Honestly I don't pay attention to trends, if I see a plant I like I buy it (though I refuse to spend big money on something I don't know if I can get to survive). The only reason I have a PPP is because I found someone locally selling a wet stick for $15 (it's got 2 leaves for me so far). It's a plant prone to reverting so I'm happy I was able to find one at a price that doesn't hurt my bank account!


Yah, the reason half my plants are "common" is because I like them. My favorite philodendron is the micans, which is a little harder to find than it used to be now that there's such a flood of other trendy plants in shops, but it is far from rare or coveted. I love my dracena marginata colorama, because it's just so darn pink and happy looking. My peace lily is simple, but it does well with the northern light of my bathroom window where many other plants would struggle. They really are good plants. They're common *because* of that: they're pretty, and they're easy.


One of my favorites is my aglaonema. Gorgeous, cheap and easy lol


I actually got a micans online from bloomscape and it came in a lovely pot and is throwing out leaves like crazy.


I love my micans! Growing like crazy and the shimmer on the leaf is just so god damn beautiful. Definitely one of my favourite plants alongside my brasils


I don’t care how cheap or common they are, pothos will always be my favorite houseplant.


Someone in my local plant group made a pot of pothos with cuttings of like 10 different varieties in there. It looked really cool.


Pothos is the best


Right! They’re beautiful


Haha this is exactly how I feel when someone asks what my favorite house plant is and I say zz!


ZZ plant is my all time fav! How cam you go wrong with something that looks crazy cool AND withstands all sorts of neglect?!?


Right? Plus there's 3 varieties and they're all cool!!!!


The Raven is soooooo goth 🖤🌿




I love zz plant! I just bought one


I upvote every pothos post I see




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i’m kind of over the “rare” mega-expensive trendy plants. i’d much rather get a great deal on a more common plant than spend 2k on a 2” chunk of stem lol. i do think it would be nice if the common plants got more love :) it feels like we are entering the “fast fashion/influencer” era of the houseplant hobby.


Yah, the more I think about it, the more I realize my $15 Pink Allusion syngonium is objectively prettier than the majority of Pink Princesses Philodendrons I've seen. There's a reason most PPP pics are of a single leaf, a very young plant, or of a new sprout: because they usually end up really leggy and sort of awkward after a year. Why do I want that? Once they hit about 18" tall, they're actually not very nice looking as a whole plant.


I just can’t wait until [a single tulip bulb sells for 12 acres of land](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulip_mania?wprov=sfti1)


I’ve had many of my “common” plants for a decade or more. They have been with me through moves and heartbreak. They’ve been propped and gifted. They each have their own story of how they came into my life. Not one of them was purchased and each of them is deeply cherished.


As a newbie to plants, this is what I want for my house plants!


That’s super cool and heartwarming. They must mean a lot to you. I’ve only had most of my dudes for a couple years at this point, but I hope to keep them all happy and growing for many more.


Wait until the day someone comes to your place to fix something (or whatever reason) and they see your plants. Talk about your plants. Love your plants…. And you are able to give them a prop of something you love and you know they will love it too! Best feeling in the world!


I swap cuttings/offsets with a coworker who also likes houseplants. I've given her pothos, snake plants, a monstera and am currently starting several different kinds of peperomia cuttings for her. In spring I'll divide my caladium and bring her some of the offsets. My favorite she brought me was a pinstripe calathea. It's fun for both of us to come into work and find a little leafy gift on our desk.


I was just thinking today about how much I appreciate my pothos and philodendron. They always look good, they grow a lot, every new leaf is still fun, and they don’t require a lot of work.


Yes! My Birkin is the plant that made me fall in love with house plants. Until then I only had cacti and succulents.


Instagram almost made me drop more money than I could justify on a stephania erecta bulb but then I thought about it and was like "I really just want something new with vines". So I bought a sweet potato from the grocery store instead. He has roots now and makes me happy, that's all that matters!


I have a mix of rare and common plants. I like all of them. The blue collars balance out my fussy plants. It’s nice having some not to fuss over.


I have lots of variety, but my favorites will always be jades, spiders, and pothos!


I see so many Monsteras & Peace Lillies & Alocassias then I gently water my 7 Aloe Veras that don't need any special lighting or humidity and chill on the kitchen counter most days. All I want for outdoor plants for our balcony is 2 Japanese boxwoods & a pretty Hosta. We live in zone 6 so we gotta worry about frost & freeze.


Thanks for the updoots~ For anyone curious, come warmer weather, the only 2 Aloes I plan to keep will have a nice sunny sheltered spot on the balcony too~ I try to give them sun when we get it.


Honestly, I stan a good pothos and I’ll die on that hill 😂


I really don't care what plants are "trendy" or "popular". I just get what I like, it's as simple as that.


No one really cares about jades until they get huge after 20+ years. I'm just biding my time...


Right? I don't have jade, but a lot of plants that aren't considered impressive suddenly have clout when they get gigantic. I've seen a lot of very respect worthy giant plants in here that people have had passed down to them by parents or grandparents, and caring for something for a couple decades is a lot of dedication.


Mmmm... No. It's pointless, plus not every plant suits my environment and my preferences. It's like being embarrassed for not having a Chanel bag. I love my zz and the rubber plants.


No, I’m so over it. Comparison is the thief of joy. Stop doing that to yourself. You have plants for you not for insta followers and I don’t like lab mutants that variegated plants mostly are


“Comparison is the thief of joy” …well said.


Instagram is designed to make you feel inferior to get you to buy stuff you don't need. It's a shame we've let it taint even something like keeping houseplants. I suggest getting off of it and you'll appreciate what you have already a lot more.


Lol, I don't actually have an Instagram account. But it's kind of everywhere, and it's been like that since basically forever. There were trend influencers in ancient Rome. My whole point was that it's silly that we all, as a human species, let others tell us what to like or want. If it makes us happy, then that's cool, and there's nothing wrong with liking something that is trendy. I do love my huge, leafy, fenestrated monstera, but that's because I always loved big, leafy, fenestrated houseplants, and I've been collecting houseplants for 20 years. The one really cool thing about the houseplant internet boom is that I discovered new plants that I just objectively like because they are neat and also have those qualities, like my rhaphidophoras (which are even easier to grow). Like what you like. I like big fringy leaves. 🤷‍♀️


That's very true! People have always been following trends of some kind. I personally always loved house plants because it's one of the few hobbies that you can have with relatively little money. No shame if people want to spend hundreds on rare plants and it legitimately makes them happy, but it makes me sad when people feel like they need to rather than want to.


I don’t mean this to be rude but maybe ya need to spend less time online if your plant collection is making you feel insecure when compared to other people. I really mean this in the most loving way possible.


This was totally meant to poke fun at the absurdity of trendiness in certain houseplants and the fact that the whole culture around it is shaped by social media. It *is* silly that there is some sort of prestige around certain houseplants that are objectively easy to care for and prop but still command insane price points because they're "in" now (like those $1000 monstera). We should appreciate our own favorites because they make us happy.


While social media makes the frenzy more accessible for the middle class now, this behavior goes back centuries among rich people—most notably in the 1600s, when someone sold off 12 acres of land for a single tulip bulb. Beyond that, I rarely see someone feel inferior because of not having an expensive plant. Maybe I just wouldn’t associate with someone like that. When people buy trendy plants, it’s often because they see a plant that’s suddenly everywhere and think that it’s beautiful—beautiful enough to be worth the price to them. If you don’t want them, that’s cool! You have other plants to love. But people loving trendy or expensive plants doesn’t automatically equate to insecurity. When a plant becomes trendy, that means that people who have never heard of the plant before have it brought to their attention, which they then want and perpetuate the plant being “trendy”.


There is totally a difference between seeing a trendy plant you never noticed before and deciding you like and want it (like my ficus audrey or my rhaphidophoras), and feeling insecure about loving your not-trendy houseplants. I have a whole jungle in my house, and I buy and grow what brings me joy. A lot of the plants trending now have been around for a long time, but aren't very impressive when still small, so there is something to be said for the benefit of being able to see how they can look when grown out. I've totally gone out and bought baby plants because I finally saw what a mature specimen can become. I'm patient, so I'll get the babies and enjoy the process of nurturing them up into giants myself. It's silly to me to pay $200 or more for an enormous plant that I can achieve myself in a couple years and will grow better because it's acclimated to my home. There are also trendy plants though that look sort of awful once they grow up out of a 4" pot, or are just a massive pain to grow, so I really can't wrap my head around why they're so popular. Also, 12 acres for a tulip bulb is just...I can't. Why? That's what you do when you have too much money for your own good.


I would never get a PPP or fiddle leaf because of the weird class signifier. It feels kind of similar to how I would never buy a luxury brand purse or car. but I absolutely made fun of my (lovely) partner when he brought home a croton plant from Trader Joe’s to add to our collection. I love my common house plants but crotons are definitely the uncool kid that no one wants to associate with. I wouldn’t have gotten it for myself but it’s doing great and is now one of my faves just because of how reliable and hearty it is. Social media has created such a fascinating hierarchy of plants


Hey, the weird kids are the most fun. 🙂


For me I can barely keep plants alive indoors..I don't have the proper window locations unfortunately...I'm a very big fan of outdoor gardening..and since my background is the middle east I do have a collection of "backhome" plants because I grew up surrounded by them in my parents house here in Canada..and I love them..the amazing smells of jasmine, night blooming jasmine, and I also am dabbing my fingers in a few back home fruit trees..pomegranates (actually from back home)..figs, Loquat tree,most of these are in my grow room until the spring time..a few sit by the only decent sunlight window.. That being said I was told flf was supposed to be low light..which is why I bought it..unfortunately I was misinformed..I love my pothos..which I'm training up the wall..and that will be the only plant that stays in my house once summer comes


I don't get the appeal of some rare plants because there's a lot of common plants that are visually striking while some rare plants honestly look sick with their variegation. I'd much rather just get a mature pothos or calathea instead of dropping hundreds on a stick with roots.


Everyone's home lighting is different and I want things that are pretty and do well in the space that I live in. Instagram also never paints a realistic life span for these insta-famous plants. You ever wonder why you only ever see one or two beautiful photos of the same plant from an account? It's because they've likely killed it due to not having the proper lighting for said plant. Why bother? I don't run a grow operation and purple lights aren't really my style for decorating my apartment. My favorite plants are two Angel Wing Begonia, unknown varieties because there are so many and I haven't seen either bloom yet. One was a cutting from a friends plant that they kept outside. The other was a cutting from another friends plant that they inherited from a their friends family and it's about 25 years old. They're dotted, spotted and absolutely resilient. They're so beautiful and I love how they look in the golden hour. My second favorite plant is my Monstera Adansonii. It's such an easy grower and does well in my space that receives indirect lighting.


Purple lights isn’t proper lighting. Full spectrum is the most efficient because plants on average reflect just 10% or less of green light. The rest is used for photosynthesis. Misinformed growers use purple lights.


> It's because they've likely killed it due to not having the proper lighting for said plant. Why bother? I don't run a grow operation and purple lights aren't really my style The serious growers I know use full spectrum grow lights across the board, as do I and i don't even own many rare or pricey plants. It's really easy to provide proper light tbh.


Right?? I now have 3 different aglaonema, 4 different philodendron, and 4 different pothos varieties because they're all SO EASY and still SO beautiful to look at. And I love to propagate them! I picked up the most recent aglaonema at Lowe's for 75% off along with a golden pothos because they needed to be saved. The pothos went into terrariums I made for someone and perked right up the next day. The aglaonema has struggled with yellowing leaves due to underwatering (believe it or not), but she's getting better everyday. I would take these guys, especially for a steal of a deal, any day over a fickle fiddle leaf fig. 🤷🏻‍♀️


My favorite plant of all time is a pothos. Beautiful, low-maintenance, stable. No matter the conditions, a pothos will stay alive, and usually thrive.


Literally my golden pothos and snake plant are my favorites 🤷🏾‍♀️


Most of the Instagram rare plants aren't all that rare or they won't be soon because of the demand and how easy they are to propagate. It's only their popularity keeping the prices high. It's way more impressive to me to see someone with a tradescantia the size of a refrigerator. Anyone can drop 200$ on a PPP in a 3" pot but not everyone can say they have a giant Hoya crimson princess or a ficus that's been passed down 3 generations


Definitely agree that having an impressive specimen that you loved, tended and grew yourself is far more deserving of adulation than being able to drop $1000 on a plant. I grow orchids in addition to houseplants, and the prices for orchids are usually reflected in size, difficulty and years to bloom more than anything, because it actually takes years and years to get many of them to maturity, so a mature blooming plant is the product of 7 or more years of work.


Ever feel like seeing all those insta-awesome rare plants makes you feel a little embarrassed about your beloved "common" houseplants? No. Do regular, normal, suburban houseplants need more love and respect? No. Plants are plants.


A while ago I read a post on here of someone who spent like 80 or 90 dollars on a single cutting of a rare plant I forget the type... I mean hey if you have that type of money to use with no concerns, more power to you but personally I could never justify spending that much on one single cutting that may or may not end up surviving and rooting properly. 🤷‍♀️ I'd rather take that money and get a bunch of common plants at a plant store for a great deal that feels like stealing almost 😅 best feeling ever


I own more pothos than anything...but I also own a few very expensive plants. I don't care at all about trends, i just but what I love, what makes me feel good. Marie Kondo would be proud.


Also....all these "rare" ones will be affordable soon. Don't invest so much emotion in what you can't have now because in a year it'll be affordable.


Some people call them “status plants” because it snore so about showing off the money you have to drop to get some of them sometimes.


I really don't, because I see people in my local groups saying things like "omg will you hold this until I get paid Friday?", and then I just go look at my bank accounts. I've probably spent a decent chunk of money on plants and pots, but I have a house full of happiness, with plants I'm happy to snip and share, for what one of the trendy plants costs.


I love my 7 year old Neanthebella palm, baby rubber plant, lemongrass, peace lily, draecena marginata and aglaonemas the most. They aren't expensive but they've been with me through the last 7 years without giving me issues and I treasure these plants. They bring me joy. They've grown from baby plants into big beautiful plants. My other favourites are my calathea Medallion, spider plant and my pothos who have been with me for quite a few years as well. I've some new pothos, calathea varieties and philo and I love them all, none of which are particularly expensive. I also have a PPP but it was $29. I love to look at the pink on it but I wouldn't have paid $100 for it. I love my plants but I don't think I'll break the bank to buy an expensive plant. Expensive plants do not bring me more joy so I don't see the point of spending more. I like to get baby plants and see them grow over the years. I treasure those plants more over the fully grown plants.


i don’t like any *rare* plants besides monstera oblique but it’s so fuckin overpriced


I don't have a very tight budget so I buy quite a few rare plants but also I don't put up with anything finicky. If it doesn't survive among my pothos and monstera once a week or two basic plant care, I don't really try to save them. They die and get replaced with easier care plants and I'm happy.


Yah, I subscribe to the opinion that if it can't survive my house without special considerations, or is so much maintenance that it's not fun, then I don't want it. I have almost 200 houseplants and orchids, and I do not have time for something that I can't look away from for fear it will die. My only concession is grow lights, and that's because I ran out of window space.


honestly i have a mix of uncommon and common plants and i love them all the same. ive had them for long enough that theyre all friends to me and none of them have particularly fussy needs imo so i hardly notice that one plant i rare now that the sting of the cost has faded 😅 i think it definitely helps if you dont have any plant friends or interact with social media. ignorance truly is bliss, i didnt even know that fiddle leafs were considered more uncommon theyre everywhere here 🤷‍♂️


FLF not actually uncommon. They're cool right now, but 10 years ago they were office lobby plants (along with their ficus benjamina cousins) and grown by grandmas who had been tending the same one since the 1980's. I like them, but it's hilarious how much hype they get considering they're pretty easy to find and keep alive. Like, my old office had a 12 foot one by the reception desk that had been there for probably a decade and was in a hilariously tiny pot because no one had ever sized it up. It was overwatered, the media was so sour it stank, and it was bending over at the top because it had run into the ceiling. The gardener in me wanted so bad to trim and repot that poor thing!


I have so many golden pothos and 'common' plants because I enjoy propogating and watching them grow, its supposed to be fun and enjoyable, the stress of spending tons of money on something that might die isn't fun


Agreed! I just recently got a neon pothos and i’m loving watching Pete put out new leaves. Honestly i think buy what you love; not what instagram tells you to love!


I love my common supermarket plants. Love them dearly. Its not about what you get but about what they become over time when you have them that's special for me.


I just buy stuff that I think looks nice, and to be honest I'm not keen on most of the really popular stuff!


I’m proud of my “basic” plants. They’ve made it through me not having time because of a severely injured dog, the depression that set in while grieving the loss of that dog, a new puppy and an out of state move. Everyone who is here now deserves to be here. My first plant was my golden pothos, it’s been gnawed on by dogs, moved and neglected and it looks like I worship it, I respect the crap out of my pothos


I love my snake plants and spider plants and prickly pears and pothos! They’re common because they’re the best.


I like to be a hipster and find lesser known cheap plants that turn heads, red/pink aglaonemas are like $15 and people will go OMG WHAT’S THAT IT’S REEEEED That and always looking for unusual succulents, which are usually pretty cheap. Got a lot of attention for my monstrose tiger jaw succulent on plantgoths and it was like $15


I think I saw that one. The eldritch monstrosity, yah? That was actually pretty cool; I showed it to my best friend last night. I was like "omg, this is the most bizarre, lovecraftian plant, and I love it!" I dig weird plants.


Yep, that’s mine! I love weird succulents and it’s one of my favs


I merely asked about the plant names if they don’t specify it. A lot of them are expensive, but i’ll get there eventually.


I have alot of rare plants. Some of them like my albo I got simply for the sake of trends while others like my warocqueanum was because I adored it! That being said nothing is like my long Satin pothos. It looks expensive and feels expensive but it's super affordable!


I feel like that about my scindapsus treubii. It's super classy, but it cost me $15 and grows like a weed.


To be honest I don’t have a single rare or expensive plant. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than $25 on a plant actually!