Has there been a format change?

Has there been a format change?


Lol did you guys fall for a "NOBODY TOLD ME!" post?




The format change is that it went from a great cutting edge piece of radio history to a pile of dog shit. I’m watching Heels on Starz right now and Mary McCormick is in it and yesterday I said to my wife that I can’t even bring myself to watch Private Parts again. Because it’s bullshit. It’s a fake love story and a chronicle of a career that betrayed itself. If you want to talk about victims of “cancel culture,” this show is the biggest casualty, only it cancelled itself before the mob could get to it. By embracing this star fucking persona he’s developed over the past ten years, he gave up on everything and everyone that got him to where he is today. He should be a fucking five-star general leading the charge against this bullshit, but he was one of the first to fall, before it even became a fight. But hey he’s got his millions, who needs respect and a legacy? You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.


The pelican and crew have been on a couple month vacation I believe.


Yes, the show used to be funny. Now it sucks ass.


Howard 100: recycled A-list interviews that are self-fulfilling fluff repeated over and over Howard 101: Young and unfunny millennial writers shoe-horning their unfunny, fake bits between short show clips from the past 5 years


More than a format change, Howard changed his entire persona into gay, woke white guy. And then he and most of the staff acted like the audience were the problem for being fans of what they used to do. Nowadays, they do the old "how dare you not believe what I just heard about 5 minutes ago" routine that all obnoxious wokies pull. It's a goddamn shit show over there.


This is spot on. I listened to an old episode where Tabatha Stevens went on the Symbian to 100% and It was the funniest thing even though I heard it years ago, I stayed in my car listening once I was parked. I can't remember a modern show that I sat and waited to hear the end of a bit.


what’s so funny about a slut getting off? that’s like the richard saying gay porn is funny argument. it’s not funny it’s just sexual


Some of the gay porn is funny too in my opinion. When they're goofing on Eric implying he's gay and being dominated by some daddy. It just reminded me of the bit in the movie where the caller straddled the speaker and Howard was just making noises with his mouth. To me it was funny. Maybe to you it's not.


You missed a lot bro. Beth is pregnant with her former Mom Caves co-host's baby. Howard flipped out when he learned of this and ran away with his lover Ralph. Sirius was pissed that Howard ditched the show so they fired him. Fred confessed his true love to Robin and she laughed in his face. Fred did not take it well and went on a mass shooting spree and is now in jail for multiple murders.


And Gary moved to the jungles of Borneo to be closer to his family.


Yes. He is on a long vacation until Sept. ​ https://www.foxbusiness.com/media/howard-sterns-summer-off-after-500m-sirius-xm-deal-enrages-his-fans


we're dark, boff


Yes, years ago, from straight and edgy to gay and woke


They took over the Out Q channel.




You must be slower than Gary and Wendy.


No, your receiver is broke.


No, the show will still suck when they return next week.