This woman has a professional psychological background. Holy shit.

This woman has a professional psychological background. Holy shit.


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Maybe she needs a psychiatrist lol


I know you meant it as a joke but it’s pretty standard for psychiatrists to have their own psychiatrist.


So psychiatry is a MLM scheme?


I just need to onboard 3 more psychiatrists to my downline before I can become a platinum diamond psychiatrist. Can I send you some literature?


What do you have to do for the free trip to Mexico?


Declare 5 people mentally insane to win the trip to Mexico. Make sure you buy the swag tote and spf lip balm before you go.


Once you declare 10 people mentally insane you get a leased Lexus 🤩


Yeah, but the product actually works. EDIT: Sometimes. Sometimes it works.


Not in this case apparently


If she didn’t act on those fantasies, we can say that something worked.


Good point. But she probably shouldn't be threatening a bunch of college students.


Not defending this person in anyway, but intrusive, violent thoughts or fantasies are also quite common and rarely acted upon. There is a stigma that intrusive thoughts like cannibalism or swerving your car into a group of people makes you defective or insane, but it’s actually a relatively “normal” part of human cognition Whether it’s good judgment to describe racially motivated murder in front of an audience when you’re an MD and guest speaking at Yale is a whole other mess


Oh it’s absolutely normal, but I think when you fantasize about only cannibalizing white people while they scream please don’t or think about only swerving your car into a group of only white people while also *not feeling guilty*, that’s where the defective or insane traits step in. I know you aren’t defending them and are just putting out a PSA to the young readers, but gotta add that extra clarification so people know the difference. However, I do highly recommend fantasizing about the white meat at KFC. Delicious.


I was with you until you said KFC


All Popeye's all day for the win


We only had KFC in the town I grew up in but after eating at Popeyes a few times I refuse to settle for KFC ever again


Dude. So your comment just reminded me that my town is getting fucking overrun by chicken places. We've got kfc, popeyes, chick fil a, raising canes, el pollo loco, jollibee, and our latest addition, Dave's hot chicken. So much chicken.


When I seen el pollo. It made me think of los pollos hermonos. Which made me happy. Lol




all the time?


Yeah, it fairly common for the brain to just kind of push the worst possible thing that could happen in a situations n to the forefront of your mind. For example, sometimes when you look over a tall ledge, your brain just pushes the thought "I could jump off this" to the front of your mind. If you have a friend there with you, there's a chance it'll think "I could push them off". I don't remember the exact reason behind that phenomena, but it's perfectly normal. A lotta people don't like to talk about for reasons I probably don't have to explain, so it's not a very commonly-understood thing. I think Vsauce or Veritasium or one of the other smart YouTube explain-y guys, has a video about it explaining better than I ever could. It's an interesting (and kinda fucked up) little quirk about the human brain. Edit: Rereading the dude you replied to's comment, that's not even remotely normal. The situations I talked about are, though.


Imp of the preverse


Every time I'm riding in a car as a passenger, I think about throwing important things (wallet, house keys, phone) out the window. Been like that as long as I can remember. Never once done it.


But to get up in front of an audience and proudly proclaim it? I guess she didn't think there would be any blow back because the targets of her violent fantasies aren't part of a protected group, so that makes it okay.


Yeaj thats different, i am disgusted by thr thought of not being disgusted by my intrusive thoughts.


You are how you react to those intrusive thoughts, not what those thoughts are.


Okay that... That's not the same. If I randomly while brushing my teeth think "what if I ripped them all out", and then picture it in my head, that's my brain playing out a morbid cause and effect scenario. If you have intrusive thoughts telling you to kill people all the time, you need to speak to someone who can evaluate you. It's probably nothing, but constant thoughts like that could be a sign of an underlying mental health issue that could eventually manifest itself as a violent act.


If the thoughts are distressing and constant, you're right that people should get help, but totally wrong that people who have them are majorly at risk of acting on them. These persistent thoughts are OCD driven. And alongside these recurrent thoughts come immense guilt, self-loathing, and fear. The thoughts are entirely the same as your tooth example, except instead of your brain shrugging at the weird violent thought and moving on, you become fixated on the thought of carrying it out, and how horrible of a person it makes you to have thought about hurting yourself/others. The people described above aren't thinking 'I want to kill people' and feeling desire, they're thinking 'I could kill people' x100, and feeling horror. I just don't want anyone else to read this and think these thoughts mean you are going to hurt someone. Definitely get help though, because as distressing as they are, these obsessions are treatable - EMDR is especially effective for confronting OCD loops.


She claims her radicalization/wokeness was kicked off by “abuse” she received by her white female psychoanalyst.


The way she described it in the New York Times article, she's either bullshitting or seriously deluded. I'm Bangladeshi-American and I have a friend who's also South Asian who read this part and agreed it was nonsensical. Basically it seems to me she was (by the looks of it, *quite accurately*) diagnosed as psychotic, but decided that it couldn't be true because it was a white person saying it.


Having listened to as much as I could, neurotic as fuck, racist as hell. She purged her circle of white and white acting people.


She does and apparently her psychiatrist is white.


I'd watch my back...


People rarely go into psychology or psychiatry because they want to share their own perfect mental health.


Pretty common joke “people usually go get degrees for jobs, psychology majors get the degree to fix themselves”


From her private practice website “Yo. I am a forensic psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. I have specialized expertise in treating race, gender, sex , artists, and whiteness. Let's roll.” Additional quotes from the lecture: “This is the cost of talking to white people at all. The cost of your own life, as they suck you dry. There are no good apples out there. White people make my blood boil.” “White people are out of their minds and they have been for a long time.” “[white people] have five holes in their brain. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s just like sort of not a good idea.” “We need to remember that directly talking about race to white people is useless, because they are at the wrong level of conversation. Addressing racism assumes that white people can see and process what we are talking about. They can’t. That’s why they sound demented.” This is clearly a step above just admitting to icky intrusive thoughts for discussion purposes. It’s a case of batshit-itis. Lol


Her grammar is atrocious.


Almost as atrocious as her views and opinions.


She’s got a doctorate in psychiatry and yet has a race cleansing fantasy? Yale needs to drop her.


I think I read somewhere that they did.


Only once the controversy hit. Her lecture was titled "The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind." They knew exactly what they were getting.


>the White Mind lol. like white people are a monolith, even if they are a global minority.


“You can’t stereotype people based on skin color!”


“Fucking whites, always judging based on race”


Should have named it "The Psycopathic Problem of Psychiatrists."




What's the difference between psych nurses and psych patients? Shoelaces.


Damn son


And I’ve heard that it was initially well received


Neo-racism is all the rage. 20 years’ time people are going to look back and say “ok the solution to racism wasn’t more racism. Who’d have thought it.”




All racism, even white racism, needs called out


Nah son, if you don’t absolutely loath white people and shout it at every chance, you’re a racist or an “Uncle Tom” these days.


They should never have hired such a person. But well, who could have known she turned out like this if she was healthy back when she got the job. The stuff in the article sounds like straight out of a psychopathic killers' minds... You don't need to be an elite university to be worried by people like this in your staff.


Usually people are pretty good at hiding their crazy. Just look at all the serial killers that everyone that knew them says they were always to nice and they never would've expected they could do what they did.


It's not like she walked in to the interview and said "kill whitey"


Yeah. It didn't work for Mike Donnelly. Damn near ended his brother's Gubernatorial bid in Washington


What’d you do, fall in some mud?


So that’s why I’m not getting hired ... guess I’ll have to change my approach.


I remember reading on here about a psychiatrist that developed a test that identified narcissistic personality disorders. He discovered he had the disorder by taking his own test.


She wasn’t really hired. Just a guest speaker




Fun fact: in mythology Chiron was the first physician (and veterinary), he was a wise and knowledgeable centaur that got wounded with a poison he couldn't cure, so he helped others with their ailments instead (that is, until he gave away his immortality to finally die and end his misery). It's postulated that studying medicine to help others speaks of a wound within yourself that can never heal and sometimes mirrors what you're treating. So you're not wrong. Source: a happy psychiatrist that absolutely loves her job and is only mildly messed up :)


This reminds me of some thing I was reading about medical professionals sometimes dating people without jobs or having some other issues because they are subconsciously attracted to people they want to help or "fix".


Thank you for the dating advice! I will now look for medical professionals on dating apps. I should be quite the catch for them, so much to fix!


Explains why the psychology student i started dating kept diagnosing me with everything from adhd and anxiety to ptsd. I was like dude I just like the way weed tastes but she wanted a deeper meaning like an English teacher with a shitty book.


I dated a Psychology student before too. Kept using her clinical terms on me whenever we'd argue and it just irked me so much. Even said that she learned if I disagree with her about something then that's me abusing her which was really offensive considering I was actually in an abusive relationship.


Undergrad or grad? It's pretty common for people to learn about something and then think they see it everywhere - it's called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon (aka Recency Bias or Frequency Illusion) - and I always imagined there's a bit of a Dunning–Kruger effect involved as well, especially in cases like yours. If she's a grad student, though, she should definitely know better.


That’s really annoying.


Whoa whoa *whoa*, I never made that connection before! I love it!


This 100% I know of a woman who regularly takes her fists to her 16 yo daughter, and guess what her job is? ...she works for the government as a counsellor to children who have been abused, I shit you not. Her husband is an absolute sweetheart who lives for his family, and when she got caught sleeping around, during the divorce madness she told the court he was an abusive husband, she was also telling him on the side that if he contested any of her allegations she would tell them that he molested the children, it broke him, totally. When I advised him to just tell them about her antics he was so scared of her he couldn't do it, said that "She works there and knows all of the angles, and I still love her." It would break your heart. This psycho is learning new tricks at her job and using them against the man who loves the ground she stands on.


>This psycho is learning new tricks at her job and using them against the man who loves the ground she stands on. That's exactly what it is. I know a guy in a toxic relationship with a psychology major, and she's literally using all the textbook manipulation techniques she can just to make him stay with her. Like in normal situation therapist would help you uncover and break all the toxic behaviours to help get rid of your abuser (making you feel worthy again, getting rid of unhealthy thoughts that abuser planted in your brain, reconnecting with your support nets)? Well, she's literally doing that process in reverse on this guy: ruining his self esteem, killing his hobbies, destroying his relationships with family and friends, etc. When you look from outside it looks so obvious, and you think "why won't he just leave the toxic person? Is he stupid?" but it just doesn't work that way. How can he leave, if someone basically reprogrammed his mind to think that he's worthless piece of shit that deserves nothing good in life, and the abuser is "the only person to ever love him"? The guy I know keeps giving "second chances" to that terrible woman, and I really have no idea what needs to happen for him to open his eyes. It's terrible and scary that awful people like this even exist. AND they work in a field that was supposed to help other people. It's terrifying.


Yeah my old buddy went that path, an education in psychology just made him a more skilled sociopath. We don't talk anymore.


>I still love her Major Stockholm syndrome. Poor dummy


Know some people studying in this field and I can confirm what you say. I sometimes feel they are studying this just because of their own major mental issues.




A cool dude once told me “the new frontier is between your ears!”




Certainly, I think the best approach to brain research lies within the lab research in animals. Humane ones, of course. I’m currently involved in taking care of and researching some semi aquatic boys for cardiac research because their anatomy is so similar to our own and can do some pretty cool things under certain conditions.


Lector is based off an actual prisoner the writer met when interviewing people at a prison in Mexico.


In fact, the most sane and mentally stable people I know are accountants.


Surely not public accountant doing 90 hours haha


As an accountant, no we aren't.


Yep, I did the psychology degree. And most of us were in it either cause we personally experienced mental health issues or we knew of someone who did e.g. a family member, friend. That being said, this personal connection brings with it a new level of empathy and understanding for clients. Because its almost like we are invested in it from those we seen suffer with similiar issues.


I saw an effing psychologist who told me I should get a girlfriend who has worse mental health issues than I do, that way I can fix her. Which will somehow also fix my issues. Cuz that’s what he did and I should listen to him cuz hes smart and was trained by some fucking guy in Italy. He literally told me twice in the same phone call he was trained by this supposedly famous psychologist. He then told me not to call him cuz he was going on vacation (during covid lockdown lol) and that he would call me soon. That was like 12 months ago. Never heard from him again


I used to see this girl with a degree in psychology and she told her friends she was seeing me for this reason. Idk if it's something they teach in college.


On the upside you had a girlfriend. On the downside she high key thought less of you lmfao


Yeah I know one like that too. A psychologist who in private said he don’t actually believe in kleptomaniac despite having to deal with some.


I actually had one psychiatrist professor who said that many in the profession were there in an attempt to solve their own psych issues. In another class he spent most of the class one day explaining how he could murder someone and get away with it because he was a psychiatrist. It was especially bizarre as it had nothing to do with what we were studying & it just came out of nowhere like a random thought crossing his mind. It was both illuminating and at the same time unnerving to be in his classes.


She was doing a guest lecture at Yale. Not a professor there.


Was it at a racist convention?




What do you mean? She's just the average twitter user


But the average twitter user keeps those comments for twitter.


Supposedly Yale dropped her and her practice closed




Fantasying about murdering people, in front of an audience, regardless of race. She should be put on a list surely.


Santa's naughty list?


That would be a great place to start.


But then Santa would be on…her list?


She will get a ton of coal and I don’t want this woman to have access to flammable materials.


>Fantasying about murdering people People out here fantasizing about complex race-hatred and murder while I can't fall asleep without fantasizing about actually saying the clever comeback I didn't think of 15 years ago in High School.


Please someone tell me she got fired and banned from being able to work again cus wtf


She was a guest lecturer who got banned from speaking at Yale ever again and Yale refuses to release video of her entire lecture and refuses to release any of the material.


The title of the lecture was “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind”, for anyone wondering. That should have maybe been a red flag.


Wow... That is racist as hell


Yes. Yes it is. And don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.




6 months ago I had an argument with a mod about whether you could be racist to whites, 4 or so months ago rage against the machine made a documentary about “the fiction known as whiteness” and the few redditors who knew it was wrong got downvoted. It’s changing alarmingly fast.


I feel like the simplest test for this is if you can just switch the targeted group and be allowed to proceed. You change “white” for “black” in this title, and there is absolutely no way you are allowed to take the stage. And for those who think shock titles are a good idea, can we bifurcate legitimate, scientific literature from Buzzfeed? It is pathetic I have to say that, but, apparently, it needs to be said.


I remember reading that they will release to anyone with a Yale ID.


So now we need someone to release it to the rest of us


That must be new but when I saw the article it said did not want to release it.


Honestly, they kinda should make the video available if only as an example of exactly what kind of fuckery she was into. Sweeping it under the rug allows people to pretend it’s not so bad.


Yeah or it allows people to think it’s way worse then it actually is. She claims she was using it as a harsh metaphor but without the full context it just sounds unhinged. I feel like there is another reason that Yale is not releasing the lecture


There's a transcribed version of it on YouTube, the full context doesn't make it any better.


Could you link it then?


Odds are whatever "woke" board approved this lady agree with what she's saying, they just don't wanna face the backlash.


Oh good. That really helps with the lack of context issue.






“The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind” - holy fucking shit. How is this even remotely acceptable? It’s not even a shock title, meant to grab you; she thinks white people are natural predators.


Yale had access to that title long before her lecture as well, seems they agree


The attendees were faculty and staff. They all happily showed up knowing the content. Some even told her that her speech was wonderful. No protests. No outrage. Funny how that works at a school with faculty and students that pledge to fight against racism.


All while denying asians entrance because their high scores are too common. Smh




My old university fudged Asian transcripts for asians with bad grades to allow them into the school because international students have a lot of money. Big university. Corrupt as hell. Edit: they probably still do this tbh. My girlfriend used to work in the admissions office and she was forced to do it or be fired. She eventually quit because she felt so terrible about it. Think about this next time you commit to the academic integrity pledge. Universities are businesses. Fuck em.




Hahahah I had never heard of this and just looked it up. My God. I would be struggling not to laugh during that whole company training


I'd leave




Oh and they'd certainly get a few choice words on the way out.


When I was in grade school it was very common to hear minorities tell other minorities they were “acting white” when the did things such as do well in school, talk without the use of slang, showed up to class/events on time, etc. I wish I was joking. That peer pressure definitely had a negative impact on many kids who were just trying to be good students and themselves.


As someone who has studied psychopathy at a Masters degree level, I wouldn't find a problem with this title because I would assume the lecture is going to be about how shitty it is that the study of psychopathy has historically been limited to white males, and the importance of studying psychological conditions in other groups. I would however have a problem with the outcome of the lecture.


Omg just watched some of her videos. HOLY SHIT SHE IS BAT SHIT NUTS. I can’t believe she is allowed to post videos with such hateful and racists rhetoric.


She’s still on Twitter. Seems like their bans are awfully selective…


Just look how twitter doesnt allow J Depp have a twitter and continuesly defend Amber Turd


I left Twitter when they allowed a man to seriously threaten nuclear war without giving him a ban. You can't really do worse than that.


Yeah, I was hoping this was something taken out of context, and her saying “I *had* fantasies” meant that she was talking negatively about her past self and the lecture was on how she overcame that negative mindset. But from what I’ve seen, nope, that is not the case. She is just a full on crazy sociopath.


guess she forgot that internal thoughts and fantasies are *internal* for a reason lol


I’m wondering if the lecture had to do with the weird shit people think or fantasise about internally. And she just didn’t proofread her lecture.


It didn’t lmao it literally was titled something like “The problems with the white mind”


So she was like “here’s the problem with white minds” and rattled off a bunch of crazy shit from her mind?? Seems unhinged


This is depressing


Reads like incel fiction. Yale could find a wittier, more nuanced racist.


She's probably a mod at FDS


...thats kinda racist


"I mean I gotta say, openly fantasizing about ethnic cleansing in 2021? Erm, kinda low-key racist....." Can always count on reddit for appropriate judgement on social and criminal issues.


One thing is fantasizing, you can fantasize about shit you don't like, thoughts running amuck and all that. This is not fantasizing, this is declaring it as something you would do if given the chance. But you are right, it's not "kinda low-key" racist, it's just racist


I read OP's comment as bemused humor with the understatement being intentional.




Well, racist, but **completely fucking bananas**. If one of my acquaintances made a statement like this about shooting any human being, I would report them to the police asap.


We need to stop downplaying and saying “kinda” it’s dripping in racism


Pretty sure the "kinda" was an *ironic* "kinda". It's the uneasy-but-good-humored way of saying "that's very racist".




Can't be racist towards white people nowadays my friend. /s


Damn, doesn’t even care who it is. Just literally any person.


There’s people out there who would say this isn’t racism


Imagine being one of her white patients, Jesus Christ


She's a forensic psychologist, I have a feeling any case involving a white person and her will be up for appeal quite soon...


Lol she worked in a private practice that was cash-only. She never worked as a forensic psychologist even though she has the "training". Her practice is now shut down since she is a terrible human being.


She looked at the White Man sitting in front of her. ‘So how did that make you feel, Brad?’ She asked in a calm, considerate voice while slowly opening a drawer in her desk and smiling at the thought of the loaded revolver that was inside.


I'm not even white and I'd be uncomfortable as fuck being within a 20 ft radius of her


I read more into this after seeing the article. Seeing her responses in an interview, she is no joke fucking deranged. It's hard to believe it's trolling, which was what I thought this was at first


Imagine if a white dude said this.


Fuck all you have to do is change one word in that shit to have people up in arms.


Yes but also [looks around] people are up in arms.


The acceptance of blatant racism toward white people is getting way out of hand. These people aren't woke, they are just racist pieces of shit


And that, boys and girls, is racism.


*She says “trying to talk to white people about race is a waste of our breath."* also, *“We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero to accept responsibility,” she said. “It ain’t going to happen. They have five holes in their brain.”* She claims this was taken out of context and was speaking metaphorically concerning her negative emotions.. which were about shooting white people. If you copy and pasted this with any other race she would have her position revoked. I’m soooo sorry people are born in the race that they are, nobody can help it sweetie. /s I believe in white privilege and the white race has not always been the coolest. However, this is just blatant hate speech covered by dumb claims that it’s only metaphorical. To me all of this spells out one racist and entitled bitch, Yale tried to save face by only allowing access to other Yale people but she’s posting it on tik tok. Obviously people want to hear her racist bullshit so bad and she’s such a rebellious hero /s


>the white race has not always been the coolest is there any race that has flawless behavior? Shits not always binary.


Black supremacists specifically NoI crazies believe that white people literally invented violence. They claim that there was no murder or war anywhere before white people got there. There is an interview with Mohammed Ali where he says that there was no war or murder in Japan before the 1500s when Europeans arrived. They are so ignorant its almost funny if it wasnt so sad.


Sooo the Sengoku wars were actually boardgame evenings over some nice tea and sake? You learn something new everyday :p


Every people has oppressed and been oppressed in all corners of the world. Nobodies hands are clean.


Fuck that. My hands are clean. The mistakes my genetic ancestors made are not on my shoulder.


Family wasn't even part of the country during slavory, like most of people in the US. Immigrated well afterwards, and were persecuted because of that fact, among other things. Still have to carry the title of white privilege and slave owner though, just because of my skin color.


Exactly! So let's stop with the oppression olympics and start focusing on TODAY. Most of us had no thing to do with anything and it makes no fuckin sense to blame us for that...


Opression Olympics ! 😂


Exactly, impeccable point there. Our ancestors might not have been perfect, our fellow man of any color may not be perfect, but to judge someone based on the actions of another person sharing their skin color is a heinous act.


Why don’t we just start treating people as individuals instead of grouping people together.


>She claims this was taken out of context Ever since that one woman who lost her job because of a maliciously edited video clip I always keep my mind open for context. But, I still can't imagine what context could make this okay. I mean, I had to learn about racist violence that was done to my family and I still never had that kind of fantasy.


You can't say such horrible words and then claim they were taken out of context. There is no context where saying those things would be appropriate. I think it's natural and quite common for marginalized people to feel bitterness towards privileged people. It's unfortunate, but we're all only human. I see such frustration in myself too at times, as much as I don't like it. But that's not the same as wanting to inflict horrible violence on people. You can not use it as an excuse for hatred.


It's past tense. Maybe she's saying this as an example of how she is different now. I'd like more context. Edit: lol I looked it up and fuck was I wrong. No self reflection at all just a screed against how terrible white people are.


How the fuck is she allowed to say this shit? She even looks white, compared to me she looks like Matthew fucking parry


Well this is going to improve race relations and certainly won’t backfire.


First of all I’d like to state her plastic surgery makes her look like an absolute idiot secondly this is such a dangerous way of thinking on any end. It doesn’t matter what race is talking about what race but holy cow you can’t elicit violence or say you want violent happenings to someone because of their race period. How did this woman get through any sort of psych program is beyond me


I really don't get the hate for white people


Racists gonna be racist


The problem is anyone can be racist


Me neither. I’m not white and glad I’m not white because I’d be in a constant state of rage in our current society.


Oh really? Someone who isn't white can be racist? Who knew?




>hates white people >looks like one Yep.....


Says a lot of the liberal bias in universities when you have people like that giving speeches at an Ivy league. Just wow.


The people who think that it's impossible to be racist towards whites are part of the problem with racism and must be treated as so.


She maybe needs to lose her job and never work with the general public again