Bermuda triangle is actually pretty boring. It's just a high traffic area, so while more stuff by volume would go missing there, less stuff by percentage of total traffic does.


They're is in fact, a gravitational anomaly there. ... It affects nothing, means nothing, and represents little more than a geological curiosity, but it's there!


I concur. That is very logical. Do you have a mystery you would choose? ❤️


I have this conspiracy theory that Area 51 is so well guarded, yet well known, that it's just a decoy and there's something much more secret, hidden in plain sight somewhere. I want to visit what we don't know about. Either that or the secret vaults of the Vatican.


Can't have an area 51 without area 1-50


Exactly. Area 1 is probably a few hundred feet under wherever they keep the Liberty Bell.




I second the Vatican and all the vaults. There’s no telling the secrets, truth, treasures, etc they have been hiding from the world


I feel like with as much atheism in the world, instead of proselytizing, just reveal what's inside the super secret God vault.


Jeffery Epstein himself. Still convinced that guy faked his death to spend the rest of his assets on an island somewhere. Dude had tons of very powerful friends. Just wanna know what his deal was.


No way he faked his death. In a jail there are too many moving parts and too many people would have to be in on it. The pod officer, the floor officer who is responding to the emergency, the relief officer who is responding, the responding supervisor, the leadership above him, the nurses, the ambulance drivers. The random guy who was wandering towards the sound of the emergency just to check it out. Way too many people to keep a secret. But getting a hitman to pass the background check of a field so desperate for employees they will literally hire anyone? That sounds nice and easy


Interesting one ❤️


I don't think he faked his death. Clearly, those "friends" killed him off to silence him and keep their secrets safe.


More personal one: great grandfather was shot behind his shed during Prohibition. He was a known moonshiner. I'd like to know who did it and why. There are so many rumors flying around my family... I'd like to know which, if any, are correct.


That sad so I wish u had to ability to find out for you. Love this comment. Best one yet I think


How and why the pyramids were built and the planning/math that went into the design Honorable mentions: Phoenix lights, Dyatlov pass, dancing plague of 1518




They were built as mausoleums for the pharaohs who viewed themselves as living gods.


There are many weird mysteries about the pyramids that don’t make since if they were only tombs.


https://youtu.be/YFbyQaiqL1c This is why I wonder things about the pyramids and life in general. Shakespeare died before Decartes even created coodinates and revolutionized math. This is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night *also the speed of light in mph being the exact same digits as the N coord. for the great pyramid like wut why?!?


This isn’t as well-known as Area 51 or anything, but what happened to these two Dutch girls in Panama. The case is too confusing and I’m genuinely curious about what happened since the evidence leads to multiple conclusions, none of which match that well. [Here’s the Wikipedia article.](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_of_Kris_Kremers_and_Lisanne_Froon)


That was an interesting article. Had never heard of that one ❤️


Can I learn the truth about multiple secrets?


Nope only one. That’s what makes it hard to decide


Then I want to learn how the Big Bang started or the highly classified documents of the CCP


Both of those answers are great ❤️




Location of Atilla the Hun's grave.




I would wanna know where they hid God after he died. Gonna put that info in the most untrustworthy site possible, behind an very convoluted conspiracy theory.


That’d be an interesting answer ❤️


Area 51 because the others are probably bs or legend or coincidence.


Why the monster group exists, what is it, and all of its secrets. I mean come on it was literally called the voice of god, I need to know 🤷🏾‍♀️


Why are we here?


None of those that's for sure. I would like to know the name and location of every evil cult leader currently living in Canada.


I’d want to know why my wife left me


OK, I choose an ongoing one. All the real reasons behind the war in Ukraine. All of them and how they came to be as well as the reasoning of Putin to start the current iteration.


Look up the persian princesses i just feel like it will never be solved in my lifetime Honestly there are so many disappearances and unsolved murders, i want to know what happened to them who hurt them. We are slowly solving cold cases but it just feels like we cant solve them all.


I would want to know if there’s anything supernatural or magic about this world and how to use that magic I guess a better way to phrase it would be how to use magic in this world if there is any I wouldn’t think there is but I would wanna make sure anyways, then again, if I was being given all the information about whatever I wanted, I guess there would be magic in this world for me to learn


I would like to know what gravity truly is, and how to control it.


For me, I always wanted to know what instigated to burn the great library of Alexa




Area 51 is just full of forbidden sweets, Bermuda Traingle has weather storms. And Atlantis is full of trash