Not to say that this is the *correct* way to do it, but we've ran vents out these things before and if you gently tap the center of a block with a pointed hammer it will shatter the center. Then just slowly chip the rest away. We made a sheet metal plate with holes cut in it and used lexel to hold it to the other remaining blocks then used expanding foam insulation from the back after running the venting through it. Not really a great way to get through those things, but that seems to work well enough.


Thats actually a good way to do it if preservation of the blocks is not required. Each glass block is insulated from the rest by the mortar/caulk/whatever, so there is less chance of damaging adjacent blocks than by trying to remove the offending block whole. Just make sure you keep control of any glass bits that get loose. Those blocks are not typically safety glass and will make sharp fragments.


No need to break any off them. Cut the silicone and use a mallet to get one out, then the rest will follow. Done this many times with ones that are NOT mortared in.


I need to remove one block, maybe 2 to install separate dryer vents (i need 3 dryer vents in total). It appears that the blocks are all put together with a clear rubber substanceā€¦im thinking caulk? House was built in 1910. Do i just start digging out in between each block i want to remove? Is there an easier way someone has found to remove one?


Interested as well. I have block windows in my basement and would like to remove a few to put in one of those small windows that are made for glass block windows that you can open for venting.


Try to remove some caulk, then get a multi tool, flush cut tool, with some carbide blades. It might take time. A carbide drill can attack the corners and seams if the motar is thick enough. At some point a soft face hammer may loosen it.