fairy tale ending. The little girl passed, the neighbor got probation soon after for trying to run over somebody. Really doubt time has been very kind to anybody in the story


Oof. Life is hard enough. Be nice people.


Neighbor also got evicted, which is nice.


That’s a win!!! Fuck those people


So he didn’t lose all reason to live, go off the deep end and bring all the suffering the wrath of god could inflict on those demonspawn that were his neighbors?


It's reminding me of that disturbing video of the guy who snaps when the neighbors started clearing their snow onto his yard and then insulted his dead wife. Dude went inside, got his gun and killed them both and then himself. It was the worst thing I'd watched in a long while, but I felt no sympathy for the terrible neighbors. These guys shouldn't push a guy who may have nothing to lose soon.


Yeah that video was insane. The neighbor lady was still trying to talk shit even after she was bleeding out in the street. I love how her husband was threatening to make the guy’s life hell. Hell they didn’t even react when he came out with a gun. The husband didn’t even react until he’d been shot several times. It is like they never imagined living in a world where antagonizing somebody would have consequences. I think what made the video interesting was it was in a middle class suburb. Those terrible neighbors probably have been pieces of shit for years without anybody standing up to them. People have been killed for much less in more poverty stricken areas. You need to pick and choose you battles wisely in such places because most disputes end up violent. They probably would have been chewed up and spit out the first day they wanted to argue about shoveling their snow into somebody else’s driveway.


Don't forget the neighbor who watched those horrible people abuse this guy for years and never said a thing. It's the only video I've seen where the comments were full of sympathy for the gunman. I felt so bad for him aswell, I wish he didn't kill himself for those peice of shit neighbors.


Holy fuck, I haven't seen the video but boy after your description I hope I will never see it.


it was very graphic with clear audio.


wait, they insulted his dead wife? I always thought they were just shoveling snow into his yard and he did all that


Iirc they'd been harassing him for a *long* time, and this finally pushed him over. Then they don't even react after the first couple shots.. like wtf.


Sometimes the brain just won't process "that person is killing me" until it's much too late.


What even started this beef?! I might have missed it in the video. I don’t understand where her ridiculously astronomical amount of hatred comes from.


The whole thing is just so odd. I wonder what her reasoning is. What made her hate this family so much in the first place? She must have some kind of a motive even if it’s a foolish imaginary one. I just don’t get it. If anybody has any information or even any opinions on her motivation, I’d appreciate the input.


According to Daily Mail and ABCnews articles I found, the feud began when the little girl’s grandmother held a birthday party — the neighbor texted her to see if her kids could attend, but the grandma apparently did not respond to the text message fast enough. Jennifer kind of strikes me as one of those unbalanced overreactive moms who are not cool with people snubbing their kids.


Well at least that’s some context. Thanks for that.


Yeah, context to show that woman psychopathy


Yes. Context.


Had this same situation happen to me as a child. Was getting bullied by one of the neighborhood kids and told my parents about it, as I had a birthday party coming up and he would come to it sometimes since I generally had my friends over outside. This year in particular I didn't invite him and when he sees a bunch of kids over he comes along and asks whats up, i remember telling him I was having my birthday party and my friends were there to spend the night. When he asked if he could, i told him no; as he was being rude to me and I didn't want him there. He fucking bawls his eyes out and heads home. The mother sure as shit without hesitation comes out, screaming at me about "how dare you dont invite my billy to your birthday party!!!" With him at her heel, only to snap him.anf his sister back away to their house and never to come back out. Needless to say that mother treated my entire family like shit, even after the son got over the stupid thing not long after. She makes sure even to this day 26 years later to not make eye contact with a single one of my family members, even if we politely wave good morning or try and be neighborly. Her husband is a nice guy who still talked to my dad, she despised that lol.


I know kids aren't great with words, but did you tell him it was because he bullied you? Did he stop at any point?


Yeah sorry! I kinda skimmed a bit as it was like 3 am lol. But yeah! I told him why and he really didn't care! So to clarify; he and I played sports together when we were younger. Baseball to be exact. Amyways; he had another mutual friend over and they both were treating me like shit. (pegging me with tennis balls and taunting me after telling them to stop) A week later the party happens and I tell him about what he did and why i didn't invite him. Mom situation happens. Fast forward a month or so and a couple other incidents happen, mainly the kid invites other neighbors out to do stuff and purposefully leaves me out of the invitation even if I was with the group that was invited, and then eventually I just stopped being friends with all the neighbors as one day we were plahing wallball (3 of us) and the two of them continuously would throw the ball towards each other as to not let me get it, but wail the ball at the wall towards me so I'd fuck it up, drop it, and need to run to the wall to touch it before getting pelted by the tennis ball. After noticing about 4 times what was happening I got upset and called out the kid who didn't like me, saying he's purposefully making it so I can't get the ball and my other buddy knew it. He laughed and said I was just "bad" or whatever the equivalent of shit talking at the age of 12 is, and it upset me.because with the history between us i wouldn't buy it. Got so frustrated I wanted to fight him, my other friend intervenes between the two of us and says "I'm not going to let you fight my friend." to ehicj i replied "well im your friend too!" Which was just met with him essentially taking the other kids spot and fighting me instead, if i temember correctly. And thats when it really hurt. I ended up becoming a shut in shortly after and really only making friends thru school. Neighborhood activities became useless because i felt like everyone hated me haha


Damn, that memory really stuck with ya. Sucks that some kids are just shitty


That sounds exactly like something petty enough to be the reason.


Also as a rule of etiquette: Don't invite yourself to parties. If they wanted you to attend, they would have asked you to attend.


There's a Dr. Phil episode on them, I think after the kid has died. Jennifer and Scott apologized but it looked extremely fake.


I didn’t know that the little girl had already passed away. I don’t really know what to say. As far as the aggressors going on TV, I’m not sure if you get paid for going on those types of shows, but you definitely get a free trip, so that might be their motivation for having done it. I refuse to believe that there was a complete turn around in her thinking and she realized that she was truly wrong. People who go this far can change. But I don’t think that they generally change that much.


I'm not sure an adult who can target and harass a dying child is able to change. That's such an extreme level of cruelty, it seems like someone would have to be too far gone to even get to that point in the first place.


My theory is she cant handle the family getting the community’s sympathy and support and so she started this horrible feud


Ah yes. Another good theory actually. Jealousy over the attention. Even though it was attention for a terrible reason, she saw everybody being kind to them and nobody liking her because she probably is rude towards lots of people. Thanks.


the woman probably has some sort of beef with the kid and her mother. she was questioned as to why she hates the family, and she simply responds with "because it makes their blood boil" (paraphrasing). basically, she has likely had some beef with them in the past and holds a grudge like no one else.


Yeah. I went back again. I heard her saying that, but I just wish that there was some kind of explanation of what actually started the rage and anger in this lady. Like there must have been some kind of an incident that happened in the first place because it doesn’t look like it could be a racism thing. They are the same race. I just can’t picture what it could’ve been that would lead a woman to believe that she needed to go this far. Against a child, no less.


It really could be because some people get off on outrage. Mocking a dying child is a *very* effective way to get attention. Find the edgiest teenager you know, age them up, and multiply their edginess ten times. Same basic mentality. Bullies do it too. They know it's wrong to bully a kid but in their minds the other person is at fault for taking it so personally. They just enjoy it.


Without any additional info or context, I think it might just be jealousy. I'm taking a complete shot in the dark here -- but if they've been neighbors for a while, lots of little perceived slights over the years from the close-knit, well liked, likely better off family might've been too much for her to handle. That, combined with being a psycho might be why she couldn't be happier that they're being brought down a peg. Or not. Who knows.


Her whole identity is being a real-life edgelord.


When you're a bitch and you have to double down being a bitch because everyone is watching you on TV


Lumberg fucked her.


How much free time do you need to have on your hands until you get to that level of boredom? Or do yall think this another one if those "oh look I'm so quirky for going against the norm, sorry not sorry, guess you couldn't handle the neutron style" kinda things?


look at their car, listen to how they speak, both folding their arms in the same way while wearing the same jumper. They're fucking losers who never outgrew their edgy phase.


Beautifully said.


lol, what i'd do to see their reaction to that comment.


I’d like to say it has to be some kind of mental issues, but then again, like you said, there are those people out there who will go against the grain, without even thinking why the grain is like that in the first place.


By judging how just "bitter" this woman is, I think she has been deeply hurt in the past and is reflecting that outwardly. I hope she gets help, because letting feelings like that consume her will kill her one day.


> letting feelings like that consume her will kill her one day. Or someone will. Sounds like she can't properly regulate her emotions and she's more likely to get big consequences as a result


Or she'll kill someone else...


Just looked them both up and they are not doing well in life.... I’m not religious but I believe in karma. Fuck them.




Literally just looked up names.


Weird. I looked up their names too and it just shows articles from 2010-2012 unless it was on social media. Not sure why anything more recent isn't showing up for me. Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions and update info!


I found him on social media. He just had his step child pass away and his family is facing eviction. He's divorced from her and they took his stimulus checks because he owes child support. I can't find her, but it looks like karma has caught up to at least one of them.


Wait. You mean these two people aren't good at maintaining relationships??


*shocked pikachu face*


Wow people post some personal shit on social media.




Lol AL Franken is forced to quit but this bitch can go and become a nurse after this?!


He didn’t say she had a job as a nurse. I would imagine no one would hire her with any sort of background check.


Its because you didn't use bing


Good. Fuck both them.




I love how he's whining like a wimp about being homeless and asking for sympathy like it's the worst thing in the world but he had zero empathy for a girl and her mother dying of a brain disease. What a colossal loser.


From March- "Whelp i tested positive for covid-19. Worst part of this is I won't be able to say goodbye to my step daughter Juile Crying face Broken heart. Dad loves you.People hugging You will always live on in my heart❤ juju. May you rest easy Folded hands God gained a Angel. fly hi juju" I wish him all the compassion and sympathy he's shown others.


Lol glad to know karma caught up to at least one of them


Peak bully mentality right there. They'll grind your bones to dust with cruelty and insults but as soon as someone is even *slightly* rude back to them they're innocent victims.


Looks like they must have split bc via his Twitter he's engaged to someone named April. Failed Marriage ✔ Homelessness ✔ Savage personal mutation Death [2/4. Keep it coming Karma]


Huntington's Disease is the worst. My uncle married my aunt and had 5 girls. Turns out my late aunt had the disease, which didn't present until after having kids and deteriorated in front of our eyes for years until she finally passed. Since it's genetic, all 5 of my cousins got it. One has passed, the other 4 are slowly deteriorating and it's horrific to watch knowing there's nothing that can be done. This woman deserves to rot in hell. What a scumbag.


That is beyond heartbreaking. I am so sorry. Your poor Uncle :(


So sorry. Yea it's so bad that most genetic counselors will advise against having kids especially bc it begins presenting earlier and earlier in each generation. Even more heartbreaking is that I remember reading that the suicide attempt rate amongst people suffering with HD is almost 25%!


Taunting a dead woman and a child with huntington's by posting shit on Facebook and harassing them with coffins all for "personal satisfaction", I've never seen anyone be so committed and proud of being a fucking loser




Didn't something like that actually happen once? A town had a bully that was so terrible that one guy snaps and starts to beat them to death while in public and no one bothered to stop it. They even went to the extent to tell police they saw nothing. I think even a movie was made based off of it.


Ken McElroy. He was actually shot at/hit by 3 different firearms while in his truck outside a bar.


Preyed on high schoolers, shot some people directly(unsurprisingly missing), and a wife beater. The entire town really said fuck it and just shot the guy behind his back and just stayed silent about it.


I've read about him and he was definitely a piece of shit. I agree with vigilante justice in this situation for sure.


Yep, he had a lawyer that pretty much bails him from anything that isn't murder. Guy was threatening to actually kill somebody if they rat him out again so they did what they had to do.


The book I read said that he was convicted like 20 times and escaped each one. The last one was after he shot and damn near killed that old shop owner, he successfully appealed and was out on bond when he was killed. I agree it was necessary and say good riddance.


And right after his release he went to the pub and started bragging about how he will "finish the job" on the guy he nearly killed. Which was when the townsfolk finally snapped


The even sadder thing was his wife was still of the thought the town was in the wrong. He probably had beaten any and all thought of going against him out of her, and she was pretty much in a sort of Stockholm Syndrome-like mental state, “defending her man” (if that makes sense).


She was literally threatened into marrying him when she was a highschool student if I remembered correctly. He burned their house and killed their dog …twice


Thought the same.


If this sub could choose a "piece of shit of the year" these people would be top contenders.


They belong on the losing side of a 'Fear Thy Neighbor' episode. What total pieces of shit.


Mental cases. Wtf is wrong with some people.


The girl slowly dying is so fucking tragic on its own, but the story just gets worse and worse from there


The neighbor is sicker than the terminally-ill girl




Ey bruv I’m shotty if so; my two year old girl on the spectrum’s the reason my heart beats. Thinking about this to her, let alone at all. Some issues the cops don’t needa poke in. Others can and will handle it.


The real life Sweet Dee...but worse.


Holy shit! Unsweet Dee. Total doppelganger.


Dee’s Southern Cousin. Country Dee


In the US, people have died for less. How the fuck do they think that they can get out of this scot-free by taunting a bloke who's slowly losing all his family?


Do people haven nothing better ot do... Or have too much time on their hands


She should burn


It's HALLOWEEN, people!! We're gonna dec-or-ate!!


Someone should use that excuse on her when people start TPing her house with used toilet paper.


If that little girl was my child and lost my SO, I would lose my shit and end up in jail. However, I doubt a jury of my peers would convict me. This poor father. This is beyond disgusting.


This man literally is about to have NOTHING else to lose and you still fuck with him?


How much you wanna bet that woman’s got a pair of leggings or whatever that says *Bad Bitch* across the ass, and a quote on her Facebook profile saying *”If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best <3 #sorrynotsorry”*.


This is so horrible I thought it had to be a hoax, but who would want to be that woman?


I’m a shitposting pos and I wouldn’t even do something like this, this genuinely makes me sick to my stomach


Throw that bitch in the trash.


I hope Jennifer or Scott have to use that coffin soon.


Well the husband is facing homelessness so I guess he can use that.


as a goth, we dont claim her.


That was my thought watching this as well. We’ve been doing so much hard work restigmatizing spooky kids as nice, normal people who like dark aesthetic/entertainment and horror. And here comes these clowns who aspire to be the devils rejects irl. 🤦‍♀️


Someones jealous of the attention a LITERAL fucking seven year old is getting, even worse, a seven year old with HUNTINGTONS! Who thinks this way as a fully grown adult? This is pathetic.


How no on one their community hasn’t found that guy in a dark alley is kind of odd.




House looks old, they have electrical problems all the time, that's how fires start.


Can we legalize public hanging again


Why hasn’t anyone tossed a Molotov


I’d bet any money after the news story broke that someone did.


She's like a Disney villain on steroids and crack dude


I love how this gem of a woman is going to get a whole new wave of condemnation now that this is on the front page of Reddit—even though the incident was 8 years ago. This will never go away for her and I hope it never does.


I´ve never seen a more perfect example of white trash in my life.


Just trash