Can't wait to experience porpoising


Strap a VR headset on and keep a barf bucket ready


I know it’s a joke but the porpoising wasn’t present on their in-house sim so not sure how they’d implement it on iracing


Late reply, but hop in the rss formula hybrid 2022 in AC, and see the porpoising for yourself (it’s optional). It SUCKS in VR lol.


Based on when the W12 was released you’d think so, but at this point not even merc fully understand the W13 so don’t see how realistic the iR version will be?


I think we’ll be okay, they are limited on what changes they can make irl. But they should have plenty of data for the car’s performance at this point. Especially when you compare their data to the amount of data you would have for most regular race cars. They know exactly how and why it is shit they just aren’t allowed to redesign the chassis till next year.


If Im not mistaken, there's a rumor that iRacing has received data for the W13 and development is underway.


Mercedes don’t even know wtf is going on with their car so who knows


I heard they now know the issue but can’t fix it fully until next season (because of the budget cap)


Would kind of like to forget the w13 even exists after this season. Feelsbadman.jpg


Good. Is the racing good on the w12? Im currently d class formula ir04 and planning on racing the w13 when I will have the licence requirements


It’s about what you’d expect. I very fast car that has incredible closing speeds under braking. So unless you are lucky, expect to crash


It's fun to hotlap but not great for racing


I really hope so. I would also love to see some extra additions to the gameplay to make the races a little more authentic.


I can’t lie I’ve always wanted a 10-12 minute f1 style Qualy session instead of the 1 shots.


Why in iracing and.real life we get 2 laps when it matters. I'm glad we don't have to dodge traffic


Picking the right time to go out. Waiting for the track to rubber up. Banker lap/ no banker lap. Trying to pick up slipstreams. If it’s what the drivers have to think about and do in the real World Series, I want it replicated.


In real life you don't have drivers who are seconds slower than each other.


This conversation is no longer worth it after seeing that.


Well, remember the early 2022 F1 season? 3.5 seconds time diff was regular


I agree. But I don’t think it’ll happen, unless they find a legitimate way to penalize drivers for blocking/compromising another individual’s lap.


Yeah. Maybe no resets allowed? Crash and you’re out? Idk how they’d do it in a way that limits potential bad behavior. I haven’t put that much in depth thought into it. But I do hope one day we can get some type of open qualifying session in the Grand Prix series.


Well except in iracing it's basically 1 lap because you don't have ERS for more


Yea in the Merc maybe but even then you can also bail on the lap if you mess up early.


Cant wait for rain


Would be really happy if we got it, but even more so if they update it as they continue developing the real car in the coming years. Love the W12 however, so hope it drives similarly if they're gonna replace the W12 for the official series.


Why would they bring in a looseing car? Why not the Red Bull this time?


Losing car or not - if you have only one current F1 car in the game, it is the best F1 car in the game. Its all about licencing - they might want to bring RedBull, but I am fairly certain Mercedes licencing will not allow them to do so for obvious reasons. Edit: But yes, I would love to drive the current season ferrari - imho the best looking car on the grid


You should see the old McLaren then


Well they worked with mercedes before and even announced that they would be working on the w13 before this F1 season even started


Because Mercedes partnered up with iRacing to bring in last year's car and this year's. That's why


Am I really the only one wants to see an RB16/16B 🙈