not the first time either

not the first time either


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I used to do this as a kid too... and I am asian.


I grew up in Hawaii and we had a thing kids would do where they’d go, “My mother is Japanese” and do upwards slanting eyes with their fingers “My father was Chinese” and do downward slanting eyes with their fingers “and I’m all mixed up” and do one of each Looking back it’s kind of messed up, but kids are dumb, and ethnically it was a very mixed group.


I feel like we had a variation of this where kids would say Chinese Japanese up down look at these or something like that while moving our eyes into different positions


It's Chinese Japanese dirty knees look at these.


I only first heard that from the Ricky gervais show Extras


House of 1000 Corpses too


We would say "look at these!" And pretend like we were lifting our shirt up... smh.


We would squat and stretch our shirts over our knees so we looked stacked.


I had a friend who did this, but she was Chinese herself. Funny how you grew up on the other side of the planet and people still made the same dumb jokes.


Bet you drew the "S' as well.


Eh, the plurality of Hawaii’s population (about 40%) is some variety of Asian, so it’s probably not that surprising.


What I meant was that people around the world all seem to make the same joke. I grew up in The Netherlands, but we heard the exact same joke.


Canadian we did the same.. as kids...


It's almost like kids everywhere do the same stuff...like we're all...equal or something. NAH. F THOSE PPL I AM OUTRAGE.


Honestly brah it’s hard to imagine Hawaii people sincerely hating Asians since almost all us locals are part asian or have friends/family that are lol


I am always amazed when I find out how common these types of children's 'games' are around the world! I completely forgot about this one, we did it in Victoria (Australia) when I was about 5 years old. That was 35 years ago.


Do round eyes! Do round eyes! “I’ll use my credit card” BAHAHAHA


Saw this a lot during middle school. Actually hurt my fragile heart at the time, then I adapted. No one can make fun of me better than myself. Self Hate Babyyyyy Edit: judging from some of the comments, middle school bullies never grew up like the rest of us huh


I've been saying this myself! It's a kind of a perverse super power. I don't care what you have to say about me because it literally cannot get worse than the shit I say to myself on a daily basis.


My super power is no longer caring what anybody thinks, including myself. Maybe it’s a super hinderance.


Literally so, the only people that can destroy me emotionally is myself. So to most of my friends, I’m the chillest dude ever who randomly just breaks down for no reason.


The adverse effect I’ve noticed that comes with this is that it’s hard to get people to take me seriously. And when you switch to serious mode from joker mode it can rub people the wrong way and make them think you might be a dick. BUT fuck it.


So we all learned a little something from the 8 mile reruns.


The best armor against words is.. self hate.


Ah yes, the old insult yourself before the bullying comes. I remember it well.


Middle schoolers were the most racist shitheads. Asian racism was so ingrained into American culture that most of us would partake unknowingly. I still rememeber how kids use to taunt us Bengali peoples use of spices. Like you wonderbread mother fuckers, how else yall gone cook anything worth eating, without spices. Edit: even now people are more worried about the use of "wonderbread" instead of caring about the systemic racism a huge chunk of America faces everyday. I want to provide them something for their hurt feelings, but I feel like I can only offer them some salt for their unrefined palates.


As an asian and former middle school student. I agree, we were racist towards ourself lol


Ain't nobody as racist towards Asians than Asians themselves. We all hate each other, well most of us do.


As my grandpa once said, “the Chinese don’t like the Koreans and the Koreans don’t like the Chinese, and EVERYONE hates the Japanese.”


They *really* hate the Japanese. Most of the older ones (in China at least) aren't exactly shy about it, either


A lot of the older ones are one generation removed from people who had to live through the horrors visited on them by the Japanese during ww2. I'm not saying they're justified in it but I can see where they might feel they were. Generational hate is really hard to get rid of. Especially considering the lack of education and exposure to differing view points that they grew up with.


Haha fuck you for ***checks notes*** having food that tastes good. That'll teach them uppity spice users


Imagine not having bland cardboard for dinner and actually enjoying food smh


The British went around conquering the world and used none of the spices it found. I stopped bringing home cooked Chinese meals for lunch as a kid because of, "ewwww that's weird and stinks." Listen here you little shit, it's a crispy breaded pork chop smothered in cheese with a tomato sauce gravy on egg fried rice, a cha chaan teng comfort meal you could find anywhere in Hong Kong, certainly nothing exotic about it by any standards. It would absolutely be a popular dish in America that rivals chicken fried steak if it was appropriated by an American cuisine restaurant chain and marketed well.




How else you gonna hang out with white friends and date white gf and have your parent, mom, jumping with joy?


When I was young (and didnt know any better) I remember a thing kids would say and do. It went like this. (Use one finger and pull end eye up) "Chinese"(pull eyes down) "Japanese" (touch knees) "dirty knees" (grab chest) "look at these".


>I used to do this as a kid too... and I am asian. Self hating Asians always show up in the comments when there's a post about racism towards Asians.


Me too buddy, me too. You know what the worst part is? I kept doing shit like this until well into my 20s. Is what being a minority in a western country does to you, people will mock you and you'll take that as normal, even make jokes yourself just to fit in. I wish I had better judgement.


Did you still use your hand to do it? Or was it freehanded?


My friends and I did this once, maybe grade 3. My Asian teacher stopped her lesson and we spent the rest of the class talking about what that gesture means, what racism is, and some age appropriate history. She was so kind and didn’t make us feel like we were “in trouble,” just pure education. I had no idea what it meant, I was just doing it because other kids were and I felt so bad. None of us ever did it again and we’d stop other kids from doing it if we saw them. I wish more issues were handled that way.


So so important to make sure the kids aren't put on the defensive by making them feel like they did something they were getting in trouble for. Then the kid just remembers the punishment and not the thing they actually did wrong. Explaining stuff to kids like your teacher did was awesome. You had a smart and helpful teacher and that's why it stuck with you til this day. Man we need more people like that teaching kids. Thanks for sharing.


That's a good teacher.




In elementary school, an adult told me my eyes would get stuck like that if i kept doing it, in attempt to stop me without explaining the real reason why. I thought asian eyes were beautiful so i kept it up haha.


Yup, I was a super racist child, but not on purpose, I remember being shocked I wasn’t served rice the first time I was at my Asian friends house... we really shouldn’t teach children stereotypes


TBF it is kind of hard not to, if you order a Chinese or something, you will call it a Chinese takeaway or similar, and typically it's noodles or rice, it isn't a stretch even for kids to make the connection. Not saying it's right but ye, just my opinion


On the other hand, I had Korean twins on my floor in residence and they legitimately ALWAYS had their rice coooker going 24hrs a day. We became friends because they liked that they could practice English with me and I was hungry. We became very good friends because they liked to party as much as I did.


I have 2 Chinese roommates and they always have the rice cooker going. The house always smells like a Chinese restaurant, which is fantastic.


Is it weird smelling that smell but not seeing a 12-year-old doing homework on the table?


i was just about to say... i'm asian (korean), and i'd be shocked if i wasn't served rice at an asian friend's house unless we were having pizza or something.. but i read the root comment as being served meal with meat/veggies/what have you... but no rice edit: should probably add that i agree about not teaching kids stereotypes tho.. it's just that i grew up expecting rice everyday lol


Just reminded me of a Vietnamese roommate I had years ago. Always had the rice cooker going, and I always had a pot of beans going. We had quite a symbiotic poor-mans kitchen.


Perfect too since beans and rice will complement each other and give you a complete protein profile.


Haha I love that! You get food, they get to practice English, that is great lol. My favourite thing, but also annoyance, is when I go somewhere(when I was younger anyway) no one would speak German which I was trying to learn, they all wanted to do English, speak and heat it. It's great, cause I can go most places just fine, but I feel a bit of a dick as well for not knowing another language, but it's hard to when everyone wants to speak English




I feel you, took me a couple of years to convince my grandfather that human races aren't actually a thing in biology, despite him having learned to in school... And we are talking about someone who fired people, for making racist remarks.


I grew up in a rural area with only 1 Asian family around, looking back I realise how normalised racism was towards them. Of course we all used to join in :( I feel so bad for that family, I hope they're doing all right now


I also remembered doing this, oh god I was idiot back then🤦, good thing I've improved alot


To be fair, kids don't really realise how hateful they're being. In some cases you just say something without realizing it's offensive, in others you might just jokes cause other people did. The first time I saw a black person I said "look mommy that ladies made of chocolate" and didn't even know I was being rude.


Little does everyone know, the first time you saw a black person was when you turned 36


Man there's some of my classmates from Illinois that that might be true for.


The first night of basic training, they asked how many people had never spoken to a person of a different race who wasn't an authority figure. About 3/4 raised their hands. I grew up in a very diverse place, so I was shocked!


Kids don’t do it out of hate. Their brains don’t think like that. They’re just oblivious to what’s offensive.


That's not being rude. That was just you being a kid.


I mimicked many of my Caucasian friends who did it. I didn't realize they were actually mocking me.


Depending on y'alls age they probably didn't realize it either. I remember doing the little rhyme while manipulating your eyes and it was just a fun game that ended up in you freaking out your friends at the end ('look at these!' and rolling your eyes all the way back so just the sclera/whites show). Definitely didn't know/recognize it as racist until sometime after middle school.


In my class we used to sing "hanki panki shanghai" on the tone of happy birthday to you while doing that. That's fucked up.


I never realized how racist I was in preschool. We had way worse songs about Asian people aswell. With gestures.


You weren't "racist" in preschool. You didn't know any better.


Imagine being a full grown adult and thinking this is funny and appropriate.


Yeah, that's whack. I regard that gesture as something only kids would do.


I do that gesture sometimes too when I want to see something far away and don't have my glasses. But never to ridicule someone.


Same but I don't touch my eyes, I squint them a lot instead and it's like I can magically focus on things better, like a camera where you turn the lens to get the image less blurry and more focused.


>I do that gesture sometimes too when I want to see something far away and don't have my glasses. Does that work?


A little. You gotta get the amount of stretch exactly right for that distance though. Glasses work better.


Squinting in general can temporarily relieve some vision issues, like nearsightedness. I do it when I don't have my glasses


I’m pretty sure she didn’t do this to be funny. This is 100% pure racism as it was intended by her.






Its Eastern Europe, they hate by ethnicity more than skin color.




In south Italy: yuck you’re from the north? You’re not even Italian. You’re basically German. You eat yogurt and cook with butter.




Yea it is. The myth of the ethnic-nation state is terrible.




bruh everybody here had camps


Bosniaks and Croats were not better, it wasn't only Serbs. For some reason everyone fucking hates everyone here for some fucking reason. People just hate on each other for no reason and it pisses me off that I live in such a shit place


Yup. Grew up in Serbia. Casual racism was extremely common there.


Growing up in a rural area in The Netherlands, this was extremely common also. Finding it offensive was 'big city talk'.


It makes it easier to be racist when you don’t live together with different ethnic groups. You don’t have to deal with how they feel because chances are you’ll never meet them. And if you do, it’s easier to marginalize them rather than admitting that you’re racist. But that still stands as a fact.


Hear, hear. The only Asians in the village were the owners of a Chinese restaurant. So much ignorance they had to endure, with all the 'jokes' people made. It's a lot better nowadays, after an influx from people of different cultures.


No in the Balkans you're racist to people's face as a greeting Bulgarian meets Serbian, they both call each other backstabbers. Greek meets Turkish person, they both call each other gay. Moldovan meets Romanian, they're the same person


\> you don’t live together with different ethnic groups \> living in the balkans choose one


So just like the US then lol? This isn't a US only problem, rural areas with few minorities around the world seem to be ok with racism, who would've thought?


It's like any other echo chamber, really.


Was het de bijbelbelt, theofiel?


Thats a lie, Sigmar. You grew up in Reikland.


Let me fix that for you: Certain parts of Eastern Europe are so incredibly homogenous that when racist stereotypes about others are spewed out, no one different is around to let them know it's stupid, offensive or wrong. Of course go to those countries and make jokes about the people who live there and you'll see they are some of the most sensitive, easily offended people on Earth. Serbians in particular.


As a hungarian i am deeply offended by your assessment about eastern europeans. Wait no every word you said is true sadly. But believe me we are working on it. Well some of us are


Yea what the fuck. I read what they said and was like...yea I remember that when I lived in the south in a white town. Casual racism. Because nobody was there to be offended doesnt make it okay. Also, gotta love the whole "dumb westerners" vibe to the comment. Like we are the fools.


>in eastern Europe, there is a different view on race and we don't obsess over it like westerners This chick is from a country that experienced an ethnic cleansing. What the fuck do you mean you don't obsess over race? Y'all literally commit genocide over it.


It's not white guilt, it's being tolerant and understanding of other races/peoples.


I love how the dude comes off like he is on some moral high ground too. Really thinks he has got it all figured out too. People. This comment is the reason why racism is still incredibly prevalent. Also, this dude is the exact type of person to say he is the least racist person ever. While simultaneously saying casual racism is okay.


“Being racist isn’t as bad in our country because we care less about racism issues” That’s a bad thing, man. Something to be embarrassed about.


The fact that racism is so prevalent it’s seen as normal isn’t an excuse? Racism is racism. (That includes your final, valid point)


Yeah that's a bullshit statement. My family is from the balkans and I agree that almost everyone is at least casually racist. However, people in the balkans are also super sensitive when it comes to their own ethnicity. This player knew it was offensive and would have never accepted it as a "joke" if it was directed towards Serbs. And I don't know what you're last paragraph is supposed to mean. I live in the "West" and uave been to the balkans dozens of times and Westerners overall are way less racist than the balkanese.


It is absolutely done with malice, and "casual racism" is a tool used to dehumanise Asians and other minorities. "no-one really cares or gets too offended over casual racism here." The sheer amount of stupidity and ignorance and delusion is quite incredible here. We're talking Eastern Europe, yea? And in this instance, about Serbs in particular. Like there wasn't a war that revolved around ethnicity not long ago that involved Serbia. Educate yourself, you ignorant fuck. Edit: Grammar


> in eastern Europe, there is a different view on race and we don't obsess over it like westerners as we are white guilt free. no-one really cares or gets too offended over casual racism here. So they don't care about race/discrimination, yet the Balkans have hated each other for centuries? Seems like one of the most hateful regions in the world. Balkanization, literally means making a country into a smaller, ethnically homogeneous entity.


A lot of people i personally know have mentioned that usa is not very openly racist as much as europe is


Like in USA, it depends which state and even which city you’re in. Some countries are more racist and some cities within those countries are, and then it can be about particular ethnicities too. Just like some states are much worse than others


Ask a European their views on the Roma


"racism isn't that bad when the people the racism is directed towards aren't around to hear it." ... and it's us westerners with the problem with racism...




Remember when they all had to cheat that year because their team is garbage and their players are even worse.




How did they cheat? I've never followed baseball, and when I did it was just for my hometown team of the white Sox and cubs


They used a secret camera to monitor the opposing team's signs, and had a guy whose entire job was to watch that feed and compare it to a giant Excel sheet of that team's signs, effectively giving the Astros almost guaranteed knowledge of what pitch was coming next. Then the guy watching would bang twice on a trash can, and the Astros batter listening for it would know not to swing. They also did this with whistles, and there were allegations they used buzzers too.


It's also worth noting that they couldn't set up their cheating apparatus while on the road - they could only do it in their home ballpark. Can you guess how many games they won against the Yankees when they were on the road in the ALCS? Zero.


They had the same number of ALCS road wins against New York as they had swings and misses on Kershaw's breaking ball in WS Game 5


Guessing is harder than knowing.


In games where they couldn’t cheat at the plate, they were 0-3 against the Yankees in the ALCS. In games where they could cheat, they were 4-0. You’re not going to convince me they were good enough to win it all. But Manfred said it’s just a piece of metal so who cares, right?


not sure why this had to get personal about Houston. Im not a baseball fan at all but happen to live here, glad im a garbage person in a garbage city now though


Here's the correct answer. Best team top to bottom and they'll be forever tainted because they had to fucking smash trash cans.


We'll honestly never know where they stacked up that year. It sure looks like their pitching was second to none, but we can't say how good their offense was because they cheated so hard


> the Astros fans gave him a standing ovation. Uh what in the most actual of fucks?


Or in the NFL when the Chiefs first pandemic home game with an audience had the audience loudly boo them for a minute of racial solidarity with the other team.


I think he also had to take “racial sensitivity training” as well. Not sure how much it helped…


That’s basically a “don’t get caught being racist out loud or on camera” training.


Oh god that just reminded me of when I was like, 4 and I did that to some Asian people that came over. Its one of those memories that I would like to remove.




Us Asians in western culture have already seen shit like this hundreds of times.


Even though we wish we hadn't. It's one thing when it's once, it's another when every other kid you grew up with thinks they're a genius for asking you "how can you see with those little eyes????" 🤦🏻‍♀️


I'm not encouraging fight fire with fire, but as an Asian kid I remember retaliating by widening my eyes with my fingers on my eyelid/under eyes and saying "I can look like you too". So hey. We were all dumb kids at one point.


I kind of did something similar, but instead of eyes I made fun of their grades because haha get it. White people stupid asians smart. Although yea. Kids are pretty dumb.


Dude every kid did that


Kids used to do this to me but it wasnt bad because we were kids and I'm sure I did something offensive back. But as adults, damn


Agreed. I always took it as joking around instead of being mocked. This never happened to me after elementary


Yeah unfortunately being a trash human is pretty common around the world.




The so called 'apology' by the Serbian federation is even more insulting, calling it unfortunate and a gesture to 'show her teammates to play defense like them now' and to not blow this out of proportions. It's so frustrating reading that kind of gaslighting apology by an supposedly professional entity. They should be ashamed.


PLAY DEFENSE LIKE THEM!!! like who? *stretches eyelids out* THEM!!! ohhhhhh


Accepting responsibility is such a foreign concept when these racists don't face real consequences


Oh jeez, was hoping it was something like she had to wipe stuff out of her eyes and it was being blown up for no reason, but nah it's just full on this bad.


Serbia has some of my favorite players to watch, too. I think there was a Wing Spiker named Boskovitch, iirc, and she was a monster. Each time this issue of racial insensitivity arises with Serbia, I'm never really clear on what else their intent could have even been. "It's just a misunderstanding!". The explanation which follows ends up making no sense. In this instance, she was apparently communicating to her team that they should switch their Defense up? H'what?


As soon as I saw that the racism was directed towards an Asian person, I could already smell the comments, looks like all the racists have come out of hiding Damn it, Reddit.


It's funny how you can spend literally 5 seconds looking at the recent posts and comments history of the people saying "what's the issue here? You're all snowflakes" and instantly see they're human garbage. Without fail.


It's interesting how few people only *occasionally* post awful shit. Most of the time that's all they do.


It’s always really weird to me when it turns out they spend most of their time in some obscure fandom sub being a perfectly normal and nice human.


*click on profile * *"Yeah I'm right wing and I don't care what you say, cry about it."* Every time.


Also interesting to see people say casual racism is super okay and no one really has any problem with it in europe wtf with that


Can you? Maybe I just haven’t scrolled down far enough yet. Edit: ok, never mind...






The difference being, they probably didn't have malice in their hearts and were doing it just cause he looked so different than them.


Yeah, they're just playing around without knowing that its offensive to the guy


Not to mention they were kids, adults are expected to know better. Besides that, this is pure whataboutism as in its completely irrelevant and distracting from OPs point.


This is incredibly good point. Kids are impressionable, if they can they will imitate something or somebody.


No. It’s not like that at all.


What are the odds that those African kids knew that it was racist to slant their eyes? because it would appear you are trying to compare grown adults, who are at least semi privileged seeing as they are athletes, to African kids that needed a sponsor their whole life. But it’s the African kids that are racist… the subtle racism is the worst.


Holy fuck, being Serbian I am so sorry for this idiotic and complete lunacy. What an embarassment.


Thankfully no one is ignorant enough to say all Serbians are like this.


Hey, you're not responsible for the actions of another individual, you're your own person. To blame or judge one person for the actions of another just because they're the same race or nationality would be absolutely defeating the point of being against racism. You're good.


What sucks is that when athletes in international games act like this, you feel a responsibility for their actions. It's unwarranted, but natural


Yeah, it's because they are representing your country on an international level. It could inform the opinions of people who aren't that familiar with your country, so it feels embarrassing when your country's representatives fall short of your expectations. You don't want people to get the wrong idea or have a bad impression about your country or your country's people.


I don't take responsibility for the idiots in the US, you don't have to for Serbia.


Embarrassing, these are supposed to be the people representing the country and this is what they do.


what an embarrassment


well, i saw it on TV here in Thailand already, unacceptable


Man not only has she done this, but she’s stupid enough to do it in, what I assume is a televised game. That’s just fucking crazy.


Can we ignore the racism talk for a second and appreciate how stupid she looks in this photo.


So instead of representing us in a good light as a public figure, she does this. Way to go....


There are some real racists in the comments today huh


and at this subreddit?? self awareness, if I've ever seen it


It takes so little to open that door.


They come out in droves at the drop of an ethnically ambiguous hat


I'm confused by the jersey colors in the pic. So Serbia is blue or red? If Thailand is red, they have Caucasian-blonde girls on their team? Or are the blue and red in this photo both Serbian? I'm confused lol


Both red and blue are Serbian. There is a special position called the libero that wears an opposite color jersey (in this case, blue)


What is she, 5? Who the hell does that?




Cmooon...shes gonna blame it on the cabbage soup she had earlier..or potato stew..either way they have suffered enough


She's obviously just stretching and relaxing the muscles in her face and the screenshot caught her at the wrong moment, duh. (/s because I know people are stupid.)


ITT: people trying to justify racism because different country and different cultures. Other posts with black people discriminating Asians: *I hate the fucking BLACKS!!!! 1488!!! It's always those damn N... discriminating Asians!!! Guess that never gets talked about huh?!*


I'm so glad I'm not the only one that notices that. They only care about racism towards Asians when it's a chance to talk about black & latinos. There's a top comment on here randomly mentioning African kids.. comparing kids to a grown ass white woman.


why is everybody taking this as an invitation to talk about how they did racist shit as kids?


I think people are embarrassed about it and would like to be able to talk about how they said awful things as kids but don't feel comfortable doing that in real life so will share at the first opportunity on the internet


because they are most likely pointing out how childish and unmature it is to do this.


Because kids are fucking stupid. That includes kid you and kid me. Because you and me aren't ignorant anymore as adults, but this person is. It's incredulous to us how she matured and stayed ignorant.


After they got called out, one of the girls started posting pictures they took with the other team. And said right after the game they went and apologized. Which, in reality, they only did all that after they got caught and blasted online


She will turn into a convertible


Please explain.


It's a dababy meme


Who in the right king thinks this is just ok to do to anyone? Like what made you do that?


Im from Serbia and now im ashamed of that


Hey I loved yall in eurovision though!


Don't be. You're not responsible for the actions of another person just because you share a race or nationality. That's kinda the entire point. You're good.


First time? *waves in American


Oh you have no idea.... I’m an American Serb