What the soviets doin?


Putting two hundred divisions in Poland and ~15 on Finland. I also naval invaded 40medium spg devisions into the Baltic states.


Dying clearly


Rule 5: I caused 110 million casualties in my Ragnarok run, more than twice the deaths of WW2.


The casualties of ww2 were approximately 70M, That means twice the casualties will be 140M, so you are wrong (yes, Im a smartass)


50M military deaths, 20M civilian. HOI doesn't count civilian deaths. Also, HOi counts casualties, not deaths. A person might loose a fot and thus be out of the fight, however he isn't dead


You could say that they count captured too, because they won't slaughter 2 million men in one pocked, or would they?


>A person might loose a fot and thus be out of the fight, however he isn't dead That's what I imagined "scraping the barrel" being like. Sending the people without any limbs straight back to the front.


Activate the armed (chair) sevices!


Strap an MG on his arm rest and make him a turret!


There's also the Desperate Defence subbranch of the Mobile Warfare doctrine, which has "Non-Discriminatory Conscription" that you can research, showing a picture of a guy in a wheelchair given a gun.


wish they counted civilian deaths 🤤 i mean…


You didnt specified what type of casualties, you just mentioned deaths of WW2, you didnt say military or civilian, and this is my bad too that I didnt specified too, but I was about all the deaths through the whole war


> (yes, Im a smartass) reading a paragraph on wikipedia and then doing (2)(70) in your head isn't really that special imho


Dude can't even read Wikipedia


I can’t tell if I should be impressed that you caused 110 million casualties, or disappointed that you haven’t capped Poland yet.


I capped Poland back in 1940. However, there was 400 allied divisions in poland at the time and they immediately recaptured it


Then I don’t know if I should be impressed you’ve taken less than 3 million casualties or disappointed that it’s 1945 and you aren’t making nukes even though you have the tech for it Edit: I’m impressed about your K/D ratio though, each German soldier is killing 47-48 opponents on average before finally going kaput.


I'm to busy repairing my factories and infrastructure to build anything. It's really hard to stop strat bombing when the enemy has 10000+ fighters in each air zone.


Start the construction repair focus and build some lvl 1 AA in every province you can, it’ll start easing up the pressure somewhat


I am on the repair focus, and I have level 5 as in most provinces, it doesnt help when there are thousands of strat bombers


How could the french have 10M casualties ???


They are on scraping the barrel and completely out of manpower


how do you get a ragnarok game going? i always get pushed eventually.


Really high quality infantry divisions are the way to go. Until 1939 all I produced was inf equipment, arty, support equipment, and motorized. I had around ~200 40 width divisions in the field and I still almost died to a push through Austria. Another tip is to get as many puppets as you can before the main war. The AI will count them as part of your faction and put 150 divisions on them even if you never call them into the war. If you have good enough infantry, like 1,500 soft attack and 2,500 defense, the underequipped divisions of the allies can't survive long enough to wear down your org.I had around 300k casualties until I went on the offensive in the Nordics and they had lost around 45 million men.


Crazy stuff. Btw, what does Ragnarok run mean? Ok, I see it's Germany vs Everyone.


Now this is the war to end all wars


Meanwhile france: if i just stay incredibly still…


Having 400 divisions on the maginot makes it a little difficult to push. I also can't get any air superiority because they have 10000 fighters.


What mod is used for the nazi flag


The only mods I'm using are Ragnarok 1939 and a German focus tree mod I'm forgetting the name of.


Ok thanks


And somehow they still have more to sent to their death


I got this once. I took over the Americas as Colombia (with the coring states button cause there was no way to get enough manpower otherwise). I invaded the old world (mostly United by the allies) from eastern Russia. Once I hit the urals, the rest of the Allies rushed to defend Russia. They launched the most incredible death-charge I’ve ever seen in this game. We were shoved back a bit but managed to stabilize the line while they came in an endless wave. But the end of it, they had 150 million casualties against my 3 or 4 mil. They didn’t even have China in the war.




This is fine


Holy fuck the Soviets got a giant industry, even with being down by over a 3rd of there victory points