I can’t wait for the public beta I wanna experience it! Lol


You can download it now


I’ve had apps crash here and there which isn’t anything new, but the phone will crash like 30-40% of the time when you’re closing apps pretty quickly and not doing them one at a time. Photos will crash if you try adding 50+ photos to an album. And today my display turned off for like 6 hours, wasn’t able to do a thing with it. I put my phone in my back pocket and sat on it and it ended up coming back on — surprisingly enough lol


I had issues with the initial install, restored and tried again. There are less issues except for Apple Music crashing with hi res lossless and the Wi-Fi seems slower


I am also using the 12 mini and after a full day I’ve had only problems with the home and lock screen image being very warped/compressed. To the point where you can’t tell what the background is anymore.


i have had the beta for about a week, and there’s been a few issues. i’ve had a lot of applications crash, specifically third party ones like tiktok and facebook. the photos app for me crashes when i try to add more to a suggested sharing album. i like the ability to personalize and customization of the lock screen specifically, but the whole app crashing thing is hella inconvenient.


I have a 13 pro max, the Wi-Fi and LTE(yes I know) have been awfully slow and laggy.


1. Volume bar has been buggy 2. Apple Pay took a day for the money to transfer in 3. Wifi and LTE have had connectivity issues 4. Didn’t receive pictures from sender when using iMessage 5. Haptic feedback on keyboard intermittently stops working Using iPhone 12 Pro Max on ios 16.0