Oh boy


Jerseys are on the menu, boys


This org is a fucking joke. Clear house. Dinosaurs never went extinct they just went to work for the Edmonton Oilers


That's an insult to dinosaurs.


4 year old me would be throwing hands rn


I'm 30 and I'm aboot to.


Hit em with the ol cretaceous cross


Give em a jurassic jab to the face


All starts at the top. Katz won’t win a Cup unless he gets rid of his heroes and Nicholson.


Nicholason is the plague that has been here for over a decade as we have replaced every other piece of the org. Someone tell me why’re I aren’t writing articles about him rather than Kosk being bad.


Nicholson has actually been with the Oilers only since the summer of 2014. Can't blame you for the mistake though since it certainly feels longer.


Holy fuck that’s it. Oh my god


Dinosaurs turning into oil? Color me surprised


Can't wait till you hire Babcock.


& Keenan


Can we banish the Oilers front office members to Drumheller?


Hey, a rink full of Edmontosaurus would fair a lot better than the Oilers right now, have some respect


I believe that's a real dinosaur found here hehe. Or was it Albertosaurus?


I mean there have been dozens of dinosaurs found in the area, including both Edmontosaurus and Albertosaurus. Alberto needed something to eat


Year 7 of McDrai y'all Can't make this shit up


It feels like 3 years, max.


It feels like McDrai as we know it has only been around for 4 years. 2017-18 Draisaitl only had 70 points. Still a great player but not the McDrai of today. The following year he had 50 goals and 105 points. Since then they’ve been on another level.


I totally agree, but also, "*only had 70 points*" lol. So many teams would love to have that level of production from a player. Consistent 100+ point seasons is ridiculous.


Yeah only is just on perspective that he’s been a consistent 100 point player since. Id never call almost anyone else a “only 70 point player”


I looked the Predators stats for curiosity's sake. We haven't had anyone over 65 points for the last 10 seasons. Maybe it happened before that, but I figured that I had looked through enough already.


Ya when Drai signed it was a slight overpayment for what he was producing at the time. Only in hindsight is it a gross underpayment.


Sometimes I wonder if Oilers went too overboard with the contracts and didnt realize you actually need more than two players to compete.


I mean their contracts are actually pretty good - it's just they've paid every player around them at least 1-2 million too much


Unfortunately this has played out before in other sports as well. Franchise gets a generational cornerstone and falls victim to "it's ok, we have x" and never really get the true support x needs. This ain't tennis or golf, team sports need depth.


Best example of this is Drew brees HOF qb, arguably ranks near the bottom of the top 10 all time, I think he had 6 playoff wins in his 15+ year career He played on some teams that had historically bad D, and he couldn't carry them anywhere Kinda like mcdavid being stuck with guys like kassian and having keith-ceci as the second pair


Thats a fair point


Darnell Nurse's $9.25M contract hasn't even kicked in yet. He's getting a $3.6M raise for 8 more seasons after this one!


But the McDavid contract sets the cap for the team. If Stamkos/Hedman/Kucherov came into a negotiation and said they wanted $13 mill or they're walking, the team is going to capitulate and the players under them are going to expect to be paid more as a result. McDavid could be paid $10 mill to go along with Draisaitl at $8.5 and you've got some reason cap space to use to overpay people to want to play in Edmonton.


97 and 29’s contracts are not the problem. Full stop.


97 and 29 not scoring in six game is not a problem. Full stop. At some point they are responsible. Witty comebacks at Matheson not withstanding.


I haven't thought of o and a in years lol. Is cumia still alive and dancing the line between pedo or not? Also after so many years of being carried by mcdrai the oilers management needs to build a team around them Tampa just won back to back cups with a 4th line that is better than the oilers 2nd, and a 3rd pair better than the oilers top. That's the standard a mcdavid team should be compared to. They are still 1 and 2 in league scoring iirc. There's literally nothing else they can do


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It’s not that just those two are tilting the team, they also have stinker contracts throughout their team. If the gm managed the rest of the team better their contracts won’t look so glaring.


Sure but imagine if MacKinnon walked into Sakic's office and asked for 13 mill. Sure he could ask for it and probably get it but it hurts the team when you're paying MacKinnon $13 mill while Makar makes $9 mill. It leaves little room for mistakes. Edmonton has almost $6 mill in dead cap space to contend with. Koskinen comes off the books but his entire salary saving is going to the overpayment to Nurse, which they had to do because he's a home grown top pairing defenseman that was willing to stick around. McDavid taking two million less could be the difference between contending and missing the playoffs in the grand scheme.


Players have choices and these days many many decent players of eligible age get some form of NTC and Edmonton is on the majority of those lists between the weather, taxes, media, and just not being a very exciting place to live at NHL salaries. To avoid overpaying for FAs they have to get a LOT better at depth drafting and development than they currently are.


Yet fans are clamoring to give up futures to get trade deadline fodder. A first round pick here, Broberg there. You start eating away at your futures and its over. The McDavid window is overstated, if the guy is leaving he's leaving. They should be drafting for the future, not to fill holes immediately with 18 year olds. Edmonton has had a goaltending problem during McDavid's entire career, he's been in Edmonton since 2015. They have had zero blue chip goaltending prospects during that time. They have drafted five goaltenders since the McDavid draft and only Skinner so far has shown any real promise. So you have two 23 year olds in your pipeline that aren't really lighting the world on fire in the AHL and risk coming to Edmonton to get thrown under the bus by the fans and media. They should have drafted Askarov, Cossa or Wallstedt regardless of how McDavid feels about his future with the team.


There’s no way 2 million is the difference between missing the playoffs and contending when the team is still paying Lucic to play for their rival, Cody Ceci is getting over 3 million a year, or people like koskinen making 4.5


Still paying for Lucic and Neal as well. Keith at 5 million. Kassian at 4 million, nurse isn't even making his insane 9.5 yet either. Ken Holland is a moron of unprecedented proportions.


Ceci making 3 with how he's played this year seems absolutely reasonable


Holland had $30M in cap space this summer and turned the team into this. Not sure what difference you think $2M off McDavids contract would make.


He signed the number one UFA winger and if he would have signed the number one goalie in Grubauer, the goaltending would have been just as bad. You can't build a winning team through free agency.


What really happened was they overreacted to getting McDavid the moment he was drafted and didn’t try to continue with a slow, composed build. There have been so many reactionary moves. In almost every trade they dwindled an asset. As soon as they drafted him, they traded their 16th overall pick to get Griffin Reinhart. That was the moment they started fucking it up. They could have a Barzal or Chabot on this team. Signing Lucic to a massive contract on his decline. Trading Hall for Larsson without any additional pieces coming back. Eberle -> Strome -> Spooner. Being unable to snag any available goalie options over the past 5 years. The recent Holland moves. I know I’m missing a lot, this wasn’t meant to be comprehensive, its just meant to highlight the cavalier attitude towards moves. There seemed to be this idea that you could ice almost any team with McDrai and it would be a winner, so let’s make any moves necessary and not worry about asset management. This whole process has been like watching reverse moneyball in action. And believe me, as a Leafs fan I know all about watching slow motion train wrecks.


Damn Oilers you realize how bad that sounds. A team that's actually built to actually suck. I have no words to react.


Worse than a team whose offseason trade acquisitions included: - Loui Eriksson - Andrew Ladd - Antoine Roussel - Jay Beagle All of whom have been regular roster players. How is it even possible to outlose roster strategy like that?


The fact that 3/4 of these are from one trade is hilarious


When you hit the trade market looking for bad contracts, Jim Benning makes for quite a dance partner.


The fact that that idiot was allowed to sign these 3 guys to long term deals was not hilarious.


At least we don't have to worry about that anymore :)


My brain is having a massive headache trying to comprehend this.


The real brain buster for me is that they're actually even *scoring fewer goals* and *allowing more* than the Arizona Coyotes. Than a team that hit the trade market loudly declaring that it wanted to buy all your worst players, last offseason. It's not just a matter of losing a lot of close games. Since November 25th, they've both scored fewer goals: Arizona Coyotes: **2.72GF/GP** Edmonton Oilers: **2.53GF/GP** And allowed more goals: Edmonton Oilers: **3.88GA/GP** Arizona Coyotes: **3.72GA/GP**




what the fuck


Don't disrespect my boi Loui!


Yotes are trying to tank


We know that. But Edmonton isn’t. Edmonton is out losing to Arizona since November 25th despite that.


Serious or meme?


But their pk is probably next level.


Half those guys are literally memes from being bad lmao


The reason is simple: Arizona's tank commander sucks. Tim Murray would have moved Vejmelka months ago.


They are the opposite Canucks, start hot and turn shit


Thats what happened to me after I ate a pound of wild Wings hottest wings.


It's gotta be psychological in large part at this point. The Oilers roster has significant issues but they shouldn't be *this* bad.


They should just yeet a first for Vejmelka and see what happens. They aren’t doing anything else at this point.


Only if it’s unprotected. Knowing the oilers it will be 1OA


With the first overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft, the Edmonton oilers are proud to select…


If it actually went this badly, they should absolutely trade the 1OA pick. You have McDrai. You need to turn that pick into something that can help you win with those guys now. Not another 18 year old forward when your D is shit and you have no goaltending


You need a replacement for McDavid when he finally asks for a trade request to some quiet hockey market


Quiet hockey market you say….


Someone say quiet market??? McD would slot in nicely as a 2C behind Zegras…


Finally could be as soon as next year as McDrais NMCs kick in.




He's ours hands off.


17 to 18 games played if anyone was wondering if scheduling was a culprit in this happening. (Edmonton has played 17, Arizona 18)


Actually came here curious about the difference I schedules thinking that may be a factor… clearly not


Man, we can’t even win at losing.


Dump Doan and Housley. As long as *any* essence of Jets V 1.0 remains, you're cursed.


I'll let Doan leave when we elect him president in 2040 after we've won 3 cups and not a day sooner.


How many first picks did this team have. Sad.


They should have done what we did. Be fucking awful and finish last in the league, then get fucked by the Draft Lottery and pick #4. Proceed to pick a Defenseman at #4 that ultimately wins the Calder and is the front runner of the Norris. Worked for us.


Note to Oilers: draft Bowen Byram next time


I think #4 was Makar


Byram also went 4th (but with Ottawa's pick from the Duchene trade), in 2019.


Yeah but their comment says front runner for the norris. So i assume theyre talking about makar


Guys, they were making a joke.


At this rate they may have another


Picks zince 2007: 07: 6th, 15th, 21st 08: 22nd 09: 10th 10: 1st 11: 1st, 19th 12: 1st 13: 7th 14: 3rd 15: 1st (best player since Crosby), 16th (traded for Reinhart) 16: 4th 17: 22nd 18: 10th 19: 8th So from 2007-2019 (13 years) they had four 1st overalls, six top 4 picks, and ELEVEN top 10 picks, plus numerous other 1st rounders. That's enough to fill out an entire top 6 fwds, top 4 defense and starting goalie with just top 10 picks alone. Most rebuilds get 3-4 top 10 picks (flames had 3 for reference - 4th, 6th, 6th). Even the Penguins, who had a ton of draft luck, had 4 top picks before building a dynasty. The oilers have had 3 rebuilds worth of top 10 picks, including four 1st overalls and a generational talent, and they STILL can't make a half decent team. Never has a team has so much draft luck as the Oilers. It takes a special level of pure incompetence to fuck the team up as badly as they have.


Stop, stop, they're already dead!


I saved [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/qq5l6q/the_built_from_the_back_out_seattle_kraken_are/) and specifically [this comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/hockey/comments/qq5l6q/the_built_from_the_back_out_seattle_kraken_are/hjy7s7m/) because it was full of smug Edmonton fans after their 9-1-0 start... since that post, the Oilers have gotten 20pts in 26 games, the Kraken have gottne 19 in 27... So I guess they're still technically better?


You know what’s great? Since December 3rd the Oilers have the worst team save percentage in the league. Even the KRAKEN have gotten better goaltending than the Oilers! Also they’re like 30th in GA/GP too!


Early-season takes never tend to age well, but this is just fantastic


> Oilers have gotten 20pts in 26 games, the Kraken have gottne 19 in 27 We all float down here Edmonton!


The man wasn’t wrong! Don’t you look like a fool /s


They always say stuff like that


Well fuck, you know it’s bad when the Coyotes are lapping circles around the Oilers here.


Habs have more win than Oilers in 2022? Despite not playing between Jan1 and 12?




I give this movie 2 thumbs up




Nope seeing him fail and lose every year is honestly one of my favourite parts of hockey. Losers gonna lose




We don't wish you any ill will, we just want to see you suffer at the same time as us. Most fans will agree that our rivalry is at its best when we're both good.


Sorry but as long as McDavid is on the Oilers I want him to fail. If he leaves and wins a cup somewhere else good for him, but as a Flames fan it is in my best interest to see him achieve nothing but failure in Edmonton.


The Yotes are ruining the tank. Montreal is behind them now.


Let’s help them get back on track tomorrow night.


Edmonton was guaranteed 1st overall like the good old days, it explains everything


God damnit the stupid fucking oilers are going to get Shane Wright fuck. Move em to Hartford please


Tin foil hat time, the league forces them to tank and hands them Shane Wright. In exchange, the oilers are forced to trade McDavid under the guise of McDavid "requesting" a trade. Media explosion. Something something grow the game.


McDavid to Coyotes. Bettman's last plan to keep the team in Arizona.




Please stop, I can’t get more erect.


I can ruin it for you. Coyotes get McDavid and Matthews... and then instantly relocate to Houston.


I’m pretty sure it’s called McDonald’s


how does moving help? they've always had a solid fanbase here.


It helps the rest of us




Since Nov. 25, the Edmonton Oilers have less wins than The Island of Misfit Toys.


[Chubbs_Peterson88] The Coyotes have the same amount of wins as the Oilers since Nov. 24 (6).


And to think Arizona has Montreal's first round pick too. They could draft Wright and the guy right after him.


Incorrect. The Habs 1st is Top 10 protected, and should the protection be necessary, Arizona receives Carolina's 1st instead, which the way it's going right now is gonna be a late 20s pick.


Now that's fucking savage.




What year is this, 2014???


Oilers fans in shambles. At least y’all got to see 97 score some nifty goals a few times 🤷🏼‍♂️


Teams that have a worst record than the Coyotes in their last 10 games played: Minnesota, Winnipeg, Chicago, Vegas, Anaheim, San Jose, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Detroit, Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal, Washington, Columbus, Philadelphia, and New Jersey.