Sarah Michelle Gellar in I Know What You Did Last Summer is horror suspense perfection. I’ll die on this hill.


I was going to say the same thing.


Sasha's chase scene in Urban Legend is so much fun. It's suspenseful, well shot, well scored, and follows and breaks the clichés just perfectly. And Tara Reid does all she can to make the scene memorable.


Urban Legend did *not* deserve the criticism it received. Was it by the numbers? In a way. It purposefully imitated Scream, but so did IKWYDLS. It’s still competent enough to stand on its own as a great slasher and even a decent movie in its own right. In contrast to the low budget films of the 80s, Urban Legend was shot in a competent, yet slightly dated way I can only describe as if the cinematographer of Home Alone directed a slasher. It’s charming though, and I’m glad you mentioned the score. I miss the orchestral scores slashers got in the 90s; it made every scene feel important. The gimmick was great, the kills were inventive, the killer was memorable, and the performances were all pretty good. Even if the third act loses some momentum as the ‘urban legend’ premise is dropped, it’s still a really fun movie, and lighthearted despite all the murder. The gas station opening with Brad Dourif is one of my favourite horror moments ever, and his final line was my flair for forever. **”SOMEONE’S IN THE BACK… SEAT!”**


I think people assumed that it was made with cynical intentions on the heels of Scream, but time has allowed everyone to see that it was made by people who *love* slashers, and everything that it does is out of a genuine love and respect for the type of film it's trying to be.


"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (1974) - The scene where Leatherface chases Sally through the woods with his chainsaw is a terrifying and intense sequence.


Yeah. Felt much longer then it was (in a good way). So different from the killer who magically catches up at a walking speed. Leatherface is fuckin MOOVIN’! Not at all graceful like the Mike Myers “glide.” He’s getting caught in the branches and shit. In retrospect pretty unique.


Fun fact, the guy playing Leatherface had to purposefully run into obstacles, because the girl playing Sally couldn’t run fast and he kept catching her. If it was real, she’d have been chainsaw’ed.


Totally intense scene. I went to a showing a couple years back and during that scene a guy dressed as Leatherface came into the theater and stood in the back grunting and swinging a chainsaw around. The ladies behind me flipped out.


High Tension.


Friday the 13th part 3. The Chris Higgins chase at the end with Jason is legendary.


Oh yea this movie is peak 80’s horror for me and I love it. My favorite Friday film.


Definitely this one. Part 2 has a great one as well.


Laurie Strode finally meets Michael in the original Halloween. Everything from the body reveals to her stabbing him with the knitting needle on the sofa is INTENSE. It took me so many rewatches to not have a mini heart attack everytime she's in the kitchen trying to unlock the damn door.


His face coming out of the darkness is so good


Aghhhh also when she's running through the neighborhood screaming for Tommy to let her inside. Her distress feels so real.


Scream 1 & 2. I know what you did last summer. Scream 6 had great chase scenes, just not many of the fast ones. The one with Gale was great.


I was just gonna say how awesome the chase scenes in Scream 6 were. You can't go wrong with the chases in any of the Nightmare on Elm Street films for me


The most memorable one is the one from the first one for me "Tina". The music, the Atmosphere, the Laughing. It was really scary😳


Ice chase from Curtains.




Prom Night (1980) - Wendy's chase scene is probably the best thing about the movie.


Sick (2022) had surprisingly good chase scenes. Jeepers Creepers has a few good ones too.


Oh yeah that one is so good


That very first chase scene, oh my.


You mentioned the og TCM and I genuinely don't think anything beats that final chase. The jumping out the window, up the driveway, and then the sequence with the trucks. I've never seen that topped. I would love to see some examples.


The Hitchhiker coming up and slashing the shit out of Sally was improv. Same when Leatherface grabs his sawed leg (because he really thought the chainsaw had cut him). Everything about that ending including the "dance" is fucking gold. It's a perfect ending.


And then Sally screaming/laughing/crying and drenched in blood and muck just tops it all off so perfectly. What a masterpiece!


Sally straight sliding into madness in one take is so #WatchPeopleDieInside.


Friday the 13th part 2, and phantasm and part two come to mind


I will take any and every opportunity to bring up Paris Hilton's chase scene in House of Wax. It's a great slasher overall, and that chase is one of the best slasher chases I've ever seen. It's suspenseful, the technical aspects are on point. Both characters behave in a way that's very believable for the situation. Hilton's character is smart and resourceful - she even manages to nearly take out the killer and would have succeeded if it hadn't been for something she couldn't have known about. The movie got a lot of shit, largely because Hilton was at the height of her public backlash at the time, but I love it. It really deserves a reevaluation


Scream 4 and 5 had to have been devastating for you in that regard, then. They were for me. The hospital break room scene in 5 was pitiful. The OG beat chase scene in any slasher of any era is ILWYDLS. There are other great ones, but they don’t come close to this one imo.


Literally this was the best one. Super enjoyable, long lasting, and suspenseful. I love it when a character gets a great chase scene like this. I don’t even mind a small body count when the characters are written well, the kills are brutal, and the chase scenes are good.


I Love What You Did Last Summer?


I don’t get it that S1 had full on great chase scenes but 6 didn’t? Sids first chase with ghostface is just her running up the stairs then it’s over Her chase in the house at the end is good though


Club Dread golf cart scene.


the strangers: prey at night and sick (2023) both have plenty of great chases scenes, sick especially is chock-full of them. some people find the characters in the strangers 2 annoying, but if you could look past that it’s an excellent slasher. pretty much takes the 3 villains from the first and puts them in a ‘70s-‘80s style throwback slasher and it’s just glorious lol.


I thought the second Strangers was a great slasher, but a terrible sequel.


The beginning of the first ‘Scary Movie’! Killer: ‘What’s that noise?’ Victim #1: ‘oh, I farted, I’m sorry, I didn’t think you’d hear it.’ Killer: ‘No, not that, what’s that other noise?’ Victim #1: ‘oh! I’m making popcorn.’


Death Race


Scary Movie


Texas Chainsaw Massacre when she’s getting chaises through the woods at night always makes me chuckle. It just goes on and on.


>It just goes on and on. 5 and a half minutes from when she first starts running until she ends up in the gas station. I can't think of an equivalent in horror.


Mute Witness. First half hour is all chase. Also Midnight.


Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood, Maddy Paulson.


Curtains (1983)


Gale in the sound booth maze in Scream 2 will always be my favorite.