New sauce day! It’s gonna get toasty…

New sauce day! It’s gonna get toasty…


Exhorresco is amazing - vicious heat but great flavour


Stargazer is pretty hot


I actually just picked up stargazer today as well, I'm not sure if my tongue is just fried at this point, but i found the heat to be very underwhelming. I'm hoping after reading your post I just got a low heat bottle or something.


Dang. Yea these things can fluctuate from batch to batch. For reference, I found Stargazer to be a slight notch above garlic reaper in heat.


Exhorresco.. YUM


I decided to crank up the heat with this latest purchase, as my tolerance as notably increased; let’s just say these put the ‘hot’ back in hot sauce for me. Initially I rated these from left to right going up in heat, but I think stargazer and black bison are kind of a toss up: Black Bison: -Heat 7.5/10 -Flavor 8/10 The first thing I get is initial berry tartness and slight flavor, but not too overpowering and sweet. This blends in with the savory heat, kind that comes next real well. It’s really growing on me, I love how the flavor transforms from tart to hot. Stargazer: -Heat 7.5/10 -Flavor 9/10 This is stuff is amazing. An I nstant classic. The most delicious smoked chipotle/ghost flavor with just a hint of that maple sweetness to round it out. Very simple, and very effective. The heat is very typical ghost pepper creeper heat, which I adore. This is gonna be going on everything! Exhorresco: -Heat: 9/10 -Flavor 7/10 Holy smokes, this one is hot. In hindsight I would not have taken a teaspoon full that close to the time I laid down to go to sleep. Solid 10 minute burn through just seems to get stronger and stronger. This is undoubtedly the hottest sauce I have had, followed by Burn After Eating. Oh yea, the flavor… hard to say, really. Obviously, pepper-forward flavor. I didn’t taste much else. I did get a little bit of a bitter flavor, kinda like what biting into a dried chili pepper tastes like. Maybe I didn’t shake it up enough. Ill give it some time, the jury’s still out.