Kind of a hard choice but I’ll have to say Kosma. He is quite the relatable character, often overthinking things and ending up creating awkward conversations. His character also shows how he was just a teenager - not a genius like Vill-V or Mobius, not a hero like Kevin or even a martial artist like Hua. He was a teenager who dreamed of being a hero, but ended up being dragged into a brutal war. Yet he still fights till the end, even being unwilling to take the easy way out and hiding in space because he didn’t want to be a deserter. His relationships with Dystopia and Griseo are also quite interesting to me. He’s a close friend of Dystopia , even being brought along to her shopping trips as an assistant and Dystopia teasing him. But in the end he watches his friend die in front of his eyes, unable to save her. This obviously would heavily impact him, since what kind of hero can’t even save their friend, yet he continues to fight in future battles. On the other hand his relationship with Griseo feels more like a sibling duo, where he’s trying his best to protect her from danger and bad influences. In the Elysian Realm, he even admits that he looks like a villain, contradicting his dream of being a hero, yet he still sacrifices himself protecting Griseo. I personally feel that his story presents the concept of an ambitious teen being met with the horrors of war, but never giving up so that he can protect those close to him Truly a hero in the end


His signet is the one I like the most. “Daybreak” as an expression of hope.


“No matter how long the night may last, the light will always return at the break of dawn, to liberate the world shrouded in darkness” It’s one of my favourite symbologies


He was also a very badass soldier when he was normal human. He tried to use grenades to blow up a tornado of 4th herrscher but saved by Kevin. When he was mantis, he was basically batman in pe His fighting style was interesting as well, usually killed honkai beast by throwing coin or rock at them or just eat them


Also lured them out by playing his harmonica terribly first


this is so well-written hnnngg 🤌🏻😍


probably a tie between Aponia and Kalpas 1. kalpass 2. butterflies main point aside, I find Kalpas to be a very intriguing character, because after his surgery he became...well, *that*, but knowing his past and how he helped orphanages and how much he cares about Rin and her death is endearing. Aponia i like because of the fact that this random lady is willing to >!put the entire world to rest before they can experience the true terror of dying. like, imagine taking the horror of world extinction upon yourself so that no one else in the world bar the 13 flamechasers knows the gravity of the situation.!< Even when she >!was our “antagonist” in the third part of ER, she still did everything out of concern for Mei. Like, girl, don’t do this, you might die or get hurt and I’m only trying to delay it for you...unless i interpreted the story wrong lol.!<


I love your take on Aponia. I don’t see a lot of actual discussion about aponia’s character around and I kinda wished ppl talked about her more, not just about the boobas and thighs (tho don’t get me wrong, she IS hot) She’s such a *painfully* loving character that you can’t help but sympathise no matter how much you disagree


I enjoy her character a lot because she's deeply unsettling and I do NOT want to spend much time around her, yet I still sympathize for her. There's a lot of her lore I haven't explored yet cause I've put off the remembrance vessels for too long, but I do want to finish it up sometime to get the whole picture


yuuup, kinda like a tragic hero-mother bear-esque characterization. yes she’s beautiful, yes she has bigger boobs than me, but more importantly, she physically but also metaphorically held the Flamechasers and humanity together when they should’ve fallen apart, at least up until >!Elysia became Honkai Jesus and everyone worked together to ~~crucify~~ defeat her!<


I’ll go first. Mine is Pardofelis She’s introduced as the comic relief in a game mode that lore dumps you. She’s literally introduced right after the Mobius arc, where you get to experience for yourself just how dark PE was. And then you have pardo. We experience the arc through Mei, who’s extremely cautious and suspicious (at least on the exterior) so we come to view pardo as kinda sus at first, especially since she had Aponias pendant in her shop. But then we come to learn she’s no warrior, she’s no mad scientist, she’s just a normal street rat girl who likes afternoon naps and canned food and acting like a lil shop owner with all the junk she picks up. Her remembrance vessels were also quite a read. Learning that she was the Robin Hood thief of the sundown alley was great, how she reacted to PE Sakura’s death was sad, how she buried treasure on earth right before her death etc. She stands out the most out of the 13 because she’s so normal. I could go on and on but I’d end up with a 2000 word essay I really like her can you tell


I actually like how one of her teachings about how she gets away slacking off most of the time is doing everything first but at a bare minimum so no work is literally pushed into her most of the time aside for some extras. That sweet lazy life is making me jealous


That part always made me wonder if she really is secretly really powerful but she just never found out because she couldn't be bothered to try.


And that’s how she did so well in the betting event because money was on the line she tried




Jeez why the downvotes?, everyone's entitled to their opinion.


Fair, maybe ER just isn’t for you


Sakura cuz fluff


Eden, cuz music and gameplay (kind of)


Elysia because she is the one that brought the 13 incompatible heroes together and made them compatible together. Despite every single one of them being their own person, thanks to Elysia they fought together when it was needed.


Kalpas, because despite his explosive nature actually he is very reasonable and have a deep thinking behind his actions. Also on events is very funny how he tags along with everyone lol, >!he being good at baking sweets show his soft side.!< My second favorite is Kevin and Elysia (same spot), the fall of Kevin was freaking sad, I think that everyone wants to see some kind of redemption for him. As for Ely in the beginning I was super sus with her attitude, but she proved to us that she is exactly like that, thinking now she have some similarities with Kiana, that puts the wellbeing of others first and hers second.


Hearing Kevin cry in CH29, that HURT. More than usual, and Honkai tends to be a pretty painful game.


People may call Kalpas insane but he is the only flamechaser that realised that even if they won against the Honkai, the MOTHS would just end civilization on their own terms. I'd say that he is the most perceptive of them all


Could you elaborate on this a bit? I haven't unlocked all the ER lore yet so I'll probably come across it on my own, but I'm still really curious what you mean by the part with the MOTHs ending civilization. I can definitely see it in some ways (such as Project Stigma, or perhaps Mei somehow becoming a de facto world leader and controlling humanity on her own), but I feel like there's gotta be more to it given the way you phrased it.


So the issue is that MEI is not the defacto leader. She is just a researcher and she maybe the lead on Flamechaser and MANTIS projects but she still has to answer to majors/generals etc. Remember the MANTIS project comprises of a small part of MOTHS. Evidence for this is the presence of COCOON and the fact that higher-ups cut funding to the Flamechaser project even though MEI was in favour of it. Proves MEI is not top And now think of a militarian rule with no one to rival their power and keep them in check. Abuse of power is very easy to come by


Maybe for most of the fight against Honkai, but by the arrival of the Herrscher of the End I think Dr. MEI would've been able to become de facto leader, as long as the Flame-Chasers would answer to her. Some of Sakura's lore implies that MEI was definitely getting more powerful within MOTH, even long before those final days of the Previous Era. Sakura's Memory 9 in the archives is the biggest hint for this: >**Mei:** If I remember correctly, you crossed paths with the MOTHs when you were on a mission to assassinate Dr. MEI. > >*(Sakura confirms this, and then there's a few more lines leading up to the next part)* > >**Sakura:** Her goal was to use me to expand her influence. > >**Mei:** I know this is usually done by force, but if she's all alone... > >**Sakura:** She had more helpers, of course. My first mission was to rebuild the covert forces. She wanted the darkest power of the MOTHs for her own. > >...To rebuild through destruction. I was officially invited after completing this mission. The only reason Sakura is even part of MOTHs is because she ended up siding with Dr. MEI and was used to "rebuild" part of it so MEI would have more control. Of course MEI still wasn't at the top and I don't think she was ever officially there, but she certainly had ambitions of her own. I don't think it was cause she was power-hungry, but because she might've seen herself as the most effective/efficient leader and thus would've taken any action necessary to give humanity "the best chance", so to speak. One of Mobius' quotes supports this too: >**Mobius:** It's about time you drop the good guy act, Kevin. I'm well aware that I've crossed the line. But what about your dear MEI? Is she any different from me? > >Oh, there's a difference. She's far crueler and colder than me - because she only makes rational choices. > >**Kevin:** ... > >**Mobius:** Pure rationality... is the real monster. You know that, don't you? If Dr. MEI were to look at the true leadership of Fire MOTH and determine that they weren't capable of leading humanity, and that she would be able to do a better job, then she might very well choose to take matters into her own hands. So I think that even if the higher-ups in Fire MOTH ended up being corrupt and tried to rule a post-Honkai world, Dr. MEI might've still been able to get into power. In such a scenario and without the threat of Honkai, it's hard to say just what kind of leader she would've been. Of course we should treat Mobius' quote with a bit of skepticism, but overall it's certainly plausible that Dr. MEI could've been a threat to the world if she were in charge because she might take utilitarianism/pragmatism to the extreme.


>She had more helpers, of course. My first mission was to rebuild the covert forces. She wanted the darkest power of the MOTHs for her own. If this is the case then MEI is probably the reason the MOTHS pose a threat to civilization


Yeah, as I wrote that I was remembering other things about it and when I reviewed some of the material, I was like "oh yeah that's why I had a feeling this would be the case", lol I imagine there'd still be a human civilization, but a world shaped by Dr. MEI would be very different from the world that existed before. ​ Edit: This actually reminds me of a book I read quite a long while ago, Architect of Aeons. It's just one part of a larger series and I don't think I read any of the prior books (hence why I was rather confused by it x-x) but the gist of it is that there are two powerful and immortal people who are rivals, but end up sorta aligning with each other for some reason. In that series, a ton of very extreme sci-fi concepts are explored like genetic engineering on a planetary scale and converting entire moons and gas planets into computing systems. Basically, those two immortal humans end up spending centuries (or even millennia) redesigning the human race in different ways, quite literally "playing god" with mankind. In a sense, I get that vibe from Dr. MEI. If Honkai were defeated and nothing else threatened mankind, then I think Dr. MEI would be the type of person that would head in that sort of direction, directing the world as they saw fit, making only "logical" choices in order to do what they think is best.


Su because he's funny


His bitchslap in the pvz event is hilarious


I love summer Su. He's so goofy under his calm and collected demeanor 😭😭😭


Hearing him say *"I'm really struggling inside"* in his perfectly calm, meditative voice is still one of my favorite moments in this whole event, it was perfectly unexpected lmao


I love how drama he is on his vacation 😭😭😭 note on his "struggling inside" and how sad he was when Hua need to punch his palm tree. I can't 🤣🤣🤣🤣


I like how most of his first impressions from people are "Oooh... He's calm and cool and collected. Definitely one of those people who we consider as big brain (props to him on juking Kevin into SoQ) and we see him as some sort of reasonable approachable dude we could use for some sort of therapy". Su now: Haha... paciFIST


Yeahhhhh the first time I saw him I thought he'a just generic calm and collected guy. Then I started to built obsession over him thanks to dev's closed eyes jokes and whole summer event 🤣🤣🤣


vill v , chaotic steampunk girl


also her name could *v* viewed as an awesome *genius* pun, and also because she does a bit of trolling


Mobius! Simple reason: she’s cute She was also my first main and carried me ever since I started replaying, so she naturally is my fav


Hua because Fu Hua is my favorite character. >!Also YATTA!<


Mobius. HOT. MAD. SCIENTIST/DOCTOR. I believe that I don’t have to elaborate on this.


Dr Mobius, she asks the real questions, she know the nature of life is constant change, thus she’s concerned with mankind’s evolutionary future. She’s not veiled by cultural preconceptions of what a human is supposed to be, we weren’t always this way, so why freeze in this state?


Pardofelis. I adore her clumsy nature and absolutely love her attire.


Sakura! I like all the Flame-chasers but Sakura has been one of my favorites. She was given crumbs of lore long ago with the manga and especially with Seele's time in the Sea of Quanta where she entered a bubble universe made up of Kevin's memories. The way Seele tagged along with Sakura while looking for Rin was so touching, and it has such a sad ending too... So when I saw that we got more lore with Sakura here in Elysian Realm I was looking forward to it, and the more I learned about her the more I really appreciated her character. The way \[Ch 31 spoiler\] >!she met her end in Elysium Everlasting was tragic but it also felt like the perfect conclusion for her!<, and I hope we get to see more of her in the future in some other bubble universes. In a way she's just another Sakura out of many, but there's something about MANTIS Sakura that sets her apart from the rest for me (though I still appreciate them all, especially Kasumi). ​ I also really like way she fights and how that's brought into the story. I believe she told Mei that she has two blades, one for fighting Honkai and one for fighting humans. This reminds me of [Touhou's Konpaku Youmu](https://static.wikia.nocookie.net/all-worlds-alliance/images/5/5e/De_Youmu.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/514?cb=20180720105637): a half-human, half-phantom being which carries one blade forged by humans to kill humans, and a blade forged by youkai to kill youkai. Youmu and Sakura both wield two blades, and each blade intended to target one half of themself (since Sakura is part-Honkai by being a MANTIS). Her power (Setsuna, or Chànà in Chinese, [刹那 \[ JP \]](https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%88%B9%E9%82%A3#Noun_2) and [剎那 \[ CN \]](https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/%E5%89%8E%E9%82%A3#Noun) ) is also really fascinating to me. I know that it's a classic trope of "super fast sword user" that is all over the place nowadays, but there's something about the meaning it has for Sakura that makes it feel so different. It almost feels like she's devoted her life to that concept of "freezing time" and striking in that moment because of how much she wants to protect her sister from the impending doom of Honkai. ​ I'm actually working on an artwork of Sakura and want to make more in the future, especially because I'd like to work on an AU of sorts with Sakura and Kallen together where we get a sort of blend of both the PE and CE. The relationship would largely be the same as in the CE, but Sakura would have the powers and mindset of MANTIS Sakura and Kallen would unknowingly have the powers of Kevin (since she's descended from him anyways). There's a lot more to that story, but I'd rather show and not tell, so I hope I get more time to work on that someday soon :) ​ Edit: Editing is finished, I accidentally posted this comment half-finished but I've gone back and added everything I wanted to!


剎那 is a phrase that comes from old Chinese and is a poetic word for “moment”, a moment so fleeting that it’s gone the second it comes. I’ve always loved the implications it has and how much it fits Sakura. She’s the kind of person that really “lives in the moment” especially when she’s with her sister, no matter how ugly and harsh the world is these fleeting moments with her sister is what keeps her fighting for what she thinks is beautiful in the world. I’m looking forward to seeing your artwork!! And I’m glad you seem to like this post, I love seeing your discussions with other people in this thread hahaha


Mine is Mobius. I love the PV where she wear the lab coat. I down bad for any intelligent female characters that wear that. Plus the the stigmata with Mobius previous design make me horny as hell


Eden, mobius and kalpas. First i fell in love with mobius. I stsrted the game around the time she came out and my friend made me pull for her. I like her story brcause it has a lot of depth. Also iam a biology rat so its nice to find a... "Relatable" character? Tbf I think im just a simp in need of authority lmao Eden is someone i really like the story of. It doesnt have a lot of depth, its simple amd tragic. Cant help but relate to her about feeling like not belonging in this world, everything being burned in front of your eyes. Its amazing how the only reason she stayed alive was because of ely. If they arent the perfect couple, I dont know who is. Kalpas is just a fun character. Thats it. I hated him from the start, but I grew to like him. Cant stop thinking about that ass tho From gameplay perspective its felis, shes always fun to play


i like mobius because she's smol and sassy, but is also a genius who, despite coming off as a sinister schemer and such, is absolutely ethical, despite being generally amoral. she's also a sweetheart about klein, and a little bit of a tsundere. in terms of philosophy, she's one of the only people in the flame chasers to ask any real questions about the nature of humanity at the time that it fights/defeats the honkai.


Kalpas. I like mentally ill angry bois I like his design and I love his backstory. Also love how he still has a very kind human side despite being driven to madness over time


It's probably very obvious. I like him cause 1. Angry anime characters have always been attractive to me(in more ways than one iykyk /hj). See my previous fav being Ghiaccio from JJBA lol 2. He's a genuinely funny and interesting character. Not just his story, but also the slight himbofication going on(almost started counting on his toes...) which is just 😘👌 *chef's kiss*, but also just that his entire character isn't "too angry to do anything" but rather "pissed at a lot of things but does in fact think rationally" (see: not attacking Mei until actually properly provoked by her, and even then telling her to meet him *in* ER and not just duking it out there in the courtyard. C) surprisingly the *smallest* reason, has a fat ass(he just like me fr) D) Story. Interesting in that we don't actually know where he's from, only that he fell from the sky and is most likely an alien or something. The mystery around why he wears the mask in the first place, how he came to work at the same place as Aponia after the whole "cure for Honkai in his blood" thing. Also wanna know how he actually ended up in that village, and why he willingly let them do that... I just wanna know more about this guy who just wants a home :( On another note: cool ass design with a sick ass mask. Not a want but a need. >!I'd smash.!<


Yess! I feel like not a lot of people catch these smaller details about kalpass. He’s much more aware of himself than you think. Another interaction with him that I remember was when he was feeling moody (as he always does) and mei approached him to ask questions. He first asks her to go ask sakura instead, and when Mei insists on him answering he still just tells her directly to get out because he’s not feeling it and doesn’t want to kill her in the lobby, and finally tells her to “leave me alone for now” calmly. With someone as brash and angry as kalpas you’d think he’d just explode and incinerate mei right then and there, but he actually gives her 3 chances to do so


Also the phrase he learned from Aponia... "get lost." And the little "get lost.. please." Convo where Ely tells him to be nice.... honestly any content with him makes me happy, its just so nice they took the time to give him proper character orz Best character frfr thank you for also understanding him good


I’m a sucker for non-human characters seeing the best and worst in humanity, and still deciding they’re worth saving. Elysia hits a lot of sweet spots for me, character wise and design wise. Mobius is the coolest though 🐍


Tie between Vill V, Elysia, and Aponia. Vill V because of how fascinating, diverse, and intricate of a character she is. Shes very unexpected, fun, and surprising. Aponia because shes deep down a very loving character who just wanted to help humanity, and her calm, motherly character is very touching and soothing to me (I need her as a therapist ;-;). Elysia also because of her loving, caring, and reassuring character, along with being so beautiful. I still cant listen to TruE without starting to cry, let alone watch Because of You. Shes such a wonderful friend (and girlfriend lol) and her love for the FCs was so touching to me. Bonus points for Hua because of Senti XD


Hua, because I’ve always been a fan of her story and the many “Fu Hua’s” that have existed across time. I loved learning about the Celestial, about Jingwei- the Phoenix, then coming to meet the young Flame Chaser Hua, I just learned to love her so much more. The other, is Sakura. I love her character, her design, her playstyle, everything. It’s such a shame we don’t really get more of her even though her story has concluded- I can’t get enough of seeing her. And Eden- who doesn’t love a simple yet tragic story! Her design captivated me- and her story made me feel for her even more. Out of the thirteen, these three are my all-time favorites.


Kevin kasalana because he has my favourite trope of the "fallen hero".


My absolute favorite Flame-Chaser is definitely Pardofelis. She’s this mischievous, silly, cunning, lucky, and quite charming merchant/thief, but also at the same time; She’s this girl who deeply values her friends, and is even willing to sacrifice herself if it meant saving many others in the process. Arriving at the moon in order to battle the Final Herrscher alongside her companions was EXTREMELY brave of her - considering the fact that she had no prior knowledge regarding combat, only being used as a spy/scout for her stealthiness. I mean, Pardo isn’t even supposed to be a MANTIS in the first place. She just sneaked in and accidentally found herself in Mobius’ lab then somehow survived the surgery because of her immense luck. She’s even ranked as the lowest Flame-Chaser. iirc, she’s also this Robin Hood in Sundown Alley, and if that doesn’t scream “hero”; I don’t know what will. She also lived alone for most of her life, and fended for herself - sneaking into hotels to take showers, and basking under the sun alongside her other cat companions. Sim Pardo was even willing to sacrifice the dream that the Herrscher of Corruption had given to her if it meant saving Mei, eliminating the Herrscher, and proving herself to Elysia. Not to mention that she was willing to sacrifice herself, AGAIN, to keep the portal open so that Kevin’s attack would affect the Herrscher of Corruption - willing to be burned alive for the greater good, and to prevent the Herrscher of Corruption from causing any more harm in the real world. She dreamt of a better and carefree life, but when she finally had received that life; She gave it up to save others - That’s a true hero, and friend.


Pardo's ending in Chapter 31 seriously struck me as one of the most emotional moments in this game, perhaps even top 5 and rivaling the likes of Final Lesson and Lament of the Fallen. Not only was Pardo willing to sacrifice herself, but it's the fact that she found so incredibly hard against it and was in great (emotional) pain the entire time. She had every right to be frustrated at life and at herself and she was, she didn't try and mask it behind a cool attitude or stoic face. She broke apart and still found the strength to go on, and to see that happen was absolutely heart-breaking to me.


Griseo because shes cute


Mobius, mainly because she's so goddamn cute. I like how on the outside she is this scary mad scientist who acts like she hates everyone but deep down she still cares about her comrades as if they are an important piece of her life. You could see this when Klein sacrificed herself, Mobius really felt that and was hurt by it. It was also pretty interesting learning about her past as a human doctor. Sakura close 2nd. Just because she's Yae


Griseo. Simpy because of design.


Elysia, no question. >!She’s fully genuine in everything she says and does, not once does she lie or talk bad about anyone. She truly loves everyone and everything.!<


Kalpas because i laugh when he laughs. No joke. Vill-V because the sexy steampunk aesthetic


Kalpas, man cant catch a break, he only wanted so little


Damn, this is an extremely hard question I'd say Pardofelis for mainly 2 reasons 1- She funy 2- She has a cat, which I like a lot since I like cats (I have like 5 cats or something idk) Also, it's unbearably funny to me how Pardofelis is the weakest flamechaser to the point where she could possibly lose a 1v1 fight against a normal person while in game she's insanely strong, being a great character to play in the Elysian Realm, the winner of the flamechaser tournament event thing, honestly quite strong in the dice event thing and she's the sunflower on the PvZ event. It's just way too funny that she's one of the weakest characters lore-wise but she's one of the strongest in some events and quite strong in gameplay which is part of why I like her a lot


In a 3-week study, women with type 2 diabetes who ate 1 ounce (30 grams) of sunflower seeds daily as part of a balanced diet experienced a 5% drop in systolic blood pressure (the top number of a reading).


Participants also noted a 9% and 12% decrease in “bad” LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, respectively.


This... Is actually an extremely hard question for me. I'll mention my top 3 (in no particular order) instead! - Griseo: She gives me the feel of a sibling I'll never have, the lost-in-her-world type that just makes me want to drop everything and protect this child. Her relationship with Kosma makes me cry everytime, especially when >!Kosma is sacrificed to the painting and Griseo decides to join him because she didn't want to leave Kosma alone!< - Su: Proves doctors are dangerous. At first it was the aesthetic, I'm a sucker for grey/white-heads in general, and green happens to be my favorite color. Then, the dynamics he has with everyone, basically being everyone's free therapist warms my heart. THEN I read into a bit more of his lore, and found that he's basically last seen with this world's god, who wouldn't find that badass? Finally, the summer event, with Su "I'm really suffering inside" slapping people with his fancy tea and protecting everyone behind him. We were robbed of a dice-throwing Su. That's all. - Mobius: HER TRAILER. It started here. She is SO sadistic and yet, her soft spots for characters like Griseo and ESPECIALLY Klein get me feeling for her. I love how her supposed sadism stems from her questioning the limits of humanity more than anything else, willing to push humanity further even if it means- turning into a child. Give me labcoat Mobius skin pls.


Mobius, the more you learn about her you learn the more that she's super tsun with her feelings. Beneath the facade of being an inhuman snake monster is also a pretty nerdy lady who loves to dress cute, dance, drink, eat cup noodles and someone who cares about the people who care about her even if they can't fully understand her world.


Kevin because ramen


Mobius as she carries me so hard in ER for the whole year.


Hard to choose between Pardo, Vill V, Elysia. Originally it was Elysia, but then I didn't get her and didn't know she was farmable (I just joined when her patch came out), so I quit. Then came when SpA was shown to be free, then Pardo's trailer came out. She sold me with how fun she looked. Her outfit, Can, and her being a new weapon made it seem so refreshing. She was my first 4/4 too, so bonus points. That, and she's pretty powerful as a unit (my fire team is basically getting by thanks to her). Vill V is the most unique out of the cast. With 8 personalities, a steam punk aesthetic, and all about machinery, she has captured my attention. Her gameplay is alright (fix her weapon mode please), but her lore and her arc was amazing. Conflicted because of Pardo, but ER exist. Elysia is Elysia. The girl who united the Flamechasers, the one who truly saw the good in people, the one who changed many hearts. She is truly a special person. Gameplay wise, she's simple and effective. I haven't gotten her to 4/4 (only weapon), but she is pretty fun to play in content that allows me to get away with it.


I can't pick just one. As the stories have progressed and we learned more about each one, they gained depth and grew as characters.


That's a tough question, I like a lot of the characters... 1) I love Mobius almost from top to bottom. A lot of her story is, to me, about Moral Relativism. What constitutes a human to her is completely different than what we might think. It's easy to judge her by our own standards, but she really was helping humanity in her own way. I wouldn't go so far as to call her a "good" person, but certainly someone who was willing to push the limits of morality to get rid of a common enemy. Aside from that, I absolutely LOVED her personality and voice acting. A lot of people probably can't hear it since the writing doesn't reflect it quite well, but Mobius loves to play the "innocent little girl/sister" card to try and get what she wants, something she admittedly learned from Ely. But, many times she converses with Mei, her voice actress will switch from a sweet-sounding little girl to a devious woman whose web you just got caught in within the same sentence! The voice acting is absolutely astounding and it adds a lot of depth to her and shows how far she's willing to go to get what she wants, shame be damned. I could go on forever about her. ​ 2) I really like Aponia as well. Yes, boobs and T H I G H S. But, she (and by extension, most Flame-Chasers) are the epitome of "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". The psychology of a loving woman in a Nunnery who slowly turned into ... well, what we got in game, was painful. To me, it even seems like that's reflected in her face because it looks like her eyes are puffy, almost as if she's always crying (that's just me though). I can't imagine having her powers but never being able to use them in a way deemed "helpful". Just thinking about having to watch people die for so long without being able to help seems like real hell. ​ I love a lot of the Flame-Chasers and I could go on and on about them but I'll leave it at two for now until I finish catching up.


I'd say Hua but that's already because of the extent of lore we know about her but leaving her out, I'd say it's Vill-V. Simply because, I resonate deeply with Vill-V's character. The multiplicity that exists within the entity known as Vill-V. Vill-V formally introduced herself as a con artist. Someone who takes on multiple roles as she sees fit for a job but she's also undeniably talented and intelligent. But deep down she's insecure and does not see the worth of herself. The acceptance during her part was like enlightenment to me. "Creating illusions with truth, and reversing meanings with contradictions. A helix always ends at its beginning." I could say that she has a bit of imposter syndrome and facing the other Vill-Vs was inspiring to me. Every Vill-V is valid. They're as real as the original Vill-V. At the same time with the spider representation, each represents a part of the whole while being whole themselves. Honestly all Flame-Chasers left a deep mark on me and I can write essays about them (when I have the time) but I won't make this too long Overall, despite having the likes of Kiana who represents a part of Sirin as much as HoV, Hua and Senti, Mei and HoT, or Seele and "Seele", Vill-V connects me on a whole different level. I honestly cried during her part in the story because it made me feel validated and as that one Denji meme goes "she's just like me fr"


Eden, shes hot


Vill V. She's rather chaotic with the different personalities but also brilliant. Meanwhile she doesn't flaunt it insufferably like Mobius. Also Steampunk.


Kevin. I like powerful and amoral characters, especially ones who used to be warm and friendly but gradually grew cold and aloof. His CN voice is also incredibly deep and sexy.


It’s been really interesting to see his rise to being a hero/leader and his “downfall” to where is he now. I hope we see him get some kind of redemption before the story is over.


mobius, shes not only my favourite flamechaser but favourite flame character. always loved her personality and complex character. Does not mean i dont like the other flamechasers, the honkai team put so much effort in to the flamechasers and elysian realm/arc. The effort shows, their such beautifully written characters, and will always miss them. On another note my second favourite character is elysia, shes just a fantastic and beautifully well written character. cant get enough of her


Mobius best gameplay


Kalpas. Butt.


elysia for... a lot of reasons. her personality is one of my favorite types for female characters: confident, playful, teasing, but at the same time kind, gentle, and sweet. i've loved her from the moment they introduced her, but the elysium everlasting arc made me fall so deeply for her. her interactions with mei make her personality shine in such a variety of ways, especially when she compliments mei but doesn't intend it as a compliment and states it as fact. of course mei is a dazzling, sweet girl, and sweet girls are capable of everything! of course she's happy, how can she not be happy when mei is there? she's so upbeat and cares so much about every tiny life on their planet, to the point of trying to understand the herrscher of corruption's motivations. to me, she's the one who truly encompasses honkai's "fight for all that's beautiful in the world."


Griseo, nuff said.


Favorite female flame chaser has to be Mobius and favorite male flame chaser is Kalpas


Vill-v. I just think she is really well-written and I love steampunk stuff..


Kevin, literally because of his strength. Maybe Elysia cuz she is the second strongest. Mobious grew on me recently.


Besides Elysia (who is my favorite and well yae and fu hua given them being in main story) either Kevin or Vill V


> write an essay or anything Elysia. Boobs.


ellie, eden, su and kosma are my top 4


Pardo because she's chill


Vill-V. I just love everything about her, and I'm weak for the steampunk aesthetic. Also I hate how everyone underplays her intelligence.


Elysia and sakura because pink 😂


I like pardofelis cuz she's funny and hot smash


Aponia, I love her design. And I don't refer only to her huge tits, I think the butterfly/nun aesthetic is amazing.


eden and vill v, eden's elegance and way of acting and talking is something unique to me and vill v is vill v, there's nothing to say


Griseo is scrunkly Serious awnser its vill-v bc i love her character and themes, and she’s such an interesting character with a fantastic backstory, not to mention her charming personality :D


Honestly if i thought real hard it's definitely Elysia. Personally i hate humanity from the bottom of my heart. She is someone born to destroy them, but through her journey to see the world she was exposed to both the beauty and ugliness of humanity and STILL decided to love and protect them. I admire her for that.


For gameplay: Eden she’s just fun to play as Lore: A tie between Elysia and everyone from Sundown Ally Personality: A tie between Pardo and Elysia


Vill V, for her design and and I always like mechanic theme and magic theme and she has both.


Call me crazy but im fine around Vill-V and not for her looks. Even with or without multiple personalities i believe shes such a fun character and her ideas are way too way. You'll have fun with her and you cab enjoy lazy time with her. 10/10


If having 2 favourites is fine then my favorites are eden and my elysia, and the reason why i love them so much is their dynamic together and how both of them enchanted me with their beauty, i also love how eden nicknamed elysia "ellie" it's so adorable


I will commit unspeakable crimes for Griseo. Why? ***Are you telling me you wouldn’t?*** You foul creature. Other than that, look at her your honour, need I truly say more? (Also paint. She’s so talented. And cute. And just all around pleasant. I will pay someone else to fight you over this fact.)


Me cause i like to chase fire dmg team.


Vill-V. I lovecher steampunk attire, her many personas, and she dropped at very early pity, so she has been my DPS character. I love her a lot


Pardofelis. I relate to her desire for simple normalcy, and to her affinity for shiny things! I love cats, and Pardo is very sweet. I also love Kalpas because he is an intriguing character with a cool design


Kalpas or SAKURA Kalpass is just funny to me, but also has a saddening backstory with the death of a whole village he couldn't protect, the meteor, the sanatorium... Man deserves far happier life than what he got. His design is also cool ~~especially the godly ass~~. I actually want to know more about him and see more of him. SAKURA has been a tragic character for a long time, in ER she was mostly silent and everyone was protecting her from the truth of her sister. SPOILERS: >! When she reveals she knew and that she feels a lot of hatred and disappointment at herself for not being good enough of an older sister in her eyes, it was heartbreaking. It even got Elysia to emote in a sad way (finally, one of the moments I actually enjoy Elysia, she shows she has other emotions). !< Plus her design is just amazing in my opinion.


Mobius. Period Her character design is super unique in my eyes, and her model is gorgeous too. Her hair is curly like mine. I love her play style and all of the effects in it too. The sounds are so satisfying, the animations so clean and fun and POW! Her lore is also great too. I don’t follow lore too much but I do know about Klein and her assistants . I think it’s tragic how she lost herself from a young woman with a future to a person who’s a lil’ insane sometimes. Her voicelines in JP dub are just chef’s kiss. I started playing around when she was first released and she introduced me into the game. I love that she’s actually a meta unit, and comfy to play. She carried me through the early game and I got her gear to keep myself afloat. I don’t even play every week, but she keeps me playing in the long run. And her personality is so awesome too. I love how tough, brutal, calculating, and logical she is. She’s done bad things and she is responsible for a lot of things that did bad for the world. But even the same, she has a soft side for those she’s close to. Example: Klein. I also really appreciate that she isn’t one of the flame-chasers who gets along with everyone. People resent her, and she’s a bit of an outcast. She has two sides to her, and nobody really sees the diligent, dedicated side.


I love all thirteen of them so much, but Elysia is my favorite, partly because she debuted not long after I started playing, so she kinda felt emblematic of me, as a new player. Mainly though it can be summed up with her belief that, “tragedy isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of hope.” It’s because I find the way she lived and looked at the world to be beautiful and inspiring. To me, she’s a person who’s smiling all the time, not because she doesn’t feel sadness (she clearly does) instead, she prefers to be happy that she was able to experience everything life as a human has to offer. Her love for everyone and everything, especially the Flame Chasers, is a beautiful thing to see. Elysia is a character that embodies one of the things I love about this game, something that honestly has helped me deal with feelings of cynicism. That is the belief that while this world may not be perfect, and the people in it can be both kind and cruel, but this world is still beautiful, and the people in it are worth loving. I’ll close this out by saying that while I never much cared for the color pink before, I associate it with something truly beautiful




Vill-V and Kalpas Kalpas was already a favorite of mine tbh and then "that" part happened >!where he proves Sakura's Innocence!< Just solidified it more. Vill-V because of her multiple sides on it self is already a favorite concept of mine (despite it being the most common troupe in honkai kek). And her overall personality in tandem with her individual personalities is such a fun character. And...uhhh...Thicc, anyways I like her the most too.