When are we going to start talking about Nashville?

When are we going to start talking about Nashville?


If I know anything their top players will come back and they'll regress


Give me back Forsberg and Eeli...everyone else must earn their spot


I was also pretty happy with Fabbro and Carrier


Oh damn you're right! Our IR is so damn big I always forget who's all on it


What happened to Tolvanen?


"lower body"


He stepped on a LEGO


Career ender




Took an arrow to the knee


I honestly have no idea how he got hurt but he's on our IR :(


Our top players are now our depth


The San Jose model


Yakov trenin


Johansen will return to his controller-disconnected phase.


Hmm, we should talk about them. Hey guys!... Nashville.


Hot chicken. The Parthenon. Congestion. The ring sting after hot chicken. EDIT: That RV that blew up that was in the news for a day. EDIT 2: Pedal taverns as the primary mode of mass transit. EDIT 3: Having to postpone your five-hour-drive back home by a day because you ate hot chicken the night before.


some of you - "The Parthenon? Like in Athens?" ​ Yes nerds, in Nashville there's a full-blown replica of the Greek Parthenon ​ [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenon\_(Nashville)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenon_(Nashville)) ​ This is why our NFL club is the Tennessee Titans, in reference to the Greek Titans - with the flaming logo being a reference to Prometheus and one of our mascots being Hyperion, the God of Heavenly Light [https://cdn2.creativecirclemedia.com/heraldcitizen/large/20191124-231233-003\_jags-titans\_MED\_5877.jpg](https://cdn2.creativecirclemedia.com/heraldcitizen/large/20191124-231233-003_jags-titans_MED_5877.jpg)


The Parthenon is also a good place to catch a pick up game of soccer or ultimate frisbee and sometimes a random wedding.


Yep, have been to a wedding in the Parthenon and there’s a huge gold Athena statue in there.


Wow that makes a ton of sense, I had literally no idea lmao


A note on the Parthenon, if you go inside looking for anything to do with ancient Greece, you're going to have a bad time. It's literally a museum about itself being built. Dope gift shop though.


Haven't been since I was a kid, but I remember it being super underwhelming


I've lived in Nashville for 14 years and never once gone inside. It's really cool to look at from the outside though. It's right next to the rink where I play beer league so i drive by it often


Dropping science on 'em!


History, but close enough for a Bostonian


Getting blackout drunk at Santas


Getting blackout drunk at Tootsies


Tootsies is the absolute worst place on earth and is an affront to the city as a whole. Source: Lived in Nashville and worked/played on Broadway for 3 years


Nashville native chiming in to say FUCK TOOTSIE's it's Robert's Western World or GTFO.


Robert’s, Layla’s, Bootleggers Inn (very special to me), and Bourbon St Blues and Boogie are the only places anyone should visit downtown


Nail on the head right here... when they bring those jello shots out at Blues and Boogie and then every balcony view becomes vertigo inducing, dear god, that's truly Nashville.


Sometimes I like Printer's Alley, it's good to feel the thrill of knowing I could be robbed at any second.


Mickeys and Santas were my vibe when I lived there. Couldn't maintain the tootsies vibe 24/7, I would have died.


Grimeys Records. Jacks BBQ, that pancake place with the long wait. Where the Preds play is a great location to all the honky tonks and in-the-rounds, plus Vandy too. I had a great time seeing a game there in the Erat-Fisher-Weber era.


Yo! How’s Smitty?


He's been a surprisingly good addition to the team, been one of the few depth scorers outside of the top line. CRAIG! It's the name of an old mate! It's the deluxe nugget!


Yah know, I like that guy a lot. He’s been putting up points recently, but I’m okay even when he isn’t because he always, ALWAYS tries and finds ways to be effective.


Ol' crazy legs is an effort machine


Crazy Legs, Craig Nog. Glad he’s getting love.


Classic Smith. He'll have some scoring droughts, but he'll usually make a positive impact even when not registering a point.


There is a reason he was formerly nicknamed crazy legs and honey badger


He scored a goal tonight! Greasy one in front of the net


Nice. Well, take care of him. Shirtless tv interviews, musical talent, shots that went just a bit wide and all.


A godsend, we can't thank you enough


Who is he playing with?


He got top line mins for a bit,I think hes on the 2nd. The nashville connection I got of a team is finally paying.


Hall and Krejci


Hall and Krejci now but he was lighting it up next to Marchand and Bergeron


Gah, I miss smitty. He's so consistent and personifies the identity the preds are going for. So glad he's getting some love.


Elvis used to hang out there a lot, you know.


Krystal is so good I would trade White Castle for it any day of the damn week


But y'all got hall....shouldn't we talk about that trainwreck


I’m trying to be optimistic about the Hall thing, but I’m leaning towards the notion that his tenure, however long it may be, will be very disappointing. Time will tell I guess.




Uhhhh it's a total no risk move by them. They lost a 2nd round draft pick and a 4th line, tops 3rd line guy. What's there not to get behind?


It’s really just a 2nd round pick because they got another 3rd/4th liner in that deal, didn’t they? Don’t know much about Lazar.


Pretty much, both of them are basically dime a dozen players. I don't understand how anyone can be against the trade or think it was a bad move. If losing a guy like fucking Anders Bjork torpedoes their chances at winning the Cup.....they weren't gonna win it in the first place.


How? You act like they gave up the sun and moon? What


As a hawks fan, no, I don’t feel like talking about it actually


Should we give Tampa a redo?


McElhinney was in net for both those Tampa losses, and Vasilevskiy shut out the Preds in the win. I think a redo is only fair.


You don't score seven goals on a goalie alone.


A lot of Lightning fans hitting the copium blaming Mac for that loss like they still wouldn’t have taken an L w/ Vasy in.


The team plays better in front of Vasilevskiy. See the shutout win vs the Preds last week.


Yeah, except for the fact that Nashville dominated the entire game.


Vasilevskiy stood on his head that game. The two goals Tampa scored before they got an empty netter were deflected. It was much closer than the stats would tell you.


Vast is amazing but given how the preds owned the entire game I dont know if he would have been able to repeat that performance


No disrespect to the preds, I'm a firm believer that Nashville beating them is a huge fluke and robs the Lightning of truly accomplishing what they’re capable of. I've spent the last few days in pure disbelief and it just doesn't make sense to me. I've spent the entire regular season watching the Lighting play great hockey it's just not fair. If the Lightning lose again I will face that the Preds deserved the win, but I am just 100% sure it was a fluke and does a big disservice to the Lightning and the NHL.


That thread was gold.


I would like it if Nashville would stop and go back to how they were playing before


No you, please stop winning.


We did back in March :(


But you still didn’t beat us when we sucked tho


Yeah but we don't have to beat you if you lose to everyone else :)




I think John Hynes put some of his secret ketchup on everybody's burgers. Dude has the team believing which is more than i can say for the boys since the 2017 cup run


He is actually getting them to play defense and backcheck/forecheck with some kind of actual effort. It's amazing what happens when you dint give teams any time and space. Neutral Zone trap FTW (although we are not the trapping Senators of 2017. PS: if the Sens had beaten the Pens, the Preds would have run away with the cup


Good streak and Saros has really proven himself as their starting goalie for the future. Still can't see them getting past the first round of the playoffs though.


I foresee a Saros/Askarov tandem someday, we’d be unstoppable with that one.


You guys own Askarov too? Save some franchise goaltending for the rest of us, Please


Russian Rinne aka The Iron Curtain aka The Wonder Without Lumber


Yep, he somehow fell out of the top 10


I don’t disagree but teams like NSH seem to run well with that underdog/something to prove vibe.


Oh god you guys are gonna fuck up Tampa round 1 like you did with us aren't you?


That series still keeps me up at night


If only the league had let them re-do it...


me too.... :^)


I can only get so erect pls stop






You know it!! And then we will get to the Cup Final and get screwed by the refs as is our lot in life


We're vibin!


Or, hear me out, we treat this like a no-hitter and just don't talk about it and let Nashville keep doing their thing.


Hey we talked about San Diego’s no hitter


They just got Gudbranson, so they'll go 3-13 from here on out with him on the ice


Well, to be fair... no actually that *is* fair.


Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up




High probability


In before he steps and plays out of his mind


It’s the trade deadline deal that’ll bring Forsberg, Tolvy, Duchene, and Carrier to this lineup. A real solid move to bring in that talent at the deadline for only a 7th...oh yeah that Gudbranson guy too. Watch the fuck out world.


Minnesota with nashville on your mind.... Sit down son...have some coffee


He's just waiting for Minnesota to swoop in and pick up another Predator. Someone underperforming so they become a star, like Fiala. I see a Duchene trade on the horizon.


It so quiet.


And so peaceful until... You fall in love. Zing BOOM!


Yay, Björk references in r/hockey


#*Q U I E T L Y* #*U* #*I* #*E* #*T* #*L* #*Y*


is anyone else feeling TENSE???


Well fuck, how many games have Dutchy been out for? Wonder if him not being in the lineup have been beneficial for the Preds.


I mean, we've been out Dutchy, Fil, Ellis (though he's been in the lineup the last two), Arvy for some time, Fabbro, Josi for several games, Tolvanen, Borowiecki, Ekholm for a few, Olivier, Kunin for several, and more I'm forgetting. Our top line the last couple games has been Arvidsson-Johansen-Grimaldi. We've been down at least a couple big names for most of the year, forcing us to play a bunch of young guys, and they've really stepped up. Jeannot with his first tonight, Trenin has been a force, Olivier (before going down) was killing it grinding, Davies has been logging solid and reliable minutes on the third pairing. It's been one of the few bright spots this year, watching our future get some time to shine.


Just say Sissons is the only player to not miss a game due to injury. It's much easier.


Yes. Yes it has. It opened up spots to let kids that wouldn't have a chance try and prove themselves. When you have a majority of a team fighting for a shot in the NHL, they are gonna work harder.


Since early March.


I honestly dont think its had much at all to do with it. The injuries kinda served as a wakeup call for the team in my estimstion. They had to stop relying on talent and get out there and out work teams


i feel like the avs fanbase may have a soft spot for him but he's the worst, i always grimaced at his aspiring disciple of bro-country personality and hasn't played well as a pred either. weiner on and off the ice


He’s a pretty polarizing player among our fan base actually. Lots of Avs don’t like him and are glad he’s gone. I appreciated him when he was here but have no strong feelings towards him one way or another currently.


Yeah then you’re the correct Avs fan archetype hah


Not really, he’s a decent player, but he was streaky. When he was hot, he was very hot. But when he was on his drought, good luck with him getting the puck to the net. The return we got from Dutchy though is something I will forever thank Dutchy for.


Alright he hasn’t been the superstar we hoped but by no means is he the worst. He was playing hard before the injury. Excited for him to be back in this already hot lineup.


I take his personality too heavily into account hah. You’re right, he’s had moments this year mirroring his really hot start his first season in Nashville


Avs hate Duchene lol what


Hmm well I can see that lol. But if he wasn’t a success on the Avs is he now 0 for 4 on fitting in to his environment?


He fit in Columbus but that was a different team that playoff run.


r/hockey never talks about Nashville. We're the shadowlands. You must never come here.


I wouldn’t say never, but it isn’t as much. Although I think that’s partially on us as fans of the team because I’ve noticed that other teams fans make highlight posts about basically every goal or even non goal if the play has a few good dangles in it. Preds fans seem to only ever post for VERY impressive goals, hat tricks, or career first goals.


I guess about 11 minutes ago.


I'd rather we not. I've always liked being an unknown underdog in the past.


Don't tell me they've put up a 13-3 in the last 16 banner.


Waiting for atleast 15-3 in 18 i think,


It’s been a really fun run, but the bulk of that is against Dallas, Detroit, and Chicago. Looked really sharp tonight against Tampa though. Hopefully this run continues.


In our next 7 games 2 are against Carolina and 2 against the Panthers. Those 4 games will be telling on if this will keep up or not.


Not including the 4 losses vs Nashville, Detroit is 8-4-2 the last 5 weeks or so. So we've been pretty good, so going 4-0 against us isn't nothing, especially since only one of those four games was even close


Tbf, we looked sharp against Tampa last game too, Vasy just wasnt letting anything in


We’ve played Tampa really well though. And we are blowing out the bad teams. And again, we are missing our top players. If they can come back into the lineup without disrupting what we got goin, looks good


> we > Minnesota flair ?


^ nashville icon. I can like more than one team


If you want I’ll talk about them bud. Banner raising team good


Thanks man. I think this streak calls for another banner tbh


Fucking Mustard Tigers.


Mustard Sabretooth Tigers


“They are beating bad teams!” Yeah but they winnin tho lol stay mad GGEZ


Can only beat who’s in front of you, plus we have been blowing out the bad teams and even tampa now, with close losses to the good teams






Shhhh! You’ll jinx it.


As a fan, I'm so glad they're doing well. AND I wish GMDP had sold at the deadline. We're nowhere close to the level of TB, CAR or FLA. If we win a series in the playoffs, I'll shave my head. Get the draft picks, enjoy whatever small amount of revenue comes from the 2-3 playoff games and move on.


haha this is exactly my take for Chicago as well.. except we did sell at the deadline and got some good return


Idk, maybe im high on the the streak, but i feel like we have been olaying very well, the young guys stepped ip massively, who says they are gonna regress? I agree kind of though for one thing, i think we should ship out duchene. And also, we were a top 3 team in the west literally 2 years ago


Hey is Matt Benning really playing with Roman Josi?


Benning has been good for us actually.


Awesome. He was always solid for us, and IMO underappreciated.


I've low key enjoyed Benning. I know folks often say it's a useless stat, but he's +2 and been durable - only missing two games this season.


One man has played every game for the Preds up to this point. Colton Sissons


Durability should be a stat, and in that regard, he’s been a great addition.


As in on the same team, yes. Same line no, its matt benning. Man has like 2 points all season


To give the man his due, Benning has 3 points.




To give him more due, he is playing with god king Roman Josi. He really only needs to not get beat to contribute on the ice.


Good place to eat ribs


I feel like there's a team missing from that list.


Ur next bb


Yeah ill be adding a few more Ws to it soon don't worry :)


U play Columbus soon? ;)


4-13-1 so far this year against the other 3 playoff teams. It'll be interesting how their last 6 go against Florida and Carolina. If they can come out of those games with a winning record they probably have a decent chance going into the playoffs.


We started the season bad AF, hence the bad record against them. I mean its small but 3-2 against the playoff teams in the run, playing them well both times to close losses and having now a blowout win against tampa, with large chunk of their core out. I would say they look better than their record show. Especially if you watch the games. Their recent 0-2 loss to tampa they kinda outplayed them most of the game but just couldnt catch a break and vasi stole a game


Duchene's out right? Can't really have the Duchene curse if he's not playing


Preds flairs seeing this thread this morning got them feeling like a bunch of Tense Idiotic Asian Porcupines


They're not playing damn well. They're 25th in CF% over that stretch (from March 14th to today), 18th in xGF%, and 1st in PDO (4th in Sh%, 1st in Sv%). They have been playing mediocre-to-average, but are on a shooting percentage bender and Saros is playing out of his mind. Praise the shit out of Saros because he deserves it, but on a team level this stretch is a mirage. Don't let it fool you.


So many people in the subreddit, and even the people that host our radio shows, don’t want to believe this but it’s true. We’ve been terrible against the 3 playoff teams in our division, and Saros has absolutely been carrying us through this stretch. The wins against Tampa have come with McElhinney in net, and Vasilevsky “stealing” a game is what’s going to happen every time he’s in net against us. Which he has done every time we’ve played him so far.


For what it’s worth, since Tolvanen was added to the powerplay (before he got injured) that unit has been the #1 ranked unit in the entire league. So that’s definitely a plus after having the worst pp ever for what feels like 10 years.


It’s the coaching that’s the issue, I just don’t think he can out coach in the playoffs in series’


I won't disagree he's a part of it, but there's way more going on than Hynes being a sub-par head coach. Juuse started out very shaky, Peks not much better. As our goalies go, so does the team; now Saros is standing on his head, and we're stringing together some good wins. Couple that with some new blood jump starting some chemistry, it's a recipe for some exciting hockey. Whether or not that lasts if the playoffs are in the cards is anybody's guess. I'll be glad to see our youth movement get some playoff experience, so it's basically playing with house money if we make it for us.


Yeah, i can see that


What is there to talk about. They seemed going hard downhill for the first part of season and everyone expected them to be sellers and Poile on his way out but now at trade deadline they've completely turned around, and no one knows if this will last or if its just a stroke. The problem players however are still there with big contracts that they can't move anywhere.


I think you just talked about it


The have played 5 of those 13 against the only good teams in that division...


They’ll take a dump in the first round


Better than letting Chicago into the playoffs


Hey, I thought we were friends with the Yotes :(


Friends? I thought they were your team's retirement home?


Hey, Nick Schmaltz has been great for them last time I checked. He's far from retirement!


It’s more of a personal thing for me. I went to high school in illinois when they won in 2015, amount of band wagoners was unreal. It got really annoying and I haven’t been able to enjoy the Hawks since. Except Dach, hes a beauty


Yeah, I feel you. I was in high school at that time too. I had one friend who always became a fan during playoff time. She never learned that Toews is not pronounced as "Toes." It's gotten a bit better over the past few years because they've been missing the playoffs.


Yes from what I can tell the bandwagon has thinned out. Gosh I remember being in Nashville for a game actually and I saw a bunch of hawks jerseys and they weren’t even playing. Bunch of hosers


Nashville in 6.




Wow I can't believe they've played against a backup goalie 16 times in a row.


Ok...and the other 12 wins?


-without our best forward, our power play mainstay, and 7 others -last I checked it’s still the reigning cup champion Tampa Bay Lightning -“oH bUt We DiDn’T hAvE kUcHeErOv Or StAmKoS” being without Kuch hasn’t stopped you this year and being without Stamkos didn’t stop you in the bubble


Lose with some grace


and we are missing our best players? yall getting scored on by undrafted players ? but what it only matters that you guys are playing a backup? nothing else matters?


I don't understand, you have a Minnesota flair


I can like more than one team? Edmonton is also my other team. Notice picture


Be careful soon it'll be easier to list the teams you don't cheer for


3 out of 31 soon to be 32 teams? One of my the teams i like being my local team so i kinda just grew up into it. i would recommend liking more teams. just means you get to watch more hockey. i get to watch a team i like everynight, how about you?


It was a joke lmao, when the OHL is a thing the leafs and Wolves fill the schedule pretty good.


Sorry, hard to pick up on slight jokes like that. plus, you have a Toronto flair so you never actually know. Apologies!


All good lmao


Out hit, destroyed in the face off circle, out blocked and almost equal shots? What happened when you got rolled by Detroit with Chris Gibson in net? Or if you pull up an AHL goalie and he gets rolled? Who is next? Vas is world class and erases recent errors that are obvious with an average goalie in net the last couple of weeks. Fact of the matter is that if y’all don’t get Stammer and Kuch back quick and figure out whatever the hell has happened to your defense the last two weeks you have about a 0% chance of making it past the first round, much less a repeat.