Coffee trailer - more security needed. Locks.

Coffee trailer - more security needed. Locks.


you intend to immobilize the trailer using that boot? - better be thinking that over as well


sadly these boots are easily defeated, since this is a tandem axle trailer the'll have better luck running a chain through both wheels and locking em together. For single axles chain your wheel to the suspension, if its good security chain it'll do the job.


Hi there, I am about to open up my coffee trailer, which will be kept overnight in a public area. I am trying to figure out the best security options for it. Currently it only has the one lock. My intital thought is to install two door bolts onto the outside. Please let me know what your thoughts//ideas are for the best security. (I will also be installing a security camera facing the door).


The trailer will be parked overnight in a lot where the general public has a right to be. So some burglar can work on the lock and/or trailer immobilizer and people will just assume it's the owner. The general public also ignores car alarms. You need: * insurance that covers you against burglary of contents and theft of the trailer, as well as other mishaps that can run your business. Then you either don't worry about it cuz it's insured, or you get: * a monitored alarm system that notifies the police * locks strong enough to keep people out until the cops show up. (NOT until you show up, why risk getting yourself killed in a confrontation -- just file an insurance claim). This isn't a perfect answer -- maybe the cops are too busy that night to investigate an alarm, maybe the burglar repeatedly triggers the alarm until the cops get tired of responding to "false" alarms, etc. That's why you got insurance. * consider not leaving small and expensive items inside the trailer (e.g. the cash box) * Ask your insurance company about marking items for identification / recovery * park the trailer near CCTV cameras (parking lot cameras, store cameras, ATMs, etc) and/or close to areas with lots of people/witnesses Can you park the trailer such that the doors are blocked from opening, like next to a wall?


How long will it stay in one place? I would be more concerned with someone stealing it wholly. Two puck locks will secure the door. How can you secure the trailer? If it stays in one place long enough, put it on jack stands and take the wheels with you.


Also, for locks, look at YouTube's LockPickingLawyer before you buy to see what's good and what's easy. The harder you make it to steal, the less likely a thief will take the time. Lastly, a GPS tracker is a great idea of it is ever stolen, but a motion-sensing wireless camera might be a better value for you.


I'm looking to secure a trailer as well, and I'm thinking about doing something similar to a garage door lock that extends two steel bars into a rail on each side of the door. Not sure if there's such a product, though.


I like this style [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vNgn-u4q5k](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vNgn-u4q5k)They could be adapted to your trailer I believe. I'd consider talking to a local locksmith, they are usually very knowledgeable. ​ You should absolutely get a tongue lock so it can't be hooked up to. ​ Also check out simplisafe or other self contained security systems with monitoring / cellular connection etc. ​ Last, I'd consider a hidden GPS tracker.


A couple of these ought to help out: [https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Door-Latch/Polar-Hardware/305736.html](https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Door-Latch/Polar-Hardware/305736.html)


This looks like a good start, and maybe as suggested a better wheel clamp and hitch lock. Even better if you are parking it in your drive would be to install a post to secure it too. And then maybe some stickers referring to 'no money left overnight' and 'GPS tracked'.


Will it be parked in an area with Wifi? Would suggest some security cameras inside to notify of movement if someone got inside.


Thanks everyone all has been very helpful. To answer a few questions at once: - We will be installing CCTV to watch the door. - We are going to jack the trailer up, place it on axle stands//stabilisers. - Wheel locks, hitch lock and chain will be used as extra security. - The location is located in a city centre with lots of foot traffic 24/7 (good and bad I guess). Mainly just after tips specifically regarding the door and placing locks on it.