Homeschooling 4 Kids: First Day Of School

Homeschooling 4 Kids: First Day Of School


We, too, wear uniforms in our homeschool. They vary day to day and go well from bed to school and back. Fine, they’re pajamas. We wear pajamas in our homeschool. 🤣




You’ve tagged this “unschooling” but the photo looks to be the opposite of unschooling.


This. I am not trying to rag on OP, but this looks exhausting for both mom and kiddos. I think the most important part of homeschooling is to maintain joy in learning, but for me personally, this strict routine would suck the joy out of it for me. Your dedication to education, organization, and drive are very apparent and I commend you for it, but I can also see it leading to burnout for both you and them. Especially once all your children are elementary+ age, you may run into situations when they all need you at once. I’m not a religious homeschooler, but perhaps in the future you might want to look into something like Heart of Dakota or Gather Round that were created so subjects are taught as a family and you can differentiate content up or down as needed. I think your family is the perfect candidate for something like that since your children are so close in age- obviously it wouldn’t work for a high school freshman and a 3rd grader quite as well.


Hmmmm. Something feels off balance in that video.


I remember when I first started homeschooling, I tried to mimic school systems that I had been through in my own personal life. I liked the idea of structure because it was me versus 3 kids at the time. We had clear subjects with clear time limits, I pushed for testing. Within 3 years, I burned out. It is impossible for a mom to replicate brick and mortar school without getting so discouraged you want to quit or getting burned out on how hard that idea is. I put my kids in school for a few years then brought them back home. Now, we do school in our pjs, read on the couch, take days off when we want and try everything to not just “do school at home” but to have homeschool as a way of life. It’s now been 9 years since we started. I pray this mom finds some peace in her homeschool. Not to mimic school in the traditional sense but to encourage play, inspire and bring joy to her house by figuring out what homeschool (not traditional school) looks like for them.


I am a huge fan of having a rhythm (or routine) for the school day- because it helps me and my child know what to expect. It’s especially important for my ADHD-er because he thrives on routine. But I fight tooth and nail against a schedule. There is not set start or end time (unless we have somewhere to be), I don’t insist on getting through x before moving onto y. We try to get through 4 subjects daily, but if a math concept is difficult or a science topic is fun and exciting and we take 2 hours to get through it- then we stop for the day and start again the next. Now if the math concept is too difficult and we find ourselves getting frustrated, we would stop for the day rather than force it- but if my stubborn son insists he wants to get it before we move on- then we keep going. The most important thing is to read your students and your own mood. Once anyone is getting frustrated or cranky, it’s time to throw in the towel, because that is not a mindset that engenders learning.


Looks like you really love being with your kids and homeschooling them. What a lovely family!


Lovely stuff