[FRESH] REASON & ScHoolboy Q - Pop Shit

[FRESH] REASON & ScHoolboy Q - Pop Shit


That’s a spooky beat, sounds great. Reason killed it always, need an album already. ScHoolboy Q killin it on features lately. TDE, where are the albums?!


No tours, no albums ~Top Dawg probably


Q just toured Europe for his Crash Talk take 2 tour, was there got fucking crazy.


damn he's still touring? saw him in sweden what feels like year ago.


I mean obviously not now, it was back in February before rona hit.


the interesting thing is depending on how long this goes on for (touring not being allowed) we might see more music than normal as artists/labels will try get money from streaming instead this is the perfect time for fuck around projects like a quick TDE collab tape


Streaming numbers are down. Largely speculated to be because of less people playing music while driving


Imagine if we finally got that black hippy album... if only :/


No tours or albums until morale improves


One of the last shows I went to pre corona was Schoolboys crash talk tour, last American stop in Denver because he had to reschedule due to weather, was supposed to be Nav opening but he couldn’t make the rescheduled date and Reason filled in, big win imo haha.


Damn Nav opening was the very reason I didn’t go to that same show. If I would have known all that I would have been there.


Im bout to rob my granny to this one 🦹‍♂️


after we get a corona vaccine please.


nah this is already heat bc of them antetokounmpo bars


Real G's move in silence like Giannis.


My Greek freak we did a menage with a friend in St. Thomas.


Wayne did it first on Big Bad Wolf


Let’s also not forget he did the shit without breathing


Smino did it on Tempo too




Get shit off my chest, I took too many steps - ROCKET


Lmao how many Scrabble points are we gonna give REASON for using Giannis Antetokounmpo in his verse?


We're counting proper nouns now?


Giannis by Freddie and Madlib did it too. Paak is great on that as well


Lil Wayne did it before tho! [Big Bad Wolf ( Last verse )](https://youtu.be/FWqwU-TrUkQ)


Sha Mula did it before Lil Wayne’s song came out. I can find the song if anyone’s interested but he says “got bucks like antetokounmpo”


also Smino on Tempo, “you ain’t ballin be giannis, antetokounmpo” the way he makes it sound like “be honest” is sick


Sminos was the best


Yes and that is like 70% of why I like that song


My favorite bars from that song are "N****s talkin' out their bowel movers Turn their homies into flower choosers Turn your kids into father choosers Make your bitch a widow and your mom a cougar"


This man really pronounced Giannis "G yannis". Song was heat tho.


Real Gs move in silence like Giannis.


Wash me clean today


how do you pronounce it lmao


yah nis


No g


moves in silent lasagne


oh shit its true, heard it from the man himself


https://youtu.be/SD4lSIlGZQY he says the whole name at the end


Reason hasn’t missed on any of these singles, really looking forward to the album


This is heat. Both Q and Reason go in


Haven't heard Q sounding this good in a while


THIS is the kind of shit I was looking for on Crash Talk.... "Attention" had a similar vibe but these beats are where artists like Q and Reason shine.


Brings me 2011 odd future vibes. I love it


Deadass though they were sampling Yonkers at first


Damn, it's been a while. Crazy how much Tyler and Earl influenced these new, younger generation rappers like Reason and Schoolboy Q.


Schoolboy Q came out around the same time as Tyler , So I really wouldn't put him in the same generation as Reason


Schoolboy Q is older than Tyler and Reason is the same age as Tyler. You don't have to be young to be a young rapper who's highly influenced by an older artist.


Q's griminess was not influenced by Tyler lol


Uhhhh Tyler invented griminess during his verse on Trouble On My Mind in 2011, the year before Schoolboy Q sampled KiD CuDi. So who's influencing who here? That's all I'm sayin yung blood. If u can't see the truth from here then idk what to say no mo.


okay now I can't tell if you're trolling lol, invented griminess?


Ur ignorance on rap history is showing


oh poopy


Ah, so there is an odd audience that enjoy rappers poop lines.


Oh God, I thought you were joking but it turns out your just dumb. Maybe listen to more hiphop? Idk if that'll help tho prolly just lead to more piss poor takes.


The irony of calling me dumb and not realizing this is some of the most obvious sarcasm in the world. I don't know how I could've made it more obvious. But hey, it's not my fault you hhh fellas are so dense lol


You gotta be a troll dawg, Q has been rapping longer than Tyler


Yeahhhhhhh nah, ur the one trolling if you think a young artist like Q could ever be rapping for longer than the person he's so heavily influenced by. That don't make no sense.


Wait, hold up. How tf are you replying to this comment and still considering me a troll? Bruh this sub is so dense. Gat damn. Bruh do you have adhd?


People are downvoting you but they clearly don't remember the 90s where all they rapped about was friendship and love. Tyler the Creator invented griminess in 2011 whether they like it or not


Omg thank u. The 2000s was all pop rap and Christian backpacker love. Tyler the Creator invented edginess and suddenly the California scene exploded with edge.


This mf gotta be some pasta


Don't insult my originality


... so your first comment wasn't sarcasm??


I'm embarrassed to have upvoted it now


How does what I said make any sense, that you actually can take it seriously? Like what? Lmfao I can't be so high that my nonsense talk makes sense to others.


You're bugging. Q's been the man. Highly doubt a Crip like him was looking at a bunchy of corny kids trying to be like them. Now it's different because him and Tyler are friends.


Dude...you do know that Q start acting like he was Crip after Vince popped off on Earl's first album right? Q started crippin cause of Vince. It's just simple bruh. Q is just youth. He's just following the trends that older artists like Vince have started.


What kind of weed are you smoking right now?


Weed that's kept me high for four goddamn fucking hours now off one good hit, that's the kind


Man you sound like a pussy lol


Lmao damn ur mad af once I called u out for being stupid.


Honestly can't tell if you're joking or not.


ugh, you're the type to ask magicians if it's real or not This isn't how to reply to my type of comment. It's the uncertainty you want to keep upheld. The possibility of someone like that existing. That's the fun part about it but questions like this just ruin it. Cause of course I'm gonna respond. Smh. Next time just let it be, be content with the possibility that it's either art or insanity. I'm high.


Your magic was trash though. And I was questioning whether your a magician or not.


See you are an idiot. Like how stupid u gotta be to think my comments are magic? Lol fuckin retard


Unfortunately he isint


Honestly can't tell if you're joking or not


Hope your okay man


Wasn't talking about their actual age just that he's in the same generation as Tyler not Reason.


Well no cause Schoolboy Q is older than Tyler that's why he's following Tyler's trends. Cause Q is a young artist that's all I'm sayin


is this copypasta?


Don't insult me. I'm an original.


It’s ok. Honestly thought it was gonna be grimier.


Same, just wished Q popped off, still good though


So reason and JID for my birthday last year and it was fantastic. Got to meet Reason after the show and have a signed shirt. Really cool dude.


[Google Play Music Link](https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/album/Byxfyfvkhohyd6sca6tr3j3ipzi/REASON/Pop+Shit) and [YouTube Link](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jszL0YgjXo&list=OLAK5uy_kIFviEkCcVax7g-ywbjNFxOafSrSg25g8)


[Here's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wSem-WX6Ks) the official TDE yt upload


Reason is coming up nice and is at least active among tde crew


Can anyone tell me what time signature this is in? Bugging me to the fact where I can’t enjoy it until my brain knows


Lol it's 4/4


so funny everyone acting like it’s ok some crazy compound time just bc the snare is on the fourth beat instead of the third beat


It's definitely 4/4. The reason it's confusing is because the first snare falls between the 2nd and 3rd beat, and then again on the 4th. We're used to every trap beat having a snare on the 3rd. It's kinda insane actually, like over 90% of popular trap beats have a snare or clap on the 3rd


I’d say 95% of rap beats in general have snares on the 3rd. And like on a wide margins of songs in general


You're definitely right, I just skimmed through the first 20 tracks on rapcaviar and they *all* have it... I love production like this track cause it makes you stop and think for a sec


i think it's ~~12/8,~~ ~~8/4~~ (i have no idea) could be wrong tho the beat goes 1,2,3 - 1,2,3 - 1,2


It's a common syncopated feel in 4/4. Tango or pop/rock uses it a lot nowadays. Depending on how it's used it can have a bit of a 12/8 feel, but this one is in 4/4 for sure


Could be written in 4/4 or ||: 3/4, 3/4, 2/4 :|| Q’s first half of the verse didn’t hit the syncopation very well and threw the whole thing off for me.


yo wtf how do I learn about different time signatures. It's hard to listen for it when there's so much instrumentation going on for my untrained ear lmao


I learned about it because I went to college for Music Ed and had music theory bashed into my skull for 8 years. I'll try my best to break it down for you. Time signatures have two parts. The top number tells you how many beats are in a measure (bar). The bottom number tells you what type of note gets the beat. Best way to listen for it in most music is the percussion (drums). A 4/4 time signature would mean 4 beats per measure and the quarter note gets the beat. Almost all pop music is in 4/4. A great example right now would be Say So by Doja Cat, even though we don't fuck with her anymore since she played us. You can count 1-2-3-4 pretty easy since there's a kick on each beat. After 4 beats, you can hear the chord change pretty clearly and the pattern continues until the end of time. A 3/4 time signature is probably the second most popular in pop music. Three beats per measure and the quarter not still gets the beat. Best example I can think of is Piano Man by Billy Joel. You can hear the left hand (low notes) of the piano hit on 1 and the right hand hits on 2 and 3. That pretty much repeats throughout the song. If you're into ballroom dancing, a waltz is in 3/4. Shit gets a little sideways when we go to 6/8. Six beats per measure but the eighth note gets the beat. At first it'll sound like 3/4, but theres one major difference. In 3/4, the emphasis gets put on beats 1, 3, and 5, so the pattern sounds like 1-2, 3-4, 5-6. In 6/8, the emphasis gets put on 1 and 4, so it sounds like 1-2-3, 4-5-6. My favorite example is From The Inside by Linkin Park. If you listen to the high hat, you can hear the 1-2-3, 4-5-6 pattern line up with the chord changes on the guitars. Then you have Migos that just want to fuck everything up with their flow. They made triplets popular. That's when you take a normal beat written in something like 4/4 but instead of spitting the beat in half like most people would, they fit three notes equally into one beat. Versace by Migos brought it to light the most. You can clear count the 4/4 beat, but if you snap your fingers to the beat and count the words they're putting on each beat, you'll get three. It was unique and fun when it first came on the scene, but I think it's overplayed these days. To each their own. Hope this helps. Hit me up if you have any more questions.


Holy shit this is amazing. I have no idea what I just read lmaoo. I'm gonna need to read through it a few more times with your examples playing along. Huge thanks for taking the time to write this up!


Great comment. Could you point some of this out on Earl’s Some Rap Songs? The way his flow goes with these weird time signatures is one of the things that intrigues me the most about the album, yet I don’t understand what’s happening at all lmao


Shattered Dreams - The same as Pop Shit by REASON and Q. It could be written in 4/4 or 3/4, 3/4, 2/4 repeating. You can hear the 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2 pattern repeating. Red Water - Pretty straightforward 4/4 Cold Summers - 4/4 Nowhere2go - 4/4 with a majority of the lyrics in triplets December 24 - 4/4 Ontheway! - 4/4 The Mint - 3/4 The Bends - I would probably write this in 2/4, but 4/4 works too. Loosie - 4/4 Azucar - 4/4 Eclipse - Honestly don't know on this one. It's such a jumbled mess that it's hard to catch any kind of organization. Veins - 4/4 with a ton of syncopation. Peanut - More freeform than anything. You can taste 4/4 every couple lines, but that's it. Riot! - 4/4 The biggest thing to keep in mind is that Earl does something that Eminem used to do a lot in his early days. Most people will take a 4/4 time signature and make their line fit within the 4 beats, so when beat 1 starts the next measure, they start a new line. Em and Earl both carry lines over into the next measure, which throws off the rhythm and makes it trickier to catch. Think of it like a snare drum in a drum line. They can't really change notes to create melody, so they put accents on certain notes to create emphasis and intrigue rather than just pounding away over and over to the beat.


Thanks for this bruh 🙏🏾


As a fellow music nerd this is a great intro to the topic. My answer is always, dunno my brain just gets it hahahaha.


tbh we kids from my school got taught basics of reading music in elementary school and I think I still remember since I kept playing music and reading sheet music. I have been trying to write a reply to you that breaks down the idea of time signatures but I stopped because I don't want to proceed without knowing what you know already about written music. Music has its own language and without using other music concepts like "bars" (or "measures") and different kinds of note lengths I can't explain in detail how to hear time signatures in a given piece of music. There is a ton of beginner music theory videos on youtube so if you dig around I bet you can find an intro to time signatures. Otherwise find yourself a book or even better a music teacher who can read sheet music.


do they even teach music class anymore? I remember back in elementary school we got to choose instruments and my ass got a violin and didn't touch that shit the whole year 😭😭. I guess it's biting me in the ass for not paying attention in music class. I do slightly remember the do rei me fa so la ti do shit LMAO. Man you got me reminiscing now. Fucking Ms. Green always snapped at us for not paying attention 😭


fuck man just that question do they even teach music class anymore hurts my heart. I am so grateful for the music education I got and I get mad when I think about all the schools whose music departments have gotten gutted or never existed in the first place. Thankfully we had a sweet music teacher in elementary school who made it fun enough to be memorable. Unlike Ms. Green lol


yea it does suck, I wish elementary school me paid more attention 😭. I did pick up a flute tho! I'm still learning all the fingerings and getting my damn embouchure correct


Nice! Learning time signatures could definitely help you learn songs on flute that have sheet music. I went ahead and wrote a little intro to time signatures I hope it helps. Time signatures are about how long you make the bars when you turn a song into sheet music. You can technically make the bars as long as you want in sheet music, like you could write it so a 3 minute song fits in one bar. But that's a pain in the ass to read so most people break up songs into short bars. In a shitton of pop music, verses get broken up into 16 bars or 32 if it's a long verse. When rappers talk about a "16" they mean a 16 bar verse. Take ["Bad Guy" by Billie Eillish](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-TbQnONe_w). This song is a straightforward case we can translate into 4/4. You can tell by listening to the drum pattern. Hear the kick drums in the beginning? I will hazard a guess and say that most sheet music writers would agree that every bar of the song has 4 kick drum hits. Or four beats. Why? Count along, one two three four, one two three four with the kick drum and you will see that the lyrics start on a "one." Where we once may not have known before how to tell someone when the lyrics start without measuring in seconds, we can now say that the lyrics come in on the 9th bar of the song. And we can say that this song has an 8 bar intro before the verse starts. So by dividing all the bars into four kick drum beats we have discovered a useful division of the song. Even if we play the song faster or slower, by counting bars a singer can always know to come in on the 9th bar. With this song by Reason the kicks are more spaced out. You could count the song in 4/4 by counting every kick as the "one" of a bar. Or you can count it as the kicks landing on the "one" of every other bar. At that point it is up to personal preference. (note that there is a non-zero number of switches in the kick pattern in the middle of the song so you cannot rely on just the kick to signal the "One" in every bar, just the bars in the beginning).


you guys are amazing 🥺. I got something to learn this quarantine lmaooo thank you!


:) no problem!


The Q verse coulde been better but it's a pretty decent song


Reason is so boring to me. None of his singles have interested me


The Soul and Better Dayz are dope singles imo. He’s a solid textbook rapper nothing more and nothing less. Edit:spelling




Didn’t like There You Have It? Even tho it’s a rerelease?


I feel this way about him a little bit too, but he's slowly growing on me.


Love this


Why doesn't anyone ever put YT links to the posts? Song goes hard tho


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Good track


My game Marvin I can Bag le(y)ast ten of your finest https://youtu.be/u5DUF8NpFJ4


Any other songs that have a dark feeling beat like this? Feels like Griselda use it a lot. Also old OFWGKTA.


Damn was just listening to this and thought it sounded like something straight off Revenge Of The Dreamers III. Didn't even realise REASON was on that album


reason held his own. seemed like he was relying on features too much before but he killed it on this.


Great post. Next time add the Tidal link if you really want to be well rounded.