Horror movies you liked, but everybody else hates?

Horror movies you liked, but everybody else hates?


I feel like 'Crimson Peak' got short-shrifted on how beautiful, atmospheric & even firmly Gothic slow-burn it was. Granted, opinions within the horror community may have shifted over the years. Also, 'Mama' was so heart-breakingly lovely, with some very good creepy moments.


I love Crimson Peak, the problem was for sure the marketing. They sold it like a pure horror film, when it’s a romantic-thriller with horror scenes, in my opinion.


It's gothic horror, one of the oldest and most important subgenres of horror.


Crimson Peak is one of very few true Gothic movies to come out in a long time. I love it. Not a good "horror", but amazing at what it tries to do


Yeah, the horror elements are tame by comtemporary standards, but I find it just so fun. But, that's Del Toro for ya!


I loved it, there's like just enough horror to make it fun. But yeah it's not scary at all.


Something I've learned reading & watching so much horror over the years, is that what scares people doesn't so much change as the way it's presented being effective. 'Crimson Peak' felt too glossy, too polished to be scary simply because the lighting was too bright in my opinion. His earlier films were scarier because they thrived in the shadows.


Mama scared the crap out of me when I saw it - the creepiness was definitely effective for me! I didn’t realize other people didn’t like it. The ending wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but I thought the rest of the movie was solid.


A Nightmare on Elm Street 2. I loved how creepy Freddy was. The bus scene and when Freddy takes over Jesse's body.


I loved the killing spree at the pool party. “You’re all my children now!” And it’s Freddy at his scariest. Hardly cracks any sort of jokes and just mean as hell. Great score, too


My favorite part of the pool scene is the idiot kid trying to calm him down by telling him he is safe and no one will hurt him, Freddy acts like he is listening and then proceeds to kill him.


I considered naming that one because I like it, mainly because of the homoerotic themes that the movie explores, but I decided to not named it because it has been able to gain a cult status as one of the gayest horror movies ever made


There’s actually a documentary about Freddy’s Revenge! It came out the other year and it’s called “Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street.” It’s about Mark Patton (Jesse) and how the release of Elm Street 2 affected him seeing as he was a closeted gay actor in what’s now known as “The Gayest Horror Movie of All Time”


Nightmare 2 honestly wasn’t that bad especially when you treat it as the gay allegory it clearly is. It’s so weird that nightmare 3 is regarded as the film that saved the series when it didn’t bring anything especially new to the table except flanderize Freddy into this one liner spewing murder machine. It especially sucks because while you could argue that Freddy always kinda had that personality to him, his humor was always more the sardonic mocking humor of a sociopath relishing his power over other people. With og Freddy, the jokes aren’t for you, they’re for him.


Exactly. All of Freddy's original jokes relate to his powe, I've made this exact same point before myself. Examples including "Please God/ This is God", "I'm your boyfriend now Nancy". These are psychopathic jokes, not funny ones.


Lords of Salem -- I do not care of any of Rob Zombies other films but this one worked for me. I also had a perfect movie theater experience seeing it - a rainy, cold day, totally empty theater to myself. Poltergeist 2 -- it actually scared me as a kid. Preacher Cain walking up to the house in broad daylight effectively horrifying Death Proof -- I realize it's not Taratino's *piece de resistance* but I fkn love that movie and rewatch it often.


I love Death Proof as well and have watched it many times.


Death Proof is my favorite Tarantino movie (now that's a unpopular opinion)


I waited and waited to see The Lords of Salem, not being a big fan of Zombie’s films. Finally watched it recently and thought it was a solid flick.


Agree with Lords of Salem. Not perfect, I don't like his other stuff but he really showed potential with this one and wish he'd skip the gore fests and would try to make those films.


I Know What You Did Last Summer & Urban Legend. I unabashedly adore both


I Still Know What You Did Last Summer is sooo fun.


That chase scene with Brandy sure is up there for me.


YAS it's one of my fav summer horror films


Omg I forgot about Urban Legend. I used to watch that ALLL THE TIME as a kid. I love it.


I don't know if I'd agree that everybody hates them - they're usually looked upon at least somewhat favourably, especially I Know What You Did Last Summer. I think they've aged well and stand as two of the best 90's teen slashers outside of Scream.


Those two movies are hated? I thought they were super box office hits?


In my experience, there is this hate-boner against 90s teen horror in general, but especially the ”Scream clones”. The box office success only plays into it.


For me it's Friday the 13th Part V. It has it's flaws, many of them really but damn if I don't love the movie. I don't consider it the best in the franchise, I wouldnt even put it in my top 3 for the franchise but it's the one I've watched most. Whenever I want to watch a bit of Friday I usually watch 4-6, with 5 giving me the most entertainment. "It's not Jason blah blah blah", it's still a good and entertaining slasher from the golden era.


I agree 100%. 5 is the one I have the most time with. My dad and I always watched it on USA Up All Night.


>USA Up All Night. Crazy thing is... I haven't seen this show in (obviously) decades... But I instantly heard that line in the Rhonda Shear voice, when I read it. USA *Up* All Night... 🤣


You're awesome.Everyone remembers Gilbert Gottfried from USA up All Night but no one ever remembers Rhonda Shear,until now.


As someone who was just about to slide into puberty when I discovered that show, I couldn't possibly forget her. lol Seriously though, she was great. Don't get me wrong, I liked Gottfried. But when I think of Up All Night, she's the first thing I think of.


Part V has a lot of really entertaining characters especially that couple who sings to each other while the guy is pooping


Dagon. The acting isn't great and you can see it's age but it's still a pretty faithful adaptation of Lovecraft.


I really enjoyed it because it was clearly a big inspiration for Resident Evil 4, and the line "fuck Dagon!" is perfect, and is the kind of thing more characters in horror films should say.


Definitely the best film in these comments.


I really liked [The Visit](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3567288/) (2015), but people seem pretty negative about it from what I've read. I thought the child actors were really good, but their performances seem to be a sticking point in the reviewers' criticisms of the film. They're kids, playing kids, behaving like kids, but people criticise them for that 🤷‍ Even if you don't enjoy the kids' performances, the film has some really cool moments in it. It's definitely worth watching!


My problem with The Visit aren't so much the kids but the unbelievable set up for the story. You don't see your parents for ages but still send your kids up to them? Naaah.


For me personally the twist was instantly obvious the moment the mother didn't see her parents.


Exactly. The whole idea is just bonkers and feels absolutely forced. They should've made the mother being killed or lost or something so the kids would've had to stay with those oldies. But the way it is is just... stupid.


**Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2.** I really enjoyed it. It was surreal, played well off the first one, still managed to do meta decently, and it had a lot of really interesting ideas. I don't think it's as bad as people act like it is.


The Village. Fright Night remake.


I remember HATING The Village when I first saw it, I was so excited to see a big finale with those creepy monsters. That pilgrim type of setting is just so awesome for horror and I felt cheated by the ending. I've come around on it and after knowing the twist, everything beforehand is just so much better.


People hate the Fright Night remake? That cast is so absurdly fun!


I think the original has somewhat of a following. I’ve seen a lot of posts/comments over the years about how the remake ruined it.


>...the remake ruined it. People get too weird about remakes. As a huge fan of the original, I thought the remake was a decent movie. Mind you, I also think the original is *way* better in a lot of ways... But it's not like the existence of a remake detracts from that in any way... lol


I really loved the Village and it has some scenes that creeped me the hell out, and I'm not exactly prone to being easily scared.


Texas chainsaw massacre 2 and that first silent hill movie


I enjoyed the first silent hill movie. that second one hurt tho


That 2nd one is terrible


TCM2 is the best!


Its so good, i also fucking love halloween 4, that mask is like some wayans brother scary movie shit


Halloween 4 and 5 are my JAM. Every year i kick off and end halloween movie season with those two


I love watching all of them, i love watching that crazy Ass cut of halloween 6, i wish that person who redid lukes mandalorian scene would edit a bad ass mask on him for that trilogy


really surprises me that people don't like tcm2, I think it's great


Its seriously so good, i wasn’t born yet when that came out but i could understand why my parents generation were bummed about it but i watched it when i was 8, i was born in 88 and i loved it


TCM2 is honestly the best form of stupid fun! "Lick my plate, you dog dick!"


Damn people don’t like the original It. That movie scared the shit out of me. I’ve had the VHS since I was a kid. They nail the dreamy town feeling so well.


I can't stand when people hate on the original IT. I prefer the original to the remake.


The clown design was more iconic. I think the new pennywise looks a little too much like a baby.


No one will ever beat Tim Curry, he was just so iconic.


House on Haunted Hill (1999) & Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Dream Master is my favorite one in the series 🤷🏾‍♀️


I like the HOAHH 1999 too. It’s got a lot of creepy scenes and props.


This first half of house on haunted hill was scary af. The second half was just bad 90s cgi


I watch House on Haunted Hill at least once a year! It's so much fun + it gets creepy enough where certain scenes have stuck with me over the years. And I love the dynamic between Geoffrey Rush & Famke Janssen, simply delightful.


The Faculty. I was surprised by how much I like it.


I love this one!!


I got the vhs for Christmas and I still love this movie. No shame in this one.


Who doesn't like this movie? Its a lot of fun.


The faculty is perfect




Halloween III. Tom Atkins is the best.


The Village by M. Night Shyamalan


I don’t know why but I really enjoy watching this film. I think it’s because I find their village utopia believable in the sense that society really is a scab that you just want to get away from.


*The Thing* prequel. When you look into the making of it, you can really see the love and respect for Carpenter's original and the effort that went into making a respectable companion movie. Unfortunately, it got shafted by the studio.


I'm a huge fan of the '82 movie but still enjoyed the 2011 one, though not nearly as much. It is a real shame they didn't use those practical effects though.


The Wrong Turn sequels. I just like the gore. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Big fan as well


Grave encounters!


Ghost Shop and 13 Ghosts


Seriously. We all know the opening to ghost ship is excellent. But the rest of the movie is silly and still fun. I really liked it. 13 ghosts fuckin rules.


I genuinely love ghost ship lol Emily Browning is great in it and the final flashback scene at the end is sick.


I think 13 ghosts works so well for me just for the lore. It's so tight


Been praying to George A. Romero that Shutter makes a series exploring all 12 of the other ghosts origin stories! 🤞🏻🤞🏻


>13 Ghosts As someone who only recently watched that for the first time... There's something in the premise that's fairly "cheesy" and very "Hollywood," which is apparent from the opening scene... But it's a very interesting and unique concept, and it was executed almost flawlessly. The end result being a really fun movie that unfolds at a good pace. Not the scariest movie by a long shot, but I think it's a really solid horror movie. And as a bonus, there's some A+ ghost tits... 😂


I thought that the Woman in Black was actually scary, not just with jump scares but the lighting and some of the ways the characters changed after hearing about her. I didn't enjoy the sequel though, it was too dark to see anything imo.


I thought The Woman in Black was great. Funny story: The theater was completely quiet during the scene when Arthur is trying to get that one door open but can’t. He goes across that hall thing and turns around and the door is open. A dude behind us broke the silence with a “Oh Hell NAW!” Some people gasped, but that dude made me laugh.


This movie scared the shit out of me in theaters in 2012, I loved all of it


Alien Resurrection. I know it's really stupid, but I find it to be entertaining and kinda hilarious.


Maximum Overdrive.


I’m a fan of The Village, The Happening, and Lady in the Water. And as mentioned already I love the original made for tv “It”.


I actually prefer the made for tv version of IT. ( Don't kill me)


The music in the TV version from 90s is deeply haunting. It's perfect "small town with dark secrets" music.


I love The Happening


I saw The Happening in theaters with my friends and afterwards said that I really liked it before anyone else spoke. They make fun of me about it to this day.


Pet Sematary 2019


Have you read the book? I loved the book and was soooo hyped for the movie, and then massively let down. I *hate* when movies change big key storylines from the original book. I also thought how they tried to incorporate the wife’s back story with her sister was poorly done and not at all cohesive with the rest of the movie.


My main problem with the Friday the 13th remake was the RIDICULOUSLY long sex scene with the blonde chick riding the jock dude. Like I get it, horror movies and sex scenes are married to each other but my god was that scene just dragged out forever it felt like lol.


Nah her nipple placement was stupendous!


🤣 fair enough


I watched Friday the 13th yesterday and forgot how long the sex scene was! It really does keep going and for no reason whatsoever.


Hostel (the first one) I understand why a lot of people didn’t like it, but I think it was a brilliant idea for a horror movie grounded in reality. It could’ve been better, for sure, but it’s far from the typical horror schlock it was made out to be.


People don't like it? I think it's great lol.


Crimson peak. I know it's not the greatest, but i actually really enjoy it.


Piranha (1978). I understand that its not a great film but I have a major soft spot for it.


Cat's Eye


People hate this movie? I love this movie.


I get one of two reactions, either people don't know what it is or I get shit for liking it.


Does Sinister count? I have met a lot of people who don’t like it. Maybe it is because I watched it alone in a theater during a storm, but I checked my backseat for Baghoul the whole way home.


IT chapter 2, I actually enjoyed the humor unlike most


The Haunting (1999), I won't deny that it's probably nostalgia talking but the set is gorgeous and I love Zeta-Jones. Also Queen of the Damned as long as you forget it's technically a sequel to Interview with a Vampire. The music is fucking rad and Aaliyah is beautiful. I've watched it way too many times I refuse to call it bad lol


LOL, this thread is mostly just people listing beloved movies that aren't *quite* as popular as the most popular movies.


Almost every movie mentioned is a highly regarded movie in this sub.


As Above So Below. I don't know what Dreadit thinks about it but the critics destroyed this movie and yet, I enjoyed it quite a bit!


People seem to like it around here. I see it mentioned a lot. I liked it. Not spectacular but interesting and original, and I typically don’t love FF. 7/10.


Yeah, it's one of this subs "hidden gems" that gets "uncovered" a few times a month


This is literally one of my favorite movies, period! I'm an archaeologist and I just find it fascinating, great atmosphere, awesome allusions and everything.


My number one favorite horror movie, I think I’ve seen this one more than any other movie except Forrest Gump. This is my first horror suggestion to anyone, my comfort movie. I don’t know why, I just have a huge soft spot for it, probably because I’m a massive archaeology and alchemy fan. Always wanted to be an archaeologist but decided to do something that made me money instead


Doubt everyone hates this movie, 6.2 with 82k reviews on IMDB, that's very decent for horror. I absolutely love it. Always find someone that hasn't seen it and im thrilled to rewatch!


Valentine Slasher films have lost its steam when this was released and people didn’t give this a chance. I think Valentine is a pretty decent film of its kind and most of the kill scenes are suspenseful and well thought out.


I'm with you on the childs play remake. It doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. I mean, I prefer the original, but it was a decent film overall. As far as slept on movies, I really enjoyed The Lords of Salem. It's one I dont see talked about on this sub. The first film that really messed with my young brain. I also unironically like Jason X and Jennifer's Body, two that were panned on release - but seemed to have grown a cult following.


I liked the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. The original first 2 Nightmare on Elm Streets are great, after that they get a bit too silly for my taste. I really liked going back to a genuinely evil sinister Freddy


I like found footage movies. Even the really low budget ones. A lot of horror fans seem to have an issue with this. Also so many people on Facebook horror groups I'm a member of absolutely hate Rob Zombie. I think his movies, while not the most original of course, are fun and entertaining and that's what makes a horror movie for me personally.


Yes! Found footage movies are my shit. All of them! And Rob Zombie reigns supreme in my house.


Have you seen Bad Ben?


Not exactly horror, but I love Constantine.


I love everything Constantine, Midnight is my favorite character from it.


Bones (2001) Stay Alive (2006)


Slay Alive is awesome 🔥


*Bones* should have been a franchise with a bunch of goofy sequels. Such a fun movie!


Sadly we got stuck with Killjoy instead.


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)


Freddy vs Jason. I know it has its fans but some seem to really hate it, but it really isn’t supposed to be anything more than what it is, if that makes sense


Freddy vs. Jason is so much fun. One of my favorites.


Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows. And apparently the original IT doesn’t get a lot of love but IMO it’s light years better than the corny remakes. Sorry I said it!


I dig it because it has the dude from Burn Notice playing a burnout. It’s fantastic!


If you like Jeffrey Donovan, the MC in 'Burn Notice', you should maybe track down the TV series 'Touching Evil', the US version. It only had a few episodes, maybe one season, but I really liked where it was going, and he was really good in it.


The IT remakes are akin to The Mummy imo. Taking horror topics but really more of an action/adventure film. The original IT has a creepy ass vibe. That combination of 90s TV budget and Tim Curry just hits.


I’m glad somebody said it! BWP2 is so misunderstood. 🤦🏻‍♂️


I completely agree about IT. I prefer the original.


Buffy (1992) lol


I liked the fear street movies. I know they were made to introduce a younger generation to horror movies but they were still alright


Same, super enjoyable and I’m sure that I’ll rewatch them again. My only bug bear was that the first 10 minutes or so of the first one felt like they were trying to cram every well known 90s song in as much as possible. But then it calms down.


The Innkeepers


Innkeepers was tight


Love this movie. So simple yet so creepy


One of my faves.


I've only ever heard people gush over The Innkeepers on this sub. I feel like I'm the only one who hated it.


I feel like thats a pretty popular movie


Velvet Buzzsaw


I think the original One Missed Call is one of the best ghost stories ever written. I don’t know what the popular consensus is, but I put it up right alongside Pulse with my favorite films. Stellar example of a good, haunted allegory


Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 There are two cuts of this movie, the one where Laurie is less of a screaming (understandably so) bitch is better imo. But I absolutely love the terrifying atmosphere of this movie. It's so brutal, well paced, and actually is quite scary. I recommend people who disregarded it to give it another chance and just try to separate it from the main franchise.


It's not quite a horror movie, but most recently I thought Army of the Dead was ridiculous and fun and earnestly stupid in a way that few movies dare to be. Zack Snyder is becoming more aware of his absurdities and seems to keep leaning into them further and frankly I think it's entertaining as hell. There's literally a robot zombie reveal two thirds through the movie, for no reason, in a shot that lasts two seconds and is never once mentioned or explained again. It's so idiotic that I can't help but love it.


This is what I was gonna say. It’s incredibly stupid and frankly that’s exactly how a Zack Snyder zombie heist movie should be, had a lot of fun with it. Dave Bautista is the actor The Rock always tried to be.




People hate Signs? My whole family loves that movie and would watch it a LOT


I hate Signs. Like I earnestly think it's terrible. I say this not to be combative, just to answer your question. You Enjoy it and have a great day.


Get out of here with that nonsense. Now if you said “The Happening…” nah, I love that one too! “Signs” is perfection on film (zero sarcasm)


I have a soft spot for The Happening. I’m not even sure why.






I feel like 'Crimson Peak' got short-shrifted on how beautiful, atmospheric & even firmly Gothic slow-burn it was. Granted, opinions within the horror community may have shifted over the years. Also, 'Mama' was so heart-breakingly lovely, with some very good creepy moments.


All of the Underworld films. Yes, all five.


I’m surprised The Ring and The Grudge don’t get more love on here. I think they are really good! Maybe it’s because I was in middle school when they came out so it was the first two times I was terrified by a horror movie.


The Dead Don't Die!


Not quite a horror movie but Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)


That is horror. What else would it be?


Summer Camp Nightmare. Oh wait, I never hear anyone mention this movie. Don’t know if it’s loved or hated. All I know is I love it


[The Devil Inside](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1560985/) I thought it was scary as hell and had a pretty logical/realistic ending.


Doom 2005, first two Resident Evil


Rob Zombie’s *Halloween II*. I think it’s a film primarily about trauma and how it affects people differently.


As a Halloween movie it's not good. As a stand alone movie that has no ties to the Halloween series... Incredible


Yeah, I came to say this one. There’s definitely some not-great ideas in it, especially the thing with Michael’s mom. But Laurie in therapy, and accidentally finding out she’s Michael’s sister, I thought was a good progression of the character. And the cast does great. Brad Dourif’s scene when he finds his daughter dead is way heavier and more emotional than anything you usually see in a slasher flick. And I love the party scene, just cause it reminds me of some of my favorite parties.


Not sure if it is disliked, the Hell House LLC trilogy is definitely underrated. I find myself watching these a couple times a year. They do suspense and horror in a way that isn’t too common these days.


First one is amazing. Next two are good enough to be worth finishing the series and each have a few solid scenes. First one is by far the best


I just found out recently there's more than just the first one! I'm very looking forward to the two sequels 😁


They’re about on par with the first. They also dive more into the story too. They’re worth the watch


Rob Zombies Halloween. The first one. Not as good as the original. But I do find it enjoyable enough. I also agree with the Childs Play remake.


The Nun. Easily had the creepiest cinematography and atmosphere of the Conjuring universe. The “blood of Christ” stuff was weird but I still enjoyed it.


I hated the Nun vs. the rest of the Conjuring universe, but the "I'm not French, I'm French Canadian," is among my favorite stupid lines in a horror movie ever.


Pet semetary


The new one!?!?


The remake of nightmare on elm street. I really love Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy! He’s very menacing! I’m a fan of having less humour as well. (: The newest film from the grudge series was also very good for an American twist on the stories! In all honesty it was very different than the others and really stands on its own merit.


Trick r' Treat. Nobody talks about that. I always watch it on Halloween.


People love that movie. Myself included. You must not have been here long to think people didn't like it.


It’s on the subreddit’s list of best horror movies lol


Dude that movie is loved, the thing is that it's not very known by general audiences, but it has gained a cult status in the horror community


Halloween 6


It has the best looking Michael besides the original, remake, and reboot. Why is it so hard to get that mask and gait right?


His look is on point. It’s also the scariest Halloween movie IMO


JeruZalem Devil’s Due and the Pond




Thankskilling 3


I thought forever one of my favorites Pet Sematary 2 wasn't well liked but I'm only now finding out it's pretty beloved to other people who were also kids when it came out.


Clancy Brown was so disturbingly good in that movie. Still gives me the heebie jeebies thinking about it.


I Know Who Killed Me starring Linsay Lohan (I even purchased this one 🙈)


There’s a great episode of the How Did This Get Made podcast for this movie. Might be behind a paywall right now though.


Rob zombie versions of Halloween.


Maximum Overdrive!!