Guy pulls stupid "pranks" on plane for attention

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His social media and the way he talks is exactly what I expected


Pranks these days are closer to offensive battery or worse.


Purposely throwing a cup of ice at someone is battery.


Is it really? I'm all for not allowing these pranks but that seems a bit excessive


Same as spitting at someone is assault this is battery if done with intent


I agree on the spitting but I've never thought that tossing water that's not hot or cold enough to do damage should warrant a charge.


It's not so much the actions severity as it is the intent. Sure you'd get a charge but if it was with boiling water it would be a whole lot worse charges you'd be facing than regular ice water. Same if I spit at you what there's no "real" harm (just fucking nasty) as long as you didn't manage to get a disease or get infected from it. But if you did I'm sure that would impact the charges too. intent = charge damage = severity


How do you know it's just water?


Civil vs criminal battery. Not a chance this “prank” sees the light of day in criminal court, but technically the “victim” is entitled to file a lawsuit for battery. Would also almost certainly never hold up in civil court, but all the pieces are there to at least have a plausible claim that could be filed.


You can give someone a heart attack with the sudden shock if they have a heart condition. Mind your own body and personal peace and you won't get assault charges, it's not hard but extremely fair


I always felt if both parties can't laugh afterwards then it isn't a prank. Even when I was panicking that I had burned down an extremely expensive car when a guy pranked me the sheer relief matched with perfect timing and clever execution had me rolling on the floor with the rest of the shop.


Totally agree but feel “offensive battery” is kinda redundant. 😊


Polite battery would suit better


I’m positive it would, kind sir. - battery


"Excuse me Ma'm, may I physically assault you?"


I mean, you can batter someone defensively, during sieges at least.


I read hei5man’s comment as implying the legal principle of battery. You aren’t committing the crime of battery when defending yourself. Much like you aren’t committing murder if the adversary dies as a result of defending yourself.


Not really imo, but that's for them to say. Battery implies an offensive and violent action and is thus an action outside the bounds of legality unless prosecuted, you wouldn't say a chimp committed a crime by battering a monkey for example.


You just shot your own previous argument in the foot by saying it implies an _offensive_ and violent action. I wouldn’t use terms like assault or battery to non human actions. Look up the definition of battery. It’s a noun. All uses are either to do with a series of something (electrical cells or weapons), or the legal term. You’re obviously welcome to an opinion, however.


I just checked his lame ass out. Talks like a teen with a low IQ yet is a grown ass man. Nothing more cringe than watching grown men act like clowns for their audience of mostly ten year olds as they have nothing else to offer.


Don't give them the traffic.


I bet being 35000 ft in the air won't stop someone from whooping this fools ass


But assault charges might. I wish they wouldn't, but this idiot is not worth the headache.


Nah he has to leave the airport at some point


Who is this guy?


Hes Red from Myhouseisdirty


Never heard of him. Thanks for the info though!




Sounds like a productive member of society. /s


Also blue hair


Omg it's blue just stuck on top it looks so crappp


hope he ends up on a nofly list


I was thinking prison, but I’ll take it


Y’all are soft I was thinking 10000 years in purgatory with nothing but his thoughts


Deep down we were all thinking Guantanamo


He needs the old Cock Meat Sandwich. Edit: to people downvoting, it's a reference to a movie lol.


Worked with a guy back in the day who lost his job as a waiter for *very* loudly saying “YA GUYS READY FER SOME *COCK MEAT SANDWICHES?”* not knowing there were customers already in the building, a whole family about 10 feet away around a corner from him. It was a beautiful moment to witness. Saw the whole spectrum of human emotion in a very short moment.


Ah, I thought you were referencing that fucking insane person who claimed in a video that their favorite snack was a stick of butter between two raw testicles.


... Excuse ME?!!!


That video was satire of primal diets


Waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay sounds like a great time if you don't know what either of those things are.....


Tbh, there's a good chance everyone is fucking insane today bc of the SM. I would assume this is a physical attack and respond appropriately. I feared for my life, hence self defense with toilet seat to the head. And then to the back several times.


Nah just somehow throw his ass off the plane. Then after he lands, we can all just say it was just a prank.


Can’t wait for the Greyhound bus prank videos /s


Fail to see the humor in any of this.


Neither does anyone else except for they themselves. “Laugh at your own joke while the room is dead silent” kind of vibes .


I'm sure the middle schoolers that watch his content find it funny.


But it so funi Haa hahaha water no go on clothes XD rawr lmao


He won't either once he he gets flagged by the tsa


I'm sure the 8 year olds he panders to love it.


Messing about with mates is the fun part, and as you probably saw it pisses people off


People like this are the ones that throw the loudest fits when they get even a little taste of their own medicine.


what happened at the end there. did the girl get allergic to this dudes lameness


He actually has gotten to the point where he repels women like the opposite side of a magnet. She had no control, just went flying when he got too close.


Opposite poles attract on a magnet


Goddammit I knew I should have listened to that Clown song more.


Dude pretend to puke on her.


Looked like he was pretending to be about to vomit and she was moving away and fell


she's got emetophobia. source: I react just like this when I think someone near me is going to throw up


I think anyone would react like that if someone was leaning in their direction, feigning to puke on them lmao


I thought he was trying to hold back a laugh from his first stunt and the lady slipped on some of the ice from his water…🤦🏻‍♀️


Yeah I think this is reasonable/normal reaction. I have a panic attack if someone nearby is gonna be sick lmao.


It doesn’t have to be called anything I think all of us would quickly move if it looked like someone was about to barf on us




Especially if you happen to catch Snorty McGiggles filming behind them the whole time...


I'd jab them in the throat.


Stop the cap


Is that the guy with a hunched back and ankle monitor that likes to mess with older people at grocery stores?


Yes this is the him. He pulled a similar stupid prank at Home Depot, by going to the garden section and spraying people with a hose “accidentally”. I get irrationally upset at the type of people who make this content.


The appeal to their young demographic is that they are committing crimes (or at least actions which could result in a civil suit) but continue to get away with them.


Pretty sure spraying someone with water is basis for assault. It’s the same as throwing a drink on someone


It's the context of home Depot and plausible deniability. Deff assault given the premeditated history of videos


There's nothing irrational about getting upset about that.


Is that the video where he gets hit the head with a PVC fitting?


Yes it is. He definitely takes some damage and loses his cool. It’s the only video of his I enjoy.


Dude that video is straight up instant karma gold.


Link pls?


I had a pair of influencers in the grocery store where I work today. Some little clown in a Hi-Vis vest (looked like he JUST bought it at the Harbor Freight a ways up the road) and his buddy with a camera trained on him just strolling through the store. Soon as they passed me, I got on the radio to let management know the fools were in the building, just in case they got up to mischief. They overheard me ratting them out, so they confronted me, got all up in my face, y'know defensive posturing. Soon as they realized they weren't getting a rise outta me, they walked away. As they left I said "Take care, captain Hi-Vis!" And the jerk with the camera cussed me out.


His name is Red


>I get irrationally upset at the type of people who make this content. No you don't. It's quite a rational response. Fun for funs sake is just fun. Fun at others expense, for no justifyable reason, and you're the only person laughing... is clinical psychosis. Extreme narcissism at best.


Sounds like the plot of a horror movie.


Yea it’s him. YouTube Channel is myhouseisdirty.


I would bet a thousand bucks that user name is correct


Every comment I saw supports these dorks, everyone of them should be banned from YouTube.


Wait, what the "prank" here?


Right? Anyone that thinks this bullshit is funny is no one I want to be around.


Low IQ tweens.


Guy peaked in his tweens


I am 15 and i do not find this funny... At all


Obviously not *all* low IQ teens like it


Hahaha, man he set himself up for THAT one.


Grown ass men too


These dudes are so fucking stupid. Put these losers on the no-fly list.


I would jump out of the window mid air if I had a friend like that, ngl


Take him with you for a win-win.


Dude is over here recording him. He doesn't actually care how offensive his idiot buddy is, he is just as responsible for this garbo.


Well, I would rather just murder him


Nah I really hate this dude


Hope he gets banned for life from the airline




No, but he has a dirty house. Is that enough to go by?


*Red colored dirty house.*


Hope he gets banned *from* life. Pranks are supposed to be harmless and funny.


Not the place to be pulling pranks like this, I hope they get taught a lesson.


I’m so excited to hear about people pissing on his grave after one of these pranks goes too far with the wrong (or right) person.


Where is the funny


Filed under: missing. along with this guys neck.


Assault. Press charges.


I hope the sleeping guy sees this and lawyers up


Okay. That's enough Reddit for the day. My hatred of humankind is at peak levels.


What a prick


Imagine being a tik tok prankers internet fan boy? What a sad lonely existence you must live


As if being stuck on a cramped plane for hours isn't bad enough, dickheads like this think that the people around him are there for his entertainment and torment.




That actually happened. I can’t remember the dude’s name (it might have been Tim? Something like that). Guy and his friend broke in to a house wearing masks and wielding knives as a ‘prank,’ a guy protecting his wife from the intruders shot one of the two, and the other one started screaming about how it was just a prank. The guy who was shot died. I may be misremembering slightly, but that’s the gist of it.


That's not a prank, that's a home invasion.


home invasion *prank*


It’s okay guys, we’re just *pretending*


As such the prosecutor would agree and refuse to press charges to the homeowner who rightly shot some invaders in the house.


Lmao I'm gonna embezzle 22 million as a prank


Go for it bro, tag me in the vid. Can’t wait for this great new trend to pop off 😎😎😎


"Your honor, it's a prank bro!"


"thanks for watching this home invasion and remember to like and subscribe to see more of my friends die"


But this guy read art of war and has effectively disarmed any potential opponent by having them go through security first. They’ll take to the skies


If tht lady is pregnant thts fucked up. Fuckin losers … some ppl peak and never get outta high school.


Totally picked the Asian guy to spill water on.


What infuriates me the most about Red and Myhouseisdirty (the two chuckle fucks who made the "prank" video) is that they thrive off any and all attention they get. They get in trouble and they love it, they get praised by edgy middle schoolers and they love it. I mean, other than Walmart bans and the incident with the basketball hoop, have they ever faced any significant consequences?


oh look another main character wanker


Yep he needs a flight ban.


These type of “pranksters” are absolute garbage.


Easy fix with ejector seats


On the flip side, if you do that to this meathead, his fists would be up faster than you could say "it was just a prank brooooh"


What a loser


Fucking sociopaths


These people are bored with their lives


I miss the days where I thought I was going to get shot by the national guard if I misbehaved at the airport.


Nobody ever plays those “pranks” on the 6’9” 250 lb MMA guys. Wonder why that is….


Pranks should be considered a threat or nuisance. This is low effort AF.


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It’s only a joke when other people laugh.


Give him the attention he needs. Share this till he gets no fly list


This kind of "pranks" it's more fun to do it with your own friends than stranger tbh. Especially if, like, Youtubers who already working with groups or friends who occasionally showed up to the point your viewers know about.


The airlines should use this video as evidence and put him on a no fly list


MyHouseisDirty is the definition of internet cringe


I wonder how these two losers are. Looks like they were arrested multiple times for these stupid pranks. Some people really need to grow up.


Can we just ban TikTok creators? The platform sucks the users suck and just nah get rid of them.


If you hit home, you get kicked off the plane. If you get a cup of coke, throw it in his face


Worse part is these guys wants you to retaliate so they can cause a scene. It's a lose lose to engage them.


I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this style of prankster.


I loathe this person and everyone like him


People like this are human garbage


I know that gait, that bully saunter. Last time I saw a person walking like that he got hit in the back of the head n we all just left cuz bullies get the last L. Whomp


Flight attendants always hit my knee or shoulder with the cart if I'm at all spread into the aisle. Wonder if they would go easier on someones head, feels staged how far over that guy is leaning.


No I sleep like that on the plane too when I don’t have a neck pillow.


He's the type to take down a pride flag in a target


He's probably an alcoholic too.


He is for sure. If you watch his other videos, his victims would mention that he smelled of hard liquor.


iTs jUsT A PrAnk bRo!


China is right about social media and influencers.


I very much dislike this guy


Someone should throw a brick thru his window with a note that says "just a pRaNk bro"


He just gonna let that slide?


Awww , thought the 2nd part was him sitting down crying after getting punched on the mouth


It’s not funny


Do you want to get on the No Fly List? Cause this is how you get on the No Fly List.


Their pranks aren’t even funny


Picks out the smallest guy on the plane to do it too


Someone please tell me what’s going on here


Tubby needs a beating.


What exactly is the prank??


I'm waiting for the *Let's prank some MS13 members in Latin America* channels to pop up. Wholesome fun.


Did everyone on the plane laugh after these antics?


We need a streamer who specializes in following this guy around everywhere he goes doing his own pranks to him. Instead of pouring water on him, accidentally drop your honey covered toast on his shirt


i can’t wait till he gets fucked up


I bet his comments are filled with “it’s just a joke!”


These things make me so mad ugh just ruined my lunch


Couple of AHs. Rude.


Quick way of getting yourself on the no fly list


Is this what constitutes a prank these days? One sec, * shits on mona lisa* PRANKEDDDDDD


Next prank should be “I have a bomb! Haha just kidding!”


Can anyone care to explain what's going on? The dude spills water on the sleeping person and stops right there? Then in the next shot another random dude is covering his mouth for some reason and the woman randomly falls? I'm so confused


I think he did the guy a favor, had he slept that way the whole flight his neck was gonna hurt like a mofo.


In my country, at least a fist or two would already be thrown out against his jaw


He absolutely targeted the Asian guy for harassment. He knows it'll be a hit with his fan base.


I hope the mainstream media runs this story and every airline bans him forever. This is disgusting behavior. Flying is already stressful enough for most people and he's just having fun at the expense of everyone he "pranks."


i’m so confused, what’s the second clip about?


He acted like he was about to throw up on the woman who got scared and fell as she was trying to move away from him


Daum but if someone hit him with a bat the jokes would be over :/ I bet he thinks he tiff cause he eats every chance he gets


We be fighting


I'm certain this guy is committing criminal acts for views. Court tv is his destination.


First one is technically assault


I can tell already… I hate this guy


Bell end


That woman looks to be pregnant, I could be very wrong; it just makes the “prank” even worse.


"It's just a prank bro"


Motto for pranks: confuse, don’t abuse.


Like the song